• Justice for Mahamud Hassan
    British black communities have very little confidence in the processes of police complaints, independent investigations by the IOPC or the ability of the coroner's inquest process to deliver justice. With huge national tensions developing between British black communities and the police, it is vital that there is complete transparency and accountability in relation to critical incidents that give rise to public concern. Post the murder of George Floyd and the rise of our Black Lives Matter movement it is vitally important that new standards of police accountability and transparency are put in place with immediate effect. Police Officer body cams were introduced in response to increasing concerns around police brutality, and critical policing incidents involving black communities, yet police film footage has been routinely denied to communities by the police and the IOPC and as a result levels of trust and confidence have deteriorated further. Senior police officers and the IOPC must accept the necessary paradigms shift in thinking, policies, processes and approach, demanded by black communities and that is required to ensure proper levels of police accountability and transparency. Denial of the body cam video to victims families simply increases suspicion and hostility. Given the level of public concern in relation to the death of Mr Hassan its time to usher in new standards of police accountability. We therefore demand that the IOPC immediately release the footage of Mr Hassan’s arrest, detention and subsequent release to his family.
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    Created by Lee Jasper
  • Review Mental Health Act 1983
    I have been through a mental health crisis and misdiagnosed and maltreated
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    Created by Samuel Olanrewaju
  • Allow non dangerous prisoners to be temporarily released on home arrest during pandemic
    This is important as this is affecting mental health, causing suicides, riots. It’s risking the life’s of both prisoners and prison workers. My father is currently in prison for a drug crime and is in the middle of an appeal and has to stay in his cell 23 hours a day and can only leave for a phone call (capped at 15 minutes) and to go to the toilet. His prison has had a serious outbreak of the virus and from speaking with my dad he and other prisoners in there are extremely worried for their health, safety.
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    Created by Jordyn Holmes
  • Increase The Chargeback Time Frame
    Many people either don't report scams or don't report them straight away because they are embarrassed about what's happened to them, people that have been scammed by a romance scammer are even less likely to talk report it immediately. In cases concerning APP Fruad & Product Received Not As Provided" that occurs when a company or a seller sends out an item that doesn't match what was advertised, we have seen several incidents where the scammer deliberately slows down & drags out conversations for months to avoid people being able to request a chargeback. Scammers will deliberately communicate with you on a very low lever with fake promises of a refund, this is to prevent you from speaking to your bank. These are the reasons thag we are camping for the alotted time frame to be extended to 120 from the date of the transaction, this will give people a greater chance of recovering any lost funds.
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    Created by Robbie Mitchell
  • Provision of Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment Of Innocent Individuals
    This petition is important because the actual ramifications, perception and knock on effects for innocent individuals that for whatever reason find themselves held on remand in prison for weeks or months can be quite severe and life-changing. Many lose their jobs, friends, family, access to their children and much more. It is simply just not good enough for the police to be able to imprison individuals, without the appropriate evidence out of malice or lack of skills whilst they conduct their investigations. Only to then rule no further action and the individual is left violated, unfairly punished, subjected to mental and sometimes physical trauma whilst in jail. The criminal justice system must either get better or be fairer. I can confirm that I have personally been through the above for no other reason than that of my colour and the fact that I lived in a middle class part of the UK. Hitherto, I had never even been arrested, but found myself labelled as a criminal and imprisoned with 6 potential offences that were then all proven to be false and/or fabricated. I now am unemployed, spent my birthday and Fathers' Day in jail. My wife served me my divorce papers served to me in jail and restricted access to my two beautiful children. I also lost friends and family contacts.
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    Created by Sylvester Vince-Odozi
  • Censure Will & Kate for Breaking Covid Travel Rules
    This is absolutely the worst time imaginable for anyone to be embarking on a tour of schools and hospitals. If anyone in their entourage is, or becomes, infected during the tour, then this whole parade could turn into a super spreader event. People could quite possibly die as a result of their stupidity.
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    Created by Andrew Innes
  • Identify Police excessive force larger details
    Occasionally there are officers that use excessive force using batons , tasers on people faces or heads , punching them even kicking people of all ages over the body. We need to be able to identify from a safe distance who these officers are without the need to approach them, and be arrested or caught up in an incident trying to take their details.
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    Created by Gary Charles Ruddock
  • Start a criminal investigation into Sir Phillip Green’s role in 300 million Arcadia pension hole.
