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To: Her Majesty's Government, and the Ministry of Defence, or a V.I.P who will be selected by the group.

Equal pension rights for Veterans of Her Majesty's Forces serving before 1975.

Equal pension rights for Veterans of Her Majesty's Forces serving before 1975.

Pay Veteran members of the forces who served before and up to 1975, a pro rate pension in retrospect of time served.

Why is this important?

1 Service persons contributed indirectly to pensions by adjusted pay, and receive nothing for thier contributions.
2 Many Veterans served long periods of service, but due to many reasons did not reach the required 15 years service for officers, or 22 years for other ranks.
3 Many were demobbed as low a 2 days before reaching the pensionable 15 or 22 years.
Families supported their partners and parents, moving at least every 3 years on postings, or living without a partner for long periods. Children were subjected to new schools, and teachers, or were boarded. All service persons had the vision of leaving the services after the required period with a good gratuity, and pension. And of course the chance of being able to work, and increasing the resulting pension at pensionable age. How many were demobbed a few days before the full serving period?. Many Veterans today just manage to exist, pride is that what keeps them going. They also live in the knowledge that service persons today receive a pension pro rate after just 2 years service.
This is not only an abuse of equal rights, but also unfair, we need help because of the negative attitude towards our efforts to get justice.
Things are not getting better for Veterans, not only are many on the bread line, but now are suffering abuse, as a thanks for the service, and loyalty given over the years.

How it will be delivered

We wish to deliver the petition as a packet, and presented by members of our group.


Reasons for signing

  • As Rudyard Kipling said a hundred years ago, "It's Tommy Atkins this and Tommy Atkins that but once the trouble starts Brave Tommy Atkins come save us !!
  • My private pension plans with Royal Life, Friends Provident and Northern Rock went down the tubes years ago in the financial crash leaving me without a pension as I have only worked overseas for 30+ years . I served as an Apprentice and then regulars for five years prior to 1975 so even a miniscule pension would be very helpful now as I was forced into retirement due to Covid forcing the company I worked with to close down.
  • It's doing the write thing for our vets


2021-05-24 08:54:47 +0100

We are well on toward the 30,000 mark, super. Tell your friends to sign up if they agree with our aims. We thank you all in advance. Stay Safe.

2021-05-20 12:55:41 +0100

Hi all a big thanks to you all for the effort, and thanks to those who will sign up in the future. So many of us have been on the last parade, RIP too them all, sorry we did not make the target for you. Thanks too 38° fior providing this super platform, Stay Safe and take care.

2018-07-28 19:13:45 +0100

20,000 signatures reached

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