• Mandatory 60yr sentence for anyone who kills police officers
    There are too many police officer getting injured and some very serious that they can't work again and we don't have many police at the moment so every officer lost is bad.This last two weeks have been bad with officer injured and the murder of PC Andrew Harper So now the government needs to listen to us and change the law to protect the police so they can protect us .
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    So we can actually cheer for our team when we score a goal and make football fun again
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  • Save our police station
    Because Darlaston desperately needs a local police force
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    Created by Karl Lewis
    Victims across the UK are finding their stolen explicit content uploaded onto commercialised porn websites, where videos are able to go viral and downloaded within a matter of minutes. These popular websites propel revenge porn into the public space very quickly, and causes immense stress, embarrassment, humiliation and anxiety for victims. No one should ever have to find themselves on a porn website.
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  • Holdenhurst Avenue
    To keep our neighbourhood as safe and pleasant as possible
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  • Jeremy Hunt please help me get my abducted daughter Talia home
    I haven't seen my daughter since she was 3 months old when she was abducted to a foreign country by my husband. She is now 7 years old. Not a day goes by when I don't think about her and worry about her safety, in such a dangerous and unstable country. My heart is broken without her, I have missed so much of her childhood and I ache to be re-united and hold her in my arms. I cannot give up until I find her but I cannot do this without help from the government.
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    Created by Malgorzata Szymanowicz
  • Make perpetrators of abuse pay the costs for therapy for their victims
    Reduce costs to NHS services Outsource to private therapists to help with the increasing toll on the NHS May direct perpetrators to therapy for their own issues Financial consequences for their actions Therapy available to those on low income that need it, when they need it Prevent further damage from the stored triggers , beliefs etc, including awareness education Higher likelihood of low re-offending rate as a result of including this as part of the statutory penalty
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  • To Put CCTV on all Tube Trains
    These are crime spots and people are being mugged and sexually assaulted daily, 25% of crimes on the LU are committed on the Central Line. CCTV cameras could serve as a deterrent. If a crime is committed at least there will be cameras to show the perpetrator or what crime was committed
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  • UK victims of terror let down by Government
    Uppermost among the terrifying sensations for a victim of terrorist attack must be the sudden loss of personal control and equally sudden complete vulnerability. How appalling that these are the very feelings with which many victims and certainly their families have to confront when subsequently they need financial support for inquests and court proceedings. There is no governmental provision for them in these situations. Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd has already drawn attention to this situation both inside and outside the House of Commons. He has sponsored an Early Day Motion for Parliamentary attention (link below) He writes : “British citizens who are victims of terrorist atrocities must receive, as a default, the same legal support the state bodies do. “French citizens, for example, if caught up in terrorist attacks, they – and their families – are automatically entitled to state-funded legal representation in court proceedings. “Frankly, the MOJ’s approach to the matter is an insult to all those who have lost loved ones in tragedies such as these. It begs the question; do the French authorities care more about their citizens than we do ours?” [11 June 2019] Stephen Lloyd's Early Day Motion at : https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/52897/statefunded-legal-representation-for-victims-of-terrorism
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  • I call on the British government to condemn the massacre of the Sudanese military regime
    Because the Sudanese regime killing the protesters & not let them express their right to peaceful demonstration .
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  • Compulsory Drugs Testing for MPs and Lords
    Equality under the law - If Fred Bloggs on a council estate was caught in possession of a class A drug he would be arrested and banged up for a few years. Why should MPs be exempt? Professionalism - If a professional gets done for drugs they are removed from their place of work. Michael Gove passed legislation to remove teachers from the profession if they are have been on drugs. Why should MPs be exempt? Judgement - MPs vote on and pass the laws that govern us, any one of them could be PM. How can we trust their judgement if it is clouded by the use of drugs, particularly in the use of nuclear weapons?
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    Created by Peter Bray
  • Stop indecent photos of minors being shared on snapchat
    My daughter is 14 yrs old and has been horrifically bullied on snapchat for 18 months. The police have been involved several times however, cannot trace or access accounts on snapchat. Young girls and boys are being encouraged to share indecent images of themselves more and more and these images are later used against them. The police have also stated they do not like to criminalise children under 18 yrs old, the problem is though the majority of the bulling and sharing of pornagraphic images is done by the MINORS themselves. Meaning this horrific bullying can continue, ruining young girls and boys life’s. If however, these images were being shared by adults the criminal charges would be treated completely different. Snapchat monitors no messages or pictures shared and will not support the police in finding/seeing who has sent or shared certain messages/pictures. Snapchat has hundreds of ‘bait’ accounts sharing indecent images of minors which also encourages minors to continue sharing these images. If these accounts are reported to snapchat, snapchat takes days/weeks to remove them by which time new accounts have been opened and the torture continues. Snapchat should be supporting the young people using their social media accounts and not being part of the criminal activity that is causing more and more serious mental health, leading to death in our young people. My teenage child is being subjected to continuous abuse to the point of wanting to end her life and nothing can be done. She is not the only child going through this thousands of children are going through this on a daily basis. I also work in a crisis mental health unit with young people under 18 yrs old. I have found snapchat to be one of the first issues talked about leading, to the young persons mental health. I can not sit back as a mother or carer and do nothing. Please please please join me in signing this petition so I can get this heard at by the House of Commons and hopefully get snapchat monitored in an appropriate way. Please also talk to your teenagers using snapchat. Some parents are unaware what their child is going through or doing on Snapchat. Thank you for reading.
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