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To: Arch Diocese

To Reinstate The Snooker Tables And Activities At St Margaret Mary’s Parochial Centre

To Reinstate The Snooker Tables And Activities At St Margaret Mary’s Parochial Centre

For 60 + years the St Margaret Mary’s Parochial Club has been an integral part of the community. Dedicated members of the club regularly compete in Snooker League Cup Games which has become an established means of socialisation for a lot of the community. The Snooker tables have been removed from the club without a valid explanation and this has had a negative effect on the well being and of course the mental health of our members. The removal of The Snooker Tables obviously reduces the number of people attending our club. Many other activities have also been excluded from using the hall and grounds ie the children’s football teams with in excess of over 600 youngsters, this again is a much needed group as we are keeping children off the streets as well as giving them a focus on team playing and companionship. Children’s Parties and many more activities have been stopped with no explanation given.We hope you all find the time to sign our online petition and help us to restore the much needed activities back into our club where they belong

Why is this important?

As a community we need to keep these much needed activities going in our community for the health and well being of everyone

St Margaret Mary's Parish Centre, Pilch Ln, Liverpool L14 0JB, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • St Margaret Mary’s is Snookered.


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