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To: Barnet Council

20mph zone for Cromer Road School

03/10/19 We did it!! Finally!!

The 20mph limit was approved at the Council Meeting of the 3rd October

Thank you to the 700 local residents who signed the petition and supported the campaign, to the school, the staff, parents & carers & the local shops & of course to the local Labour Party members for their support.

We don’t know the timescales for implementation, as the new rules about public questions are really restrictive, but it will go out for statutory consultation initially.

The scheme includes an “unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles” sign at the start of Cromer Road, and a review & reset of the current Vehicle Activated Sign (which is pretty pointless where it is currently - set to go off when someone exceeds 30mph, sited within a short distance of the start of the road).
CCTV to enforce the school zig zags and the one way system have not yet been approved, but council officers have said they will come back with a proposal at a later meeting.

This isn’t the end of the road though. We'll need to keep following up with them to make sure they stick to their promises, which I fully intend to!

Thank you!

Philippa Whitecross

20mph zone for Cromer Road School

We, the undersigned call upon Barnet Council to implement the following traffic calming measures on the Cromer Road one-way system:
> A 20mph speed limit
> A restriction on access for Heavy Goods Vehicles
> A deterrent for vehicles driving the wrong way on the one way

Why is this important?

This is important for the safety of pupils attending Cromer Road School, and for parents, staff and local residents.
We consider that these measures are urgently required in order to protect the safety of our children.
A resident’s cat lost its leg after being hit by a speeding vehicle on Shaftesbury Avenue. It does not bear thinking about this happening to a small child, and there have recently been some near misses along Cromer Road after school.
There is also a problem with Lorries persistently getting stuck on the narrow roads, causing log-jams and damaging parked vehicles.

The Cromer Road one-way system includes: Cromer Road, Shaftesbury Avenue and Bulwer Road (to the east of Plantagenet Road), New Barnet, EN5

New Barnet, Barnet

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Reasons for signing

  • As a parent and resident of Cromer Road, the number of cars that zoom along the road, both the one way part and the newer cu de sac part is staggering. I'm surprised that there have not been any serious accidents already.
  • Every child has the right to walk safely to school.
  • I went to primary school at Cromer Road School. I was hit by a car at the Potters Road zebra crossing in 1997 when I was 10. Would like to see a pelican crossing added there too, and there are other spots crossings could be added. The area definitely needs to be made safer for the kids attending the school.


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