• Peg the Universal Credit rate of reduction to the top rate of income tax
    It is a glaring anomaly that those who earn the national living wage or just above it should be faced with losing over half their Universal Credit whilst those earning over £100,000 per annum pay income tax of only 45%. Using legislation to match these two figures would provide some equity in the tax and benefits system.
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    Created by Frank Geoghegan-Quinn
  • Care Home visiting - I want to see my husband!
    The mental health and emotional needs of residents in Care Homes have been ignored for too long. According to Government Guidance: "Visiting is a central part of care home life. It is crucially important for maintaining the health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents. Visiting is also vital for family and friends to maintain contact and life-long relationships with their loved ones and contribute to their support and care". My husband and I are ageing rapidly. He is 81, I am 80. He has dementia and I need to see him now, whilst he still knows me and before he forgets who I am. I want to be able to give him a hug, to reassure him that I still love him. To not allow me and his family to see him is nothing short of cruel. Care Home residents are being trapped in worlds they haven't chosen with no voice and no light at the end of the tunnel for either them or the ones who love them.
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    Created by Louise Adamson
  • Could YOU afford to lose £86 a month?
    Despite Brexit and COVID-19, we still live in one of the richest countries in the world. So, it is truly disgraceful that an increasing number of people are being forced to choose between paying energy bills and food. Food banks are not the solution! While they have done an enormous amount of good work feeding those who need it the most, their existence cannot be justified as long as the government is happy to spend tax payers' money on £300,000 flat refurbishments and 'vanity projects' like HS2, a project which even traditional Conservative voters don't want! Moreover, there are sufficient funds in National Insurance contributions to pay for this much-needed increase in Universal Credit. Many of those claiming Universal Credit contributed to that fund. So, why is it not being used to fund the very things National Insurance was designed to prevent?
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    Created by Kerry McDaid
  • Lhanbryde Skatepark
    If you live in Lhanbryde and want to see the children play safe away from the shops and roads please help us get the skatepark for them
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    Created by John Mackay
  • Stop the Capita contracts in Northern Ireland
    The public services ombudsman has found CAPITA's work on the Personal Independence Payment in Northern Ireland to amount to 'systemic maladministration'. Capita continually failed to obtain medical evidence from GPs as required, and used systems which had the potential to inhibit the appropriate use of further evidence in making assessments Despite this, the Minister for Justice Naomi Long is awarding a contract to Capita to deliver a Medical Assessment Service to victims of the conflict in Northern Ireland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-57583138
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Reduce the speed limit of Ormsgill to 20mph
    According to the Highway Code, reducing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph reduces stopping distance by almost half, from 75ft to 40ft and if a driver stops in time, a lower speed will reduce the force of impact. There is a 2.5% chance of a collision being fatal at 20mph, compared to 20% at 30mph (sourced from www.driving.co.uk We all know of someone who has been affected by speeding cars in our local area: from car crashes to people (and animals) being run over to high noise levels of speeding vehicles in the evenings. We are working hard to teach people in our school and community about how to carefully cross roads but we feel drivers need to also take some responsibility of people's safety. Across the country, the number of 20mph roads has increased in the past decade and we hope to achieve the same in our area. We want to: *Stop speeding *Protect the people of Ormsgill *Save lives
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    Created by Miss J Corless Ormsgill School
  • Childrens mental health
    Since the pandemic there has been a significant rise in children suffering with mental health. 1 in 9 leapt to 1in 6. With a 33% rise in educational settings putting in referrals to CAMHS, who have a minimum waiting period of 12 weeks in some areas. (The average child is rejected sometimes up to 3 times before they even make it on to the waiting list.) children just aren't getting the support they need to engage with their education. Teachers in mainstream educational setting are ill equipped to know how to recognise early signs and are unsure what steps to take if they are concerned because the guidelines are not clear enough or local services are over stretched and can't accept more referrals. On school site counsellors would help avoid crisis point in some of the most vulnerable children giving them the opportunity to build resilience and emotional maturity. With 75% of adult mental health issues beginning before the age of 18. We need to be doing more!
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    Created by Natara Newell
  • A review of assessment standards of pip
    To many people are being discriminated for being disabled and not getting the help they need.
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    Created by andrew foers
  • Make All Motorcycle Gear A Legal Requirement
    People i was close to or Know and seen In motorcycle accidents have either ended up only bruised, few broken bones, wheelchair bound or worse lose there lives because they think they will be find if something happens. If you walk away first time it luck it highly likely wont happen again the way you expect. I want try educate and protect as many people as possible from injuries or death. All of these things should be common sense when riding a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist we are more at risk of injury or death than any other vehicle and the gear is what gives us more of a chance to survive and walk away. Seeing people in shorts, tshirts, flipflops , normal trainers etc makes me and many other motorcyclist have mixed emotions when seeing this.
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    Created by Chantelle Morgan
  • Let Sussex Homeless Support use Elmore Rd's available wasteland
    We have asked for it to place 2 or 3 of our pods, the first one is ready to place, these are single story 20ft x 8ft they will sit on stilts so do no damage to the ground, we will not be taking trees down or digging mass foundations. The area is used a fly tip and is often full of rubbish as it was on the day we visited. Our idea is to blend in and join a community, we hope the community engages with us. None of our clients require parking spaces. Our tenants will be selected to match this project and the rents set low will allow them to start work build up savings and move on to a bigger home. It is so important for us to get this project running and it has to be central. Please show your support and sign this petition. By 2022 there will be an estimated 250,00 homeless in England. They will be living in Temp, Emergency and the Streets. Our project is a first home and a genuine plan to lead people back into the community and away from being homeless. All we can do is be there give support and hopefully see a change. If these changes do not work a recent study shows by 2030 we could have as many as 2 million Homeless. We believe the community hold the solution.
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    Created by Jim Deans
  • End the Young Parent Penalty in Universal Credit
    Young single parent families are up to £66.13 worse off per month under Universal Credit compared with the legacy system - a drop of 20%. This is because rules have been changed so that single parents under 25s no longer receive the same rate as over 25s. People under 25 are entitled to a lower allowance of benefits than people aged 25 and over, but before Universal Credit was introduced there was an exemption for single parents in recognition of the cost of caring for a child alone. Now, that exemption has been removed. For parents receiving benefits this means a drop in their family budget when they move to Universal Credit – often through no choice of their own, and with little or no warning. Children in single parent families (92% of which are headed by women) are already twice as likely to be living in poverty than other children. We all want all children to have the best start in life – but this isn’t possible when there is inequality built into the safety net which is meant to be there to keep families afloat when times are hard. Denying young single parents the same level of social security penalises children on the basis of their parent’s age and pushes young families into poverty. We, and many parents we work with, think this is unfair, unjustified, and needs to be reversed as a matter of urgency. Find out more about the campaign and why it's important to young single parents and their children here: https://opfs.org.uk/policy-and-campaigns/campaigns/end-the-young-parent-penalty/
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    Created by One Parent Families Scotland Picture
  • Adult and child mental health support Cornwall
    Our mental health has a detrimental effect on all aspects of lives I believe Cornwall needs more support for the adults and children who need access to these services! I think a standard a 3 year waiting list for CAMHS is to long and having a very negative effect on young people if you do not access mental health services at the point needed it leads to self harm, depression, anxiety, anti social behaviour; drink/drugs and unfortunately suicide😓 coronavirus has only added to the very limited resources Cornwall is receiving . This cannot be accepted anymore Cornwall deserves more, everyone does. Mental health matters
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    Created by Sarah-jayne Dean