• Road Safety in Aireborough
    Speeding and antisocial driving are of significant concern to many residents. We would like to see speed limits and road safety measures reviewed and more frequent speed monitoring on several roads, at the times when residents know that the issues are most severe.
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    Created by Eleanor Thomson
  • Speeding Vehicles on Thornhill Road
    Many residents in Streetly cross Thornhill Road to access Sutton Park for walks and bike rides. This can be particularly hazardous due to vehicles travelling well in excess of the 30mph speed limit. We would like the Council and Police to take action against these drivers and create crossings to allow access to the park in a safe manner.
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    Created by Geoff Mason Picture
    The Oxford-Witney-Carterton A40 corridor is already congested and thousands of new houses are being built or planned, with consequently even more cars on the existing roads. Previous County plans going back to 2001 had envisaged the urgent need for the creation of alternative forms of transport on this busy corridor, exploring various possibilities including a rail link. The previous MP pledged in his maiden speech to work towards the reopening of a rail link between Oxford and Carterton. Twenty years later we the people of West Oxfordshire and Oxford are still waiting. We, therefore, request to: a) plan a viable and sustainable rail route from Oxford to Carterton alongside the A40 corridor protecting the proposed route from further development b) cost the route in question and work with central government and the rail authorities towards the creation of this link
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    Created by WOT Witney Oxford Transport
  • Stop Speeding through our Village
    We are seeing an increase in both motorbikes and cars speeding through the village, putting themselves, other motorists and pedestrians and local families at risk of serious injury or death and creating excessive noise pollution. If you are concerned about this growing problem, please sign our petition calling for action to be taken to prevent future accidents and deaths and reduce noise levels.
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  • Cycle tracks in Farnham
    Farnham has worse air pollution than 97% of British towns, plus serious road and car park congestion threatening the viability of Farnham's shops. Worse still, air pollution now kills more people than smoking. Getting people out of cars and onto bikes can help with all of these problems.
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    Created by peter Goodman
  • Get the 410 back on Auckland AND keep the Low Traffic Neighbourhood
    We've enjoyed the quieter roads that we've had because of roadworks and lockdown. We want to keep Auckland Road as it is: 1. No longer a rat run with threatening speeds and dangerous overtaking. 2. Less polluted, less noisy, less traffic jams. A liveable neighbourhood. 3. The freedom to allow people to walk, cycle and scoot. This all contributes to a stronger, healthier community. We DO want to see a return of the 410 bus. The bus gate will: 1. Allow the elderly, the young and the less able-bodied the chance to visit Crystal Palace and Croydon without walking too far. 2. Allow the bus to travel without getting stuck in traffic jams. A quicker, more efficient service! This would begin to transform the area. This will be a "change for good".... #streetspace
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    Created by Marcus Boyle
  • Upper Tooting LTN
    This area is increasingly used as a rat run by traffic from outside the area. Huge volumes of traffic are crossing a residential area, causing air and noise pollution that affects the health of everyone, including children attending a nursery school. We want to reclaim the streets for local people, to make it easier to walk and cycle, and to improve the Common for all. We would also encourage the Council to create LTN's in neighbouring areas, and to look to reduce traffic on residential roads throughout our borough. Why now? Elmfield and Oakmead Roads are already blocked. These barriers make things better for their area, but worse for everyone else at the Southern end of the estate. Without your support for this wider neighbourhood scheme there is a big risk that the traffic will continue to worsen and that more isolated measures will help some roads to the detriment of others.
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    Created by Upper Tooting LTN
  • Bringing Back the Railway in Bordon
    Bordon has next to no transport links other than using ones own vehicles. So many new houses have now been built that the already busy A325 is now substantially overcrowded. There are no additional jobs here as the Army have left and they provided many jobs, therefore people who live here, in most cases, have to leave the area for work. Also the local hospital is no longer here, plus there are very few shopping facilities other than takeaways and a couple of supermarkets. This ever expanding community which is fast becoming a dormitory town is in dire need of transport so people can commute to other parts of the country to work, shop and get to hospital without having to use their cars. Parking is one of the bigger issues as the new builds only provide 1.5 parking spaces to four bedroomed houses. Needless to say most households have two or more cars. If the railway were to be put in place, many households would be able to manage with one car and possibly, if bus links were provide to the station, do without a car altogether.
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  • Make the Stapeley Garden footpath crossing safe
    The footpath has been reopened with no traffic controls - it leads onto a busy A road from a concealed entrance onto a bend in the road - many children will use this footpath to get to the local primary and secondary schools and without better warnings and traffic controls this could be a very dangerous crossing, basically it could be a tragedy accident waiting to happen
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    Created by Anna Burns
  • Reduce the speed limit on the A518 (Stafford to Newport)
    There is clear and indisputable evidence that reducing the speed limit is an effective way of reducing the speed of traffic. This is proven by numerous studies and is supported by real-world data. It is also a proven fact that slower speeds result in fewer collisions. This is the whole purpose for the existence of Speed Limits. The Department for Transport DfT recently commissioned a review which concluded "...with a particular emphasis on single carriageways in the countryside, a 10mph decrease in speed limits could produce a 30% reduction in deaths on these roads.". The time for weak excuses and inactivity is over. It is time for action.
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    Created by George Meowgler
  • Save lives - support campaign for cycle/pedestrian route along Redbourn road
    The Government is encouraging more of us to find safer ways to travel in the light of the impact of Covid 19. Cycling, walking, running all enable us to avoid public transport.  This petition, launched by the Active in Redbourn community group, calls on Hertfordshire County Council to create a long-awaited safe cycling, walking and running route between Redbourn and St Albans This major highway route for travel between St Albans to Redbourn (formerly the A5) has become downgraded from a “trunk” road over the years but traffic flow has increased. It has become an extremely hazardous, often dangerous road over the last few years and has led to several cycling fatalities. Despite this it is still used by hundreds of cyclists a week be it as individuals or riding as a club or part of a group. A “ footpath” is in existence but poorly maintained and not inviting for cyclists, walkers or runners to utilise this route (though it is currently only a pedestrian path in its current form). A safe shared space for cycling, walking and running would connect the much used Nickey Line which currently links Hemel Hempstead to Harpenden, along with many existing routes through St Albans, then onwards other parts of the county Many families and residents of Redbourn and the surrounding areas would love to have the option of a safe, environmentally friendly and easily accessible route to St Albans for work or leisure. Equally St Albans residents would benefit from a safely made trip to Redbourn to enjoy the village common, pubs and destinations like the Redbournbury Mill, thereby sustaining the Redbourn's facilities and improving their health. The cost of one fatality is nearing the £2 million mark, the probable cost of providing a safe, maintained pathway would become cost effective and “ pay for itself” in a couple of years. It is possible to ride to St Albans via Harpenden but is around twice the distance and consists of a much more challenging route, prohibiting large groups of people wishing to travel sustainably. A route following the old A5 (Watling Street) has no significant hills and easily navigable passing the Ver Valley and other rural landmarks. Please support our campaign to make this safe route a reality by signing our petition.
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    Created by Simon Barnes
  • Call for Resident Parking Zone in residential roads adjacent to The High Street, Newmarket
    Residents will and are being unfairly ticketed by parking enforcement officers, especially given people are still working from home
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    Created by Craig Warren