• Upgrade Playpark in Seafield Estate, Buckpool
    The kids are playing football and running on the roads on scooters and skateboards which is not the safest thing to do, and even moreso as the winter comes and lighting levels decrease.
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    We already pay subscription for sport on tv Hundreds of pound, this just greed from the premiership And football having spent I billion on transfers and agents fees
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  • Emergency arts and culture funding
    In a global pandemic, funding has been cut for the arts. There are mass job losses and less protection for freelance artists. At a time when mental health problems are arising, therapeutic activity is needed. Hence why Mind charity advocate a ‘Crafternoon’. Arts and culture are an integral part of the UK’s economy and we must respect and install lasting, strategic funding to support the longevity of the creative talent in this country.
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  • Get Black Sabbath to Christmas number one
    It’s important to people who are tired of the same music and artists every Christmas and to give a homage to one of the greatest British bands of all time, Black Sabbath!
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    Created by Tyrone Lankstead
  • Allow Dogs Off Lead in John Coles Park
    John Coles Park is a lovely, central & safe environment for all users which include a large community of dog walkers who exercise their dogs on and off lead in the appropriate designated areas. This split has worked well for many years and it is disappointing that Chippenham Town Council have decided to make this decision without a full public consultation and by their own admission in their report for the Amenities, Culture & Leisure Committee meeting dated 9 September stated that the split of users who would prefer dogs on or off leads is 50/50. Although this is not an outright dog ban it does by its enforcement mean that many dog walkers will not be able to use the park to ensure their dog gets their full exercise. It will also cause issues for for those who are less able or without cars to get to places where they can let their dogs run. The majority of the regular dog walkers using the park do so twice a day most days of the years, either earlier or later in the day. Therefore, they don’t interact with the main bulk of public who use the park for socialising etc and feel unfairly treated in this matter. Also, as we are approaching winter would be the main and, in some cases, the only users of the park. Instead of this complete change in usage the signage in the park between the two areas could be much improved to educate, not only the dog walkers but also the non-dog owners as to which area is safely designated for them and the status quo can remain. Or as a compromise certain times of the day, ie a couple of hours early and a couple of hours late on could be designated as dog off lead time and the rest of the time in between dog on leads. There are lots of options that could be considered that would work for all parties without alienating one very large group of regular and loyal users. Suggestions for using other areas – Donkey Field – needs better maintenance and is a less suitable environment esp mornings for dogs of lead with the children going to school. Birds Marsh, so much more difficult to get to now that the new massive estate has been built across most of the access. Monkton Park – a little further away and more difficult to access for some. The main points are that: This decision seems to have been reached very quietly and without discussion with actual regular users of the park. Walking dogs on lead only is not suitable for a large proportion of the dogs currently walked in the park. Dogs on lead can actually become more stressed and more likely to act aggressively. There are no other similar local environments that are as safe to let dogs off lead. Please sign this petition if you would like this decision reversed or at least reconsidered fully and with the input of all park users. Please also petition your local councillor and Chippenham Town Council if you feel strongly about this and have other points to add. Many thanks
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  • 20s Plenty for Hertfordshire
    Our campaign has uncovered many of our supporters living in communities blighted by speeding and excessive traffic noise and pollution. They have real fears for the safety of their loved ones, leading to poor mental health and impacting on their quality of life. Many of us live in towns and villages that are not equipped for the huge increases of speeding and heavy polluting traffic, Hertfordshire County Council advocate walking and cycling to schools and walks for wellbeing how is this possible when Hertfordshire roads are so dangerous? Why adopt 20mph? 20mph default speed limits reduce serious road injuries and death rates. >70% of residents want 20mph default limits this grows when mandatory. 20 million people in the UK already live in areas with 20mph default speed limits, where local authorities have rejected 30mph as a default limit. 20mph default speed limits marry safety and sustainability (Stockholm Declaration, 2020) therefore improving health and wellbeing from a cleaner environment and more active lifestyles. Medical experts are calling for 20mph default speed limits as they ‘lower the baseline‘ for NHS demand by reducing the NHS load. Please go to our national site for further information www.20splenty.org
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  • Please fix our footpath
    This is the only safe access to our homes. The other way is by road with no pavement. The footpath has been there for many years and is in need of some major repare due to landslide.
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  • Protest against the closure of Richmond Road Hackney
    I understand the situation with trying to make a greener borough and as a cyclist myself I have no problem with limiting roads around schools. However unless you provide an alternative route for the weight of traffic needed all you do is concentrate that traffic into a smaller area which creates terrible traffic jams and terrible amounts of pollution. I have been a resident of Graham Road for over 15 years, I now have a daughter who has severe asthma living in a house constantly filled with trucks idly sitting outside the house 24/7 in traffic since these road closures have been implemented. We must stop these changes immediately before irreparable damage is done to the area around Graham Road and the surrounding areas! We were not consulted about these changes that will dramatically change our lives. Please sign my protest.
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  • Permit only parking - Queens Drive, Kings Drive
    Residents have repeatedly contacted North Tyneside Council to raise issues around parking and capacity for residents. The council have consistently failed to engage with residents regarding changes to parking or in response to issues which have been raised. The council has made parking related decisions in the interest of local business, and whilst important, have prioritised these over the needs of residents within our community. There has been no consideration of changes to parking which impact on parking for residents, and minimal consultation. Our request is a permit only scheme on Queens and Kings Drive.
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    Created by Charlotte Gordon
  • Support Diversity Dance
    To understand how significant the 15k complaints are
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  • Save The Assembly Rooms
    This building is arguably the finest 20th century building in the City of Derby. The ‘Brutalist’ architectural style is currently at its nadir but as time passes it will inevitably be re-evaluated, as has happened with other, once controversial, styles. Commissioned by the City Council following an national architectural competition, it was judged to be the right design for the important civic role it was to fulfil. It was opened by HRH The Queen Mother in 1977. The designer, Neville Condor CBE of Casson Condor Architects, was a founder of the prestigious architectural practice Casson Condor Architects. Another competitor, Sir James Stirling RA, in a frank comment following the outcome (in a recoding held by the British Library) generously accepted Condor’s design deserved to win. Quite apart from the architectural quality of this important civic building there is a strong argument on environmental grounds for the re-use of buildings containing significant amounts of embodied energy. The City Councils' own Policy CP2 requires the council to respond to climate change by reducing carbon emissions, while its Policy CP3 places great emphasis on design. It is inconceivable that the building cannot be modified, whilst retaining its architectural qualities, to continue to fulfil its role as an entertainment venue. Surely modernisation of a substantial and robust existing structure represents better value for tax-payers money than expensive demolition and rebuilding? It would be simply disgraceful for this distinguished building to be destroyed. It would be yet another nail in the coffin of the city’s architectural heritage.
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  • Music Industry
    This is important because during the pandemic and now we are entertaining people that enjoy watching shows and listening to the music.
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