• Save Planet Liverpool
    Planet Liverpool Is part of our Liverpool maritime history, dating back over two hundred years of light vessels, built for the Liverpool docks and harbour company, the last built manned lighthouse afloat and built for Liverpool
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    The new online safety laws being proposed by the Government will give Ofcom power to crackdown on social media companies - but will fail to cover online scams. This means that millions of people across the UK are at risk of scammers committing financial fraud. With all of us increasingly being forced to turn online, it’s now more important than ever that the government does all it can to protect us from online fraud. That’s why we, the British public, are calling on you to tackle the quickly escalating problem of online fraud in the government’s upcoming Online Safety Bill.
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    Police chiefs and government ministers are seeking new powers to clamp down protests that may cause disruption and, in particular, that involve direct action and civil disobedience. These changes are an unnecessary attack on the freedom to protest. Netpol's Charter for Freedom of Assembly Rights calls on the National Police Chiefs Council (the national body for Chief Constables) to accept greater transparency and accountability for the way protests are policed, based on international human rights standards. See https://netpol.org/2021/03/15/thousands-support-charter/ There have already been repeated attempts to convince senior officers to publish their own guidelines. Despite promises to do so, they have been reluctant to explain how police will protect, not restrict, the right to protest. With new restrictions planned, we are tired of waiting. Backed by a coalition of other organisations, the Charter for Freedom of Assembly Rights sets out what people taking part in protests can expect from the police. It calls for: * Proper protections – not more restrictions – for the right to protest. This includes an end to treating direct action and civil disobedience as an excuse to shut down protests completely. * An end to routine surveillance of protesters. This includes strict limitations on the use of police video recording, use of facial recognition, and surveillance of social media sites used by campaigners. * An end to the excessive use of force and the targeting of organisers for arrest, surveillance and punishment. Black-led protests in particular disproportionately face excessive and violent interventions by police. * An end to targeting the most vulnerable. The police have a particular duty to protect the rights of young people, vulnerable and disabled people wishing to exercise their rights to freedom of assembly Support the campaign by signing and sharing the petition. If you’re part of a group or organisation, you can also endorse the Charter. Contact info[at]netpol.org to add your name.
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  • Jasmins law
    After my sister took her own life after been abused by a man she felt it was her only way to escape. We need to punish these people
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    Florrie fell victim to a domestic violence assault in Utero and at 29 weeks 3 days gestation which is a viable gestation outside the womb she sadly passed away from secondary illnesses she suffered as a repercussion of malicious actions. These actions were unjustifiable and led to the fatality of unborn Florrie. These are babies we meet on screen and feel move,we already know and love them before birth. Until birth a mother should protect her baby,which through no fault of my own,could not. Not only should that be a Mother's job but the Father's job also .... Florrie's father knew the harm he was causing to both myself and our daughter and he proceeded despite this. I hope by doing this parents similar to myself wont have to fight to prove their baby was deserving of life and robbed of that .... And that ultimately someone must be held accountable!! It is important to myself as I know first hand how it feels to lose a child in this way,to feel isolated and that there is no Law in place to protect pregnant women or our unborn babies ... Our babies do not get the recognition of the deserving life of which they are. We attempted to collect data from the Office Of National Statistics and we found the bare minimum ... In result of that I have gone on to collect my own data and have spoken to victims first hand to find out the similarities between my case and their case and there is alot of similarities which isnt acceptable. However if Florrie's Law had already been in place beforehand then the outcome of the prosecution would have been a firmer punishment than what was given in all of these cases.
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  • Justice for Mouayed Bashir: Release the Bodycam and CCTV Footage
    Mouayed Bashir, a 29 year old Welsh-Sudanese man, died in police custody on 17th February 2021. There are a number of suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. His parents called 999 for an ambulance after Mouayed experienced a mental health crisis. Instead, a large number of police attended his house. Mouayed had been stabbed a few weeks earlier, but police officers restrained him despite the family telling the police many times about the severity of his wound. While under restraint by multiple officers, he died. There was no proper risk assessment, and we believe this lack of a risk assessment from Gwent Police has led to Mouayed's death. A leaked memo by the Metropolitan Police commented that while it does not routinely release footage, there are exceptions to this rule when not doing so will negatively damage community cohesion. We believe that transparency is important for fostering positive community cohesion, and Moyied's death has already seriously negatively effected and damaged community relations in Maesglas, Newport and across Wales. As veteran activist Lee Jasper has pointed out re has been a long history of Black men suffering mental health crisis who have died after being forcibly restrained by police including Olsaeni Lewis, Sean Rigg and Kevin Clarke. In 2021, you are 10.1x more likely to be stopped and searched by Gwent police if you are Black, and you are 6.5x more likely to go to prison if you are Black in Wales. Mouayed should not have been restrained: Mouayed should still be with us and with his family, and he is the second young Black man who has died following police contact in South Wales since the beginning of 2021.
