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To: Swansea City Football Club

Swansea City FC: Kick gambling ads out of football

I want my club Swansea city FC to cancel all existing partnerships with gambling companies, to reject future partnerships, and to back The Big Step campaign

Why is this important?

My name is Nick Phillips and I had over 20 years where I was addicted to gambling. Football played a prominent part in that addiction. I do not want my kids or anyone else's kids to fall fowl to this illness. For that to happen football clubs need to take more responsibility in what they advertise to their fans and as a family based club Swansea City need to be proactive in not advertising harmful addictive products. There are an estimated 409 deaths related to gambling a year and a YouGov study from this year shows that 2.9 million people are either addicted or at risk of becoming addicted, with a further 3.3 million classified as "affected others". These stark figures show that harm is not an issue affecting a small minority, but is severely harming- sometimes killing many. To prevent any young fan from experiencing what I have gone through and what many others have, I'm urging Swansea City FC to cancel all gambling partnerships, say no to any new offers, and back The Big Step campaign.



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