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To: Drax CEO - Will Gardiner

Stop burning precious forests!

Stop using our money to burn endangered forests.

Why is this important?

Drax Power Station, in North Yorkshire, received £6 BILLION in free money from our expensive energy bills.

Drax receives this money from the government because they consider the wood pellets they burn to be ‘renewable’ and ‘emission-free’. When in fact, they just don’t count the carbon dioxide coming out. The energy plant run by Drax is actually the BIGGEST single emitter of carbon dioxide in all of the UK.

Even worse, the source of the wood being burnt was found to be from protected forests, further harming our fight against the climate crisis. Although Drax denied this, latest investigations have shown it’s still going on.

Right now, the government is consulting on plans to extend this harmful deal until 2027 and with the media headlines pointing these controversies out - you can bet Drax is worried. A huge petition and public attention demanding that Drax immediately stops taking wood from protected forests could force them to act quickly to avoid bad PR.

We know nothing makes a company change their bad behaviour faster than bad publicity. So will you add your name and tell Drax to stop logging protected forests?


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