• New law which prevents shooting beside people, animals & someone else's land or garden
    There is no law as to how close you can let off firearms beside people, animals or someone else's land or garden. Sadly not everyone who has a gun license is responsible or considerate of other people, or their safety. This has resulted in a number of accidents and injuries, some serious, to people and animals when those who were shooting, did so at such close proximity. Currently someone can let off a gun adjacent to someone land, with them standing on their boundary, with horses or other animals present and there is no law which prevent this. The fact that someone can run a pheasant or grouse shoot, or shoot animals, right beside you, causing great fear, alarm, distress and injury, and there is no law to protect you, is simply wrong. I have sadly experienced years of injuries to myself and my horses as a result of an irresponsible landowner shooting right beside my rescue horses, on my land. Despite begging he shoot elsewhere on his large estate, he has regularly caused awful injures to horses which have run through fences, bolted or run over me. I’ve also had reports of people shooting so close to someone’s garden, that the led shot fell into the pram of a baby, causing alarm to the parents. Others where people with guns have climbed fences into their garden to pick up dead and injured birds, when they have been in their garden, despite asking them not to shoot so close and denying access to their garden. There is no law to say this dangerous and irresponsible behaviour is illegal and the police will not act. I am calling for the Government to act and introduce a new law, with a minimum distance of 500m, to protect the safety of people and animals from those with guns.
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    Created by Karen Inkster
  • Make it illegal to drive off after hitting a cat
    After losing our beautiful mainecoon cat due to a careless driver, I was shocked to read that it is not a legal requirement for drivers to stop if they are to hit a cat whilst driving, this absolutely blows my mind - it is a legal requirement for drivers to stop for other animals such as dogs, horses, pigs etc but why should cats not be included within this law? They are just as loved as any other animal. The impact it has on a family having to deal with their pet being killed and left is unexplainable until it happens to you, the on going questioning and wondering in your mind. It makes it very hard to get closure and move forward and grieve as you rightly should. There are so many incidents of this happening - only takes a minute to look through social media and see how many people are upset/angry/devastated that someone has left their loved pet to die! Surely something has to change, people deserve to have answers just as they would if their pet was a dog and so on. Please sign if you agree cats deserve the same compassion as other 'working animals'. Cats are still loved and are still part of someone's family.
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    Created by Maria Jenkins
  • Call to investigate Donald J trumps uk businesses
    The integrity of our legal system and the well-being of our society depends on holding individuals accountable for their actions, regardless of their status or wealth.
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    Created by Andrew Johnston
  • Give Alan Bates and all other victims of the Horizon scandal the compensation they deserve
    Alan Bates, the former sub-postmaster who led the campaign for justice in the Post Office Horizon scandal was offered an “offensive and cruel” amount of compensation, a sixth of what he’s requested. So, he plans to reject it. Bates' campaigning inspired the recent “Mr Bates vs The Post Office” TV drama which told the story of sub-postmasters and postmistresses who were wrongly prosecuted due to faulty accounting software. He is one of thousands eligible for compensation from the Government. The Government, along with Fujitsu who created the Horizon software, will be hoping that public anger will have died down for this campaign. But, their latest act shows that we need to carry on the fight to help these innocent people get justice and compensation.
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  • APA: Urgent Call for Inquiry and Transparency in the Arrest of Children by the Metropolitan Police.
    This petition is a pivotal step in addressing the deeply ingrained issues of racial profiling and the excessive use of force by the Metropolitan Police against Black children. It transcends the mere acknowledgement of systemic injustices; it is about protecting our community's future and ensuring equitable treatment for all children, irrespective of race. Your engagement in this initiative is essential. Together, we have the opportunity to strengthen our collective voice, advocating for transparency, accountability, and crucial reforms in police conduct. This movement is about forging a just and fair society, one where the rights and safety of all children are a priority. Moreover, this petition is critical in preventing the potential for civil unrest. The disproportionate targeting and mistreatment of black children by law enforcement not only erodes the fabric of our society but also risks sparking widespread discontent and disturbances. By standing united in this cause, we aim to achieve more than policy change; we strive to avert the societal strife that stems from such profound injustice. Joining this campaign is a step towards creating a city where the broken trust is rebuilt between the police and the communities they serve, and every child is valued and respected.
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    Created by Lee Jasper
  • Improve the conditions of police holding cells!
    Our research has shown that 74% of people think that police holding cells require improvement and 83% of people think that police holding cells should become more adapted for neurodivergent and/or young people. People who have stayed in holding cells have described them as "oppressive" "made me feel insignificant" "very minimal". This is not acceptable conditions for people who may not have committed a crime to stay in.
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    Created by Yasmin George
  • Sub-Post Office Victims Exoneration Plaques
    Reparations for major injustices are never only about compensation. They are also about public recognition of the harm inflicted and a permanent, public acknowledgement by the perpetrators of that harm, and a setting straight of the record. This would serve as a permanent and local reminder across the country of their innocence, their public duty and the scandalous way they were treated.
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    Created by Syd Bolton
  • Make UK Orgs Resilient to Cybercrime
    Billions is lost to cybercriminals and scammers each year. Most of that loss is felt by the public who are regularly defrauded of their savings and robbed of their dignity and mental heath. Current legal and regulatory efforts to stem the scourge of cybercrime have been largely ineffective. Join us in convincing lawmakers that change is needed to reduce the huge number of victims of cybercrime and the anguish they suffer.
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    Created by Neil Hare-Brown
  • Paula Vennells Bonus
    Being given a bonus for betraying the Post Office workers is a crime, the money she received is like Judas.
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    Created by Wayne Barham
  • Quash the bankruptcy of the sub postmasters and sub postmistresses
    Not just redress is needed but a clean and fresh start to their financial record
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    Created by Anna Sinclair Proffitt
  • Forfeiture of honours bestowed upon every Post Office board member
    It is vitally important to the good people of our nation to know that the Post Office Scandal isn’t going away anytime soon certainly not before a General Election where those responsible will be judged by honest hardworking citizens. Throughout this entire shameful event we have seen on an hourly basis the sin, criminality and downright despicable behaviour of employees of Post Office a wholly owned Government company, from the top down and this I am sure is only the tip of the iceberg of unearthing atrocities. From the implementation of the flawed Horizon computer accounting system in 1999 every SubPostMaster was lied to, abused and humiliated for it would seem like a game to be played out in Post Office HQ corridors. I see it like a cat teasing a mouse to its final demise horrific and watched over by the entire board for their unnatural pleasure. As a honest hardworking SubPostMaster of over 17 years I as millions of other decent citizens have not one ounce of respect for anyone working for Post Office on behalf of the UK Government. Nor for that matter any Minister, Civil Servant involved with Post Office Ltd, with may I add the exception of Paul Scully MP who had a completed grasp of the sheer extent of this scandal until the Prime Minister moved this pioneering champion to the back benches making it obvious that Paul Scully was too near revealing truths, which as it happens ITV did very succinctly. I would again call on the amazing population on behalf of every SubPostmaster past and present who are not as the press insist “Managers” of Post Office another misconception, but self-employed business people who invested their own Money into buying and operating a franchise by any other name. It is time the Government were held fully accountable for this travesty and certain past time that the Honours system was not used to reward such people as Perkins and Gillland.
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    Created by Ian D Straughan
  • Post Office Bonuses To Be Paid Back From Recipients
    It is wholly immoral for the post office to pay a performance bonus for a performance that was fundamentally flawed incorrect and simply not true.
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    Created by paul amey