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To: Hertfordshire County Council

20s Plenty for Hertfordshire

20s Plenty for Hertfordshire

We are campaigning for Hertfordshire County Council to set mandatory 20mph default speed limits in all residential areas ‘where pedestrians and cyclists mix with motor cars’. therefore safeguarding all residents and communities.
Therefore honouring the 20mph/30km/h default speed limit endorsed by the United Nations the WHO and road safety organisations from around the world.
The Stockholm Declaration mandate - 18 resolutions to cut global road deaths by 2030 (February 2020) agreed by the UN General Assembly, the WHO and Global ministers from 140 countries including the UK..

Why is this important?

Our campaign has uncovered many of our supporters living in communities blighted by speeding and excessive traffic noise and pollution. They have real fears for the safety of their loved ones, leading to poor mental health and impacting on their quality of life.

Many of us live in towns and villages that are not equipped for the huge increases of speeding and heavy polluting traffic,
Hertfordshire County Council advocate walking and cycling to schools and walks for wellbeing how is this possible when Hertfordshire roads are so dangerous?

Why adopt 20mph?

20mph default speed limits reduce serious road injuries and death rates.

>70% of residents want 20mph default limits this grows when mandatory.

20 million people in the UK already live in areas with 20mph default speed limits, where local authorities have rejected 30mph as a default limit.

20mph default speed limits marry safety and sustainability (Stockholm Declaration, 2020)
therefore improving health and wellbeing from a cleaner environment and more active lifestyles.

Medical experts are calling for 20mph default speed limits as they ‘lower the baseline‘ for NHS demand by reducing the NHS load.

Please go to our national site for further information

Hertfordshire, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • We are the Digswell branch of 20s Plenty for Hertfordshire and we are sick of speeding, selfish drivers using our village as a rat run and putting our lives at risk.
  • This is long overdue. There are man successful 20 zones already in the UK proven to be beneficial and affordable to implement. This needs to go ahead asap
  • To reduce speed and make our home a nice safe place to live


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