To: Liverpool City Council

Think Outside the Bottle

Think Outside the Bottle

Ban the sale of plastic water bottles in Liverpool.

Why is this important?

We have now been inspired by one of USA`s most successful environmental campaigns called Think Outside The Bottle. Because of this campaign, one of the biggest states – San Francisco successfully tackled the serious problem of plastic bottles littering the City. Many more states are now following their lead.

“I took a train to Liverpool. They were having a festival when I arrived. Citizens had taken time off from their busy activities to add crisp packets, empty cigarette boxes and carrier-bags to the other wise bland and neglected landscape.”
- Bill Bryson; ‘Notes from the Small Island’.

Do we really want Liverpool to be described and perceived this way in the World?

Being committed to the future of Liverpool, we had organized a similar campaign in our city, which will help to save Merseyside’s environment in both the short and long-term. We are getting citizens more aware of the problem of plastic bottles and their impact on nature, and reduce the amount of them littering the streets and parks of Liverpool. Getting our city cleaner would also help to improve its national and international image. It will also show Liverpool again as in the forefront of social and environment initiatives.

Our aim is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to form an association. We are going to organize a meeting with the council to develop a strategy to tackle the problem of the excessive amount of plastic bottles used and the litter they create. One of our ideas is to ban sale of drinks in plastic bottles below 0.6 l. in Liverpool, like it happened in San Francisco. This could be connected to proposal to mount drinking water fountains around the city - this seems to be very helpful not only for citizens but also for visitors. Furthermore, it can help city to reduce number of plastic waste and all cost connected. We believe this perfectly fit with the Mayor’s environment improvement campaign.

We are now looking for the support of other groups and organizations. We hope that you will find the idea interesting and would like to join us on our route to make Liverpool an even better place to live, for all of us and for generations to come. If you or your organization would like to join us and create this campaign with us please sign the following statement.


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