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To: The Department of Work and Pensions

Scrap the unjust Work Capability Assessment

Stop using the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism until it has been revised and made fit for purpose.

Why is this important?

Three judges have ruled that the procedure currently used by the Department for Work and Pension ( the Work Capability Assessment) to decide whether people are eligible for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) substantially disadvantages people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and autism. The judgement is the result of a judicial review.

The charities Rethink Mental Illness, Mind and The National Autistic Society intervened in the case to provide evidence based on the experiences of their members and supporters. Under the current system, evidence from a professional such as a GP or social worker is expected to be provided by people themselves. There is no obligation for the DWP to collect this evidence, even on behalf of the most vulnerable claimants, apart from in some rare cases.

Seeking evidence can be very challenging for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities or autism whose health or condition can make it hard for them to understand or navigate the complex processes involved in being assessed. As a result, those who need support the most are frequently being assessed without this important evidence being taken into account.

It was ruled that the Department must do more to ensure this sort of evidence is collected and taken into account. This means the current procedure for the WCA puts some groups at a substantial disadvantage.

The Department of Work and Pensions will not I believe willingly abolish or revise the Work Capability Assessment unless enough pressure is brought to bear upon then to do so. By signing this petition you will help three very vulnerable groups of people in our society achieve some fairness in a matter which greatly affects their lives.



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