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To: Sheryll Murray MP

Sheryll Murray MP, back the CEE Bill to protect our all our futures

Sheryll Murray MP, back the CEE Bill to protect our all our futures

Are you a SE Cornwall Constituent aged 16 or over? Please sign our petition asking Sheryll Murray to commit to publicly supporting the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill

Why is this important?

Across Cornwall the effects of the Climate and Ecological Emergency are threatening our natural landscape, health and security. These changes have caused an increase in extreme weather, bringing hardship to many of us - storm damage, homes flooded, travel chaos. The loss of biodiversity and natural habitats has resulted in a devastating decline of fish stocks and wildlife species, that could result in large parts of Looe, Truro and Penzance being lost to the sea by 2050.

The SEC Climate Action Network is a group of concerned people, looking beyond the pandemic to protect the future of our children, grandchildren and loved ones. We can restore our fragile ecosystems and bring climate change within a safe limit, but we have to act quickly.

We are backing the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill, it's aims, and natural solutions, because it is based on the latest science, and is the only bill on the table robust enough to restore the abundance of Cornwall's natural heritage, supporting fishing and farming, preserving livelihoods, health and well-being.

Support for the CEE bill is growing fast and we would like to ask Sheryll to be open to discussing its aims. By signing this petition you are asking her to commit herself by expressing her support publicly.

The planet is heating up much faster than predicted. Targets have been set to slow the pace, but the world is not on track to meet them. The CEE bill ensures the UK plays its part in limiting warming to 1.5 C by 2100, by reducing emissions from imports. 46% of UK carbon emissions come from overseas, driven by UK consumption. Currently these are not counted in our carbon footprint, they are swept under the carpet. All countries must take bold action now. If we don’t we’ll see an alarming rise of 2 - 4℃. A rise of 3°C opens us up to the loss of the Amazon rainforest, failures of staple crops and sea level rise.
The CEE Bill is that it calls for the formation of a Citizens’ Assembly (CA).The CA will be a representative cross-section of the United Kingdom population to work in cooperation with the Secretary of State and to recommend measures to be included in, and revisions to, the draft strategy. It will allow people to have a real say in empowering MPs to take bold decisions in creating a pathway towards a fair and just transition to a zero-carbon society that also leads to a thriving, biodiverse natural world.

Take one simple action: Sign this petition

If you want to do more: share this petition widely, write to Sheryll Murray to show your support and ask for a meeting.

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