To: Edward Davey Minister of state for Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Say no to Shale Gas

Dear Minister
Please don't continue with Shale Gas exploration in the North West of England or anywhere else in the U K as it poses dangers to the environment and people. Many health problems have been associated to the 'Fracking' process in the States, who have been exploiting natural gas from shale for a few years. The cost to people and the natural environment is enormous though, as toxic chemicals can be released into the air and water tables. Many states in America have introduced moratoriums because of the dangers posed by the Fracturing of Shale Rock deep underground This is an industry that is also unregulated,so a proper assessment of air and water pollution plus the number of toxic chemical used, needs to be assessed before permits and licenses are granted. This part of the U K is a very built up farming community on the edge of Blackpool and this type of industry will destroy tourism with the industrialisation of the surrounding country side. It is not a renewable energy source and is not carbon free. it has the potential for causing earthquakes and the possibility of subsidence has also been identified.

Why is this important?

Shale rock contains natural gas trapped in the ground and can only be released by building a number of wells on pads which drill deep underground vertically and horizontally. The rock is blasted using a mixture of sand water and some chemicals. Benzenes and other toxic chemicals are needed in the process to shatter the rock and release the gas. The water flows back and Methane that has been trapped underground as well as 'N O R M' Naturally Occurring Radon gas can escape. The process of flaring the gas can release the Methane and Radon. Earth quakes can occur and at least 50 small earthquakes occurred in Blackpool last year. The movement of rock can also cause subsidence of a wide area. France has banned shale gas exploration so far and many parts of North America have moratoriums in force because of the dangers to health and the environment. It is a fossil fuel and so is not carbon neutral. The government will fail in reducing carbon emissions and so the green agenda once hailed by the P M as important will fall apart and other carbon neutral energy sources such as wind, wave and Solar power will be neglected. It has been made known that the government will be prepared to give the Shale Gas companies tax breaks when the re start their operations soon. This is unacceptable when so much is at stake in the carbon neutral industry which does not pose health risks.

Lytham St Anne's, United Kingdom and the Fylde coast around Blackpool.

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Reasons for signing

  • Ridiculous. Stop!
  • I've signed because I'm completely against fracking. Where is all the water coming from? I've heard that water is going to become increasingly scarce. Humans are supposed to be custodians of the Earth, not greedily depleting all its resources!
  • Seriously think about it, your not going to get a lot out of it except health issues.


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