• Extension on driving theory tests
    Cause it’s not fair if they can’t get a test date before there theory’s run out , because of covid , it’s not fair to make them retake it and also have the extra cost which a lot of people can’t afford
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    Created by Belinda Acford
  • Repairs to Bridge B5605 Newbridge
    The B5605 provides critical road links between communities Newbridge, Cefn Mawr, Rhosymedre and Ruabon and also Chirk to the south. This is causing major disruption to local residents and businesses and also provides critical diversionary route from the A483. In the event of closures on or planned works on the A483 it means a fifteen mile division via Llangollen which is unacceptable.
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    Created by Sonia Benbow Jones
  • Improve road repair in Lincs and resurface Abbey Road, Broadley Crescent, and Park Avenue in Louth
    Abbey Road, Broadley Crescent, and Park Avenue in Louth are in need of more permanent repairs than the Council has been providing, and their concrete bay structure has been crumbling for years. Too often potholes are fixed with temporary repairs that soon break down, causing hazards for road users, and making the roads scarcely usable for drivers that live there. The Council must review its ways of dealing with all road repairs so that they are more permanent and durable, and to make sure it isn't wasting money with fixes that don't last.
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    Created by Ros Jackson
  • Bus times
    People are being refused travel and missing appointments and are late for work and having to get taxi s , there are not enough seats available, if this was 1 hourly service as before then this would benefit many , also the issue of there being no bus after 6pm and this is effectively causing problems for the local public house/restaurant as it is primarily losing 24 regular customers per week. This is not what businesses need post covid ,there is also a couple of flats that are rented out by a local man and he is concerned that if there is no regular transport available then why would someone want to live at one of the properties.
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    Created by Donna Warlow
  • 40mph Speed Limit on Unclassified roads in Cornwall
    Many vulnerable road users, such as walkers both adult and children, runners, cyclists and horse riders, regularly use the unclassified roads that link villages and public rights of way. Since the national speed limits were set in the mid 60's there has been a massive increase in car ownership consequently the original speed limits are no longer fit for purpose. Country roads need to be safe for everyone to use.
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  • Make Cycling Helmets Manditory
    I went riding yesterday, stupidly we all chose not to wear a helmet bar one lad. One of our friends took a huge fall and the site and sound made me so scared. We did the best we could till the paramedics arrived. He now has broken bones in his neck and face and hopefully nothing more serious. He came off lucky, but wearing a helmet for sure would have saved him from alot more pain and suffering.
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  • Keep East Street for shoppers, pedestrians and cyclists
    East Street's pavements are too narrow to allow for social distancing, especially with queuing systems operating to be able to enter many shops and banks. We do not want to see a rise in coronavirus cases again in Taunton Deane that crowded pavements would likely cause. The shops have also benefited from an increase in footfall since reopening and really need that to be maintained in order to recover from the terrible year they had last year. East Street without cars has created a pleasant and safe environment for all, including those people with mobility issues who previously struggled to negotiate the parked cars and dense traffic. SWT’s consultation on the project received approximately 2000 responses, with a significant majority in support. There are also wider environmental concerns. We all know that we are in a climate crisis, one of the best recommended actions we can do as individuals is to walk, cycle or take the bus more and leave the car at home. We would appeal to people to consider these options, and many others, if at all possible in order to reduce the traffic going through the centre of Taunton. This would have huge benefits for the residents of both roads affected as traffic pollution is known to cause asthma and cancers, whereas cycling and walking have great benefits to our own health. In addition, increasing road space available to traffic will only increase the traffic using it - many studies show that traffic simply increases to fill the space available to it. Conversely traffic will reduce when roads are closed, so we would expect traffic to gradually ease over the next week or two as people get used to the new restrictions and find other ways of completing their journeys. Increasing road space now, is simply increasing the amount of traffic able to use the road, which will increase pollution and greenhouse gas emissions now and for the future. Some very informative links on this subject are here: How increasing road space doesn't solve congestion! and here: New Roads Create Traffic – Faith the Green Way (wordpress.com) The value of spending from increased footfall is often underestimated. See https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/media/3890/pedestrian-pound-2018.pdf There are many examples of public realm improvements increasing footfall and spending in retail centres. So please, we appeal to David Fothergil of SCC and Mike Rigby of SWT to keep East Street closed to vehicular traffic for the sake of our local economy and our children's futures!
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  • Make Menston Drive safe for residents
    It's a main, traffic free route to and from schools, nurseries, shops, health and other vital services. Without lighting and a decent road surface it is not safe or fit for purpose.
