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To: Michael Gove - Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

Withdraw London Resort's NSIP status

We are calling on Michael Gove to revoke the NSIP status from The London Resort Project.

Why is this important?

London Resort first submitted an application to build a theme park on Swanscombe Peninsula in 2014.

Since then this nature haven has been designated as a Site of Scientific Special Interest (SSSI), offering it protected status. The site is home to rare wildife and plants - 1,700 invertebrate species, 80+ species of breeding birds, rare orchids and water voles.

Despite the environmental significance of the site, that the local roads are already buckling under the traffic demands and pollution is sky high in this area, the application to build a theme park here still remains. The project has been classed as an Nationally Significant Infastructure Project (NSIP), which means that the plans get to bypass the usual scrutiny of the local authorities.

This NSIP was supposedly awarded due to the jobs being offered by the London Resort project. However, the peninsula is already home to 140+ active businesses, that provide 1,000s of skilled local jobs! The business owners have described feeling like they are on death row, having had the shadow of this application looming over them for over a decade now.

We the, undersigned, ask that this NSIP status is revoked, so that the local businesses can move forward and the community can contintue to enjoy this treasured green space for generations to come.

Swanscombe, UK

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