• Stop police misuse of body-worn cameras
    A shocking BBC investigation has uncovered widespread abuse of body-worn cameras by police officers. In some cases, officers are turning off cameras right before using force on members of the public. They’re also DELETING crucial footage and sharing sensitive videos in private WhatsApp groups. What’s worse, under the current guidelines - they can get away with it! With the policing watchdog warning that confidence in the police is at its lowest point ever, the Home Office must take robust measures to increase transparency in policing. Suella Braverman needs to make it compulsory for officers to keep their body cams on while on duty and hand over all relevant footage for trials.
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  • Demand an Investigation into the Home Office's Cannabis Policy and Decision-Making
    Lack of Public Discourse: The Home Office's refusal to engage in open, transparent, and inclusive conversations about cannabis policy denies the British public the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas on a matter that affects millions of citizens. Selective Adherence to Expert Advice: The revelation that the Home Office disregarded the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs' recommendation for drug decriminalization while acting on other advice raises questions about the consistency and transparency of decision-making. Impact on Communities: Current cannabis policies have real-life consequences, including criminalization, disproportionate law enforcement, and potential harm to individuals and communities. These policies should be reviewed impartially to ensure they are effective and just. Our Concerns: We are concerned about the perception that certain decisions regarding cannabis policy may have been influenced by interests outside the realm of public welfare. It is important that any investigation into Home Office cannabis policy includes a careful examination of the factors, including potential industry interests, that have influenced decision-making. This should be done to ensure that policies are developed and implemented in the best interests of the public. Our Request: We call upon the UK government to launch a formal investigation into the Home Office's handling of cannabis policy. This investigation should include, but not be limited to: 1 - An examination of the decision-making process regarding cannabis policy, including the factors considered and the extent to which expert advice is followed. 2 - A review of the impact of current cannabis policies on individuals, communities, and public health. 3 - An assessment of the Home Office's commitment to transparent and inclusive public conversations on drug policy matters. We believe that a comprehensive investigation is essential to ensure that drug policies in the UK are grounded in evidence, promote public well-being, and reflect the values of an informed and engaged society. Conclusion: By signing this petition, you join us in urging the UK government to conduct a thorough investigation into the Home Office's handling of cannabis policy. We believe that transparency, fairness, and evidence-based decision-making are essential in shaping policies that impact the lives of millions. This petition aims to gather public support and bring attention to the need for a fair and impartial assessment of cannabis policy in the UK, highlighting the importance of open dialogue and adherence to expert advice, while remaining open to a wide range of concerns.
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    Created by Cefyn Jones
  • Bring back dog licensing and training classes.
    Too many breeds being tarnished by the same brush when really the reality is it’s down to irresponsible owners.
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    Created by Lauren Clapp
    To be unjustly arrested and incarcerated for 20 years of his adult life is bad enough, but, then to suggest he should pay cost in money for it is wrong, wrong, wrong
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    Created by joan finch
  • Make clear UK knife law
    It's important because so many people are being penalised for following the law but parliament and the police are on completely different pages and giving justified good people the correct information on knife law. So everyone knows where they stand and this is not open to debate. A universal UK no quibble knife law would protect people and defer the people who use these knives in vicious attacks with no question as to what they have done and what the punishment would be.
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    Created by Scott Collins
  • We call of King Charles to pardon Dic Penderyn - "Oh Lord, here is injustice!"
    On Saturday 13th August 1831 the twenty three year old Richard Lewis was led to the scaffold in Cardiff and hanged by the neck until dead for allegedly injuring a soldier in the Merthyr rising riots. His trial was mired in controversy. The trial reports indicate that there was no reliable evidence proving Richard Lewis had caused any wounding and witnesses contradicted themselves. Nonetheless, he was found guilty due to the political climate of protest and revolt. We believe he was made a scapegoat so others did not follow in his example! In 1874, a man named Ianto Parker confessed on his death bed, in the USA to the Reverend Evan Evans that he stabbed the soldier and then fled to America fearing capture by the authorities. Another man named James Abbot, who testified against Penderyn at the trial, also admitted to lying under oath. We call on King Charles to right this cruel injustice! "O Arglwydd, dyma gamwedd." (O Lord, this is injustice.) Were the final words of Dic Penderyn, before being executed for a crime he didn't commit, the stabbing and wounding a soldier in the skirmishes between the starving workers of Merthyr Tudful and armed soldiers sent in to quell the Merthyr Rising of 1831. 191 yrs on, the original injustice is perpetuated by the lack of a pardon...time to put that right!
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    Created by Barry Green Party Picture
  • Petition to remove emergency stop from driving test
    Anyone can break suddenly, this is not something we need to waste time and money testing for. Cars are even equipped with automatic safety breaks that entirely eliminate the need for good reaction times. Too many failed tests too much backlog not enough passed drivers losing money losing time losing as a country.
