Because its for the benefits of we without cars .
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    Created by Joy Odigie
  • Save the No 7 bus route for Hoath and surrounding villages - Save the school bus to Spires Academy
    Please sign this petition if you are affected by the loss of the No 7 bus service and the Spires School Service and let Matthew Arnold at Stagecoach Kent know why he needs to reinstate these bus routes. This decision affects residents in Beltinge, Reculver, Hillborough, Castle Chase, Maypole, Knaves Ash, Hoath, Sturry and Broad Oak. We may only be small communities but our need for this bus route is vital to the health and wellbeing of all residents.
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    Created by Karen Johncock
  • Create a safe north-to-south cycling, walking and scooting route across Nottingham
    This is an ambitious step towards making Nottingham an easier and more pleasant place to move around by bicycle, scooter, or on foot. Creating a safe route, physically separated from motor traffic using barriers, bollards and planters, will mean that active travel is an option for all residents including children, older people and those who are less confident on roads. Active travel has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, it needs to be accessible for everyone. Implementation of the active travelway, will significantly help both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council reach ambitious carbon goals as it will enable more people to move away from using motorised transport. Air quality will be improved as the number of cars on our roads decreases. The active travelway will be a huge step towards creating an active travel network that the city can be proud of. The active travelway will connect neighbourhoods, shopping centres, employers and educational and sporting institutions, as well as providing an easier link to Nottingham rail station. It will benefit a wide range of organisations across the city.
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    Created by NorthSouth ActiveTravelway
  • Save The London Travel Card
    Because the cost of travel in London for people would rocket, at a time when bills are already going through the roof.
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    Created by John Scott-Morgan
  • Senior Bus Passes for Wales and England
    Living in Wales I have a seniors concessionary bus pass but I'm not able to use this outside Wales. Currently, according to Traveline Cymru, "you can use your Welsh Concessionary Bus Pass on all local bus services in Wales. You cannot use your Welsh pass for travel in England and you cannot use your English pass for travel in Wales". Joining up bus passes would help thousands of senior citizens in Wales and England, for example when visiting their relatives.
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    Created by Alwyn Bradford
  • Dundee Deserves Better Buses
    With cancelled routes, high and discriminatory fares, high levels of pollution from diesel and hybrid vehicles. Dundee’s buses are failing all residents, but particularly the elderly, the vulnerable, those without cars and those living in parts of the city where routes have been withdrawn. In cities like London and Edinburgh, public control over buses has produced a cheaper and more effective service. In Dundee we should follow these successful models. It is clear that greater public control is the only way to deliver the first-class bus service that we need. It will help Dundee address the climate emergency, prevent poverty and isolation, boost the local economy, tackle toxic air pollution and create a people-friendly city. Dundee deserves a bus service that works for all of its residents.
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    Created by Stuart Honeyman
  • Bring our West Coast rail services back into public ownership
    The Department for Transport is currently deciding whether to award Avanti a new 10-year contract to continue running services on our West Coast Main Line until October 2032. They are due to make a final decision by this October. This has to be stopped. Let’s not reward failure. Let’s make our West Coast public instead. ---- References: • 20 August 2021, 'West Coast Partnership: prior information notice', Department for Transport https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/west-coast-partnership-prior-information-notice • 2 July 2020, 'National Rail Passenger Survey Spring 2020', Transport Focus https://www.transportfocus.org.uk/publication/national-rail-passenger-survey-nrps-spring-2020-main-report • 21 October 2021, 'Details of operational support payments to franchised passenger rail operators under emergency agreements and National Rail Contracts', Department for Transport https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dft-payments-to-passenger-rail-operators-under-emergency-agreements/details-of-operational-support-payments-to-franchised-passenger-rail-operators-under-emergency-agreements • 6 January 2022, 'Rail prices to rise by the largest amount in nearly a decade', Money Saving Expert https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2021/12/train-fares-rail-increase-march • 4 January 2022, 'Rail firms gave £38m to shareholders after being bailed out by taxpayer during Covid lockdowns', Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10366385/Rail-firms-gave-38m-shareholders-bailed-taxpayer-Covid.html
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  • Road Safety in Oakridge Village
    We already have over 200 signatures offline! Please only sign online if you have not signed the paper petition.
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    Created by Cllr Paul Basham
  • Put seatbelts on all public transport buses
    To make all Buses and coaches how seatbelts and have to wear them by law. On every Bus and coach on the roads it should be law that everyone on them should wear seat belts. They go just as fast as cars and they are the law that you have to wear seat belts so why not buses and coaches? If you are in a bus then the bus driver and passengers should all have to wear seat belts up and down the country as this will stop a lot of bus and coach related deaths on the road.
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    Created by Peter Bishop
  • Save The Matlock - Nottingham Rail Link
    In June 2021, East Midlands Railway (EMR) withdrew the direct service between Matlock and Nottingham. This was allegedly due to staff being ‘pinged’ and EMR, like many others, were seeing high levels of employees isolating. However, in October 2021, the permanent withdrawal of this service effective from December’s Timetable Change was decided. It’s also noted that this service previously travelled beyond Nottingham to Newark prior to this change. This has seen a huge level of disruption to passengers travelling for leisure, education and employment. A single journey has typically increased from 45 minutes to nearly 2 hours at peak hours. Those travelling for work in the NHS and working Nottingham’s major employers including Experian, HMRC and Universities were amongst those affected. This is having a severe effect on the return to work, resuming education and affecting tourism both now and future. Many passengers have also noted their desire to reduce their own carbon emissions by switching from car use to public transport. Not only does this impact those that work or travel to these locations for education, the longer term impact on tourism/leisure could be catastrophic. Already, commuters are switching to cars and this is likely to be having an impact on air quality around these locations. Employers own staff attrition may be increased too.
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    Created by Gary P Picture
  • Tyne Tunnel Fines
    If you want an ethical system in place for the Tyne Tunnel and wish to ensure penalty charges are not being used to harm ordinary working class individuals and families then get on board. The change in how the Tyne Tunnel operates has caused chaos for road users with many being stung with fines that they did not deserve. This entire system needs to be reviewed and it is the TT2 Limited company that is responsible for deciding it's penalty charge policies.
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    Created by Gary Spedding
  • Traffic calming needed on Llandaff road and neighbouring streets
    There have been numerous serious accidents along the roads in recent years caused by vehicles driving out of control and at high speed. The area is either totally congested or has vehicles speeding, the result being either gridlock or reckless driving, driving through red lights and mounting of curbs. Especially on the top end of Llandaff Road / Pencisely Road / Cardiff Road junction. There are many schools in the area and there is a serious threat to pedestrians and school children.
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    Created by Jonathan Roberts