• BRITS STUCK IN OZ #bringthemhome
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Sydney. There are limited hotels to stay in and the only food available is take out. My mother is 70 years old and is classified as a high risk group and the longer she stays in the airport the more likely she is at risk of catching the virus. If she catches the virus in Sydney she will then have to self isolate very far from home and without care as she is travelling alone. Myself and other families just want our loved ones safely home.
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    Created by Sarah Brooke
  • Bring home relatives from Australia
    We have relatives stuck out in Australia who need to come back to the UK. They cannot book flights home as some airlines have closed, please help us and sign this petition to get them home.
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    Created by Clare Cross-Hall Picture
  • Stuck in Ghana - Help us get home
    Hundreds of people are stuck here in Ghana, many have had at least one if not two flights cancelled, for which they have paid extortionate fees. Ghana has closed its airports and airspace, leaving us Brits powerless to get out of the country. The UK government urges us to get home, but how can we do this when the embassy just points us towards their social media pages (which have not been updated for days) and when we cannot get through to our airlines. Until very recently, the FCO did not give any warnings about travel to Ghana, we have tried our best to get home, but our best is not enough and now Mr Raab and his actions are our only hope. We appreciate this is an unprecedented global crisis, but the US has offered repatriation to their citizens who are in Ghana, why can't the UK? As British citizens, we are asking you to please help us.
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    Created by Holly Seglah Picture
  • Stuck in Australia - bring us home
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Australia. Other countries have organized repatriation flights to bring them home, such as Peru. Mr Raab had suggested it is up to private enterprise and airlines to organise repatriation flights but all airlines are cancelling their flights. Only route left is Qatar which is costing £7000 per person. For the vast majority, this would have been well beyond their reach. And why is the government leaving it to each individual to find a solution? Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and the country is on lockdown with inter-state travel being closed down so we can’t easily get to key airports. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to come home!
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    Created by Emma Redman
  • No restrictions on travel passes for the elderly
    Supermarkets have shopping hours for the elderly from 8-9 in the morning but travel passes don’t work until 9am meaning many can not access the shops. Many can not afford this - I met one elderly woman yesterday who told me this exact problem meaning she has to go to the supermarket when it had already been stripped but also when it was much busier and therefore with a higher likelihood of infection. This stress needs removing as these are not normal times.
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    Created by David Shorten
  • Bus service alterations
    In order to prevent runaway climate change carbon emissions need to fall drastically as soon as possible. Public transport needs to be joined up to encourage people to leave their cars at home. Matlock Interchange stop (outside Matlock rail station) provides easy access for people who get off trains and need to get onto buses. Current plans to cut services from this point give people only 3 minutes to get from the train to another bus stop for the bus to Chatsworth. It is nearly impossible to get to this in time as it involves crossing two busy roads. If the bus is missed people will have to wait for an hour for the next bus.
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    Created by Christine Grocott
  • The Battle of Winnington Bridge
    the 1909 single-track bridge is woefully inadequate and ceased to be fit for purpose several years ago if not decades ago, also the addition of 2500 more houses close to the crossing with no infrastructure is a travesty in itself without any facilities ie shops medical centre school etc on the entire estate they are all bound to leave the site for these services
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    Created by Steve Mills Picture
  • Public Transport Not Road Building in the West of England
    The Joint Local Transport Plan for the West of England contains plans for 10 new roads and 5 big road-widening schemes. These plans will damage the countryside, increase traffic, pollution and carbon emissions, when WECA and all four authorities have declared climate emergencies. The Transport Plan also contains big plans for public transport, but the money to fund those plans has not been secured. See: https://thebristolcable.org/2020/01/plans-for-new-road-threaten-bristols-countryside-and-undo-action-on-the-climate-crisis/
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  • 1 way roads Barry town
    For ease of traffic and avoid accidents and damage to residents cars
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    Created by David Watts
  • Keep Northern Public
    After years of providing a terrible rail service Northern was ranked the UK’s worse performing railway in Britain for passenger satisfaction. Despite this shameful performance, in the last decade alone, over £178 MILLION was paid in dividends to Northern’s private shareholders. Thankfully, Northern will be taken into public ownership from 1 March 2020. Once in public ownership, instead of passengers being fleeced for private profit, the cash will be able to be invested in providing a reliable and affordable railway, with accessible services facilitated by properly staffed stations and guards on trains. We now need as many people as possible to send a clear message to Government to KEEP NORTHERN PUBLIC and not return it to private ownership. Please sign this petition and share as widely as possible.
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  • Alcohol free trains
    Trains should be a safe community space for all ages. The antisocial behaviour and language associated with even moderate alcohol consumption is scary for children and their families and it is increasingly prevalent. More and more children are witnessing bad role modelling by adults on trains due to alcohol. In other social spaces it's possible to move away but not on a train, due to the enclosed space and ticket system. When the problems escalate, journeys are delayed awaiting interventions. Surely everyone can manage a train journey without an alcoholic drink but managing a train journey with kids when it's populated with people drinking is hard work and for many others just unpleasant. Put on separate drinking carriages if need be.
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    Created by Amelia Hunter
  • Better Pay and conditions for Drivers (HGV, C+E)
    As there is a current driver shortage within the UK, it is important that Drivers pay and conditions were improved, having a structured pay system like other industries, and better conditions for parking would improve the recruitment in the transport industries. We want to have better facilities for drivers, there are not enough truck stops in the country, those that there are overcharge and the facilities are inadequate
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