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To: Secretary of State MP Priti Patel

19 January International Kashmir Genocide Memorial Day

19 January International Kashmir Genocide Memorial Day

This petition is being launched so that:

19 January can be made an International Memorial Day

In memory of 500,000 Hindus who were made the victims of Kashmir Genocide in 1990 in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

To show support for the survivors of this genocide.

As you may or may not be aware The Kashmir Files film has been released worldwide on Friday 11 March 2022. It is a film on the Genocide of Hindus in Kashmir (Kashmiri Pandits) in 1990 in which thousands of Hindus were brutally killed, women tortured, raped and killed and nearly 500,000 were forced to leave their homes and belongings and become refugees in their own country.

The film is totally based on facts and every incident shown is true. Many mandirs in Kashmir were also desecrated or destroyed.

The director of the film Vivek Agnihotri (a Hindu Film Director living in India) did 4 years of intense research and interviewed and recorded over 700 witnesses from Jammu and Kashmir So this film is truly a testimony of this horrific event that occurred just 32 years ago.

The world ignored it and tried to erase its memory.

The film is awakening for all the Hindus in the country and worldwide.

To know more about the genocide
which happened in Kashmir, India we urge you and your Parliamentary Colleagues to see this film (if you haven’t done) so that all become aware of this genocide which has been ignored by the world for past 30 years.

This cannot be made gone unnoticed.

Why is this important?

While we all know about the Holocaust (when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler), World is ignorant of genocide of Hindus people who is a large faith community worldwide and has greatly contributed positively and still contributing in all areas of life worldwide. So it is very imperative that the pain of Hindus (of lost one’s and their survivors) of this genocide residing worldwide is acknowledged by way of a Memorial Day just as there is a Holocaust Day for the Jews (when millions of Jews were killed by Hitler).

This petition is to urge you to launch a Memorial Day for all those who were killed in the Kashmir genocide on behalf of all the Hindus who were made victims of this genocide.

Because we exist. Hindus exist !



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