• Act Now to Improve McDonalds Junction!
    Saturday evening (18th Jan) saw yet another accident at this junction. A young man was thrown from his bike, injuring his leg. It could have been much worse! Living opposite this junction, I have been witness to the increase in accidents, prangs and near-misses (many of which never get reported) since the opening of the 'new' McDonald's. I have gathered concerns from local residents and shared these with the Hampshire County Councillor for Aldershot South, Bill Withers, who assures me that the junction is being "looked at". Yet residents and road users have seen no improvement in over 2 years, since the restaurant opened. We cannot put up with this delay any longer. The time for action in now! I don't want the next time I hear a collision and look out of my window to be faced with the scene of a life changing injury or even a fatality involving someone's loved one/family member/friend. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing I could have, indeed should have, done more. The time for dither and delay is over! Hampshire County Council need to take action NOW!
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  • End the privatisation of cleaning at Transport for London
    Transport for London has privatised cleaning on London Underground. Underground cleaning has been handed to global outsourcing company ABM while London Overground has outsourced cleaning to Vinci. The collapse of outsourcing giants Carillion and Interserve has shown that outsourcing is both inefficient and unfair to workers. Despite working unsocial hours in dirty, hazardous conditions, cleaners are treated less favourably than directly employed workers. We call on the Mayor to commit to ending the privatisation of cleaning, bringing this work in-house and working to end privatisation and outsourcing generally within Transport for London.
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  • Staff Our Stations
    Violent crime and assaults on rail passengers and staff continue to rise. In 2018/19 there was a 16% rise in violent crime on our railways. Despite this, train companies are increasingly attempting to close station ticket offices, cut hours and staffing at stations and increase levels of lone working. In a recent survey, over 70% of RMT railway worker members think violence on the railways has increased in the last year. A massive 90% of RMT London Underground members say violence on the Underground has increased in the las year – and over 80% think this increase is linked to cuts to station staffing. Station staff play a vital role in ensuring staff, secure and accessible railways. They assist with train dispatch and help passengers onto the train. Station staff help prevent suicides, make stations feel more secure, deter crime and provide additional assistance for elderly and disabled passengers. Station staff also provide expert travel advice to passengers and assist them in navigating the complex ticketing system to ensure they get the best priced ticket for their journey. The RMT resolutely believes these cuts are about profit, not passengers. In the last decade, over £2 billion has been paid in dividends by private train companies to their shareholders. The RMT Staff our Stations campaign is calling for: • Stop the cuts to station staffing across the railways and on London Underground • Stop ticket office closures and cuts to ticket office opening hours • Ensure all stations are fully staffed and accessible for passengers • An end to the violence against passengers and railway workers Please sign this petition, and call on the Government, Train Companies and Transport for London to ensure fully staffed and accessible stations across the rail network and London Underground. An Early Day Motion has been tabled in parliament, in support of this campaign. Please consider asking your MP to sign EDM #38. A model letter for doing so is available on the RMT website - https://www.rmt.org.uk/campaigns/rail/sos-staff-our-stations/
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  • Frequent 309 bus or new bus
    The public and kids rely on this bus in morning and evening to travel to and from school efficiently, no more buses pass by bus stop as full. No more travel delay or late to school or detention.
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  • Equalise the Speed Limit through Woodmancote
    There are some 14 accesses and 6 frontages over this short distance. On the North roadside are two cottages the front doors of which are within 4 metres of the road edge with no pavement. On the South side is a path which is so narrow it is unsafe for pedestrians being passed by lorries travelling at 50mph creating a suction force tending to pull the less strong, baby transporters, and dog walkers, towards the very road they should be protected from
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  • Mill road speed reduction
    There's been an increased number of incidents on Mill road, residents on the road noted increase of traffic speeds. Previous Fatalities on the road. Breaking speed limit. Road traffic accidents coming in and out of Buckden Marina/Greenway/traffic calming area.