    He did with BHS pensions and he is at it again!! A parliamentary investigation into the BHS pension collapse concluded the Green family had systematically plundered BHS pension fund. BUT he walked away scott free! Now the hundreds of thousands of Arcadia Group employees face the same fate of losing their pension because of a 300 million pound hole. This after, the Greens taking a £1.2 Billion dividend from the company. The largest dividend in history taken from any company ever!!!! He and his Arcadia board have a history of disgraceful, bordering on illegal practices. Whilst this Notorious tax dodger has been sunning himself on his £100m superyacht in Monico, British tax payers have been paying for his staff!! Having already availed himself of the taxer Payer funded Furlough scheme they added insult to injury when, the board declared “ We recently implemented a policy for those employees who are working their notice on furlough to receive their furlough pay instead of their full pay.” Sir Phillip Green clearly thinks he is above the law, and he certainly has been treated like he is. I guess it helps to have great friends in high places; David Cameron-who appointed him Jobs Czar and changed the law so we as taxpayers now automatically contribute to a company pension, Tony Blair who made him a Knight. Lets remind him he’s not above the law. Let’s remind him that the law is there for the rich to follow, not just for average people
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    Created by shampa sengupta
  • Stop 'Trail Hunting' on the Hurtwood
    It has recently been reported nationwide that the Hunting Office held a series of 3 webinar Zoom meetings back in August this year with over 100 Hunt Masters in attendance. From this meeting evidence was leaked that there was indeed conspiracy by hunters to commit perjury and actively flout the 2005 ban on hunting with hounds. Throughout the three hours of talks, hunts were clearly and repeatedly incited to engage in mass criminality and shown how to present a smokescreen to anyone watching. Further to the publicised leak there is now a police and CPS investigation going ahead to ascertain all the facts from these meetings. Given the recent media coverage focusing on the admission of senior representatives of The Hunting Office and Hunt Masters, that they use trail hunting as a 'smokescreen'. We expect that local police forces across the country will be policing hunting activities more diligently and no longer turning a blind eye to illegal activities. The police, along with the other large organisations are now keen to distance themselves from hunt groups. In addition, Hunt Saboteurs Association, have seen an increase in their membership, fuelled by public awareness that these leaked webinars have brought. The National Trust, The Forestry Commission and now United Utilities have announced that they will be suspending all ‘trail’ hunt licences for the rest of the entire season. Also the law states that under the Hunting Act of 2004 Section 3 (i) A person commits an offence if he knowingly permits land which belongs to him to be entered or used in the course of the commission of an offence under section 1 – Section 1 being hunting wild mammals with dogs. Whilst the investigations are going on I call to the trustees of the Hurtwood Control that they see fit to suspend all trail hunt licences which have been issued for this current season and/or perhaps the next until the outcome of the investigation is finalised. In view of the above we really hope now that the Trustees of The Hurtwood Control finally make the right decision and revoke any licences with haste.
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    Created by Sally Goble
  • Justice for Black people wrongfully convicted in 70s and 80s Brixton
    Petition by Grassroots Black Left (GBL) https://grblackleft.com/ The death of George Floyd at the hands of US police sparked worldwide racial injustice awareness and soul searching, leading ex senior Metropolitan police officer Peter Bleksley to publish an expose in the Sun newspaper, titled “I was part of vile, racist police force that "fitted up" and "beat up" black youths in ‘80s – Brixton Riots were wake-up call”. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11838686/peter-bleksley-racist-police-fitted-up-beat-black-80s-brixton-riots/ In it he details how Black people in Brixton were routinely attacked by police and convicted of crimes they had not committed. The devastating effect these attacks and convictions had on the lives of countless law-abiding Black people and their families would have set in motion a spiral of shame, disadvantage and failure that reverberates today. The destructive ripple effect of just one false conviction is significant and we know this practice was “commonplace”; carried out over a sustained period. This abuse was likely indicative of police attitudes across the UK at the time, therefore we do not believe Brixton was an isolated case. Though we support the cathartic confession of Peter Bleksley and thank him for speaking out while other have remained silent – the fact remains that the reputations of countless Black people have been tarnished and bones, families, careers, hearts and lives broken and remain so, with no recompense – just cover-up and a doubling down of police denials. We demand a pardon to restore the dignity of the falsely convicted and financial compensation to go some way towards reimbursing individuals and their families for financial disadvantage suffered. Where questionable cases exist – we demand that they are reopened and assessed by an independent and truly representative body.
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    Created by Kevin White
  • Cardinal Vincent Nichols Must Resign
    The sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church has caused severe damage to its reputation. What is worse is the way they have been handled by the authorities in the Church. Sex abuse is something which causes severe trauma for survivors for the rest of their lives, but the cover ups only add to the trauma. As the leader of the Catholic Church of England and Wales, the IICSA report has shown that Cardinal Nichols has failed in his leadership to deal with clerical abuse. Survivors are now calling for him to resign. It is important, as Christians, to first and foremost, seek justice and healing for survivors, and put that above the reputation of the Church.
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  • Free this amazing lady
    This is not right her treatment for her bravery is appalling.. Her children are suffering her family are suffering she is suffering .. she needs to be free and made a hero for all she has done
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    Created by Hayley Pirie