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    Created by Spencer Martin
  • Stop forced adoption on children with loving homes
    Children deserve to not be taken off healthy happy family’s support is all what is needed what happened to social sevices bring family’s together I don’t nothing wrong as a mother I was just young and they took advantage
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    Created by Holly Andrews
  • Launch an immediate police investigation into Matt Hancock
    Matt Hancock claimed he threw a “protective ring” around our care homes at the height of the pandemic, but leaked WhatsApp messages between him and his adviser paint a very different picture. It’s painfully clear that he didn’t follow the scientific advice and test everyone going into care homes. He thought following the advice of the Chief Medical Officer “muddied the waters”, a decision that could have cost lives, including my mum’s. He needs to answer to all families like ours. Bereaved families are still no closer to getting justice. That’s why we need an immediate police investigation, to uncover the truth.
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    Created by Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice
  • NHS to make demand upon BOE for funding
    The Governor of the Bank of England has an obligation to ensure the supply of money is there for when it’s actually needed! Neither the NHS or the BOE is intended as political, it should be therefor without any sort of need of justification from politicians possible for the NHS Managers at law to seek cash for whatever the NHS needs are, According to the constitution; it should be common consideration that the NHS Managers are form of working Peers (like an olde Barons committee) and they are with constitutional powers that do not require Downing Streets oversight, And as far as law is concerned it is lawful for the NHS Managers to draft the lawful notices / demands to the BOE to fulfil in good conscience, without delay and in accordance with the constitution to maintain the peace of the realm, to ensure the law (including sealed peace treaties such as from perhaps as far back as 1215) is upheld and so people can be treated as necessary and to ensure good health in their body or mind, and so that no man, woman or child shall be in effect done a tort/neglect by an inept or incompetent government-in-disarray which seemingly has lost its head at sea; and so us simple folk who are grounded in truth, here in Britain; England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom don’t consider it a necessary lawful prerequisite in accordance with the constitution for the NHS managers to go to say a Treasury Minister or Health Minister… in-fact; we consider it is a repugnant behaviour for NHS managers to not go directly to the Bank of England, and this declaration shall be used by NHS managers as an empowerment for them, we do not consent to any Treasury MINISTER or any-one else to attempt to with-hold funds or to have a monopoly and to then be able to use that monopoly to inflict unjustified punish upon the people by politicising whatever reason they have not to save a child, to treat the wounds physical or psychological of people in good time, free at the point of need, By signing / giving your assent to this declaration; you make known with sincerity and in a solemn way that you consider it is truthful and appropriate, and not something repugnant (political) for NHS Managers to write to the BOE directly to extract necessary funds & You also make it knowing that as far as creditor of the system; you uphold your right as creditor & as beneficiary to grant the NHS Managers/NHS Trusts to go directly to the Bank of England, that you give “consent of the governed” to put aside any potential Government political (and cruel) agenda, for the sake of the crown and country, but more importantly to please the Almighty the most merciful the most beneficent and you declare solemnly so you will let no man or thing do anything to frustrate your lawful will & that you swear any-one who neglects the issue of adequate funding of the NHS is a tyrant and doesn’t represent the will of the people and is devoid of consent of the governed and that anyone else who does not work towards ensuring the funding of the National Health Service is either a victim, incapable or a criminal, and if a criminal that someone who is breaching our peace and who has to be held accountable under the law and even if He were a Minister or Governor or President or whatever… He/She/They should be held accountable, You voluntarily without compulsion make your sincere will made known in this open forum now and forever and that you pray by the Almighty that sense is restored; that equity is upheld and that people are not dying needlessly or waiting weeks, months, years to be healed, to have illnesses or concerns considered you hereby seal/sign by the Almighty as your witness this declaration and command/demand that all relevant whatever positions be put on notice and to fulfil the will so help us Almighty,
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    Created by Monawer Farooq
  • Make dishonest Will executors more accountable
    My family's lives have been turned upside-down over the past 12 months after we lost my sister at a relatively young age. Our grief has been exasperated by the person she trusted and chose to be the executor of her estate. Unfortunately this person did not follow her wishes and tried to pocket all monies for their own financial gain. My nephew has been in a legal battle since his Mum's funeral with the person who he thought was a 'father-figure' to him, but has showed him nothing but contempt and disrespect over these past months. We do not want this to happen to another family, so the Probate Laws need to change to stop this type of fraud and work against dishonest and disloyal people.
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    Created by Kim Wilkinson
  • Collapse of Safe Hands prepaid funeral plans
    We policy holders, many who are elderly, are unable to find £3500 to £4500 pounds for a replacement funeral plan or cremation. Both dignity & the co-op have stepped up to assist safe hands policy holders & dignity covered all diners up to the end of 31st oct , policy holders were under the impression that dignity where carry out funerals & cremations out of the goodness of their heart but policy holders have since discovered that dignity are seeking to be paid out of any money recovered by by the administrators out of over £70 odd million pound administrators only estimate that they will recover less than £10 million pound , this divided by roughly 46000 people they stand to recover between 7.5p in the pound & 15p in the pound , meaning policy holders will not receive anywhere near what they paid for their cremation or funeral. The government should be doing more to bring those that have committed fraud to justice it won’t get our money back but to see them handed a lengthy prison sentence would go some way to seeing justice prevail.
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    Created by Victor Hammond