• Brookwood Cemetery opening times
    Most cemeteries across the country change their opening hours in the summer, however Brookwood can only offer up parking at the station, which requires you to purchase a ticket. Their excuse is that they have shift workers which if anything makes things easier for them as they can push back the shift pattern to stay open later.
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    Created by Nahdia Aadil-Ahmed
  • Cheadle and Gatley club house
    Create a community hub in heald green , by converting a club house use to an evening community bar and day time cafe at cross roads
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    Created by Richard Hubbard
  • Extend the Road Closure of Eastleigh's High Street and Market Street
    A significant number of Eastleigh residents have enjoyed the roads being closed due to COVID-19, and would like to see them remain closed. Eastleigh representatives of Hampshire County Council would like the opportunity to do a full consultation to ascertain if the the roads should remain closed. Pedestrianisation of towns has had great success in boosting a town's economy, including the neighbouring cities of Southampton and Winchester.
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    Created by Darren Olivier
  • Save YOUR Cadbury Club!
    The Cadbury Club has been a stalwart of Bournville Village for decades and unfortunately, in August 2020, just after the club had reopened following lockdown there was a devastating fire which wiped out the club. Over the course of the last year we have been meeting with Mondelez International, who now own Cadburys, to talk about re-building the club. They have taken the decision to not rebuild. We want to work with the local community and anyone who has ever had an experience at the Cadbury Club or any of the affiliated sporting sections to sign this petition to inform Mondelez just how important the Cadbury Club is to our Community. Just how much we can make it into a viable and thriving business in the heart of Bournville.
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    Created by Alex Pugh
  • The Famous Punch Bowl, Warwick, is under threat.
    LOSS OF THE PUNCH BOWL https://www.facebook.com/groups/643182409721539/?ref=share Although this Facebook group was created for the exchange of information about the history of pubs that once served Warwick but no longer exist, it might provide a useful space to help prevent another Warwick pub joining the ‘Lost List’. As already reported, planning permission to convert the Punch Bowl into a single private dwelling has been sought - by Graham Beamish Architect, Lenchwick, Worcestershire on behalf of Secret Properties Limited, Leamington. Although planning permission has been sought, it could be denied. Permission is, in general, considered and ‘dealt with’ by the planning office staff. However, if sufficient objections are raised, the application will be considered by the planning committee of the District Council. If you object to the loss of this pub, please complete the form at https://planningdocuments.warwickdc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=_WARWI_DCAPR_88306. Refusal of permission can only be achieved by collective action - all objections submitted on this form are good and will highlight our concern. My reasons for retaining the Punch Bowl (and feel free to use any/all of them as you wish) will be focused on: 1. It is an asset to the community (often used for the social, well-being or social interests of the local community). 2. Unique to Warwick as it is the only regular music venue. 3. One of the very few pubs in Warwick providing room for social engagements e.g. wedding receptions. 4. One of the very few independent Warwick pubs - unattached to any large brewery. If there is sufficient interest in opposing Planning Application, it would be a good idea to start a Facebook Group for Saving the Punch Bowl. If there is any interest in forming a syndicate to buy the pub, that could also be organised through the new Facebook Group
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    Created by John Evans
  • Save Ruthwell Savings Bank
    To safe guard the historical connection the savings bank has in Ruthwell.
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    Created by Hazel Stevens
  • Hag Fold Road Safety
    This is important as we have asked many times to put in measures to improve road safety where children play and go to school. The roads around Devonshire Road Park and the two primary schools are seeing speeds well in excess of the 20mph speed limit.
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    Created by Stuart Gerrard
  • Fleetsbridge skatepark
    Because many kids teens and adults alike are getting into skateboarding after lockdown and the closest skatepark is a small old metal park which is mostly made for more experienced skaters. Alot of us will benefit from it.
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    Created by Noah Travers
  • Equal land rights for Strawberry Island Allotment Association
    Residents of Strawberry Island Allotment Society (100 years) are experiencing ongoing access and parking problems due to Strawberry Island Boat Club refusing vehicular access and parking on adjacent land Our allotment is on an island and we’ve been there 100 years this year. 50 yrs ago, a boatyard and clubhouse were built and now boats surround the island and allotment. The present Committee of the boat club have, as of today taken away all vehicular access and parking. An initial agreement consisting of 6 spaces and any overflow to park in the club car park was rescinded the next day. No overflow and no access to emergency entrance at the back of the allotment for deliveries, with out 7 days notice in writing. Our fobs to the main gate have been deactivated. We no longer have vehicular access and can only enter through a side gate. No means of bringing plants/equipment/compost unless we carry it in from the road outside. Their lease clearly states that we are allowed vehicular access at all times. The land is actually owned by the local council, but they have passed us back and forth saying there is absolutely nothing they or their legal team can do. They drew both our leases up which could quite easily be amended to make it equal
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    Created by Marie Jeeves
  • Please don’t move our Saltcoats Library service
    Community activities should be increasing not reducing. The Library is a lovely venue for all age groups and should expand activities for promoting mental health and relaxation which are needed even more as a result of Covid. The Argyle Centre has the potential to grow its activities too. New groups are developing and there is great potential to expand not reduce access when a library service is moved in. Library resource would have to reduce.
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    Created by Isabel Garrett
  • Save The Nursery School! Don't ask the Nursery School to vacate Addlestone Salvation Army hall
    The Nursery School team have spent 20years building the safe and nurturing environment. Mrs Mulea and her team have worked tirelessly to deliver outstanding care to local pre school children in the local community. They have been served notice to vacate the Salvation Army hall by July leaving no nursery provision for children in the local community. We are appealing to the Salvation Army to reconsider their decision and allow the nursery school to continue to use the space.
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    Created by Laura Robinson
  • Roller Skate Space for Victoria Park, Leicester
    The popularity of roller skating over the past year has grown immensely due to COVID-19. As a result, there has been a shortage of roller skates internationally with skate retailers reporting an 800% increase in sales since the start of the first lockdown over a year ago. There are now hundreds of skaters within Leicester city, many of which skate in Victoria park. For many of us, it has been our main source of exercise throughout the pandemic and has provided a sense of community to all ages and backgrounds where we can teach, learn and bond with one another. It has encouraged friends and families to come together, socially distanced, and actively take part in a sport that is as effective as running. At the moment, we are having to locate ourselves on public pathways, car parks and tennis courts. Anywhere that is flat and smooth enough to skate on, it is guaranteed a skater will know about it. Unfortunately, with this we are often told to move on resulting in the discouragement of this wonderful sport. I can say with 100% confidence that there are no safe skate spaces for roller skaters to practice in Leicester and we are forced to use whatever grounds are deemed suitable. Rough, uneven grounds result in more accidents and injuries. By developing a dedicated safe skate space/outdoor rink, roller skaters will no longer be forced to skate in places that are illegal/where we shouldn’t be or be in the way of other people’s activities. An alternative would be scheduled time for roller skaters to use the tennis courts in Victoria park. With the growing numbers of roller skaters and minimal flat smooth ground in Leicester, a safe legal skate space/outdoor roller rink is needed, for children and adults alike.
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