• Save our Community Centre!
    To date, we haven't been given sufficient opportunity to put forward an alternative vision and we need your support to show the strength of feeling there is to keep this vital community asset rather than it being sold off. This will see another community space lost, like many others in recent years. We are working together to campaign to keep the site open and develop new facilities, including ones which will support people on low incomes, maintain low cost community space and address the climate crisis. Join us in supporting our campaign to keep this space in the hands of the community.
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    Created by Tom Renhard
  • Light Up Lewes Skatepark
    Research says young people need at least an hour of exercise a day to stay healthy. After school, the skatepark is an ideal place to exercise. Lewes skatepark has a friendly, inclusive community and welcomes kids of all abilities and backgrounds. It gives young people who don’t usually access sport facilities a healthy and positive activity
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    Created by Max Crowley
  • Youth Centre for Southend
    I feel that the age group between 11 and 17 are becoming really bad in the Southend area due to a mix of things: Drugs, County Lines gangs pressured into doing things they don't want to do, along with many other bad things that they shouldn't be subjected to. I feel that if we had a building with the right people in there - some from support work backgrounds, people that can provide confidential one-to-one or even group sessions - we would be able to offer real support and advice to the local youth. I'd say there are a lot of vulnerable people out there that won't speak out or seek advice. But having the right place to make those people feel comfortable, where they can come down and get involved in activities such as indoor football/pool tables/computers/films etc. along with educational programs and access to help and guidance for a better life future to be pointed in the right direction would be beneficial. Of course each person would be monitored inside assessed spoken to. It would be a place where they can open up with no judgement and give them the best possible advice for moving forward - and when anything severe arises or that is a big concern, information can be collected and passed on to the right department to look into and solve. In reality when one young person is in a bad place and at a loose end they won't seek help via adults services as they feel they will get into trouble or look weak. Whereas going through as what they would see as a mate at the centre a fun understanding normal day to day person that they build a repor with outside of the public service ie uniform . Give young people a safe environment and they will open up. Provide the right services and people - social workers/mental health assessors/job centres and advisers - to help find work and get on the right track, supported by friendly staff and in a space where they can enjoy themselves (with games etc.) It's all about our next generation. And as we can all see, the up and coming generation seem to be increasingly lost too soon, with no interest in drive or progression in life.
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    Created by Nicholas Stratton
  • Petition for getting Mangrove Restaurant listed as a heritage building
    The Mangrove was a hub of black resistance in 1970. Activists organised a march to protest police harassment but were arrested for incitement to riot. The trial of the Mangrove 9 led to the first Judicial admission of police racism in Britain. The building should be preserved and memorialised as a place of historic interest. This petition will be sent to English Heritage to support the application for listed status. Help to support the application to English Heritage. Black British history is an integral part of British history and must not be marginalised.
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    Created by claire Robey
  • Create a new permanent bank holiday
    Bank holidays bring us together: A day when we can connect with friends, families and our local community. A day when things slow down a bit and we can take a breath. This year we have been given an extra Bank Holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee - 70 years of incredible service. But instead of scrapping it next year, I think we should keep the extra bank holiday and declare it an annual “Thank Holiday”. A day when we recognise service in all its forms. As a business leader and investor I’m making this case because I think it would be good for business, especially those sectors damaged in the pandemic. But more importantly I think it would be good for the country. The UK has among the fewest public holidays in the western world, but days like this aren’t just a nice thing to have; they help us build closer and more connected communities. If we announced this new day as part of the Jubilee celebrations and coming out of two of the most difficult years in recent history - it would have even greater power. Covid reminded us how important our local communities are - a new 'Thank Holiday’ would show we are taking them seriously.
