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  • Save Waltham Forest Door to Store Shopping Service
    The Door to Store Shopping Service serves 119 elderly and disabled individuals offering home to store shopping service. The once a week journey enables individuals to continue to live independently, provides gathering everyday essentials with social interaction and for many is the only day out of the house in a week.
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    Created by Helen Tredoux
  • Glasgow
    Old and Bold... give us our daycare back!
    If we can't go to Daycare we just stay at home alone, watching TV all day, we are isolated, depressed and get no exercise. What is the point of getting dressed in the morning if there is nowhere to go? At daycare we have a hot meal, see smiling faces, we can joke and talk about our problems with staff and friends in a way that we can't talk to our family. This gives us joy. We are worried about the 2/3rds of elderly who have now left.. we want them back. The average pension is £120 a week, three days at daycare now costs almost half of our pension. If we don't come to daycare and become depressed and sedentary we are more likely to use expensive services such as personal care, GP surgeries and hospitals. Daycare is a lifeline, many of us cannot get out on our own. Support us to stay fit, healthy, happy and in our own homes - lower the cost of daycare, it will save the council money in the long run.
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    Created by kathleen friend
  • Wem
    stop the closure of Wem care home in shropshire
    The community have been shocked by the announcement of the closure on 27 th January 2015 ,winter,time of greatest demand for places, and the speed of progressing closure by moving on residents before any consultation has happened. A full and proper consultation needs to take place Answers are needed about the agenda the council has for the site.Why offers to take on the care home from the business company pulling out have been rejected without due consideration. These residents are having to move out of their local area,their needs for stability of good care are not being considered.They are being "evicted" out of their last home and are distressed,fearful and anxious.Their concerns and needs need to be represented as do the staff faced with immanent job loss. What is the agenda here?
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    Created by Bernadette Kent
  • London
    Save the Over 55s Club at the Peel Centre
    Last Thursday one of the members was missing from the club, this sent the alarm bells ringing and thanks to this community the lady was found on her lounge floor and was able to receive medical attention and hospitalised. With no club who can look out for these members? Whilst the majority of Peel members are able to remain active and independent through services provided at the Centre, as users grow older their needs increase and they often become frailer and more dependent on staff for support and assistance. Working closely with social services and primary care providers we are able to support these members to remain independent and living in their own homes. This lifeline for the members is now under threat
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    Created by helen thomas
  • Free Health Care for Elderly People in Nursing Homes
    We are supposed to live in a caring country where our health needs are looked after, irrespective of our financial position, free of charge from the cradle to the grave. Perusing the internet for nursing care for elderly people will uncover many examples of people not receiving the funding from the NHS for their health care that they have every legal right to expect. Many people have had to resort to expensive court action to force the National Health Service to fulfill its statutory obligations. This is not acceptable and is a national disgrace which needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Please have a look at this useful website, it is crammed full of information and can provide help.
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    Created by Graeme Hicks