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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak

2.9 million workers are on the brink of survival!

Stop self-employed workers from falling through the gaps of government coronavirus support packages. Millions of self-employed people are not eligible for support because they don't fit the government's criteria. Commit to offering support to every self-employed worker.

Why is this important?

Just a few months ago, Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised that he'd do 'whatever it takes' to support jobs and livelihoods across the UK. The reality is that millions of self-employed workers and freelancers have been left out in the cold, ineligible for support due to reasons like being newly self-employed, having a new business or being on maternity/paternity leave.

There are so many other reasons why self-employed workers are ineligible for government support: almost 3 million workers are unable to access it as a result of an exhaustive list of requirements. [1]

These requirements are leaving people worrying about whether they can put food on the table or get through the winter.

The pandemic and lockdown massively impacted thousands of businesses, with many workers being forced to live off their savings. And millions of self-employed workers face the same reality once again.

It's time the government stepped up and provided support to the millions of self-employed workers who are falling through the cracks of support.

A huge petition signed by thousands can help reverse this harsh reality for millions of people across the UK.

[1] Excluded UK:



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