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To: David Cameron and Theresa May

Say no to the Investigative Powers Bill

Drop all plans to pass the Investigative Powers Bill.

Why is this important?

No government has the right to intercept the private messages made between their peoples. Cameron is proposing a bill that can ban all encrypted messages (i.e. snapchat, iMessage, whatsapp) between electronic devices that can not be intercepted by the state. Everything that you say on Facebook, Twitter, even MSN messager (if you still use that) will have to be recorded and stored by service providers so that it can be reviewed by a state-run institution at any time.This is not just a breach of our privacy, and against the idea of democracy but also a waste of tax payers' money in light of cuts to the public budget in health and social care.

From the ORG petition, "The Government are calling these ‘Internet Connection Records'. The Bill has been criticised for not being clear about what ICRs are. But basically they include our internet history, the apps we use, and even the messages we send to our friends and family!"

Lastly, snooping around the everyday conversations of normal people, turning the UK into a real life re-enactment of 1984 is a pathetic reaction to isolated acts of extremism and terrorism. By passing this bill, the conservative government is ultimately proclaiming that the terrorists have won the war on terror.

How it will be delivered

Via armoured carrier pigeon! Only joking! Our aim is to deliver this petition to the Home Secretary. However when it comes to the Tories, the voices of the average joe like you and I often fall onto deaf ears. Therefore this petition will also be used as lobby with commercial stakeholders who will be affected by this bill. I can't see who has signed this petition and if you do wish to get in touch with me, please feel free to email me.




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