To: City of Edinburgh Council

Stop the Setts

Stop the Setts

Please reconsider the decision to re-lay the setts on Brighton Place in Portobello.

Why is this important?

Under proposals to re-lay the setts in Brighton Place, this main thoroughfare will be closed for 60 weeks and buses re-routed away from Portobello High Street.

A consultation carried out by Portobello Community Council showed that more local people support an asphalt (tarmac) road surface. The Council initially agreed to this but then changed their mind, after the adoption of a new policy on setted streets and campaigning by heritage bodies.

The setts, when properly laid, look lovely but they just can't cope with the demands of 21st century traffic, including double decker buses and heavy goods vehicles.

The 60 week closure will cause great inconvenience to local residents and visitors to Edinburgh"s Seaside. Local traders fear that it could put some of them out of business.

An asphalt road surface could be constructed in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost - at least half a million pounds less.

That money could be better spent - fixing some of Edinburgh's thousands of potholes, for example.

Let's look at this again, with a community-led design that delivers a road that works for everyone, that balances heritage with practicality and that doesn't take 60 weeks to complete.


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Reasons for signing

  • This is a main artery road into Portobello and requires a road surface to carry the trafic of today not yesterday. There are plenty of places in Portobello where setts would be appropriate and would enhance the amenities - Ramsay Pl, Mentone Ave, Bath Street to name a few. The people of Portobello voted for tarmac can we please have what we wanted. We have to live here and travel this route daily and we want a safe road on which to travel not a road that's bumpy and slippery in the wet.
  • This is a main thoroughfare and bus route - If there has to be cobbles in Portobello, make it Bath Street where there are already side streets cobbled
  • Horrendous misuse of money by the council


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