• Stop the catering cuts on Greater Anglia
    Abellio, which operates the Greater Anglia rail franchise is proposing to reduce the catering provision on its service between Norwich and London Liverpool Street. Currently the majority of trains on this route have a buffet car service and during the week many trains have an additional trolley catering service. Under the proposals, a number of weekday and Saturday services would no longer have a catering provision, and no catering at all would be provided on a Sunday. The proposals would also lead to the buffet car being closed for periods during journeys. The RMT firmly believes that these proposals are about maximising profit and will have a negative impact on passengers who value the presence of catering facilities on intercity routes. Between 2014 and 2018, Abellio, which is owned by the Dutch state railways made a profit of £85 million on the Greater Anglia franchise, and paid out a massive £61 million in dividends to its shareholders. The RMT is also concerned that if these proposals go ahead, Abellio will attempt to cut the catering provision even further. In fact, it has done so before – it axed the trolley service on the Stansted Express route. The RMT is calling on Abellio to halt these cuts and commit to retaining the current level of catering provision on its Intercity Service.
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  • Equalise the Speed Limit through Woodmancote
    There are some 14 accesses and 6 frontages over this short distance. On the North roadside are two cottages the front doors of which are within 4 metres of the road edge with no pavement. On the South side is a path which is so narrow it is unsafe for pedestrians being passed by lorries doing 50mph creating a suction force tending to pull the less strong and baby transporters towards the road itself
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  • Improve railway services in Seaham
    Seaham is a flourishing town with an increasing number of people moving into and visiting the area and requires a reliable train service for work or leisure purposes for the local community . Direct access transport services from Seaham to popular destinations such as Newcastle and the Metro Centre are limited and the train service is therefore vital and well used. However trains are limited to one an hour and two carriages, this is inadequate to meet local demand resulting in customers waiting for hours trying to get a train as they are often full.
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  • Retain and improve First Leeds bus services 33 & 34
    Cutting these services means long waiting times where there is no alternative service, or when a service is – as happens all too often – cancelled. The 33 and 34 routes serve a number of areas with no rail service and are the only public transport option available to many residents. Bus users find it hard to rely on the current service for timely access to school, work or important appointments and a reduced service would only serve to worsen this and may reduce bus use as a result.
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  • Make the A5 between Lutterworth and Smockington Hollow Safe
    This section of the A5 has always been a black spot for serious accidents, but in recent months has become increasingly treacherous for locals and people passing through. There have been 3 serious accidents very recently, including a fatality on October 22nd. Due to the expansion of the Logistics centre at Magna Park, Lutterworth, and the huge numbers of new houses being built in the area, the volume of traffic on this stretch of road can only increase, thereby making it ever more dangerous to turn onto. The junctions at High Cross and Smockington Hollow are particularly dangerous, although any adjoining road along this stretch carries enormous risks.
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  • Weekend bus service
    To keep Mum independent, to promote her social interaction and to continue to practice her faith. To prevent Mum feeling isolated and depressed.
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  • Complete and Publish Oakervee Review before the December Election
    The review will allow all the political parties and the public to clearly assess the viability of the HS2 project .The Review has been funded by the taxpayer and we were assured the findings would be made public. Much more importantly is that the Government have allowed HS2 to continue with this destruction of ancient woodlands ,forests and disrupt communities along the route whilst the review is being conducted .This review needs to be completed and a Published before the December election so as to enable all political parties and the public to make informed decisions regarding the HS2 project .
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  • New Traffic Order at top of Stoke Hill Stoke Bishop BS9
    This is important as the position as it is, is an accident waiting to happen.
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  • Safer crossing on Leytonstone High Road
    Vehicles frequently do not stop here and twice a vehicle has driven over the crossing in front of me, when I have been in the middle of the road with my child. This a route used by children from Davies Lane and George Tomlinson Primary Schools and so it is vital safety is improved here. The crossings we are requesting all have traffic lights to improve safety for pedestrians.
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  • Traffic lights needed at narrow bridge, Curbridge
    The speed limit on this section of the A3051 Botley Road by the Horse & Jockey pub at Curbridge, near Botley, Hants is 40 mph. The narrow width of the bridge causes a serious hazard to vehicles when they round the bend approaching it and find an HGV straddling the centre of the bridge. Crossing the bridge for motorists and cyclists using this route has become particularly dangerous. The new development of North Whiteley is partly responsible for a significant increase in the number of the HGV’s using this road. A recent 10 hour tally we carried out showed over 6,704 vehicles plus 263 HGV's used the bridge. We need to bring this to the attention of Hampshire County Council in order that action is taken to prevent a serious accident or worse a fatality.
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  • To address dangerous parking
    For the safety and sanity of local residents; for the safety of parents with prams, wheelchair users and everyday pedestrians... This flouting of traffic laws everyday would not be allowed in other more affluent areas of Bradford.
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  • Reverse TFW decision for 2 hourly services
    Train Services are important to residents and the local economy given the Welsh Government Decision to declare a Climate Emergency. Reducing carbon emissions and investing in the Rail Network is critical to meet carbon emission targets by 2030. This line has increased passenger numbers at each of the stations year on year of up to 20% over the last 5 years and continues to grow.
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