• Halt the sale of all land purchased for HS2.
    Over a decade of cross party support, including members of the current Government Cabinet, have said that HS2 is vital to share prosperity across England and across the other countries that make Great Britain. There have been billions spent in reports, surveys, compulsory purchases and planning to make this levelling up a reality. At the Conservative Party Conference Rishi Sunak made the rare decision that united in anger both business leaders and environmentalists by cancelling HS2 North of Birmingham. This is a nationally important piece of infrastructure that will take decades to build and deliver centuries of gain. It should not be a decision made by one Prime Minister at a conference.
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    Created by Joshua Sanders
  • GWR - Keep Our Vital Train Services Running
    GWR's revised timetable from December 2023 for the Banbury to Oxford line removes two of the most vital commuting services for the intermediate stations Kings Sutton, Heyford and Tackley. These services are used every day by many workers and schoolchildren – not just from these villages but from the surrounding areas. Specifically, these are the morning service which arrives into Oxford at 0905, and the evening service which leaves Oxford at 1755. These trains are very well used, and are the services which are most closely aligned with an average person's working day, so this seems an extraordinary change to make. The re-timing of the services mean that (for Heyford) there are trains at 0741 and 0955 in the morning but no other trains stopping in between – meaning that there are no trains available at the key times many people need to travel to work. In the evening there are return services leaving Oxford at 1653 and 1859, but again nothing in between. This would result in a significantly longer working day for many, and if this change goes ahead, many of the affected people from these areas will inevitably end up driving instead (if they are able to), meaning additional cars on the road. These train services that fit with the working day are vital for people in living in Oxfordshire villages – help us continue being able to use public transport for our daily commutes, and avoid unnecessary car journeys. After signing the petition, please also consider lodging a complaint by contacting GWR Customer Services directly at G[email protected] and let them know how you will be affected.
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    Created by John-Paul Clough
  • Free Tamar Tag
    With the abolition of HS2, the government have promised to reinvest in other areas of transport. The (much larger) Severn road bridge, as an essential transport arterie ,has been made free for motorists for years. Many people rely on the Tamar bridge to commute every day. It is also the route to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, which serves Cornwall as well. The Bridge is self funding without any help from the Government. Is it not now time, that in line with other main traffic routes, the bridge was made free for local users? There is already a "Tamar Tag" system in .place that offers a discounted automatic drive through option which could be modified for local users. At it is, the toll is an unfair tax on the people of Devon and in particular Cornwall and it's time it was abolished.
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    Created by Simon A Hordley
  • Save Our Arriva Buses
    The disabled, people needing public transport to work and the elderly who need regular hospital appointments but don't own a car
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    Created by Ceri Jones
  • Make petrol prices cheaper in Barnsley
    We want to lower the prices of petrol across Barnsley. The country is in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, and Barnsley residents are some of the hardest-hit. By signing the petition, we hope those responsible will finally take notice.
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    Created by Jack Tolson
  • Save our Barry to Penarth 88 bus service!
    The number 88 is a vital service to those caring after sick children at Ty Hafren Children's hospice. The local Green party believe that if we are ever going to tackle both the Climate and Nature emergencies, then more local bus services not less need to be supported...for the sake of the common good.
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    Created by Barry Green Party Picture
  • Buses for Passengers not Profit - Rutherglen and Hamilton West
    Buses should be run for passengers, not profits. The N18 and N267 are vital for local people working in Glasgow's hospitality sector, who will now be forced to change job or pay for a taxi to get home from work. In addition to retaining these services, we need wholesale reform of our transport system, including the creation of a publicly owned bus network - one that puts passengers before profit. This won't just be good for people that currently use the bus, it'll also help small businesses and the wider economy.
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  • Clear our pavements of dumped electric bikes
    London's pavements are now awash with dumped electric bicycles. They make pavements annoying for pedestrians, they make them impossible to navigate for anyone in a wheelchair or with a pram. Walk down any major London street and you'll now find yourself running a gauntlet of e-bike obstacles (Lime, Human Forest, etc etc etc), it's getting out of hand. The electric bike companies' business models seem to rely on this chaos they create "disrupting the market". So we're signing this petition to push our Mayor to do something about it. If money is the only motivator for these companies then start fining them each time a bike is dumped in an inappropriate place. Perhaps there could even be a cash bounty for people if they spot a dumped bike blocking a pavement?
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  • Save the 91 Saturday bus service!
    A service has been in existence on this route for well over 50 years but use has declined because of a reduced service and increased fares. It is a vital lifeline for many residents. The removal of this service will leave villages without access to facilities on the weekend. This includes swimming pools, parks, residential care homes, sports facilities, libraries, shops, etc. It will adversely affect the aging populations in the villages along the route, as well as preventing younger people from travelling to Hadleigh, Sudbury and Ipswich by themselves. Young families may choose to live elsewhere leading to an older, ageing population. The result will be to increase the frequency of private car use in already heavily congested market towns and reduce the footfall to the shops and businesses both there and in the villages along the route. It will lead to people, both young and old, being unable to stay in their villages and help increase the current decline in the vibrancy of them. Even if you aren’t affected by the 91, or even in Suffolk, please sign our petition to help us make a stand against vanishing rural bus services everywhere. Help keep our communities alive!
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    Created by John Hopes
  • Park Lane Havering: 20mph and Zebra Crossing
    This is important for: - safety including of children on their way to school and play - to promote active travel for health and to reduce air pollution - to promote use of the local park lane shops
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    Created by Siobhan Dennehy
  • Winchburgh Train Station Campaign
    A new Winchburgh station is a vital missing link which will give Winchburgh people direct access to national train services. You can read more about why it is important below. Growing Population: Winchburgh has been experiencing population growth in recent years. As the population increases, the demand for efficient transportation options also rises. A railway station would provide residents with improved access to public transportation, making it easier for them to commute to work, school, or other destinations. Connectivity: Winchburgh's current transportation infrastructure is limited. A railway station would connect the village to the broader rail network, enabling residents to travel to nearby towns and cities more easily. This enhanced connectivity can have positive effects on the local economy by attracting businesses, promoting tourism, and facilitating trade. Commuting to Edinburgh and Glasgow: Winchburgh is situated between the major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, both of which are significant economic and cultural hubs. A railway station in Winchburgh would provide residents with a convenient transportation option for commuting to these cities for work, education, or leisure activities. This can reduce road congestion, encourage sustainable travel, and enhance overall regional connectivity. Development and Regeneration: Winchburgh is currently undergoing significant development and regeneration projects. The construction of a railway station can be part of these initiatives, serving as an essential infrastructure component to support the planned growth. It can attract new residents, businesses, and investments to the area, creating a more vibrant and sustainable community. Environmental Considerations: Promoting sustainable transportation options is becoming increasingly important to mitigate the environmental impact of commuting. By introducing a railway station, Winchburgh can encourage more people to use public transport instead of relying on private vehicles. This can help reduce carbon emissions, air pollution, and overall traffic congestion in the region. Sue Webber MSP will continue to work with the Scottish Government and West Lothian council to make this project a priority.
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    Created by Sue Webber MSP
  • Reinstate Hard Shoulders on Smart Motorways for Safety
    This needs supporting, because enough motorists have been killed already due to the unsafe design of Smart Motorways with nowhere to safely stop in an emergency.
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    Created by Alec Butler