To: The Irish government

The Republic of Ireland, please let London join.

There are growing calls for London to leave the UK and rejoin the EU. The Republic of Ireland would be an ideal country for London to join.

Why is this important?

London voted to stay in the EU but has been dragged out against its will. London finds itself stuck in a country which regards London as a colony for the rich, where rents are sky high and Londoners are being driven out of their own city by cuts to in-work benefits. Many regard this as a punishment for London voting Labour, which in turn is trying to get rid of its own leader, against the wishes of its own membership, on the grounds that Londoners should be left behind and the party should instead chase conservative votes in middle England. Ireland isn't perfect, and nor is the EU, but at least freedom of movement would give Londoners a chance, particularly when they reach 65. Protections for workers and equality are also enshrined in EU law. The Republic of Ireland is also in the CTA, which would ease travel between London and the UK.

If Ireland gives London permission to join, we can then start the debate in London as to what to do next. This petition is simply asking for London to have that option on the table.

Reasons for signing

  • Given the recent changes with Pie And Bovril, I do not have faith in our government in overcoming the TRAVESTY that is my lack of status updates. I will answer to Dustin The Turkey, not Div The Haddy!
  • Beats chasing moonbeams! :D