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To: Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council

Stronger Planning Controls on HMOs in St Michaels and Sefton Park

Please introduce increased planning controls on HMO conversions, under Article 4 Directives, in St Michaels and Sefton Park.

Why is this important?

In most of the City a house can be converted into an HMO for up to 5 people without planning permission.

However in parts of the city, where there was a high concentration of HMOs, the rules were changed so that planning permission was required for any HMO for 3 or more people. This gives local residents more of a say about changes in their area.

We are calling for the same protections to be introduced, under Article 4 directions, in St Michaels and Sefton Park.

We the undersigned believe that the number of HMOs in these areas justifies the increased protection. People want and deserve the opportunity to have a say on developments in their communities.
Liverpool L17 7BQ, UK

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