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To: Boris Johnson, Ofgem & Parliament



You underestimate the voting public you serve- we are not as easy to fool as you think! This energy pricing crisis is nothing more than opportunistic & barefaced profiteering & disguised taxation!

Ofgem increased the price cap because wholesale prices were allegedly so high, they were prohibitive to maintaining supply in the energy market.

The energy companies reported a doubling & tripling of their profits in Quarter 1.
Basic economics tells us they can only make such huge records profits, if the wholesale price is hugely less than consumer prices.

We can all see we the consumer are paying for record energy company profits & increased revenue for the govt. BUT the downside is you have created a ‘deal breaker’ for many of the voting public because:

1. There is a risk to health for the sick, vulnerable, low paid & elderly because of heat poverty & the domino effect of high energy costs on food and cost of living prices.
2. When the risk to them is realised this coming winter, it will overwhelm the NHS (already on its knees) with critical illnesses & conditions - once again because of the actions/inactions of this government - people will die.
3. We haven’t forgotten that during Covid lives were lost & put at unnecessary risk due to inadequate strategic planning, senior minister(s) incompetence and -as we now know - MP’s being drunk at work!!
4. Strikes are underway and more are being proposed.
5. The country has lost faith in this government and dissatisfaction is gathering pace.

All governments are paid to SERVE the voting public – the price cap serves only the energy companies and govt revenue coffers therefore:

We the undersigned voting & tax paying people of the UK are demanding this POST PANDEMIC & GLOBAL CRISIS PROFITEERING IS STOPPED IMMEDIATELY.

The current price cap must be reduced to a more market appropriate level AND the PLANNED PRICE CAP INCREASE FOR OCTOBER CANCELLED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

Keep your eye on the polls & local elections – it is your voting yard stick.

Why is this important?

We all have a voice in the decisions that affect our everyday lives and this current energy price crisis is questionable at best. Together we can raise our observations and thoughts for debate and possibly trigger voting on this point in The House of Commons.


2022-06-27 18:34:30 +0100

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