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Across the country 38 Degrees members are taking a stand to protect their right to a pension.

They are fighting to protect their right to financial security at the age that was promised to them. Furthermore, they are fighting for their right to retire, to create enough jobs for younger generations.

Are you concerned about your right to a pension? If so, why not start a campaign to protect pensioners' rights. Better yet, why not get in touch with other pension campaigners from around the country to swap tips on how to win your campaign?

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    Lots of pensioners are living abroad on very low incomes because their pensions have been frozen. My aunt aged 84 who qualifies for a British pension is in receipt of the pension she starting to get when she was 60. The amount she receives has remained the same - frozen at the 1990 rate just because she lives abroad. How can this be fair ?
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  • Equal pension rights for Veterans of Her Majesty's Forces.
    1 Service persons contributed indirectly to pensions by adjusted pay, and receive nothing for thier contributions. 2 Many Veterans served long periods of service, but due to many reasons did not reach the required 15 years service for officers, or 22 years for other ranks. 3 Many were demobbed as low a 2 days before reaching the pensionable 15 or 22 years. Families supported their partners and parents, moving at least every 3 years on postings, or living without a partner for long periods. Children were subjected to new schools, and teachers, or were boarded. All service persons had the vision of leaving the services after the required period with a good gratuity, and pension. And of course the chance of being able to work, and increasing the resulting pension at pensionable age. How many were demobbed a few days before the full serving period?. Many Veterans today just manage to exist, pride is that what keeps them going. They also live in the knowledge that service persons today receive a pension pro rate after just 2 years service. This is not only an abuse of equal rights, but also unfair, we need help because of the negative attitude towards our efforts to get justice. Things are not getting better for Veterans, not only are many on the bread line, but now are suffering abuse, as a thanks for the service, and loyalty given over the years.
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  • Fair retirement age for Emergency Ambulance staff
    Emergency ambulance staff are often unable to work until the state pension age due to repetetive strain injuries, sustained through years of lifting patients. Every week we will be forced to carry patients in a carry-chair on multiple occasions; these patients are often younger than ourselves and increasing levels of obesity make the outlook bleak. Do people want emergency ambulance staff aged over 60, perhaps 68, attending their relatives for time-critical emergencies, almost always having to carry patients up/downstairs between just 2 staff? Emergency Ambulance staff have in the last few years increased their work-load by over 40%. If you value the response we provide, and agree that our job is more demanding than most, then I would like to take this opportunity to ask your support for the Ambulance service 'Emergency' staff to have pay and retirement parity in line with the Police and Firefighter's.
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    Created by Les Hill