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  • M65 Colne to Burnley
    The M65 is extremely dangerous from Colne to Burnley. It floods in several places because the drains cannot cope with the amount of surface water trapped by the concrete barriers. There are no lights resulting in difficult driving conditions at night; especially in winter, culminating in many accidents every week. This situation is only going to cost lives. It is time action was taken to improve the M65 and stop using 'money' and the reduction in 'carbon footprint' as an excuse. Lives are far more important.
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  • Give Knightswood and Jordanhill back their link to the 4 bus service
    In 2016, Firstbuses Glasgow axed the 4 bus service from Knightswood and Jordanhill, disconnecting our two communities and denying them direct access to their town centre, the Byres Road area, Glasgow University and Sauchiehall Street. To get to these places now, the 27,000 residents have long walks or have to take two buses or means of transport and go long ways round. Journeys that used to take 10-25 minutes now take up to one hour. The cut affects families and people of all ages, making it harder to get to schools, nurseries, work, health services, education, friends, families and social activities. Older people, the disabled and women are worst affected. The Sauchiehall Street area is a shopping and entertainment centre, with cinemas, theatres and concert halls as well as a transport hub with Buchanan Street Bus Station and Queen Street Station. The drop in numbers of people being able to access these areas must be affecting businesses along the route. The cut is forcing people who previously opted to use the bus to use their cars. This is the exact opposite of what Glasgow Council and the Scottish Government are calling for, that is for people to leave their cars at home as they account for 68.1% of overall transport greenhouse gas emissions. Cuts to local bus routes like this make it more difficult to reach carbon neutral targets. The cut is also contrary to local and national government policy which advocates greater connectivity, reliability, frequency, affordability and accessibility of public transport services. The current situation increases social isolation for residents, making many prisoners in their own homes and adversely affecting their physical and mental wellbeing. We are calling for the reconnection of our communities to the number 4 bus route so that we can once again access our town centre and local services with ease.
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  • Stop the catering cuts on Greater Anglia
    Abellio, which operates the Greater Anglia rail franchise is proposing to reduce the catering provision on its service between Norwich and London Liverpool Street. Currently the majority of trains on this route have a buffet car service and during the week many trains have an additional trolley catering service. Under the proposals, a number of weekday and Saturday services would no longer have a catering provision, and no catering at all would be provided on a Sunday. The proposals would also lead to the buffet car being closed for periods during journeys. The RMT firmly believes that these proposals are about maximising profit and will have a negative impact on passengers who value the presence of catering facilities on intercity routes. Between 2014 and 2018, Abellio, which is owned by the Dutch state railways made a profit of £85 million on the Greater Anglia franchise, and paid out a massive £61 million in dividends to its shareholders. The RMT is also concerned that if these proposals go ahead, Abellio will attempt to cut the catering provision even further. In fact, it has done so before – it axed the trolley service on the Stansted Express route. The RMT is calling on Abellio to halt these cuts and commit to retaining the current level of catering provision on its Intercity Service.
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  • Equalise the Speed Limit through Woodmancote
    There are some 14 accesses and 6 frontages over this short distance. On the North roadside are two cottages the front doors of which are within 4 metres of the road edge with no pavement. On the South side is a path which is so narrow it is unsafe for pedestrians being passed by lorries doing 50mph creating a suction force tending to pull the less strong, dog walkers, children walking to the bus stop and baby transporters towards the road itself.
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  • Improve railway services in Seaham
    Seaham is a flourishing town with an increasing number of people moving into and visiting the area and requires a reliable train service for work or leisure purposes for the local community . Direct access transport services from Seaham to popular destinations such as Newcastle and the Metro Centre are limited and the train service is therefore vital and well used. However trains are limited to one an hour and two carriages, this is inadequate to meet local demand resulting in customers waiting for hours trying to get a train as they are often full.
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  • Retain and improve First Leeds bus services 33 & 34
    Cutting these services means long waiting times where there is no alternative service, or when a service is – as happens all too often – cancelled. The 33 and 34 routes serve a number of areas with no rail service and are the only public transport option available to many residents. Bus users find it hard to rely on the current service for timely access to school, work or important appointments and a reduced service would only serve to worsen this and may reduce bus use as a result.
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