To: The Rt Hon Steve Barclay, MP


The current proposals to increase private jet flights in and out of Farnborough Airport need to be rejected and existing levels need to be reduced in-line with current environmental concerns.

Why is this important?

Local residents are already suffering from increased levels of take-offs and landings at Farnborough Airport, and we strongly OBJECT to the proposed further increases.
In the light of worsening environmental & climate change issues since previous airport decisions were made and especially in view of Rushmoor Borough Council’s own declared CLIMATE EMERGENCY, we should be reviewing and reversing earlier decisions and banning all Sunday movements, with Saturday traffic allowed only until 2pm.
This will reflect that the airport is in the middle of a residential community and people should be allowed to enjoy the outdoors without heightened environmental concerns and increased air pollution. The current lack of consideration for the local community by the airport operating company was demonstrated when there was aircraft noise during the recent Remembrance Sunday services, including noisy take-offs during the 2 minute silence.
If Farnborough Airport were serious about balancing airport traffic with the concerns of the local community, they would be leading their argument with the introduction of quieter aircraft with reduced take-off climbs, following the model used at London City Airport.
In summary, there is no justification to further erode the quality of life for those living in the local area, when the Airport will clearly remain a viable operation with environmentally friendly operations.
North East Hampshire, Alton GU34 4LR, UK

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