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To: Nick Read CEO Post Office HQ 100 Wood Street London EC2V 7AN

Stop the Closure of Southall Crown Post Office

We the undersigned, totally oppose the closure of Southall Crown Post Office. We believe this proposal will severely damage the provision of services and we call upon the Post Office to withdraw their plans and retain the Crown Post Office

Why is this important?

The closure will lead to:
The loss of service to the community
The loss of local knowledge and well trained dedicated staff
The loss of meaningful employment within the community
The Post Office is a public company, owned by the government. We are calling for the government and the Post Office to halt their cost cutting programme of closure and sit down with unions, customers, small businesses and communities who rely on it, to put together a fresh strategy that can develop new services and safeguard it for the future.
Allowing the services to be maintained for the community.


Save SOUTHALL CROWN POST OFFICE, the Jewel of our high street

38 The Broadway, Southall UB1 1PY, UK

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