• Save Lionmede Park toilets in Chelmsford
    Chelmsford Council have had to close the public toilets in Lionmede park. They need to repair the underground waste pipes that have become damaged by the roots of nearby trees. BUT they've told us they won't do this EVER unless they see public support. Please show the Council that we want the toilet facilities re-opened for good. It is the only park nearby with toilets. It also has a kids play area, tennis courts, benches, picnic tables, goal posts and dog waste bins. Access to clean, hygienic toilets fulfils an important requirement for health and well-being, social inclusion and public decency. So many people locally benefit from those toilets being open including parents and children in the neighbourhood, older people living nearby, local people with a disability or health conditions such as IBS and prostate issues, pregnant ladies, dogwalkers, local childminders and local holiday clubs. A lack of access to public toilets can put people off visiting the park. For some this can lead to social isolation, and spending too much time indoors can lead to a lack of vitamin D that can cause skeletal deformities and poor development in children. The Lionmede park toilets are also used by people on their way into town from further afield if they're on foot or cycling. Knowing there are facilities on the way into town can make people feel more confident about using sustainable travel rather than getting in the car. Public urination has already become a problem in the park since the toilets have been closed, with children regularly observed relieving themselves in the bushes. It's a sad sight for people that want to build a better community for the next generation. The toilets at Lionmede Park even have a parking space, which is useful for local taxi drivers, ice cream van drivers and delivery drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicles and struggle to park in the city centre for a quick break. 6 of the 13 public toilets across Chelmsford have been closed by the Council in the since 2012. There is no shop next to the park that could form part of a community toilet access scheme. Having those toilets open is important to ensure the park and the community continues to thrive. You can stop this from happening here. Please show your support!
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    Created by Claire Styles
  • Save The Stables!
    If this application is approved, it will seriously threaten the future of The Stables, one of the UK's most popular and successful music venues. Founded by the world-renowned jazz musicians Sir John Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine almost 50 years ago, The Stables (registered charity 261645) has welcomed many of the world's leading artists and performers to its stages. In addition to more than 400 concerts each year, it offers a wide-ranging programme of educational workshops and courses to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to develop their musical skills. Its dedicated team of more than 250 volunteers was recently honored with the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. The Stables also produces IF: Milton Keynes International Festival, one of the UK's fastest-growing arts festivals. If the proposed housing development is approved by Milton Keynes Council, previous protections which had been hard fought for will disappear, leading to the possibilty of noise complaints from residents of the new homes and ultimately to the closure of this much-loved cultural asset. We need to make the Council fully aware of the local, regional and national support for The Stables and also of the strong opposition to any housing development that threatens its future. Please sign this petition today and ensure your voice is heard loud and clear!
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    Created by Matthew Sanders
  • No TV Licence Payment for over 75 year olds.
    Tv is often the main if not only source of company and entertainment for people over 75. This is the 'resilient generation' HM Queen Elizabeth spoke of at the D-day remembrance ceremony recently who made so many sacrifices in World War Two on our behalf. They often don't claim pension credit even if they are entitled to it, such is their pride. To make them pay the TV Licence is iniquitous especially in view of the enormous salaries paid to BBC executives and presenters. The BBC needs to rethink it's priorities budget-wise and the govt. needs to fund this important social service to elderly citizens.
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    Created by Rita Rees Picture
  • Install a safety Zebra Crossing on harbour road Seaton
    Hello, My name is Jay Cross, and I am a resident in Seaton. It has become very apparent that on harbour road directly outside the premier inn, many of the guests there and locals attempt to cross the road to access the road leading to the seafront opposite. The nearest zebra crossing is not until Darty’s Tattoo Studio, which for some elderly and young families with pushchairs etc this can be problematic as it is a bit of a walk. (To some of us able bodied younger individuals, this is no problem, but as Seaton is a older town, this is a problem). I was wondering if there was anything we could to to put in an application to get a zebra crossing installed directly opposite the premier inn bridge to the other side of the road? This is the direct link to the sea front for those guests that use the premier inn to access it, and for those locals in this end of the town. Many times I have seen people waiting long periods of time, near misses and so on on this part of the road. Unfortunately, people will cross where people will cross, and this being a hotspot will continue to cause problems. I would hate to see a fatality due to the road lay out here. Likewise, cars drive very fast along harbour road, and perhaps a zebra crossing traffic management system would help to ease this issue and make our town safer for everyone. Thank you for your time in reading this email, I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. All the best, Jay Cross Seaton Resident
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  • Ask Chelsea FC to reimburse the Arab man who's cafe the fans destroyed.
    Football clubs need to take some responsibility for the action of their fans.
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  • Preserve & Restore Witham Town Park Railings!