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    Created by Deborah Meaden
    Every year on 28th April, all around the world the trade union movement and worker organisations unite to mark International Workers Memorial Day (#IWMD). We remember those who lost their lives at work, or from work-related injury and diseases. We renew our efforts to organise collectively to prevent more deaths, injuries and disease as a result of work. This plaque would be the first of its kind in Liverpool dedicated to ALL workers who have lost their lives because of work. It would provide a central meeting point in Liverpool on each and every 28th April where people gather to remember lost loved ones and work colelagues & renew the IWMD pledge. This agreed plaque reads as follows: IN RESPECTFUL REMEMBERANCE OF ALL THOSE KILLED AT WORK OR THROUGH FAILURE OF RESPONSIBILITY-REMEMBER THE DEAD AND FIGHT FOR THE LIVING IWMD 2021 “THOSE WHO PUT PROFIT ABOVE WORKER SAFETY SHOULD NEVER GO UNCHALLENGED” TONY MULHEARN IWMD 2019
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    Created by Union Safety Picture
  • ELITE 100
    During the 40s 50s and to a lessening degree, the early 60s Middlesbrough was home to 15 cinemas, Eight of those existed within One Square Mile of the town centre ... Today, only two remain standing, both purpose built, both designed by James Forbes. The Elite never did get the two organs for which it was designed, settling instead for one, a Compton 6 Rank Organ which years later, thrilled those ABC Minors as it arose from the ' Depths Of Hell ' From its' opening in 1923 nothing changed until it closed for modernisation in 1964 when, everything changed. Gone was the ornate plasterwork which surrounded the audience with passing passing references to Greek Gods ... Now ( I believe ) hidden behind dropped ceilings and studded walls. Gone is the Art Deco Ballroom and Restaurant ... Gone, the quaint Tea Room of yesteryears. The great Domed Glass Roof remains ... Magnificent, Vast, Cathedral like. In a town which has seen many of its' Heritage Buildings destroyed in the name of progress ... This building which holds memories for the people of Middlesbrough as numerous as the bricks from which she is built must be saved ... For, where else would the ' Ghosts Of Cinema ' play
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    Created by Malcolm Nellis
  • Rename Melville street – home of Scotland’s Russian Consulate – to Ukraine Street
    Demonstrate solidarity with the people of Ukraine by renaming Melville street – home of Scotland’s Russian Consulate – to Ukraine Street. As you are reading this petition, the entire 40-mln nation of Ukraine is fighting for its freedom against Russian aggression. People of various professions are being armed to protect their native cities, thousands are volunteering to join the Armed Forces to bravely protect their country. Civilians spend their nights in bomb shelters because residential areas of Kyiv and other cities are being shelled from army-grade missiles. Living away from Ukraine, it is sometimes hard to know how you can support the people under attack. However, there is one way you can, simply by supporting the campaign to rename Melville street to Ukraine street. This would be a simple but incredibly meaningful act of symbolic support for the courageous Ukrainian people who defend the values of freedom and democracy from the 2nd strongest military power in the world. As you know, Russia with its leader Vladimir Putin demonstrates quite poor historical knowledge about Ukraine. Russia seems to forget that Ukraine is a sovereign state. At the same time, Ukraine is the homeland of people whose long struggle for independence has been a testament to their unyielding, indomitable spirit and free will. Walking down the Ukraine Streets for Russian representatives to their embassies and consulates all over the world would be a great daily reminder of Ukraine's sovereignty with democracy and freedom as its highest values. Several European countries have already changed the Russian embassies’ address lines for Ukraine. Albania gave part of a street a new name "Free Ukraine Street," Lithuania renamed a street to "Ukrainian Heroes Street" and Latvia – "Independent Ukraine Street". Scotland has a great track record in solidarity with what is right. In the 1980s Glasgow’s St George’s Place was renamed Nelson Mandela Place due to its position as the home of the Apartheid South African consulate. Let’s do it again for Ukraine! We call for global solidarity and address officials, mayors, activists to initiate and support the renaming of the streets with Russian Embassies and consulates into Ukraine Streets all over the world! Thank you for standing with Ukraine and adding your name. Please share widely to get more support. #StandWithUkraine
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    Created by Viktoria Semenova
  • Speed preventions on Cooper Street Springhead
    Let’s try to get some measures in place on this Street to keep our families and community safer.
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    Created by Rachel Cunnane
  • Take Scotland out of the Oscars goodie bag
    Firstly, the offer of meaningful titles is false, as land reform campaigner Andy Wightman has outlined. Secondly, it's a wounding insult for all Scots to see parts of our land traded like trinkets. For centuries, Scots have had almost no chance to own our own land thanks to clearances, absentee owners, and sky-high land prices. Actually not much has changed. It's why the Highlands are so full of empty glens - not people. Scotland is one of the last places in Europe where land can be bought and sold on a whim with no questions asked. As a result a tiny number of people own the land - fewer today than in 1872. This storm in a Goodie Bag reminds Scots why land reform is urgent and necessary - to turn the ownership of our beautiful country into the shared responsibility of Scots, not a trinket to be traded by strangers.
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    Created by Lesley Riddoch
  • Respect and Protect Queen's Market
    Queen's Market in Upton Park, East London, is very important to us - we want the market to grow and keep going into the future. That’s why we need the Council to RESPECT AND PROTECT QUEEN'S MARKET and look after it. We value Queen's Market for its Low-priced food - Trusted traders - Fresh, culturally-appropriate food - Generations of experience - Unique products - 166 stall pitches - It’s our social place where communities meet and feel safe - It’s historically over 120 years old, so it’s part of our heritage - It’s an ‘Asset of Community Value' - A great place to start small businesses. Shoppers and traders don't feel part of the big changes Newham is proposing for historic Queen's Market. Sign the petition to show your support for the Market and get the Council to respect shoppers and traders and put us at the centre of talks so our unique market can be preserved and improved.
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    Created by Friends of Queens Market Picture
  • Stop Thanet District Council Selling all our Historic buildings
    Just look back at what Thanet District has already sold off. At this rate three will be none of our historic buildings left Enough is Enough
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    Created by JOHN FINNEGAN