• Tram track noise
    It is important for the local residents so that the noise level will reduce and it will be a quieter area as the trams starter at 5am in the morning and finish at 01:30am in the morning, and there is a tram every few minutes through that section of track northbound and southbound 364 days a year.
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    Created by Graham Occleshaw
  • Great Western Railway - #BringBackTheBuffet
    Great Western Railway (GWR) has started the roll out of its new Intercity Express Trains servicing various routes including long distance ones such London to Penzance and London to South Wales. Despite GWR’s claims that the new trains provide passengers with ‘more space, more comfort’, its actions tell a different story. With a total disregard for the passenger experience, GWR has removed the buffet car from its new trains. On-train buffets provide passengers (who often travelling long journeys) with a proper catering service that has the option of hot meals and can be accessed at their convenience. When the trains were in design, the RMT consistently warned the Government and GWR that the removal of the buffet car would lead to a deterioration in the service for passengers. Despite this, GWR has ploughed ahead and replaced it with a trolley service, which of course can only provide passengers with a much more limited choice. Coupled with passenger concerns about the lack of comfort in the new trains , it is clear that GWR has chosen profit over the passenger experience. This is despite the fact that rail passengers in the UK pay the highest rail fares in Europe. The publically owned LNER franchise, which operates the East Coast mainline, is also introducing a new fleet of the same Intercity Express Trains – however, a key difference is that all of the new LNER trains retain the buffet car. This makes it clear that the lack of a buffet service in the GWR trains is purely down to a lack of will on the part of GWR. The dedicated GWR catering staff rightly recognise that their passengers deserve a proper catering service on the new trains and therefore the RMT is demanding that GWR reinstates the buffet car in all of its Intercity Express Trains without delay. Furthermore, to safeguard the provision of the buffet service on the Greater Western route, the Department for Transport (DfT) must ensure that future franchise contracts specify a requirement for the buffet car. Please sign this petition and share it widely as part of the campaign to #BringBackTheBuffet
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    Created by Sophie Ward
  • Traffic lights for Carley/Thompson road junction in Sunderland.
    Tonight there has been a bad car crash on this awful junction. The lack of lights on this junction leads to daily near misses on an incredibly busy cross roads and it is only time before somebody is killed. It is essential pressure is put on the City Council to install these lights and also to ensure that they are not able to claim that they were unaware of the problems on this junction. If they fail to deal with the issues on this junction they need to be aware that local voters will hold them responsible for their failure to keep local people safe.
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    Created by Phillip Turton
  • Speed bumps save lives
    For years we’ve been waiting for the road to be made safer. No one sticks to the 20mph speed limit and there have been numerous crashes due to people driving wreckless around the blind corner. Sandy Lane is a very busy road! There are lots of children and elderly residents who live close by that frequent the park and shop. Due to people totally ignoring the speed limit and there being no speed camera to monitor the traffic, I strongly believe the road and residents would benefit from speed bumps. If drivers won’t willingly slow down then put safety measures in place! It was only three days ago that ANOTHER crash happened outside my kitchen window! And last year our beautiful kitty was ran over by a wreckless speeding driver. I know I’m not alone in wanting the council to do something to make where we live safer so please help me by signing as it will help everyone else.
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    Created by Amy Myers
  • Heathfield Railway Bridge Repairs
    The A596 is a main artery through North Cumbria. For 5 months the Heathfield Railway Bridge has had a single lane light controlled traffic flow resulting with inconvenient delays. With the news report of at least another 2 months of disruption it's time to sign this petition as so that the appropriate departments take action to eleviate this unnecessary inconvenience to residents.
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    Created by Mike Little Picture
  • 20mph speed limit in Catbrook
    The spped limit on these rural roads is currently 60mph. we want the council to introduce a sensible limit to ensure safety of all residents and visitors.
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  • Reinstate the train line between Kings Lynn and Norwich
    The roads in Norfolk are getting ever more crowded leading to long delays for commuters, frequent traffic jams, increasing air pollution and road traffic accidents. A regular train service will help reduce motorised road traffic, and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; it will enable more people to use bicycles at either end of their train commute which in turn will improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress levels and result in greater productivity by enabling working en route and reduced travel time. A trainline will improve connectivity between Norwich and towns in West Norfolk such as Swaffham, Downham Market and Kings Lynn, making it accessible to many more people, not just to those with cars - giving a much needed boost to the region's economy.
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    Created by Pallavi Devulapalli
  • To limit the extent of bus fare increases on Humber Fastcat
    Many users are low income or apprentices that have this as the only means of travel
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    Created by Mike Young
  • Resolve Bus Shelter situation outside Gym, Gosforth High Street
    Up to 90 buses per hour use Gosforth High Street. Passengers have put up with no shelter for over two years outside the Gym. The current situation is confusing, with two obsolete bus shelters either side of the current bus stop. Passengers often get wet through to the skin whilst waiting for a bus. Others shelter in the obsolete shelters and have to run for the bus. Some don’t get there in time.
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    Created by Peter Lovatt
  • Limit local bus drivers’ working hours (Rowan’s Law)
    Seven-year old Rowan Fitzgerald was travelling back on the X18 bus having watched his beloved Coventry City FC play when the bus he was travelling in crashed into a shop in Coventry City Centre. The crash killed the seven-year-old from Leamington Spa, as well as 76-year-old Dora Hancox from Nuneaton. Many, many more could have been killed or seriously injured were it not for the swift, brave actions of a local man. The fact that the driver had been driving 70+ hour weeks for 3 weeks leading up to the crash was undoubtedly the critical factor that led to this accident and on the day of the incident he agreed voluntarily to work a further 8-10 hour shift. He was 77 years old. However, this is presently entirely legal under British law, as local bus drivers are not subject to the same working hour regulations as long-distance bus drivers or lorry drivers. This tragedy could have been avoided, potentially, if driving hours for local bus drivers were capped at 56 hours a week, and no more than 90 hours over any two consecutive weeks, as it already is for long distance bus drivers and HGV drivers. It is imperative that we do everything we can to help protect people using buses, as well as pedestrians in our town and city centres – two more lives cannot be lost the next time a bus driver is asked to work too many hours than is safe or an individual driver chooses to work excessive hours.
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  • We want the number 28 bus and Dave to stay!
    Lots of people use it, young, old and in between. It goes to the hospital at one end, school at the other and people who don’t have cars need to get there. It’s a happy service and we would not like to get a grumpy driver. We were very nervous about starting big school but it has made our journey much easier.
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    Created by Sammi Moorfield
  • Electric Cars Shouldn't cost any more than Petrol Cars
    Why should the public bear the cost of pollution? The Government is being fined to breaching pollution laws , the cost of the fines could help pay for economical electric cars. Reducing carbon pollution will not just help save the planet but will save many lives from the toxic diesel & petrol emissions. The Government is not doing enough to tackle pollution.
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