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  • 999 nhs tredegar
    It was "born" in Tredegar & vital for the health and welfare of the whole of the UKs population and should remain as it was intended. FREE for the people
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    Created by Marianne Phillips Picture
  • Improve the Severn Crossing tolls situation
    Unnecessary traffic, being ripped off. Why are we putting up with this in 2014? How many hours of people's lives is it ok to steal? How much from their pockets? How many businesses are being impacted by unnecessary queues? Holiday makers forced to sit in traffic. Why do this to people? For no reason other than to dip into their pockets! Please add your voice to do something about this ridiculous situation on the Severn Crossing Tolls.
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    Created by Rob Jordan Picture
  • Change undemocratic Welsh planning law
    The planning law below permits a single A4 notice somewhere near the site to be the only notification required to inform rural residents and local communities of an application for large, commercial wind turbine; no letters, no leaflets, no press notices. This is because the size of the base area permits it to be classified as a ‘minor’ application. This means many residents would never get an opportunity to submit objections within the 21 day ‘deadline’ due to their age, infirmity and isolation or simply by not hearing about it. Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure)(Wales) Order 2012 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/wsi/2012/801/made The relevant extract from that legislation is in the section: (5) and (6) Publicity for applications for planning permission, Part 2 – Applications.
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    Created by John Hubert Picture
  • Paying for prescriptions in Wales
    At the moment hospitals across Wales and the NHS in Wales are struggling to survive and staff are stretched to the limit. . We need to fund more nursing staff and also to stop the current ridiculous abuse of the system where people go to A&E just to get a packet of Paracetamol or Calpol for nothing or ask their doctors for medication they do not need and probably will not take. A basic charge of £3.00 would stop such abuse of the system, and there could be a cap of £10.00 if people needed several items. This additional money would transform our NHS in Wales and provide jobs for much needed nursing staff.
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    Created by Joanna Spikes
  • Stop Royal Mail collection changes
    For my small business this means our local post box which gives us a first class service before 5 pm is lost. The mail will now be collected at 9.00 am by the delivery postman. This effectively adds a day to a first class service. Royal mail say that we will have a post box within half a mile, that still gives a normal collection. For me this means a drive into town, to the main post office, where there is no convenient parking, and essentially will take half an hour out of my business day The Royal Mail say they have done a consumer consultation, but who did they ask? I cant imagine anyone thought a cut in service was a good idea. Royal mail is a very profitable company, and cutting service is just profiteering.
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    Created by Stephen Millson
  • Reverse the Beeching Cuts
    It will encourage many people to commute by the railways to get quicker travel and cheaper payments. In addition many people are asking for their railways to be brought back especially in North Wales. My Dad would use the railways more then he would use the car.
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    Created by D George Picture
  • Declare Neath Port Talbot a Frack Free Zone
    Neath Port Talbot has for centuries been an industrial area but now in the 21st century, the surrounding countryside is starting to return to its former glory with much of the area now supporting a thriving tourist industry. The people of Neath Port Talbot would like to keep it this way and do not want any form of shale gas or oil extraction by any method whatsoever, namely by Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking), Coal Bed Methane or Underground Coal Gasification.
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    Created by Neale Evans Picture
  • save the Duke of Lancaster
    The Duke of Lancaster is the last passenger only steam turbine ship left in existence. She is listed on the Historic Ships Register. When she was open as the Funship she became the third most popular tourist attraction in Wales, creating many jobs. She could do this again regenerating the area, bringing so many benefits to the local and surrounding area. The Council should allow the ship to be restored and reopened as a Funship.
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    Created by ashley gardner Picture
  • Remove Mosquito Device/Audio Weapon from Milford Haven Library!
    It is dangerous! It is discriminatory to those under 25, it has an adverse affect on people with mental health, chronic health and disabilities such as autism and hypersensitivity to noise. There is no medical evidence that it is safe for children under 16... So could damage young ears!
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    Created by Gareth Bronstein Picture
    Mae Cynllun Pensiwn Arfaethedig Prifysgol Aberystwyth ar gyfer y graddau isaf yn: Annheg Anfoesol Anegwyddorol Mae Prifysgol Aberystwyth yn cynnig toriad o 45% yng nghyfraniad cyflogwr, sy'n peryglu diogelwch aelodau’r cynllun hwn ar ôl ymddeol, yn eu plith staff ar y cyflog isaf sy’n methu ysgwyddo’r hyn sydd i bob pwrpas yn doriad cyflog. Er enghraifft, o dan gynllun arfaethedig cynllun AUPP gall drydanwr 50 oed, yn ôl amcangyfrif y Brifysgol ei hun, wynebu toriad o 63% yn ei bensiwn pan fydd yn ymddeol ymhen 15 mlynedd, tra gall arolygydd glanhau 44 oed wynebu toriad o 60% yn ei phensiwn pan fydd hi’n ymddeol ymhen 21 mlynedd. Erfyniwn ar y brifysgol i gydnabod bod ymosod ar bensiynau yn niweidiol o safbwynt recriwtio staff, eu cadw, symudedd, ysbryd a chymhelliant, a bydd hefyd yn peryglu recriwtio ac addysg myfyrwyr. The Proposed Aberystwyth University Pension Plan for the lowest grades is: Unfair Unethical Unprincipled Aberystwyth University is proposing a 45% cut in employer contribution, jeopardising the retirement security for members, many of whom are the lowest-paid staff and can ill afford what is essentially a pay cut in their older age. Under the proposed new AUPP scheme, the University’s own pension calculator estimates that an electrician aged 50 could face a 63% cut in pension when retiring in 15 years time, while a cleaning supervisor age 44 faces a cut of 60% in pension when retiring in 21 years time. We urge the university to recognise that continuing its attack on pensions will be deeply damaging to staff recruitment, retention, mobility, morale and motivation and will jeopardise the recruitment and education of students.
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    Created by Alex Warburton