• Seaburn Tram Shelter - no change of use.
    Seaburn tram shelter is of local and national significance. It has been part of the local Seaburn /Roker coastal landscape since 1901. The building is grade ll listed by Historic England, described as an ‘elegant and attractive’ example of architecture. The locals have taken the building to their hearts; it’s a free space to take shelter, it evokes personal stories and is a much loved ornamental building that serves a community purpose. We do not support the plan to change the tram shelter into a cafe as there are lots of traders already offering a range of food and drink on the Seaburn / Roker seafront. We need free space to take shelter.
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    Created by Allison Hicks
  • Give Mace Windu a Disney+ Series
    It’s important in this time of darkness to give us as much light as we can.
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    Created by Grant Tarbard
  • More transparency in our estate fees and completion of meadow
    Residents have no idea how their money is spent. Fees are increasing, with little to show for the charges.
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    Created by Faye Shardlow
  • Make Church Lane, Melbourne/Thornton a non vehicle through road.
    It would allow more people to use the lane and enjoy walking, cycling, riding, jogging etc without the danger, noise and interruption of vehicles. Wild life would be able to flourish
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    Created by Rachael Gospodarczyk
  • Stop the enclosure of Beacon Hill Nature Reserve Rottingdean in perpetuity.
    The agreement of 2010 will be broken should the new Ranger at BHCC go ahead with his plans to erect a stock fence on the northern side of the reserve. If his plans go ahead then there is nothing to stop future Rangers grazing the reserve without the use of electric fences in sections and in doing so denying residents somewhere to walk their dogs livestock free. Over the years the grazing of the sheep has already, and without involving local residents, gone from 3 months of the year to 6 months if not more of the year. The resulting large amount of sheep faeces has made large areas of the reserve paths not nice to walk on for a long period of time. The extended grazing time has been identified by The Friends of Beacon Hills own expert in the annual report as detrimental.
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    Created by Dawn Jones
  • Boston skatepark night lights
    This is important so that people can ride after work, after school or at night if they feel like it.
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    Created by Kirils Grosevs
  • More of the LGBTQ+ flags in the emoji gallery
    Because it is more inclusive and can include nearly everybody. It can give recognition to the different people in the LGBTQ+ community.
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    Created by Tiana Watters
  • Save Our Boats
    Bridgwater Docks is a unique environment and the boating community brings life and purpose to the docks which is hugely valued by everyone within the town. If this listed site is abandoned and left to decay will eventually become unsafe and an eyesore in the area and for the community. We, the undersigned, therefore feel strongly that the boats must remain in Bridgwater Docks and ask that Somerset County Council instruct Canal and Rivers Trust to rescind their notice to boat owners to move their boats by 31st January 2021. Until all other avenues have been exhausted.
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    Created by Tim Gilbert Picture
  • Save the Desford
    Reid and Sigrist made two aeroplanes, one of them survives, and only just as it was almost burned following its time providing the Royal Aircraft Establishment with pioneering research. That survivor is the Desford - named after the Leicestershire town where it was designed, developed, built and flown. It stopped flying at airshows and events across the UK during the 1970s, but, in 2018, it flew for the first time in around four decades. It has flown nearly 10 hours with a short test flight away from receiving its permit to fly and making appearances at airshows once more. However, Leciestershire County Council want to abandon all that hard work and give the Desford to a museum in Nottinghamshire.
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    Created by Rebecca Tyers
  • Third South Park Game
    The gaming community loves the games, the South Park fans love the games. South Park is such a legendary show & the games capture all of its glory brilliantly. With the two titles there's so much fun to be had & to have a third title to really cap it off just seems so important.
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    Created by Dan Gurr
  • Save kent street skatepark
    North east lincolnshire council has ignored the action sports community in grimsby for years and their actions speak louder than words. I’ve grown up skateboarding this area and all i’ve seen is more and more facilities taken away from us. Years ago they already stopped taking responsibility for the skatepark, it hasn’t had lights for over 5 years and I can’t ever remember the bins not being broken yet they claim they spend £3000 a year maintaining the site? As of this year we are left with three skateparks in all of grimsby and cleethorpes. The first being trinity road skatepark. The council has long abandoned this site with the lights also not being in working order for 5+ years, it is now privately owned by the boxing centre that took over the old youth club building (which was also abandoned around the same time) The second being the private owned indoors skatepark ‘ghettopark’ which costs £8 for 2 hours use. The third and final is kent street, our last remaining free to use skatepark for the whole area of grimsby and cleethorpes and the council want to demolish it. In a year like 2020 full of so many negatives the one beaming light I’ve witnessed over this year is the amount of youths picking up a skateboard this year and spending more time exercising, it’s so amazing to see. There isn’t a time where these facilities are more desperately needed than now.
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    Created by Jay Beatty
  • Save the Twentieth Century Fox Sign in Soho Square
    Soho's connections with the UK film industry run deep and this sign an important historical artefact linking Soho with that industry going back many decades. Damage has already been done to the now unoccupied building on the south side of Soho Square with Royal London failing to protect this historic building and allowing it to fall into disrepair so that it can pursue its plans for demolition.
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    Created by Tim Lord Picture