• Protect our community!
    Elswick is an area which has been forgotten by Newcastle City Council, we have been branded an area which needs regeneration. The anti social behaviour and crime rates are already problematic. Within the near by vacinity of the premises, we have a park, schools, places of worship; and granting this licence would no doubt have a detrimental effect on all these places. The reason that licences are applied for are so that there is a tighter control in order to prevent crime and anti social behaviour, however the approval of the premises licence for Newcastle Backpackers will no doubt have the opposite result. The licence will permit alcohol to be sold for consumption on and off the premises from 11am until 11pm with the additional application that resident can bring back guests and consume alcohol 24 hours a day. As immediate neighbours we already deal with noise nuisance, racial abuse, litter and general antisocial behaviour daily. Granting this licence will no doubt cause a rise in antisocial behaviour and crime thus putting even more of a strain on our Police force. In addition the premises does not have any off street parking, residents of the nearby streets already suffer from people parking in front of their homes, so they have no place to park, we already suffer from people drinking on the streets and in the park, people already feel scared to walk through these streets. Recently a 46 year old gentleman was attacked, and sadly died from his injuries, at the Chesterfield Pub which is only along the street and is owned by the same person as Newcastle Backpackers, with a Premises licence comes an additional duty of care and neither of these Premises have any security to control any potential antisocial behaviour. We have a duty of care for our neighbours and our community as a whole, we hope that you stand behind our opposition to this licence being granted and help us by signing! Thank you.
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  • Honour original plan for Portobello Skatepark
    The promised new park offers an exceptional and unique opportunity to provide something new and different for younger people in our community. At present, there are facilities for many groups in the surrounding area including a variety of playparks for the very young and walking, running and cycling options for people and dogs in both parks and at the beach. People in their teenage years and young adults have fewer outdoor options than most groups but are just as deserving of facilities to meet their needs. We need to stop and consider what is most important for our growing population, to respond to their needs and to ensure that Council-made promises are kept to demonstrate good faith and to make social inclusion a reality.
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    Created by Tom Maley
  • List College Farm, Finchley, London on the Community Asset Register
    College Farm in Finchley, North London is one of the very few genuine farms in the capital. It was established over 150 years ago by the Express Dairy and many of the original buildings still exist. Three are listed by Historic England as being buildings of great historical or artistic value and have official protection to prevent them from being changed or destroyed. Many adults in North London will have fond memories of visiting the farm as a child with their parents or school. In recent years the farm has not been open to the public, and a group of concerned residents from Finchley are worried that the farm might one day be sold and lost to the community forever. Listing the farm as an Asset of Community Value will give the community the chance to bid for the farm should it ever come on to the market. A decision will be made on March 7th so we need the help of as many people as we can find to convince the Council that this is a worthy campaign.
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  • Save Midlothian Music Tuition
    Music bring so many benefits to so many people and the ability to learn an instument at school is critical in protecting our cultural heritage
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  • Save our 60 columns in total, all old Victorian Street Lights.
    TDC need to take action and restore these old Victorian Street Lamps and look at prioritising certain tourism assets in Clacton
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  • Save Our Local Liden Swindon Tesco Post Office
    Local residents from Liden, Eldene and closeby ward neighbours use the post office for personnel and business post and the elderly for pensions. It is inside Tesco so more shoppers. It is a community hub and a place of business. There are many other public services there. Parents collect their children from Liden Primary school and meet near there.
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  • Say NO to spending £660,000 on York 'brand'
    With so many cuts to local spending during the recent years of austerity, it seems quixotic, disingenuous and irresponsible to be splashing out on something that we already have (Make it York). We already have a 'brand' our Yorkshire Rose and our reputation is enough to encourage people and trade to come to our city; "In 2018 York was named Britain’s best place to live by the Sunday Times and best city for architecture in the world by Condé Nast Traveller magazine." (Chloe Laversuch, The Press, 7th January 2019). We also have the injection of Ultra Fibre broadband, the first in the country, to attract further business to our city! I believe York could benefit more by having the money spent on another, more needed, area e.g., housing, environmental issues, public services, education, the homeless in our community... Let's make York even more of a place to be proud of, by leading the way in the things that really matter to everyone sharing this beautiful city! Make it York https://www.makeityork.com/invest/ https://youtu.be/BRsPPIFljHM https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=q7_iFYS0NpE
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  • For the sake of Nature and People... protect our street trees now!
    We are losing our street/urban trees at an alarming rate. Yet these trees are vitally important to making our urban spaces pleasant and tolerable. Trees in our urban communities have a number of environmental, social and ecological benefits: * Are vital for improving air quality by the production of oxygen and the absorbtion of air pollution. * Controls flooding by intercepting and soaking up rainfall. * Contribute to reducing climate change. * Helping to reduce noise pollution. * Provides vital food and habitat for our struggling wildlife. * Provide shade and cooling during summer heat waves. We understand that local government is under great financial pressure so we need to send a message to our Councillors that our street/urban trees are a priority for local people.
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  • Officially change Henman Hill to Murray Mound
    The majority of sporting venues throughout the world recognise their greatest champions. I know Wimbledon is different in that it sticks with tradition and would never rename the courts. I however believe this would be a way showing support and appreciation for what Andy has brought to British tennis over the past decade or so.
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  • Save Sweet Tree fields Farm, Marsh Lane , Mill Hill
    This is a local farm one that has been around for many years, it is a wonderful place to visit and is an asset to the area, it is a farm that is warm and friendly , it is a joy to visit, I cannot imagine the area without Sweet Tree farm and to lose this wonderful resource would be a big loss to the community, we should be saving places like this , they will soon be a thing of the past, if we keep letting bureaucracy shut these places down
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    Created by Susan Roberts
  • Southampton FC: Ditch single use plastic
    By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our seas. But Premier League football clubs still give our hundreds of thousands of single use plastic items every single matchday. Plastic cups, straws, stirrers, bags, they all end up clogging up our oceans and filling landfills. Football supporters shouldn't be forced to contribute to plastic pollution, just because they want a drink or some food at a match.
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  • Hibernian FC: Ditch single use plastic
    By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our seas. But Scottish Premiership football clubs still give out thousands of single use plastic items every single matchday. Plastic cups, straws, stirrers, bags, they all end up clogging up our oceans and filling landfills. Football supporters shouldn't be forced to contribute to plastic pollution, just because they want a drink or some food at a match.
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