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To: Mike Jenkins - Welsh Labour

Vote of no confidence in Ian Lucas MP

Please remove Ian Lucas MP from office for going against the mandate of all members who voted for Jeremy Corbyn

Why is this important?

Jeremy Corbyn was democratically elected within party rules to lead the Labour Party. He needs to be backed in his plans and not faced with opposition from his own party members


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Reasons for signing

  • Lets have a proper left !!
  • It is this behaviour from Labour Party MPs, and not Jeremy Corbyn, that prevent me from voting Labour.
  • Ian Lucas in my view is a dull politician who does not respond to the public demands for social change. I stopped voting full stop after Tony Blair destroyed socialism within the party. Corbyn has not lost those principals. He requires strong backup from his team.Lucas has never been in his camp and has lost local support by not supporting his leader.


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