• Social Media age limit raised with online checks
    How important is your child’s well-being and mental health?? Upon watching /the social dilemma on Netflix (which I highly recommend) statistics show how mental health issues in children and young people have risen significantly since social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Twitter etc have entered our lives. We don’t let our children drink alcohol until the age of 18 as it is bad for their Health and can compromise their decisions yet we let our 13 year olds roam on social media sometimes with no time limits and no control over what they are doing, watching, speaking too or being influenced by. Things are leading to poor self esteem, anxiety, mood swings, tiredness, bullying, depression and more severely self harm and even suicide. Things need to change drastically now, let’s raise the age for all social media sites to 16 with online photo checks (as they do for alcohol, electric cigarettes etc) and help this generation have a brighter happy future. Please forward and share to all you know xx
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    Created by Joanna Smith
  • Refund cancelled bookings
    Many holiday makers have had their cruises cancelled because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Iglu cruises are breaking the law by not refunding customers within the statutory 14 days and some customer are having to wait 6 months putting them into a downward spiral of debt.
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    Created by Robert Riley Picture
  • Overhaul of universal credit and more financial support for people
    I am on universal credit my self so this a key issue to me personally I also the government did increase universal credit by a certain amount for a single man like me living by my self and I have occansnlily and for help off immediate family in these trying and not the local authorities or charities if did have to live on
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    Created by Michael David Plaskitt
  • Make sure no child in the UK goes hungry
    The coronavirus pandemic will dramatically increase unemployment and poverty. Many people are already struggling to put food on the table and this is only going to get worse. The government needs to act fast to stop children in the UK going hungry. A lack of nutrition at an early age can cause huge problems later on in life and stops children from being able to concentrate at school. One of the solutions recommended by the national food strategy is to expand free school meals and holiday hunger schemes from children for all households on universal credit. It’s a simple way to help ensure children across the UK are getting enough food to eat.
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    Created by Jessica Khan
  • Elderly Care Home Residents Left Stranded Without Family
    Many elderly people are confined to their rooms and in some cases bed-bound. Despite the best efforts of care home staff, they are heavily reliant on meeting family members to maintain a reasonable quality of life and mental well-being. The families of care home residents also experience great stress through not being able to see elderly relatives. Recent research has established that elderly people deprived of visits by family and friends will deteriorate both mentally and physically.
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    Created by Lynne Walmsley
  • Don't bring back benefit sanctions!
    Imagine arriving to work five minutes late and having your pay docked. For anyone who depends on benefits, it only takes missing the bus to the JobCentre to be given a sanction and lose payments. With the UK economy going to be hit hard with job loses in the thousands, we cannot let benefit claimants have their money stopped or cut. During the height of the coronavirus crisis, there were no sanctions. The government stopped them for 3 months. We know that the benefits system can function without sanctioning people. But benefit sanctions are set to return in England. Huge public backlash could force the government to rethink their decision, and stop the unfair and cruel sanctions for good.
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  • Stop Reintroduction of Benefit Sanctions during the Covid-19 crisis
    it is totally and utterly callous to penalise the poorest and most vulnerable people who have claimed Benefits through no fault on their own and especially with the UK economy going to be hit hard with job loses in the thousand but still expect benefit claimants to look for work and if they don't then have their money stopped or cut.
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  • Ensure rough sleepers don’t return to the streets
    Rough sleepers across the country could be about to be forced back onto the streets. With day and night shelters still closed because they’re simply not safe, and the Hotels for the Homeless scheme ending, there’s simply nowhere for hundreds of people to go. The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. With some schemes coming to an end, the government must take urgent action to ensure alternative housing and shelter is put in place for homeless people so everyone can be kept safe, not just those who qualify for benefits. For many vulnerable adults who are homeless, this could be the difference between life and death. So, if you think everyone deserves a safe roof over their head, sign the petition for the government to ensure no rough sleepers are pushed back onto the streets.
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  • Keep the Triple Lock Protection on UK State Pension
    To keep UK state pensioners out of poverty
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    Created by David Sheridan
  • Put benefit cap on hold
    There are loads of families struggling right now children being left hungry not enough food no school parents having severe anxiety depression over how to pay the rent pay the bills buy food is putting people in poverty families living on food banks its at a record high
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    Created by Lisa Bloomfield
  • Online redemption of Free school meals vouchers
    As an older single dad (59) I am at significant risk if I contract Covid 19. I am my son's only living relative and as such if I contract the virus and either become very ill due to my age or even worse die, my son will be placed into care. I currently have 10 weeks worth of FSM vouchers I have been unable to redeem as the only way to do so is to visit the store, risking contamination and the threat of my son being placed in care as a consequence. I have a really low income and I feel it is grossly unfair that my son should go without the £15 p/w towards buying food because Morrison's won't offer this service online.
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  • Stop free school meals ending in the summer holidays
    This is really important as there will be millions of children left hungry. All because the government is ending its school meals voucher scheme in July. At a time of unprecedented crisis - with more families than ever already having to turn to food banks - this is cruel.
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    Created by Kathryn Booth