• Abandon Smart Motorways to Save Lives
    On 19 January coroner David Urpeth recorded a verdict of unlawful killing at the inquests for Jason Mercer, 44, from Rotherham and Alexandru Murgeanu, 22, of Mansfield, who died when a lorry crashed into their vehicles near Sheffield on 7 June 2019 on the stretch of the M1 where the hard shoulder has been replaced by an active lane. Mr Urpeth said Smart Motorways without a hard shoulder carry "an ongoing risk of future deaths" and called for a review of Smart Motorway schemes. These deaths are 2 of many that have occurred on Smart Motorways and more deaths will happen if they are not removed and a safe hard shoulder is reinstated.
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  • Driver Awareness courses should include Cycle Awareness
    2018 records show that 99 cyclists were killed and 4106 seriously injured. From personal experience, many drivers, including while on speed awareness courses often express hostility towards cyclists. Given the vulnerable position of cyclists to vehicles, driver hostility is irrational and potentially life threating for cyclists. Educating drivers is more important than increasing punishment.
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  • We demand a modern bus interchange in Winchester
    Bus travel in Winchester has a bad image. There are several reasons for this but a key one has always been the lack of a decent bus station. Getting rid of the bus station altogether and forcing users to wait at cold, unsafe spread out bus stops will only worsen the situation. Also, for many less mobile users, the walk between stops would be hard work. We need to be far less dependent on our cars given we're in a climate crisis, a new bus station would be a good way of improving the poor image of bus travel and encouraging a shift to buses. To make an even bigger impact respond to the consultation and tell WCC we wand a modern bus station: https://winchester.citizenspace.com/national-management-trainee/cwr-development-proposals/consultation/subpage.2020-11-06.7777517352/ ========================================================= More detail: Winchester City Council have completely dismissed the fact that the lack of a bus station was one of the key reasons the public objected to the 2009 scheme and the reason why it formed a central part of the 2018 Supplementary Planning Document. On-street bus stop provision rather than a bus station is a complete cop-out. It means: -Long and potentially confusing walks of up to a quarter of a mile between stops when interchanging, particularly affecting the elderly and those with mobility issues. -Some bus users would need to walk a quarter of a mile to get to the high street, double the distance from a new bus station on Middlebrook Street, particularly affecting the elderly and those with mobility issues. There will be no safe, weather-proof environment to wait for buses as can be found in many modern bus stations. - Streets such as Middlebrook and Silverhill will still not be traffic-free so air quality and safety will be compromised significantly. When Lower High St was a shared space for pedestrians and buses it was wholly unpleasant and dangerous. - The ability to transition to electric buses is likely to be far more costly and complex as charging infrastructure would have to be built into the street itself. The 2017 Winchester Transport survey produced by Atkins showed that shelter and safety were ranked 3rd and 4th in terms of importance and along with requests for a new bus station these things were mentioned more than anything else in the questionnaires. The nature of on-street bus provision means that it simply cannot provide improved levels of comfort for bus users and neither can it provide sufficient safety. Given that there is no advantage to on-street bus provision we can only conclude that this decision has been made purely to maximise profit from the development and certainly not in the best interests of bus users. Transport is the largest contributor to the district's carbon footprint. We consider a modal shift to active travel and public transport as a key means of reducing this. Alongside cost and reliability, we consider the image of bus travel to be a key barrier to increased ridership in Winchester. This can only be changed by investing in a modern, efficient bus network with a safe, integrated terminus. This opportunity must not be lost.
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  • A38 Perry Way Junction Roundabout road improvements.
    Over many years there have been many road accidents at this junction which have in some cases been fatal or caused significant injury. We cannot wait for some ones child, parent, grand parent or loved one to be injured at this junction after so many previous accidents. It is important to local people to be able to travel safely on the roads before another accident occurs.
