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To: South Tyneside Council

Stop the speed pillows which are damaging our cars

Stop the speed pillows which are damaging our cars

Dear madam/sir,
I would like you to consider a different method to tackle speeding in South Tyneside that doesn’t penalise all drivers, the speed pillows that are popping up everywhere are damaging cars no matter how slowly or carefully you drive over them. Local garages are seeing more and more cars with damage underneath and they are sure - as am I- that’s it’s from these speed pillows. A speed camera would catch those that are speeding and the fines would pay for it. Or normal speed bumps at slightly different positions on the road would also work, it’s not fair that as a resident who pays council tax, that my money is paying towards something that is then costing me money in repairs. We need help financially not hindrance.

Why is this important?

Because in these difficult Financial times we are already under strain without having to pay to repair our cars and be without them whilst getting repaired. They are completely unnecessary when there are plenty alternatives.

South Tyneside, UK

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