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To: The Labour Party

Suspend the Labour Party’s General Secretary Iain McNicol

Suspend the Labour Party’s General Secretary Ian McNicol, and start an immediate review into the electoral integrity of the party.

Why is this important?

The Labour Party has come into widespread disrepute over its wholesale disenfranchising of prospective voters prior to its leadership election. Thousands of members and registered supporters have been denied a vote without any proper explanation, or for reasons which appear to be absurd (such as being disqualified for saying they love the Foo Fighters or confessing support for another political party in 2013) and which fly in the face of natural justice. It is also apparent that most appeals against disqualification will not be heard until after the leadership election. This makes the process appear to be entirely aimed at denying Corbyn supporters a vote in the leadership election, thus bringing into question the electoral integrity of the party.

Reasons for signing

  • People should be allowed to Vote for which ever party they want. To deny long time members is not democratic and the whole voting system is a sham.


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