• #SaveRuchillCommunity centre and golf course
    It’s vital working classes join together to save all our closed communities, libraries and green spaces. This is more important than ever since lockdown 2020 due to covid-19.
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    Created by Karen Love
  • Use the Levelling-Up Fund to reopen the Old Tram Bridge
    The Old Tram Bridge is an important pedestrian and cycle route into Preston. It is well used, providing a link to the footpath network based around the old railways and the Lancaster Canal tramroad. Many people have fond memories of the bridge, which has evolved from its original purpose as part of the canal, to being the much-loved structure that it is today. Given that walking and cycling to work are far greener than using a car or even public transport, it would be foolhardy to remove this vital link in the network of pathways to the south of Preston.
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    Created by Daniel Dewhurst Picture
  • Give Kenilworth Lido a Fair Chance
    Outdoor swimming in Kenilworth is part of the town’s history.  Abbey Fields Lido was  one of the 1st in the country. The current outdoor pool is the furthest from the sea and the only safe public outdoor swimming facility within 30 miles. The pool’s heritage is highly valued, but change is in its history. The original pool has already been rebuilt twice and we now have the perfect opportunity to create a lido for today; with the latest chemical free filtering, and the best 21st century design and eco credentials.
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    Created by Judy Brook
  • Scotland's Rural and Island Young People's Call for Action
    Growing up in Rural and Island Scotland is a unique experience, with a diverse range of opportunity and challenges. This distinct experience needs to be recognised, and rural and island young people’s voices need to be heard on decisions that impact them. Rural and Island Young People have the support of a range of youth organisations but now we are looking for tangible commitment from elective representatives and decision makers to ensure meaningful participation.
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    Created by Innes Morgan
  • Make Monday a bank holiday due to England reaching the Euro 2020 Final
    On Sunday night, England's men's football team could be crowned champions of Europe at Wembley Stadium. England have only ever reached one major final before which was the 1966 World Cup Final. That was 55 years ago. It's been a long wait and who knows how long we might have to wait before it happens again. Let's allow the country to celebrate such a momentous sporting event in style. Sunday night should be a time to bring the country together even if we are physically apart, and after the year we have had, we deserve this. So what better way to mark the occasion than having a bank holiday the day after the night of the match.
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  • Fairmuir Park Under Threat
    Today we learned that Alexanders Community Development have withdrawn their interest and proposal for the former Bowling Green. They advised that they had consulted and listened to the local community , most of whom had said that while they supported their idea, it was not the correct location for it. This does not mean that our campaigning is over as Dundee United Community Trust still have plans to take over the pavilion and areas of our park by way of an Asset Transfer offered to them by Dundee City Council. Whilst DUCT have now modified their initial proposal confirming that it was no longer their intention to fence off a pitch, create car parking and add floodlighting, their interest still remains in the pavilion and one pitch. We feel that this is simply a "get one foot in the door" approach and that it would ultimately lead to them acquiring more of the park under the same scheme. If you would like Fairmuir to remain the green space it is today, please sign the petition and we will do all we can to preserve our park.
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    Created by Elaine Kerr
  • Brookwood Cemetery opening times
    This petition is to bring attention to the opening hours of Brookwood Cemetery and the need for the visitors to have extended opening hours. Most cemeteries are open at different hours based on season, winter 8am til 5pm and summer 8am til 7.30pm. Brookwood Cemetery however have a standard opening and closing time all throughout the year of 8am til 5pm. There is a demand from the visitors of the graveyard and this interest deserves to be taken into consideration and accommodation to be made. We are hoping this petition will encourage the council to accept the proposal of the following: Brookwood Cemetery Opening Hours: Winter: Monday to Sunday - 8am til 5pm Summer: Monday to Sunday - 8am til 7.30pm Access via the train station has been effected by the new ANPR camera and 20 minute free parking is not enough to spend graveside. I hope we can all stand together, irrespective of race and religion. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Thanks
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    Created by Nahdia Aadil-Ahmed
  • Cheadle and Gatley club house
    Create a community hub in heald green , by converting a club house use to an evening community bar and day time cafe at cross roads
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    Created by Richard Hubbard
  • Extend the Road Closure of Eastleigh's High Street and Market Street
    A significant number of Eastleigh residents have enjoyed the roads being closed due to COVID-19, and would like to see them remain closed. Eastleigh representatives of Hampshire County Council would like the opportunity to do a full consultation to ascertain if the the roads should remain closed. Pedestrianisation of towns has had great success in boosting a town's economy, including the neighbouring cities of Southampton and Winchester.
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    Created by Darren Olivier
  • Save YOUR Cadbury Club!
    The Cadbury Club has been a stalwart of Bournville Village for decades and unfortunately, in August 2020, just after the club had reopened following lockdown there was a devastating fire which wiped out the club. Over the course of the last year we have been meeting with Mondelez International, who now own Cadburys, to talk about re-building the club. They have taken the decision to not rebuild. We want to work with the local community and anyone who has ever had an experience at the Cadbury Club or any of the affiliated sporting sections to sign this petition to inform Mondelez just how important the Cadbury Club is to our Community. Just how much we can make it into a viable and thriving business in the heart of Bournville.
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  • The Famous Punch Bowl, Warwick, is under threat.
    LOSS OF THE PUNCH BOWL https://www.facebook.com/groups/643182409721539/?ref=share Although this Facebook group was created for the exchange of information about the history of pubs that once served Warwick but no longer exist, it might provide a useful space to help prevent another Warwick pub joining the ‘Lost List’. As already reported, planning permission to convert the Punch Bowl into a single private dwelling has been sought - by Graham Beamish Architect, Lenchwick, Worcestershire on behalf of Secret Properties Limited, Leamington. Although planning permission has been sought, it could be denied. Permission is, in general, considered and ‘dealt with’ by the planning office staff. However, if sufficient objections are raised, the application will be considered by the planning committee of the District Council. If you object to the loss of this pub, please complete the form at https://planningdocuments.warwickdc.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=_WARWI_DCAPR_88306. Refusal of permission can only be achieved by collective action - all objections submitted on this form are good and will highlight our concern. My reasons for retaining the Punch Bowl (and feel free to use any/all of them as you wish) will be focused on: 1. It is an asset to the community (often used for the social, well-being or social interests of the local community). 2. Unique to Warwick as it is the only regular music venue. 3. One of the very few pubs in Warwick providing room for social engagements e.g. wedding receptions. 4. One of the very few independent Warwick pubs - unattached to any large brewery. If there is sufficient interest in opposing Planning Application, it would be a good idea to start a Facebook Group for Saving the Punch Bowl. If there is any interest in forming a syndicate to buy the pub, that could also be organised through the new Facebook Group
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    Created by John Evans
  • Save Ruthwell Savings Bank
    To safe guard the historical connection the savings bank has in Ruthwell.
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    Created by Hazel Stevens