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To: Parliament

Stop the shale gas extraction by fracking

Stop the shale gas extraction by fracking

Dear Members of Parliament, please stop the shale gas extraction by fracking!

Why is this important?

The shale gas is fossil fuel and is not long term solution. The method of fracking is highly controversial and it turns green fields into industrial sites. The cocktail of chemicals used in the process is highly toxic and if leaked is impossible to clean up ever.
In many European countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, also states from USA, including New York, the method has been banned or is under a moratorium until further studies on environmental impact are finalized. Scotland announced a moratorium on fracking as well. There have been numerous leaks in USA when using the method of fracking, which have caused pollution of water supplies and entire ecosystems.

Reasons for signing

  • It's a democracy I believe fracking is wrong on many counts as I believe the government are wrong to overturn local councils decision to go against it.
  • I do not believe in pulverising our environment when clean technologies are available to provide us with energy solutions.
  • Independent studies have shown there are huge environmental and health risks associated with fracking. We should, at the very least, adopt a cautious approach by having a moretorium here in England and Wales.


2013-07-27 15:13:09 +0100

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