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To: Eddie Martin, Leader of Cumbria County Council

Stop Plans for a Nuclear Dump in the Lake District

This campaign was a success! Well done to everyone who was involved! You can read about it here:

Stop Plans for a Nuclear Dump in the Lake District

Dear Eddie Martin,

We urge you to vote No on 30 January to the plans to build an underground nuclear dump in the Lake District. The Councils should have stopped this once and for all on 11 October, but you said you needed more time. The issues are as clear now as they were in October. Government and independent scientists have said categorically that the plans are not safe. We urge you not to sit on the hedge any longer: Vote No and protect the citizens you were elected to represent.

Why is this important?

On 30 January 2013 the executives of Cumbria, Allerdale and Copeland County Councils will vote on whether to continue with Government plans to build an underground nuclear dump in the Lake District of up to 25km square. Scientists from the Government’s Nirex investigation in the 1990s onwards have made it categorically clear that an underground nuclear depository is not safe in mountainous areas of high waterfall where radioactive waste is likely to leak into the water table, where the geology is unstable as in the whole of the Lake District region, with multiple cracks through which radioactive material could escape. There is no scientific evidence that an underground nuclear repository would be safe anywhere, and yet the Government is determined to continue with its plans to bury waste anywhere people can be persuaded to take it. Voting No would force the Government to take a more responsible attitude in its plans for nuclear expansion – burying the waste out of sight is not the safe answer to this dilemma.

Please also sign the petition to the leader of Copeland County Council on 38 Degrees 'No Nuclear Dump in the Lake District'
We need to put pressure on all the Councillors who will be deciding on this issue.

Lake District National Park, United Kingdom

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