• Elderly Couple Forced to Demolish their own Home by Cheshire East Council
    To ensure this senseless action can never happen again to vulnerable people, adding to the current national problem of homelessness in the UK. Were Cheshire East Council really acting in the public interest, spending so much taxpayers’ money relentlessly pursuing an elderly couple to whom they granted a Certificate of Lawfulness to build and then issued it with Completion Certificate as a warehouse? We estimate this must be well into six figures, as the Mead's have spent, although our disclosure request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 was blocked!? But here’s the biggest question of all… Was it really worth it when the Certificate of Lawfulness runs with the land, so once demolished, construction can start immediately to lawfully rebuild the warehouse to exactly the same size/footprint/dimensions, as confirmed by Cheshire East’s Principal Planning Officer.
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  • To restore our Public Enquiry Desk at Newton-le-Willows Police Station
    Merseyside Police have been ravaged by Government austerity. However, Newton-le-Willows deserves it’s fair share of the remaining resource. However, the Borough of St. Helens now has the fewest opening hours for enquiry desks across Merseyside. Southport Police Station: 93 hours Bootle Police Station: 84 hours a week. (Despite being so close to Liverpool City Centre) Sefton therefore has a total of 177 open hours. Bootle still has a magistrates court. Wallasey Police Station: 20 hours Birkenhead Police Station: 93 hours The Wirral total: 113 hours per week open. The Wirral still has a magistrates court. St Anne St: 93 hours Admiral Street: 84 hours Walton Lane: 84 hours Liverpool Total: 261 hours per week open. Liverpool still has a magistrates and crown court. Huyton Police Station: 93 hours Kirkby Police Station: 16 hours Speke Police Station: 16 hours Knowsley therefore has a total 125 hours a week in total. St Helens Police Station: 93 hours per week Newton-le-Willows Police Station: 7 hours per week Our borough therefore has 100 hours per week in total. Therefore, our borough has the fewest open hours out of all of Merseyside. We have 77 fewer open hours than Sefton. And 13 less than Knowsley, which has a smaller population than our borough over 3 Police Stations. St Helens North has been unfairly treated.
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  • Ballot the Members
    Mineworkers Pension Scheme Trustees:- should ballot the Members of the Scheme to terminate the arrangement with the Guarantor ( Government ) where the benefit to the Members cannot be shown in continuing with the arrangement, and with £12 Billion to be distributed to it's aging Member prior to the closure of the Scheme. The scheme should solely operate for the benefit of its members who contributed to the fund and worked in some of the most dangerous conditions to the detriment of their health and note that successive governments have taken significant dividends in excess of £4 billion from the fund which would have otherwise improved the pensions and quality of life for former mineworkers. It is important that the Members and relatives of the Scheme should benefit from the money the Mineworkers' put into the Scheme to improve their quality of life as they grow older. The Scheme has assets of £12 Billion 1 with a return from investments on average approx. 11% 1 per year giving £1.32 Billion income and the cost to meet the Pension Benefits of approx. on average £0.751 Billion. Showing that the Scheme with always produce a Surplus from which the Government will take 50% for being the Schemes Guarantor without the need for a Guarantee. 1. MPS Report & Accounts Links to help show the injustice :- https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-44746537 https://www.ftadviser.com/pensions/2018/07/12/mp-blasts-government-for-stealing-miner-s-pensions/ Link to MPS Pension Campaign:- https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/mineworker-pension-fight?fbclid=IwAR2XWRpKWkPW_De9Zo1rkIE3Op9iNVXoLYdxZf5fS18bKsJIbJ5QlgSrWe8
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  • Homeless woman & 15 year old son living on £20 per week.
    It's the most humain thing to do. Her sons life & future is in their hands.
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  • More stringent drone rules
    Ensures that people are not misusing drones for the wrong reasons and tougher regulations are needed to ensure drones do not breach privacy rules and cause disruption to major uk infrastructure systems. By stating stringent rules for sellers of drones whether online or in a shop this will ensure that the wrong people do not misuse drones. This has been seen in the recent issue with aircraft and breaches of privacy from people misusing drones.
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  • True recording of homeless deaths
    2,627 people have died homeless in the last five years - but the true figure is much higher.
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  • Stop cars entering the green cycle boxes at junctions.
    The green cycle boxes, and Advance Stopping Lines at junctions are supposed to create a safe haven for cyclists, but they are routinely ignored by many drivers. At best this makes the cycle boxes useless, at worst it makes them incredibly dangerous for cyclists to use. The Police say "If the traffic lights are on red, drivers (including motorcyclists and scooter riders) must not cross the first stop line - if they do they could liable to a £100 fixed penalty and three penalty points on their driving license." Every day on my commute into work I see drivers completely flaunting the law, driving into these boxes to try to get ahead of cyclists and putting people at risk. It's time the police actually started enforcing the highway code and stopped these dangerous drivers.
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  • Private Litter Police DO NOT HELP US
    The current litter policy used by LCC is not fit for purpose the only thing it is doing is assisting a private company in making lots of cash and fast. The very small amount of funds that are kept by Leeds Council is only 24% at its highest and this money does not go back to helping the community and even if it did it amounts to nothing. We want Leeds to be a clean City but we DO NOT want Leeds to be a City people DO NOT want to visit because of the way Authority's treat people.
