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To: The prime Minister, Theresa May

Scrap HS2 - A waste of taxpayers money.

Scrap the HS2 project, which is going to cost more than Hinckley Point.

Why is this important?

HS2 is an undemocratic company, wholly owned by the Government (with the Government as its only shareholder) who are being allowed to make decisions on a huge national publicly funded infrastructure project, without question! The cost of HS2 is currently 65 billion pounds, and expected to rise to 90 Billion! This taxpayers money could be better spent on projects that could benefit everyone in the country (and not just the few) such as The NHS, Schools/Education, and improving our current train system etc. HS2 is destructive and environmentally unfriendly to us and our children, forcing people out of their homes, destroying businesses, and Polluting densely populated areas where every man, woman and child, will have their health put at risk. They are irretrievably destroying ancient woodlands and forests, historic buildings, and beautiful countryside. All this to save 32 minutes getting to Birmingham!

HS2 Protest Song - Mimi Romilly and Dust from The Psychopathic Romantics.
Camden Community Radio0ⁿ0

Stop that train! An interview with Mimi Romilly on her HS2 protest song and Dust from The Psychopathic Romantics.


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