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  • 20 is plenty! - Reduce the speed limit on Douglas Avenue to 20-mph
    The Deaf Academy moved to Exmouth in 2020, but has been making a strong community impact since it first started fundraising to move the beautiful coastal town. Since our first planning application we have had strong support from local and regional councillors and the Exmouth community for re-purposing the old Rolle College site as a different educational establishment. We love our new home, but we fear our safety due to the speed of cars on Douglas Avenue. Douglas Avenue has very difficult crossing spots, with blind corners on both bends making it difficult to cross safely, especially for students who have mobility issues, or who have Multi-sensory impairment (MSI). Around 16% of the students at the Deaf Academy have multi-sensory impairments. This means their mobility, sight, hearing and the way they process information is severely impacted. Children with MSI take longer to process information. They do not see or hear cars as clearly as hearing children do. They may not recognise what speed a car is travelling. In addition to this, 31 students stay in the residential accommodation at the Deaf Academy. These students regularly use Douglas Avenue in the evenings, weekends and when visiting their partnered colleges. It’s apparent that the road is utilised by deaf students regularly, and it is essential that student safety is an absolute priority. Assistant Principal of Care, James Heaver said: “Douglas Avenue can be very dangerous, especially in the winter when it is difficult to see vehicles in the dark early evenings. We like to encourage our students to be independent. We want them to feel safe and confident within Exmouth and to be able to travel around the community without fearing for their lives. I believe a 20-mph speed limit will ensure drivers are more aware of the risks surrounding the area and will encourage them to slow down.” Research shows that reducing the speed on roads dramatically reduces the severity of collisions and encourages more people to walk and cycle. We hope to make Douglas Avenue a safe road for all pedestrians and cyclists. Not only would a 20-mph speed limit contribute to a safer environment, it would also help reduce pollution in our area. Why is this important? The current speed limit poses a real threat to child safety and quality of life of all the children who attend the Deaf Academy and the residents in the area. Unlike hearing children, deaf children and young people cannot clearly identify cars in the distance or around corners through sound. With two blind corners on both sides of the Academy, on Douglas Avenue, this means children have to rely on sight and trust that the public are driving slowly in the area. Clear 20mph signs, will ensure drivers are aware of our school and our students. It will help us feel safe in Exmouth. By lowering the speed limit to 20mph, you’re saving children and young people’s lives. About the Deaf Academy Founded in 1826, the Deaf Academy provides a school, Further Education College and residential care for Deaf young people aged 5-25, and currently has 50 students. In September 2020, the Deaf Academy opened the doors of its new home in the vibrant seaside town of Exmouth. The Deaf Academy specialises in providing education in a language-rich environment of both British Sign Language, and English for deaf children and young people with special educational needs. This campaign is led by The Deaf Academy Student Council Press Enquiries Please contact Ieeke Green-Roberts, Marketing & Communication Coordinator [email protected]
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  • Make Louth Road Safe for School Kids
    Greater safety for Primary School Children in Horncastle has been a stated priority for parents, school heads, and the Town Council for a considerable time. Responses from the County Council to these requests in the past have indicated that there is no money for these changes, and/or there is no 'suitable location' for the crossing on this 'A' road. We believe that this is wrong, and that no price can be put on the safety of Horncastle's school children. We demand that Horncastle residents are listened to, and the changes are implemented immediately.
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  • Cross walks for Honilands Primary School Enfield
    This has become especially important, as on Friday 27/11/2020 my 9 year old son was knocked over by a vehicle right in front of the school gate, while crossing the road.
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  • No to Car Parking Charges in Alsager!
    Car parking charges would be devastating for our already struggling high street, people would choose to shop out of town at places with free parking instead. Visitors would also potentially shorten their stay in town - because of the charges. You can always find a space to park in Alsager - so no need to create extra capacity by charging people so they move on faster. Capacity of car parks is not an issue. Residential streets near to town would also get clogged up with cars parked on street to avoid the charges, meaning residents would find it difficult to park outside their houses. ***AS WELL AS SIGNING THIS PETITION - PLEASE COMPLETE THE CHESHIRE EAST COUNCIL CONSULTATION - FIND IT HERE*** https://surveys.cheshireeast.gov.uk/s/VZTQ7T/?fbclid=IwAR2doSMw5eTPOWdBdk-tKYrJEr0JGaeMADsmJPkRarEuOeG7DLh0XuNeSQc
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  • British airways direct to Sylhet, Bangladesh
    In England a huge parts of Bangladeshi from Sylhet. Most of traveler visit Bangladesh every year and all from Sylhet. It is very important British airways think about the issue.
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  • National road pricing scheme: Scrap the plan to charge motorists per mile driven on Britain's roads
    Considering the minimum wage, it's already difficult to keep up with car expenses: the road tax, MOT, insurance, fuel and repairs. Introducing a further charge will negatively impact peoples lives! So many of us will be affected by this
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  • Close Slip Road from A3 in to South Lane KT3
    South Lane has become a rat run for traffic making a short cut from the A3 to Kingston Road, New Malden. There are no proper traffic calming measures in South Lane; vehicles shoot across the mini roundabouts, rather than circling round them. They tend not to slow down as they approach the roundabouts. South Lane has become a main road for traffic, where it was once a pleasant and safe residential road, it is now a nightmare. There are three schools adjacent to South Lane, Holy Cross, The Study School and Westbury. It is now very difficult crossing the road on South Lane, especially for a parent with a pram and two or three children also in tow or children on their own trying to cross, or for disabled people wanting to cross to get to the local shops, or the elderly who are not able to judge the speed of the cars. Some drivers even 'put their foor down' when they see someone crossing, as though they get a kick out of frightening and intimidating pedestrians. South Lane is no longer a safe road to cross.
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  • Lanarkshire parking charges and permits
    We are in the middle.of a pandemic. People have lost jobs and have very little money. This is not right and it is yet again going to affect the poorest in society.
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