To: Sajid Javid MP Secretary of State for health and social Care

Stop singling out single carers!

Stop singling out single carers!

Please help carers to keep their carers Allowance of £67.60 per a week. Help us to make a change to the law, to make this to a non means tested benefit. In line with family Allowance, give Carers the recognition they deserve.

Why is this important?

I’m a single carer for my disabled son. My son now being over 18yrs is now classed as a none dependent. A dependent is someone who is unable to care for themselves or live alone unsupported age does not matter or come into the equation.
My status is not single as I do not live alone I have a dependent living with me.
I should be classed as a single carer not a single person.
I live on Universal Credit my carers Allowance is classed as a wage of £67.60 so deductible from my UC I’m paid the same as a single person?
Single categorically not as I do not live alone I have a dependent!

We are a silent army of carers not workers.
To be classed as a carer the law states care needs to be in excess 36hrs a week to qualify most carers care 24/7.
We are providing a very important role with the cuts to Adult service’s we should be valued not reduced to living on the property line.
STOP this injustice help carers to keep the Carers Allowance. It should not effect any income they receive! It should be separated from carers earnings not recognised as a wage but an Allowance no longer a means tested benefit.
By signing this petition you are given us the recognition we so badly need.
Support all carers we need 100,000 signatures to make a difference! 🤝
We are counting on YOU !

You must know of someone who is a carer and realise what a delicate group of people they are in their local community putting others first but now we need you to support us, so please make a difference. This would have a fundamental impact on so many carers lives.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • It has a fundamental effect and impact on carers lives which they could well do with-out, let carers care