• Free Adult Care Services - Protect the Vulnerable
    We have seen over the last 12 - 18 months West Lothian Council begin to roll out a policy where vulnerable, sick or special needs adults are being means tested and some ultimately having to contribute to their care packages. My sister has a host of special needs including autism and learning difficulties, she attends a day centre two days a week which is the highlight of her week. It is the only time she gets to meet people outside her caring circle, so for her it's the only time she gets to meet friends and feel a sense of independence. The other 5 days a week she is pretty much housebound. These services provide our family, particularly my mother (my sisters primary carer) respite from caring duties which are a 24hr day job. During the first COVID-19 lockdown, these day centres were closed in West Lothian and didn't re-open again until September. Then in November West Lothian Council made a decision that my sister should start making a financial contribution to her care package services. After a little digging, I found that some people in West Lothian are having to contribute financially to the services they are provided. Some people are struggling to pay these fees, some have struggled so much that they have had to stop attending or using these lifeline services. People using Non-Residential Care Services aren't people who can work a little more to make up the difference, they are people who are living on state pensions or benefits and are struggling already. We as the Community of West Lothian should demand our elected officials and Local Authority do more to support our neighbours who are the most vulnerable in West Lothian. Imagine you were: Someone who has special needs and live on your own with no support. An Elderly parent caring for a son / daughter with disabilities. A retired couple and your spouse has a life limiting condition. Now imagine WLC sending you a letter, telling you that you need to contribute to your care package. They will be sending you an invoice for a contribution of between £20 - £180 per week, How would you feel? This is a choice! WLC are choosing to recoup money for crucial services from some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, all of this whilst investing large quantities of money in other projects. Resources are finite, however our priorities speak volumes for who we are and what we stand for. Do you agree with me that these services should be free for all?
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  • Scrap two-child limit on Universal Credit claims
    Covid-19 proves that financial security is impossible to predict and children that are born into a family, that then require welfare support, do not qualify for support purely based on their birth order. This means that older children get less of their entitlement than their peers in two child families. This may push children into poverty.
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  • 2.9 million workers are on the brink of survival!
    Just a few months ago, Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised that he'd do 'whatever it takes' to support jobs and livelihoods across the UK. The reality is that millions of self-employed workers and freelancers have been left out in the cold, ineligible for support due to reasons like being newly self-employed, having a new business or being on maternity/paternity leave. There are so many other reasons why self-employed workers are ineligible for government support: almost 3 million workers are unable to access it as a result of an exhaustive list of requirements. [1] These requirements are leaving people worrying about whether they can put food on the table or get through the winter. The pandemic and lockdown massively impacted thousands of businesses, with many workers being forced to live off their savings. And millions of self-employed workers face the same reality once again. It's time the government stepped up and provided support to the millions of self-employed workers who are falling through the cracks of support. A huge petition signed by thousands can help reverse this harsh reality for millions of people across the UK. [1] Excluded UK: https://www.excludeduk.org/about
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  • Stop self-employed workers falling through the gaps in government corona support!
    I took the decision to become self-employed in October 2019 when I set up my own recruitment business. I didn't take a salary until recently as I wanted to keep the money I invested in my business, in the business. When the coronavirus hit, the fact that I hadn't taken a salary meant I was not eligible for government coronavirus support packages that helped many self-employed workers survive during the pandemic. There are many other reasons why self-employed workers can not be eligible for government support: 2.9 million of us cannot access it! [1] The pandemic and lockdown massively impacted my business and I've had no option but to live off my savings. It's time the government stepped up and provided support to the millions of self-employed workers like me who are falling through the cracks of support. [1] Excluded UK: https://www.excludeduk.org/about
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  • Ban gambling ads
    Because it’s just as I’m important as banning smoking ads ect as it’s can be just as destroying as drug addiction and end up taking lives and also hits the vulnerable art the late hours.
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  • Call time on the greedy MPs who voted against free school meals!
    Children should never be left to go hungry. 4.5 million kids in the UK are living below the breadline, while MPs - having given themselves a pay-rise in March this year - are claiming back meal expenses and even having subsidised drinks in the parliament bar! The Mill Pub in Yorkshire has set the standard - these MPs think they can snatch meals from our kids, well, let's see how they like it when they're banned from every pub in the country!!! It's time for the biggest pub chains in the country to step up and show who's side they're on. If enough of us sign today then we can show these greedy MPs that they can't get away with starving our kids.
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  • Addressing children in poverty in England
    Understand the impact of reforms on children where many other vulnerable groups are protected somewhat from the programmes of welfare reform, children remain vulnerable to its effects. Understanding the impacts of these reforms on children should help inform policies and encourage thinking about how to mitigate these effects.
