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To: Empty Homes & Private Sector Housing, Lewisham Council

Take action on derelict 347-349 Lee High Road SE12 8RU

We are asking Lewisham Council to serve an S215 Enforcement Notice, or an Empty Property Management Order, or a combination of the two, on the owners of this derelict building. We also suggest that, in order to minimise the impact on public funds, Lewisham Council work with a commercial property organisation who specialise in the renovation of empty residential property of this kind.

Why is this important?

The flats on the first, second and third floors of 347-349 Lee High Road (above BetFred and above the entrance marked 'Garage') have been empty for a long time, and the building is becoming derelict. The property was registered by Lewisham Council as an S215 (Town and Country Planning Act 1990) enforcement case in 2016 (ref. EC/16/00357), site inspections took place in December 2016 and May 2017, and letters were sent to the long-term owners, a company based in Jersey, giving a deadline date for repairs to be completed. However, no repairs have been done, and the situation is getting worse. Lewisham Council's Empty Homes department has also been involved in the case for several months, but has also been unable to make progress with the owners.

The three upper floors are in very poor condition, with broken and permanently open windows and pigeons breeding in the rooms. Pigeons fly continuously in and out of the building, populating other parts of the Lee Green crossroads, in particular two other nearby neglected buildings. This is leading to serious health and nuisance issues involving the fouling of windows, facades and pavements. The permanently open windows in all weathers are also leading to interior deterioration, which is putting neighbouring properties on either side at risk.

The building itself is part of a 19th century terrace of heritage value, which could provide much-needed, good quality housing. Many people who live and/or work in the area are concerned at this long-term worsening situation, and are desperate for something to be done.
Lee High Road, London SE12 8RU

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2019-10-31 08:57:48 +0000

Thank you to everyone for your support. The local council took action, and the building has been renovated, inside and out. It's unclear whether the flats are being let, but we're keeping an eye on developments.

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