• Keep parental alienation in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 Guidance Notes
    Parental alienation is a global issue and many enlightened countries like Switzerland, Israel, Brazil and Gibraltar have rightly made it unlawful. As child safety campaigners, Good Egg Safety CIC commissioned research which generated over 1500 respondents in the UK. The findings, interrogated at source by a leading academic ( Professor) and highly qualified Child Psychologist) evidenced one of the worst child safety issues we have ever encountered in two decades of campaigning. Each individual story where children have been prevented from maintaining a close bond with a much loved parent following parental separation, is a tragedy. Adults who were alienated as children talk about their extreme trauma which resulted in: Suicide ideation Low self worth Extreme guilt Anxiety Drug / alcohol abuse Promiscuity Difficulty in future relationships Lack of trust. This is the appalling legacy parental alienation bequeaths children who are forced to choose which parent to love. It is their inalienable human right to be loved by both their parents, when it is safe for them to do so. According to the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (2019) over half (52%) of family court enforcement orders had no safeguarding issues. No existing domestic abuse. Countless others where safeguarding issues were raised, were based on false allegations. We can evidence this and we ask you to consider it carefully, in order to protect all victims from harm and, most especially, their children. Thank you.
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  • Improving Communications and Investigations for Victims of Crime
    Every year millions of crimes take place in the UK and the impact of a crime is long lasting for victims. Becoming a victim of crime is a highly distressing time. The Police do their best to provide a professional and caring service during an investigation, but their efforts are limited by the technology and other resources currently at their disposal. Victims are often left wondering what is happening and whether anyone is taking their case seriously. Improving the communications and connections between investigating officers and victims of crimes is very much needed. Every day technology could be used very effectively to achieve this by providing a means for victims and investigating officers to keep in touch and up to date. Something as simple as a mobile phone app could be used to give victims and witnesses a better experience, keeping them up to date on progress and allowing them to communicate more effectively with the Police. Being able to message the officer in charge directly in an instant, read and sign statements and documents from their phone and see updates on the investigation as it develops, without the inconvenience of having to call officers who may be off duty or otherwise occupied, would give victims a far more satisfying experience than they get today. Building trust and having a feeling of involvement in their own crimes using such an approach, will not only help victims during investigations. Establishing relationships with officers on a personal level will mean both the police and victims can work more closely to reach the desired results. Having the flexibility to carry out investigations through online methods could significantly speed up investigations and bring perpetrators to justice faster. Using technology in the form of a mobile app could create other opportunities to improve victim experience. It could have significant benefits for those who are hard of hearing, could be used to break language barriers for those whose first language is not English and support people who suffer from mental health issues and find it difficult speaking on the phone or face to face. It would be a simple step to add links to charities and support organisations that can help victims rebuild their lives and bring life back to normal.
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  • Light up or Lock up
    I am finding it increasingly heart breaking to hear about the amount of attacks and assaults happening in dimly lit or dark areas, mostly community parks. Aside from assaults happening in a persons own home or partners home, Assaults In a park/other open public place comes third. I believe that we could eradicate the risk of these attacks by lighting up these areas and/or locking up. I am aware that both comes with a cost and budget restraints hinder this however, the cost of a life is much more valuable. Not only are many parks not lit up they fail to have basic CCTV in many of the areas, I believe that although this will not stop perpetrators it may deter them or at the very worst supply victims with evidence against the perpetrator The recent heart breaking story of Sabina Nessa, only brings to light the fact that many Parks and recreational areas are goldmines for perpetrators to commit heinous crimes. How is it that in the twenty first century we have so much technology and knowledge however we can not make simple changes to reduce the chance of these type of attacks happening. We apparently live in a "Big Brother" culture, so how is it when these types of crimes happen, mostly around dark parks that little to no CCTV footage is ever found? I am aware that the lighting or locking up of these areas can not fully stop attacks and assaults from happening however surely this action could potentially help to reduce the risk? I do think that it is very poor in this day and age of technology that these assaults are going under the radar.
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  • AXA Insurance: Stop insuring Wildlife Crime!
    AXA provide insurance for every hunts legal fees, this covers Hunting Act offences and violence towards sabs and monitors. The first year of cover they actually lost money due to the high number of hunting act cases and arrests for assaults: https://huntingleaks.is/wp-content/uploads/legal-fees-insurance1920.pdf We are now asking everyone to please start your own campaign against AXA, the more of us who take them on whether with petitions, demos outside their premises, emails, phone calls whatever, the faster they are likely to pull the policy. Without legal insurance, each Hunting Act conviction or act of violence legal costs will have to either come directly from the hunt’s own funds or from a central fund, if it comes from a central fund then hunts who face less legal action may well wonder why they are paying out for others. Targeting AXA insurance will send a message to AXA and anyone that dares do business with wildlife terrorists that the public will not tolerate ethically bankrupt businesses. It also will send a shockwave through the remaining hunts, making them aware that their time abusing animals is nearing the end.
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    Because this issue is letting our nation down. Nobody deserves to be abused and if we can do 1 small thing to change this then why shouldn’t we?
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  • Justice for Sexual Assault Victims
    This is so wrong as it leaves the victim feeling defeated, angry and that justice wasn't served! This will have a detrimental effect on their mental health and recovery. Furthermore, it leaves thousands of people at risk because the perpetrator is free to recidivise!
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  • To name a road after PC Kenneth Grout
    To remember a much loved man who made a difference to a lot of people whilst in public office. It's fitting seeing that he served for many decades in Cosham Police station.
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  • BRORA Estate residents
    To block access surrounding the outter part of the estate and stop people from entering factoring forestry land, breaking the plants and trees and being able to vandalise people's homes.
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  • Coppice Farm wants CCTV security!
    Residents & taxpayers have a right to feel safe within their own homes & community. The local authority has a duty of care to help in these matters.
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  • Save football
    Football is our lives, and we need to keep it alive for future generations to come. We can not let the sport we love die here, all because of 6 of English footballs most incompetent and useless owners we have ever seen. We need to save football fast and we need the players to help us too
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  • Save Planet Liverpool
    Planet Liverpool Is part of our Liverpool maritime history, dating back over two hundred years of light vessels, built for the Liverpool docks and harbour company, the last built manned lighthouse afloat and built for Liverpool
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    The new online safety laws being proposed by the Government will give Ofcom power to crackdown on social media companies - but will fail to cover online scams. This means that millions of people across the UK are at risk of scammers committing financial fraud. With all of us increasingly being forced to turn online, it’s now more important than ever that the government does all it can to protect us from online fraud. That’s why we, the British public, are calling on you to tackle the quickly escalating problem of online fraud in the government’s upcoming Online Safety Bill.
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