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  • Reinstate the Stockport Metroshuttle bus and other withdrawn bus services
    • Stockport Council has decided to make Saturday parking free, in its town centre and district centre car parks during the 2021-22 financial year, at a cost of £0.5 million. It has stated that this action is aimed at boosting recovery of the town centre and district retail economies from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. • The Council has offered no help to bus users comparable to that it is offering to car drivers. • The Metroshuttle bus, until its withdrawal in April 2019, provided high frequency bus access to much of the town centre, on 7 days a week, for a cost to the Council that was less than half the cost of the free Saturday car parking scheme. • That the Mayor of Greater Manchester has announced his decision to re-regulate bus services within the region, giving him control over fares, routes and timetables. There could be no better time to start pressing for reinstatement of withdrawn bus services. • Stockport Council has declared a Climate Emergency. It and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority have obligations in respect of carbon emissions reduction and air pollution reduction that are not served by granting incentives to car use but not bus usage. Note : Image owner Andrew Stopford. No copyright infringement is intended.
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  • Improve the road conditions in Birmingham
    It's no secret that in today's world there are quite a large number and variety of vehicles. But the fact that the roads for the use of these vehicles fall into disrepair and are not repaired is not common knowledge. Our petition seeks to ensure that the road conditions that exist in Birmingham are improved. We especially ask for better road conditions for bicyclists. Even the strongest roads tend to deteriorate. Potholes and potholes form in them, preventing cyclists from riding properly. Our company sees several significant problems with potholes that we believe should be addressed. These problems manifest themselves in the following ways: Getting into potholes causes many bicycles to fall into disrepair; hitting holes in the roadway contributes to an increased likelihood of accidents; avoiding accidents by changing vehicles increases traffic congestion; abandonment of bicycles serves to impair people's physical health. Let's look at these problems separately. The first point says that because bicyclists get caught in potholes, their vehicle breaks down. Accordingly, it must be repaired. These days, replacing bicycles or their accessories is not cheap. Therefore, potholes on the roads affect people's unforeseen expenses, which can worsen their financial condition. The second problem is particularly dangerous because it speaks to the direct impact of potholes on people's health. Accidents can lead to serious injuries and, consequently, large medical bills. When people give up their bikes and switch to private or public transportation, as mentioned in the third point, then congestion on the roads increases. And this, in turn, has the effect of increasing traffic congestion and also an increase in accidents. And the last point is the deterioration of people's physical health due to their lack of physical activity. When they switch from a bicycle to a car or bus, then they spend less energy on physical activity like pedaling. Their mindfulness may slow down and their bodies will become less healthy and athletic.
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    STOP THE BAN AGAINST FOREIGN DRIVERS' LICENSE this important? It is important for Ghanaians living overseas to drive cars/vehicles in Ghana with their foreign Drivers' license. This is because hiring cars will be very dear and incur unnecessary extra expenses. Without drivers or taxis their Ghanaian born professional drivers with overseas licenses can't drive and their movements become restricted. Is Ghana after stagging 🧍‍♂️or moving economy? Ghanaians abroad and back home please let us all kindly append our signatures to call for a change to this decision. This is because the impact is real and would not benefit anyone. In case a family member is dying, a Ghanaian born professional driver cannot drive his or her own car to take the sick to hospital. What is DVLA and The Government of Republic of Ghana trying to accomplish? I stand to reason once again along these: First, we are Ghanaians though we do not live permanently in Ghana to waste resources in acquisition of Ghana driving license which takes about one year to be ready, also getting license in a country we visit occasionally when the license again is expensive to come by. If any individual should finally settle in Ghana, the condition is different from those of us who visit occasionally for just a month or two. Secondly, drivers with foreign drivers' license have credible international experience which local Ghanaian drivers may not have and could learn from. For instance, in Ghana, road crossing at pedestrian walkway is ignored by local drivers when pedestrians 🚶‍♂️are ready to cross, over loading of vehicles causing various road accidents and damage to the roads, local drivers lacking entire patience to driving and hence, majority of accidents every year round. The Government of the Republic of Ghana through DVLA should find a reasonable means of controlling the longer use of foreign Drivers' License but not just 90 days to one year which all countries allow. This *regulations will help the police to be more corruptible* in a country where we are totally struggling to deal with corruption. When the regulation is allowed to operate longer in its current state, the police officer is likely going to take money that will never get to the accounts of the government. I can help Ghana government and DVLA to establish something concrete that will accommodate all stakeholders to curtail the longer use of foreign Drivers' License better than permanent ban of foreign Drivers License. Let us not compare ourselves to countries who have advanced technologically to do things right and damage our economy. Let us get things done gradually, friendly and accordingly taking the economic impact into consideration, most Ghanaians will not be happy coming home, if they can not drive their own cars hence, affecting the growth of our economy especially the income generated from Ghana Ports during clearing of vehicles, which is used to subsidized Free SHS and many other projects in the country. I, therefore, suggest that the Government of the Republic of Ghana through DVLA should give this regulation a second consideration to attract our own people living overseas to invest in Ghana because they cannot come here without driving to undertake their business errands. How can they travel locally to their homes or hometowns? This decision will typically dwind
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