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  • No more leaks! - Recognise ACORN tenants' union at Emperor Court
    Open letter to the people of Birmingham Mohammed JJ Khan is well-known to all in the Stirchley community as the proud owner of the distinctive £7,500 statue of a begging gorilla that sits above JJ’s Flooring Services. We, the families of Emperor Court, also live above JJ’s Flooring Services. We want the people of Birmingham to know that as the owner of the building that we live in, JJ is the one with his hand out, happy to collect rent money, and turning his back on us by refusing to discuss urgent health and safety issues. The building has let in the rain for years, and as a result our flats are damp and mouldy. Like Scrooge, unwilling to spend, JJ has resisted all efforts so far to get him to properly fix this problem. Some of our neighbours have had to move out as their children have been made ill. Unable to bear these shameful conditions any longer, we have joined the renters’ union ACORN, who now represent all families in Emperor Court. JJ has brought in a block management company to look after the building, Bright Willis. Both he and the block management company refuse to speak with ACORN, saying they will only talk to our individual landlords. Our asks are absolutely reasonable. As the people having to live in these wet conditions, speaking with one voice, we demand that JJ and Bright Willis recognise our union ACORN and meet with us regularly to ensure that our homes are maintained according to his legal obligation as freeholder. If you agree with us, then please sign our online letter of support, or why not tell JJ directly what you think? Thank you!
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  • A fine on unwanted sexual attention on the streets
    It is important because this kind of behaviour needs to be stopped asit is disgusting, unnecessary and intimidates and frightens those who are victims of it. It dters me from walking places on my own because of how disturbing this kind of behaviour is to me. In particular, me and many other girls I know have been victim of wolf whistling and unwanted vehicle horn beeping whilst walking home from school - very obviously underage in our school uniforms.
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  • Petition 3GS to Refund UK Residents Who Have Been Unfairly Fined
    In Nov 2017 my husband placed a cardboard box in the wrong bin in good faith, thinking that he was helping me out on a busy day. It turned out that that box in question had my business address label on it, and he'd put it in a domestic recycling bin. I was fined £600 and threatened with court. There was no procedure for appeal, and 3GS was both unclear about my supposed "offence" and extremely intimidating. My story was covered in the national papers and appeared on "Do The Right Thing" with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. We call on 3GS to do the right thing now! We demand that unfair and disproportionate fines be reviewed where a complaint is made, and that refunds are given to members of the UK public. 👇🏽 Where there was no intent to fly tip. For example: The person fined was acting in good faith. They believed they were placing an item in the correct bin. ✔️ When the person who received the fine was not the person who committed the alleged offence. For example when a spouse or person unrelated to the business placed an item in the wrong bin in good faith. ✔️ Where existing waste disposal facilities were insufficient and common sense was not used by officers. For example: Where signage on bins was not clearly visible. Where signage was confusing. Where bins were broken. Where bins were overflowing. Where animals were able to remove waste from bins. ✔️ Where 3GS officers behaved inappropriately. For example: Where 3GS used intimidation. Where officers did not give a member of the public their lawful opportunity to pick up litter before being fined. Where any legal right was denied to a member of the public in a public space. Where assault or physical contact of any kind took place. ✔️ Where 3GS officers lied to members of the public. For example: Where 3GS officers claimed to have visited a property when they had not. When 3GS officers claimed to have CCTV footage when they did not. When 3GS officers claimed to have called the police when they had not. ✔️ Where 3GS the telephone staff behaving appropriately or misleadingly. Where 3GS staff lied to members of the public. Where 3GS staff implied a criminal court appearance or conviction without supplying proof of fly tipping/ littering. ✔️ Where insufficient proof was supplied by 3GS. For example: Where there was no CCTV footage of a person placing an item in the wrong bin. When photographic evidence did not prove that the accused person had placed waste in the wrong bin themselves. ✔️ Where paperwork was incomplete, incorrect, excessively pressing or insufficient. For example: Where at 3GS failed to produce an initial fine but subsequently sent residents supposed reminders of alleged late/ unpaid fines. Where 3GS demanded payment in an unreasonably short time via a “reminder” and the initial fine had not been issued or received. Where 3GS breached data protection by copying and pasting the wrong person's data into an email and sending to another member of the public. ✔️ In Summary: We demand that Martin Jerrold, Managing Director of the Red Snapper Group / 3GS puts a complaints procedure in place to review complaints. Where appropriate refunds should be made to members of the UK public who have been unfairly or disproportionately fined.
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  • 'These Walls Must Fall' Motion Bristol
    "Over 30,000 people are locked up in prison-like conditions every year, with no time limit on how long they can be held. This is not for having committed a crime. It is purely because they do not (yet) have the correct immigration papers. The majority of people detained are eventually released, but many never really recover from the trauma. It’s a terrible waste of money (£125 million a year), and a waste of lives. Immigration detention is a wholly unnecessary, unjustifiable practice, one of the most harmful aspects of the UK’s “hostile environment” for migrants and a shameful civil rights abuse that cannot be ignored." Quoted from the 'These Walls Must Fall' Campaign Website (http://detention.org.uk/)
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