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To: UK Government

Free Health Care for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

Free Health Care for Elderly People in Nursing Homes

Health care in the UK is free at the point of use. The principle is embodied in the 1946 National Health Service Act. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to the provision of nursing care for many elderly people, who have been forced, quite wrongly to sell their homes and assets to pay for the care that the health service has a lawful duty to fund and provide.

We call upon the government to take immediate action to ensure that elderly people, who are some of the most vulnerable people in our society receive the appropriate quality help and assistance from the National Health Service which has a lawful duty to provide this health care free of charge, along the established principles of the NHS.

Why is this important?

We are supposed to live in a caring country where our health needs are looked after, irrespective of our financial position, free of charge from the cradle to the grave. Perusing the internet for nursing care for elderly people will uncover many examples of people not receiving the funding from the NHS for their health care that they have every legal right to expect.

Many people have had to resort to expensive court action to force the National Health Service to fulfill its statutory obligations. This is not acceptable and is a national disgrace which needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

Please have a look at this useful website, it is crammed full of information and can provide help.

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Reasons for signing

  • The elderly have been targeted, and the people who are the most vunerable, who have a high level of nursing and health needs and complex medical conditions have been targets. The elderly have just as much rights to health care as all of us do.
  • this is not just about the elderly - it effects anybody with on-going health issues that require continuing care.
  • If we can find ££ for people the other side of the world ' we can look after our OWN .


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One of the issues that has only recently come to my attention is the fact that some care homes are asking for third party contributions towards social care and nursing care for people on Continuing Healthcare Funding. This is unlawful. The Nursing Homes are contracted to provide all the nursing care, social care and accommodation as part of the Continuing Health Care funding. This proves that the whole system is a shambles. Spread this petition far and wide and please encourage all of your friends to sign and share. Please take the time to send it to your friends on your email list. You never know when a close relative will be affected by this disgraceful situation. Have a look at the Pam Coughlan video. She won a groundbreaking court of appeal judgement.

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Unbelievable, we have now reached 300 signatures. This is a real milestone. Please keep sharing and encouraging others to sign. Thank you so much to everybody

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Wow we have now reached 200 signatures, thank you so much to everybody who has supported this good cause so far. Please don't forget to share and to post on friends wall and this will help to keep the momentum going.

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Please have a look at the following website which gives a tremendous amount of information and useful advice.

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Can you please make sure you share this with all friends and family. Please please encourage them to sign and share. Thanks

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Please everybody share this petition with your family and friends and encourage them to sign.

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