    The railings around Witham Town Park have been in place since it was first opened for the benefit of Witham residents in 1900. The park and the railings are an important part of Witham's history. In fact, as part of a park which is within a Conservation Area, they are a Heritage Asset. They also: -- Make the park a safer place for users of all ages; -- Enable the Council to shut and lock the park at night if required; -- Make the park ideal for community events (such as the Witham Carnival), as it is easy to implement security measures due to it being fully enclosed. Sadly however, despite being a Heritage Asset, the railings are currently at risk in two ways: 1) They have been badly neglected and, as a result, in places they are in a poor state of repair. 2) Bellway Homes intend to remove them as part of their development plan for the Gimsons site. We believe that removing them would be a disaster for the people of Witham and could ultimately spell the end of some of our community events. We are therefore asking Braintree District Council to not only protect the railings, but to give them the proper care and attention they need to survive. --------------------------------------------------------------------- To learn more about our activities and/or make a donation to our fighting fund, please see our website at: https://www.heartofwitham.co.uk
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  • Keep Beechgrove Garden On Air
    A show which has celebrated 40 years of popularity and still attracts viewers worldwide should not be removed from our screens during the peak season for gardeners. Their announced gap of almost 2 months is completely unacceptable! During these worrying times of environmental crises a programme encouraging gardening, growing, respect for nature, and teaching people to 'grow their own' is needed more than ever. The claims by BBC Scotland that investment will be going into social media is entirely pointless. None of us pay our licence fees for social media. Return this much loved institution to it's rightful place on BBC2 (where viewers can find it) and, most importantly, ensure it's broadcast every week during late Spring and through Summer.
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  • Not Prostitutes but Sex Workers
    The terms "prostitute", "whore" and "hooker", to name but a few, are out-dated and judgemental. Sexual services are, and have for millennia, been used for by a wide spectrum of people, from those in the highest echelons of society to the most "ordinary" person. The people who provide sexual services have the right to be respected and recognised, and not judged. They should be universally known as "sex workers" to reflect what they really do.
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  • Renovate the derelict building in West Park Jarrow
    We want to show the council that we are not happy for them to demolish a part of our history!! West Park Community Group are a relatively new group who put on local events in Jarrow Park to combat social isolation, bring people together, endeavour to increase the members of the other groups in the park by showing what's on offer and to raise funds for the parks continued regeneration. Members of the group were originally told that the council would gift the brick building if the funds could be found to 'put a roof on it'. The group members raised enough money to do this by holding music based events, coffee mornings as well as approaching the local community's and businesses for event sponsorship. When the group contacted the local council they advised that the 'gifting of the building' was news to them and that the brick building was going to be demolished. However the group could look at putting a wooden structure in its place. The group have continued to fundraise with a view to ensuring that there is a building in the park that can be used for people to use and ensure that there are accessible toilets and we are continuing to petition the council to retain the building rather than knock it down. The brick building has been and is part of the landscape of the park and a wooden replacement will have a detrimental visual impact on the landscape. The group have a number of quotes for the renovation work and a new structure and the renovation plan is the most cost effective. The Group already have the funds to put the roof on, would and continue to fundraise as well as 'call in' all the offers of help to fully renovate the building. Making this a true community project. Additionally the brick building is part of the 'fabric' of the park and if renovated will restore the aesthetic balance to the landscape. The plan is for this renovation to be a true community project with local people coming on board to do 'their bit' for their local award winning park. The building will have accessible toilets, multi use open space and a kitchen. The building will be for community use and to facilitate fundraising events to maintain the regeneration of the park and the continuation of the community events. How amazing would it be to see this building done up and sit and watch the bowling out of one side and the kids playing in the Muga out of the other. To have accessible toilets, to have a lovely space to meet friends, hold meetings, hire out for community activities, for school children to come a have as a classroom in the park; the uses are endless.
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    Created by West Park Community Group
  • Bring back the Judith Kerr postbox to Barnes as a permanent memorial to the much loved writer
    One of the ways Judith Kerr was celebrated during her lifetime was with the decoration of a postbox near her home in Barnes. To mark World Book Day in March 2019, the Royal Mail decorated four postboxes across the UK honouring the most popular British children's authors. The transformation of the box only lasted one month but we're campaigning to have the postbox permanently decorated. Judith Kerr was one of the UK's most beloved children's authors. Her books from The Tiger Who Came to Tea, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Mog the cat stories have been read by generations of children across the world. After escaping from Nazi Germany as a child in the 1930s she decided life was not for wasting and she was working as an illustrator and author right up until the time she died aged 95. She is a hugely important figure and deserves a permanent monument. She was thrilled when the Royal Mail decorated a postbox in her honour and it would be a fitting memorial if they were to allow the postbox to be permanently decorated with her illustrations.
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    Created by The Barnes Village Bugle
  • Stop Bristol CC injunction against Nicky (sits outside Gloucester Rd Sainsbury's)
    Nicky is part of the Gloucester Road Sainsbury's' furniture. She sits outside peacefully trying to make her way in life. Nicky tells me that the council plan to enforce an injunction meaning that she cannot sit outside Sainsbury's anymore. Bristol City Council should spend the money that would be spent on an injunction, on housing services to help people like Nicky rather than isolate them. I feel this is wrong and if you feel this way too I urge you to sign this petition in support of Nicky.
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  • Allow iconic song to be played during wedding processional
    As a life long Neighbours fan I feel it only fitting that Scott and Carlene's wedding processional 'Suddenly' by Angry Anderson be played. Neighbours isn't even a guilty pleasure for me (clearly!) I have only missed one episode of Neighbours in my life, and that was because my boyfriend accidentally recorded over it in the early 2000's. Please sign this petition. My husband to be is completely confident that I won't get any signitures, let alone 10,000. Please prove him wrong. Neighbours fans, please unite and help me! (And yes I know this isn't a petition about saving the planet or Brexit) but hey, makes a change to have something light!
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