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Stop child labour as medical interpreters in the UK

Stop child labour as medical interpreters in the UK

Unfortunately, children are still exposed to illegal labor in the UK.
I have observed myself while working as a medical interpreter and my colleagues also witnessed. One case that was very remarkable through my medical interpretation career the experience was traumatic, a mother of the two sons one 10 years of age and the other 11 years ago at the time who were used as translators /interpreters several times, prior calling a professional interpreter.
The patient's children were used as translators for many appointments which lead to mistranslation and delays in scanning and other investigations methods to find out her diagnosis.

Finally, when they called an interpreter (which was me) for the first appointment with the patient, she did a smear test, I remember the relieved expression on her face which made me think that she really wanted this done for some time.
By the time the diagnosis come through cancer had been spread all over her womb ovaries and stomach.
I could see the face of the doctors’ expressions that looked like there was not much hope and it was too late for treatment, was not much that could be done, the lady died 6 months after that and left her boys on this planet who are living in London with their untie.
This practice affects children within the minority communities and the ear impairment communities
these sorts of experiences for a child can cause mental health issues and trauma they may blame themselves and assume that they did something wrong that led to their mother's death, this also affects school attendance concentration and school progression.
I come across an article by MP Boris Johnson claiming that in the past 5 years £100.000 was spent on translators in over 128 languages.
So, my question is NHS is spending £100,000 in 5 years and are still using child labor then there must be an issue.

This practice goes against the Law mentioned below
Equality ACT2010
Children act 2004
The Data Protection Act 2018
Human rights 1998
The Health and Social Care Act 2008 requires us to publish a code that sets out the practice we will follow in obtaining, handling, using and disclosing confidential personal information.
Employment law

The proposed amendment to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986 hopes to align it with the Right to Education Act, 2009. It prohibits child labor up to 14 years and regulates the employment of children between the ages of 15 and 18 years. But the proviso that children can help in the family occupation after school hours or in the fields, home-based work, forest produce gathering or attend technical institutions during vacations, is bound to be misused. Besides, it will also lead to reinforcing the practice of caste-based occupations.

Why is this important?

Because it is illegal child labour causes deaths and is affecting our society. we need to tackle this problem that has been in our society for longer than it should be.
I really need your support!