EU Referendum - What next?

We've cast our votes and the results are in, so what's next?

While the dust settles, 38 Degrees members are getting organised and campaigning to make our country fairer, more democratic, more sustainable and peaceful.

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  • Call for Early General Election
    With the news of our elected departure from the European Union and the resignation intent of current PM David Cameron, I believe that an early general election is vital. There are many ways to implement this decision, and - having demanded more political control - the people deserve the right to choose the way forward, and who leads it. The quicker we call this, the quicker it can be decided and we can begin the serious job of negotiating a fair exit from the EU and restoring faith in a seemingly divided country. Under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act an early general election can be called if a motion (as worded in section 2(2) of the Act) that there shall be an early parliamentary general election is passed by the House of Commons with at least two thirds in favour of the motion.
    3,164 of 4,000 Signatures
    Created by karen van hoey smith
  • Make David Cameron Sign article 50 now
    The people told him their wishes and he needs to act on it now. He doesn't have the right to postpone it. He only wants to postpone it so he is not the Prime Minister who took us out of the EU.
    2,816 of 3,000 Signatures
    Created by Mike Gearty
  • Keep Cornwall fully funded
    Not only do Cornwall's farmers and fisherman currently receive benefits from the European Community's Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy but the county has received tens of millions of pounds a year in structural and convergence funds to support local economic growth and communities. In the 2014-2020 budget Cornwall had been allocated 592 million euros. Should Britain leave the EU before 2020 it is essential that this allocation is matched to continue the growth and development which Cornwall needs.
    2,614 of 3,000 Signatures
    Created by Graham Morris
  • Guarantee All Migrants in the UK the Right to Stay!
    Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers currently living in the UK are our families, our friends, our co-workers, our community, and our culture. Britain's exit from the EU has made all of their futures uncertain. They have the right to be here and to stay here. #theymuststay
    2,301 of 3,000 Signatures
    Created by Mark Weaver
  • Maintain UK science funding
    The UK is one of the science power-houses in the world. We attract and produce some of the best scientists and contribute greatly to increasingly important scientific areas including cancer, bacterial resistance, renewable energy and food research as well as a whole host of research areas that span all areas of science, technology and engineering. Leaving the EU has the worrying potential to restrict the amount of funding these research areas get, causing the UK to fall behind in world leading research but also slowing scientific progress. The UK is part of EU funded projects such as Horizon 2020. As a PhD student in cancer research I have seen first hand in the labs the reaction to the UK leaving the EU. Everyone is worried about what this means for science here and whether we'll be able to maintain our excellent work. This petition is to raise awareness in the hope that we can get a deal whereby scientists and funding can move between countries as easily as possible in order for research to progress as it always has done.
    1,718 of 2,000 Signatures
    Created by Alina Finch
  • Don't let Brexit spell the end for our natural environment
    Whichever way you voted in the EU referendum, I hope you will agree that we live in a small country with a high population density and ever increasing pressure for development of our green areas, which both support our wildlife and give people space to exercise, relax and play. We have lost so much natural habitat already it would be a tragic if one of the results of this referendum is the erosion of our remaining wild places and their associated wildlife. Due to our high land use, it is also important that stringent regulations on pollution of air, water and land are kept in place. This will ensure that our small island remains 'a green and pleasant land'.
    1,678 of 2,000 Signatures
    Created by elizabeth pimley
  • Keep EU laws that stop us being over worked
    Lack or work life balance destroys family life. The UK is near the top of the list of countries for working the longest hours. As a teacher and union rep I have seen that overwork causes stress and mental and physical illness. Taking away the working time directive due to leaving the EU will only make this worse as it will take away the protection of breaks in the working day and the limit to hours overall. The law gives EU workers the right to a minimum number of holidays each year, rest breaks, and rest of at least 11 hours in any 24 hours; restricts excessive night work; a day off after a week's work; and provides for a right to work no more than 48 hours per week.
    997 of 1,000 Signatures
    Created by jenny cooper
  • Political Campaign Claims to be Independently Fact Checked before Use
    The EU referendum was a disgrace, both sides exaggerated and misled despite the particularly serious nature of the decision. Moreover, the Leave campaign was founded almost entirely on deliberate misrepresentation and creating imaginary fears. Democracy can only work with fair and accurate information and must not be reduced to who has the best marketing and manipulation strategies.
    652 of 800 Signatures
    Created by Vipul Patel Picture
  • Call for a general election following the resignation of David Cameron.
    The Conservatives are no longer the party which was elected by a very narrow margin in 2015. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove do not have a mandate to lead the country simply by virtue of being on the winning side. We need a democratically elected government for a new and challenging phase of our country's history.
    520 of 600 Signatures
    Created by Lucy Townsend
  • 16-18 year olds should have a say in our future relationship with Europe
    Britain will not leave the EU for at least 2 Years, by which time all these people will be eligible to vote under the current system. The Scottish referendum is a successful precedent. The turnout amongst registered 16-18 year olds in the Scottish referendum was 75%, proving that this age group are motivated and engaged in significant political decisions likely to have a dramatic effect on their future. My daughter is 18 and the referendum has been a constant topic of conversation amongst her school friends over the last few weeks. She voted, but many of her friends, who felt strongly about the issue were powerless to influence the decision because they were not eligible to vote. It is their generation that will feel the effect of this decision more keenly than mine or that of my parents, who have, by all accounts, been the main driving force behind our decision to leave. We should let these well educated and motivated youngsters have a say in the future of their country.
    420 of 500 Signatures
    Created by Andy Couling