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To: RBS Chief Executive, Ross McEwan

Stop the RBS branch closures in Central Scotland

Stop the RBS branch closures in Central Scotland

RBS must halt the proposals to close the RBS branches in the Central Scotland region at Hamilton Cadzow Street, Larkhall, Airdrie, Bellshill and Stepps.

RBS must engage fully with trades unions, staff, customers, communities and elected representatives, including the Scottish Government, to ensure that local customers and workers are fully protected.

Why is this important?

Not only will this have a devastating impact on the bank workers who are set to lose their jobs, these closures will also have a negative knock-on effect on the local communities of Hamilton, Larkhall, Airdrie, Tannochside, Bellshill and Stepps.

Those who are older, in poor health, who cannot afford to travel further afield to do their banking, or who run small businesses will be hit hardest by these branch closures.

RBS plan to close sixty-two branches across Scotland. Communities in the Central Scotland region are suffering from the combined impact of existing and proposed closures. Nearby branches in Lanarkshire and Glasgow have already closed.


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