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  • No public money for MPs' meals
    MPs have voted against extending free school meals into the holidays for the poorest children in the UK, in the middle of a pandemic. They should under no circumstances benefit from free or subsidised meals out of public funds themselves. If the public purse cannot afford to feed the poorest in our society, why are we feeding those least in need? Already well paid public servants, set to receive yet another generous pay increase, whilst millions face hardship, job losses and poverty, do not need the public to pay for their food and drink. Public funds should be spent on those most in need of them. Read more about what expenses MPs can claim for food here: https://fullfact.org/online/mps-free-housing-alcohol/ UPDATE 23/10/2020: Portia Lawrie, who started the petition, said: "I only started this petition yesterday because I was so angry that some MPs had rejected the chance in parliament, and Marcus Rashford's campaign, to extend free school meals into the school holiday. I wanted to point out the clear hypocrisy between that and the food and drink the public subsidise for MP's whilst denying support to those most in need of it." "I couldn't quite believe what I was watching unfold as hundreds of thousands of people threw their support behind it in less than 24 hours. It’s simply unfair that the government is refusing to use OUR money for one of the most basic responsibilities of a compassionate society - feeding hungry children. And the level of support this petition is getting shows clearly the level of hurt caused by those who voted against it." "Many MPs are pushing for free school meals to be extended into the school holidays, and I applaud them. But It’s time for the government to listen to them, and us, and make sure children across the UK do not go hungry any longer. Enough is enough."
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    Created by Portia Lawrie
  • Morrison's Car Park/ARCFS Children's Safety Initiative
    Our children's health and safety should be of paramount consideration both for Schools and their local neighbours and community for which Morrisons Supermarket Ascot Road Watford clearly is. Some relatively simple measures could be facilitated to ensure these objectives are achieved and to the reduce the risks of exposure illnesses such as Asthma, or any unnecessary road traffic collisions.
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    Created by Phil Barton
  • Secure the Minimum Income Floor suspension on Universal Credit
    In just under a month the suspension on the Minimum Income Floor (MIF) for Universal Credit payments will end. [1] This may seem like an insignificant fact but the suspension of the MIF has been the only lifeline for self-employed people like myself and 3 million others who fell through the gaps in the various coronavirus employment support packages [2]. What the reintroduction of MIF means is that any individual who earns less than £1,322 (after expenses) per calendar month will be considered unemployed even if they submit a tax return. They will be expected to be looking for work for 35 hours a week and to take any job that is offered even if it might clash with their pre-existing self-employment [3]. Their existing profession will not be considered viable. My sector has been on standby on the instruction of the government in the interests of public health. My business is only temporarily interrupted because of the closures of venues which will eventually reopen, and yet I have not received a penny in Covid-related support from either furlough or the SEISS. Like many others like me, I have managed to survive on Universal Credit and/or through the generosity of friends. With the reintroduction of the Minimum Income Floor, not only will I be forced to close my business, I will also not be able to afford to retrain in anything that I have the potential to succeed at. This will force self-employed artists like myself into precarious unskilled jobs, if available, and poverty. Productivity will drop and recovery of the arts sector post-pandemic will be delayed by a generation. It’s also a real slap in the face to artists who already make huge financial and personal sacrifices to be able to create joy and escapism for other people. The arts are viable, and we’re important. For the last 8 month, we’ve been largely ignored by the government despite their assertions that they won't "leave anyone behind" [4]. The removal of the MIF will be the last straw. __________________________ References: [1] The Social Security (Coronavirus) Regulations | "Section 2 deals with MIF suspension. Section 10 deals with the expiry of this legisaltion which says "(2) Regulations 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9 cease to have effect at the end of the period of eight months beginning on 13th March 2020." | https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/371/made?fbclid=IwAR1aIcgQ62JmRfKr98sKkQDlqJV_mO1En8rLb281xz_KGEHRJsPVuP3Fy7Y [2] Calculation for the 3 million taxpayers excluded from UK Government Covid-19 financial support | ExcludedUK | "Self-employed excluded: 1.6 million, CJRS excluded – ltd company directors: 710,000, CJRS excluded – other employees: 790,000" | https://www.excludeduk.org/three-million-breakdown [3] Universal Credit: Your Responsibilities | https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit/your-responsibilities [4] "You have not been forgotten. We will not leave you behind. We are all in this together." | Rishi Sunak (Chancellor of the Exchequer) | https://twitter.com/RishiSunak/status/1243235450908803072
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  • Waive Bankruptcy Fee
    This is important because people striving to meet the demands of home and family, already in dire financial straits and potential deprivation, cannot and should not be expected to pay this obscene, obnoxious and outrageous amount of money, when they are, already, struggling financially. In addition to this, other choices should be provided for people to file for bankruptcy, other than 'online' being the one and only option.
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