• Save Askern and Campsall Swimming Baths
    It is important to our Local community to have the access to leisure and exercise facilities within a 2 mile radius of our local area, which are inclusive and there for all ages enjoyment and public use without the fear of any exclusion. It is essential that these facilities are on a public transport route, with the bus stop within close proximity of the amenities as not all families and older people are privileged enough to own a vehicle to access the baths. This facility is there for the use of at least five villages and a town and must remain open to support and provide much needed recreation for ALL ages, in a place where there are very little amenities already to entertain and promote a Healthy Lifestyle. The Closure and subsequent relocation of the facilities to Campsmount Academy is unsuitable. It makes very little sense to install new facilities in an unsuitable location, when the funds could be spent on improving and modernising the existing facility.
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    Created by Sarah Winkley
  • Declare Culloden Battlefield a UNESCO World heritage site
    The Events of Culloden and the events that followed not only changed the face of Scotland to this day they changed the lives of thousands of people living around the world who are descended from Scots fleeing the events of Culloden and the events that followed. Culloden is hugely significant not only was it the last battle fought on the British Isles. Its deep and lasting impact can be felt by thousands of people who may well have been Scots had their ancestors Not fled or were subject to persecution for sedition
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  • Oppose the City of Edinburgh Council’s proposed rent increase for Stills
    On Friday 12th April the Herald newspaper published an article about the proposed rent increase faced by Stills and the impact this will have on the delivery of our programmes of work. We have been overwhelmed by the messages of support following publication of the article. Thank you! Our lease negotiations are still ongoing and so we have set up this petition to harness your support as we think this will help during the next stages of our talks with the Council. Stills is a registered charity and one of the longest established photography venues in the UK. It is the only dedicated public venue for photography in Edinburgh. For over forty years, Stills has been a venue where all can enjoy, experience and learn about photography. This year we face an almost trebling of our rent, from £16,000 a year to £47,000, which poses a huge threat to our future. If we are unable to renegotiate this lease, staying on Cockburn Street and continuing to deliver our current programme of work will be unsustainable. Our city centre location is crucial to making our work as accessible as possible – people travel from all over Scotland and further afield to access what we do, whether that's our exhibitions programme (which is always free), public-access photography production facilities, creative learning work or artist-led photography courses. Our work is unique and vital to Scotland’s cultural ecology. Stills makes a vital contribution to what makes Edinburgh and Scotland such a great place to live, work and visit.
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  • Return the Mundella Centre to the City for Public/Community Ownership
    This fine building is the last Educational Building within the Old Meadows,. After loosing Trent Bridge School the Community needs places for people, community/education spaces for all ages and not just more homes. This could become a wonderful Cultural Centre, with Community Kitchen, Cafe, or be returned to Educational use for the local secondary schools who are now desperately in need of more space.
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  • Friends of The Blackburne Arms
    This public house as been the heart of the community since being built in 1928. Its steeped in local history dating back to Robert Ireland Blackburne after whom the pub is named after. The links to Orford Manor and the old Orford Hall (now Orford Park) partnership with Warrington Memorial Bowling Green whose Trustees actually own most of the surrounding land and of course the adjacent Playing Fields allotments. Its grounds is also a habit for protected species such as newts, toads and other wildlife that can be found with the grounds.
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  • Longer Shopping Hours & Later Trading Hours in Tower Hamlets
    Early closing means customers miss out and Traders find it difficult to get vehicles to their stalls whilst the streets are still crowded. Please sign this if you agree, so that Tower Hamlets can amend the trading hours.
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  • Save Cannock Chase AONB
    Cannock Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is used freely by thousands of visitors each and every year. Visitors are not only from the local area but nationally and internationally. Users include families with children, ramblers and walking groups, cyclists, runners, dog walkers and horse riders, who not only enjoy the benefits of the Chase but support local businesses and the local economy. Cannock Chase is particularly unique in the area due to the beautiful open landscape that is safely accessible by all, without restriction. All users have the benefit of the large area which allows them the freedom to safely enjoy their activity without encroaching on others. Any proposal to alter and restrict this access will have a significant and detrimental effect on the local community, residents, visitors and local economy. Allowing the free roaming of cattle within areas that will be used by families, children, horse riders, dogs and cyclists will put the safety of all at risk. Cattle are large and powerful animals who can take to flight easily and without warning. The proposals to fence off large areas of Cannock Chase has been undertaken without any proper, open and public consultation and without consideration of the detrimental impact upon the area and the risks to public safety. We request a full open and public consultation and the disclosure of all consultation meeting minutes, decision making reports, cost schedules, wildlife and natural beauty impact studies, local business impact studies and public safety impact studies.
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  • Ban zero hours contracts
    People on these zero hour contract are at the mercy of there employers.
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    Created by Anthony Neve
  • Permanent Ewan McGregor Statue on Ben Nevis
    It is the right thing to do to honour Scotland's greatest actor. This will allow future generations to observe Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi. He can then watch over all 5 million of us.
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    Created by Tom Mysterious
  • Save Motherwell Library Cafe
    The cafe in Motherwell library is well used and much loved by many in the local community, including the elderly and other vulnerable groups.
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  • More skate parks around London
    It will give teenagers more things to do so they don't lurk and cause trouble
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  • South Down South Armagh Tourist Promotion
    This is important as there has been a disparity in terms of both funding and promotion with regards to different areas of the North of Ireland. Promotional material always promotes the North Coast and Belfast and occasionally Fermanagh. There are lots of reasons to visit South Down and south Armagh and the Mournes and by that I mean just not Newcastle which also gets a disproportionate amount of funding for tourism.
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