EU Referendum - What next?

We've cast our votes and the results are in, so what's next?

While the dust settles, 38 Degrees members are getting organised and campaigning to make our country fairer, more democratic, more sustainable and peaceful.

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  • Protect the rights of existing British and EU residents to remain
    The 'Brexit' negotiations are likely to take considerable time. In the meantime EU citizens in Britain and British citizens in EU countries are suffering terrible uncertainty. The Prime Minister has said there will be "no immediate change in your circumstances". That is not enough. My 76 year-old father, who is living on a tiny British pension in France, is frightened that his healthcare rights will be removed or made too expensive. My friends of various EU nationalities are worried about their future in Britain; will they be allowed to remain indefinitely? Will they face discrimination or new barriers in their everyday life. A humane society that cares about its citizens must move quickly to allay these fears
    411 of 500 Signatures
    Created by Steve Melia
  • Call a General Election in two years when the terms for Brexit are known
    We have all voted with very little knowledge of what our relationship with the rest of Europe - and the rest of the world - will be like if we leave the EU. The two sides in the referendum campaign had wildly different views. We need another vote when these terms have become clearer, or we will be taking a massive leap in the dark.
    188 of 200 Signatures
    Created by Robin Aaronson
  • Commit to a referendum on the revised terms of our relationship with the EU
    During the referendum on Britain's EU membership, both sides argued with great passion and urgency over what the future would hold if Britain were to keep or discard its EU membership. Given that many disputed claims were made on both sides over the consequences and opportunities of Brexit, more important than the decision to leave the EU, is the decision over what relationship remains with the EU. Knowing how consequential the new relationship with the EU will be for communities across Britain - in terms of trade access, rights to live and work on the continent, or which social consumer and environmental standards emerge at the end of Article 50 negotiations - we ask that these terms of this revised relationship be put to a majority vote of the British people. To not seek the consent of the British people on the terms our revised relationship will undermine the democratic basis on which the Brexit vote was made, with far-reaching consequences for the future of our democratic practices and culture.
    153 of 200 Signatures
    Created by Leo Pollak
  • EU: Don't force Britain into quick 'Brexit'
    Following the surprise 'Leave' vote in the EU referendum, Britain is in a state of turmoil. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, and there is a good chance of there being a general election soon. The 'leave' vote for EU referendum had a tiny majority, and a good half of the country's population are unhappy with the way things are proceeding. The Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party have declared that they will oppose any attempt to have Britain leave the EU. Should they prove victorious in a general election, then this dangerous slide towards Brexit may come to an end. On the end hand, if the British public re-elect the Pro-Brexit Tories, then their desire will also be known. This petition calls on the EU to be patient and not force Britain into making any hasty moves until more clarity about the country's future has been obtained.
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    Created by Alex Helm
  • Reintroduce Politics to the youth
    During the latest EU referendum it was apparent that the youth of the country did not want to leave the EU. Unfortunately the percentage of young voters (18-25) was too low to make a difference. It's thought that during the 2015 general election only 52% of the eligible young voters participated. Whilst up from the 38% experienced during 2005, it's still well below that of other demographics. By educating future generations around the importance of voting along with the practicality's of how to vote, voter apathy can be reduced before it's a problem.
    79 of 100 Signatures
    Created by Aaran Pereira
  • Higher penalties for acts of racism and hate crime
    We need to make it clear that this is not acceptable behaviour in our society. We need to act quickly in the wake of the increase in reported crimes of this nature to protect those at risk.
    35 of 100 Signatures
    Created by Crystal Storan
  • Hold a General Election to decide Brexit Government
    Because the UK must now to take steps to begin to function as a sovereign country independent from the European Union, it is only democratic that the people of Britain are given the chance to elect a party who they believe are best suited to run the country following the Brexit vote. The state of the country has changed vastly since the last election and many would agree that a conservative government are not desirable in a post-Brexit Britain. The people must seize back the power by voting in a new election for the government in which they now have confidence.
    27 of 100 Signatures
    Created by Alistair Shanks
  • Make war a referendum decision
    There are three main reasons for this call and they are as follows: 1. Democracy is what we are proud of in our country and more if it will always be celebrated. 2. The people of the country will be responsible for this major decision giving them more direct power over international interests. 3. War is a final decision for any country to make and that should therefore be made the aforementioned country.
    7 of 100 Signatures
    Created by Sam Mountjoy