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    Created by Yasmin Begum
  • Stop the Green Lanes/Totternhoe Knolls Dog Poisoning Incidents
    Many local residents are worried by these incidents and many now feel unable to use this area (the largest accessible area of green space in North Dunstable) to exercise their dogs due to the risk. This will force more people to use other green spaces in Houghton Regis etc. It's not ideal in a pandemic to have to travel in the car to exercise dogs. There are at least ten dogs dead or very seriously ill in the last year (and possibly many more, as many people didn't realise the frequency of the issue until last summer). We're deeply concerned by the ongoing nature of these incidents and worried about the safety of families and pets who use the area.
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    Created by Lindsay Stronge
  • Premier League referees to publicly explain their decisions post-match
    "Best league in the world, and probably the worst officials" - Neil Warnock Only two leagues in the world have professionally employed referees; Italy and England. But since the retirement of Howard Webb and Mark Clattenburg, not a single English referee has been considered competent enough to manage a major football game outside of England. At the 2018 world cup, England – the original lawmaking nation of the sport – was not selected to submit a team of officials, over countries like Bahrain, Bolivia and Gambia. English referees have become the laughing stock of FIFA and UEFA, by their own hand. The Premier League is a multi-billion pound enterprise, where fortunes are made and lost on the competency of referees. In any other industry, failure to adequately do one's job is met with justified punishment, but these so-called "elite" referees are protected at all costs by their employers. PGMOL, the FA, and the Premier League have failed time and time again to address the slow and sustained demise of British refereeing, consistently defending errors. For far too long, referees of the English Premier League have ruled with almost complete impunity when officiating football matches. Poor decisions have consistently decided the outcome of matches. If referees never have to take responsibility for their actions, the quality of their judgement will never improve. We are simply campaigning for referees to release a full explanation for their important decisions after officiating a game. This can be achieved with a simple interview orchestrated by a neutral party, or by making their match report public. This is not a witch-hunt. This is about improving thetransparency and the integrity of the game.
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  • Review Mental Health Act 1983
    I have been through a mental health crisis and misdiagnosed and maltreated
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  • Allow non dangerous prisoners to be temporarily released on home arrest during pandemic
    This is important as this is affecting mental health, causing suicides, riots. It’s risking the life’s of both prisoners and prison workers. My father is currently in prison for a drug crime and is in the middle of an appeal and has to stay in his cell 23 hours a day and can only leave for a phone call (capped at 15 minutes) and to go to the toilet. His prison has had a serious outbreak of the virus and from speaking with my dad he and other prisoners in there are extremely worried for their health, safety.
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    Created by Jordyn Holmes
  • Increase The Chargeback Time Frame
    Many people either don't report scams or don't report them straight away because they are embarrassed about what's happened to them, people that have been scammed by a romance scammer are even less likely to talk report it immediately. In cases concerning APP Fruad & Product Received Not As Provided" that occurs when a company or a seller sends out an item that doesn't match what was advertised, we have seen several incidents where the scammer deliberately slows down & drags out conversations for months to avoid people being able to request a chargeback. Scammers will deliberately communicate with you on a very low lever with fake promises of a refund, this is to prevent you from speaking to your bank. These are the reasons thag we are camping for the alotted time frame to be extended to 120 from the date of the transaction, this will give people a greater chance of recovering any lost funds.
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    Created by Robbie Mitchell
  • Provision of Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment Of Innocent Individuals
    This petition is important because the actual ramifications, perception and knock on effects for innocent individuals that for whatever reason find themselves held on remand in prison for weeks or months can be quite severe and life-changing. Many lose their jobs, friends, family, access to their children and much more. It is simply just not good enough for the police to be able to imprison individuals, without the appropriate evidence out of malice or lack of skills whilst they conduct their investigations. Only to then rule no further action and the individual is left violated, unfairly punished, subjected to mental and sometimes physical trauma whilst in jail. The criminal justice system must either get better or be fairer. I can confirm that I have personally been through the above for no other reason than that of my colour and the fact that I lived in a middle class part of the UK. Hitherto, I had never even been arrested, but found myself labelled as a criminal and imprisoned with 6 potential offences that were then all proven to be false and/or fabricated. I now am unemployed, spent my birthday and Fathers' Day in jail. My wife served me my divorce papers served to me in jail and restricted access to my two beautiful children. I also lost friends and family contacts.
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    Created by Sylvester Vince-Odozi