• City Of Edinburgh Council - Commission a Memorial for Derek Ogg - Influential Gay Rights Activist
    It is important that modern day activists are recognised for their positive contribution to society and to honour their legacy.
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    Created by Scott Glanville
  • Save the Belmont Community Hall
    For over 70 years the Belmont Community Association (BCA) has made extensive use of this historic building to support community events with no financial support whatsoever from the Council. The Hall was built as a British Restaurant to provide hot meals during World War 2 and we believe it is the only surviving example of a purpose built Restaurant. Through local fundraising events, functions and volunteer support, the BCA has sympathetically preserved and modernised the facility for today’s diverse community needs. The Hall is used by a wide variety of groups, associations, and members of the public for private functions. There is also a well-established Montessori Nursery which has bespoke indoor and outdoor facilities. It is a hub for the community; a place to learn, share joint interests and socialise with one another.
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    SAVE THE CAMERON CENTRE We are residents of Lockleaze and concerned supporters who call for the Cameron Centre Community building owned by Bristol City Council and run by Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust to be saved from demolition to make way for 50 flats. The Cameron Centre is a much loved community hall, library and kitchen offering a home to a packed and varied programme of users from Tai Kwondo to jumble sales, tea dances, playgroups, birthday parties, ukulele groups, bingo nights, lego club, religious services, political groups and polling station needs, public meetings and consultations to name just a few. All at affordable rates that result in a full timetable of bookings. It is a place for people of all ages, faiths, interests and needs to come together. It is a truly inclusive and affordable venue and there is no other large community space - at all - in the whole of Lockleaze which is an area very poorly served for meeting places. There are few shops, no pubs or cafes and the number of residents is due to steeply increase with 25 housing development sites planned across Lockleaze. It would be a massive loss to the area if it was demolished, not to mention a wasteful destruction of a perfectly good building that needs a small investment to update it a little. With a parquet floor and old school serving hatch it is built for purpose and build to last. Connecting doors to the library build community co operation, and the spacious kitchen is a sociable place to volunteer. Now is a time (post Covid) when our Community spaces are needed more than ever, and to deprive the area of this thriving centre is a massive mistake. Taking into consideration the vast housebuilding plans that are happening across this area more community spaces are now needed, not less. Although BCC has suggested that community facilities will be part of the 50 home development on this site, a BCC representative told us that plans are for a library and maybe a cafe. No replacement large multi-purpose hall is on the cards and current plans do not begin to compensate for the loss of this vital community building. We call for BCC to scrap its plans and instead invest and protect this essential Community building.
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    Created by Merriel Waggoner
  • Ron and the street cleaners of Windsor
    The cleaners we have are good and loyal. We normally have 7 million visitors per year. These redundancies are short term thinking and it would be wrong to let people like Mr Ron Stone go. He's 71 and starts at 6:30am each day. He loves his job and we love him for all that he does, rain or shine, he works hard and we have a lovely town.
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    Created by Shane Tickell
  • Renaming the Sports field in honour of Owen Fitzpatrick
    Owen contributed so much to the village and set up the youth football team that ran for 7 years and was a massive part of a lot of people’s lives. Owen was a very generous man that gave up a lot of his time to help a lot of young boys in and around the village and this would be a great way to remember him by.
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  • Entertainment centre for the youth of Burton Upon Trent
    The young people are bored, there is absolutely nothing for them to do for fun. We need to show them all the things that they can do, they don’t know what talents they have or what they love because they haven’t gotten the chance to. Some people have never left this town or maybe can’t afford to so they have never experienced fun and activities outside of school or college. They need to be stimulated, educated and taken care of by this town and it’s doing a terrible job of it.
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    Created by Marissa Alexander
  • Give Billy Monger recognition for what he has achieved
    After being critically injured in 2017, he has managed to recover, and although he has had both legs amputated, he has resumed his motor racing career. His epic comic relief challenge has been nothing less than remarkable - covering 140 miles over four days by walking, cycling and kayaking.. He is an inspiration to all of us. Captain Sir Tom Moore was our hero in 2020, Billy Whizz is our hero for 2021
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    Created by Gordon Bryant
    UPDATE: If you agree, please sign this petition and ALSO complete the Hackney Public Consultation survey on IF and where to create this space. Link to Hackney survey below. The consultation is happening NOW and they want to use the space for gym equipment - so please sign this petition and complete the survey, linked below, ASAP. https://consultation.hackney.gov.uk/parks-green-spaces/clissold-consultation/?fbclid=IwAR2ZTnEApk1E3DANcmCwvde9u_c7snSPt1Ab5gnx9ybvXJe60jzKRZbxIFE WHY? Roller Sports need to be given the same recognition as tennis and golf. Marginalised for decades, roller skating has taken off during lockdown across all generations. Skate retailers are reporting a 800% uplift in sales of skates since the start of Lockdown 12 months ago. It is an all inclusive amazing aerobic fitness activity that is a great leveler. On a Fitbit it will show the same level of excercise as running. It provides a community for teenagers, children and adults including wheel chair users learn and share constructive skills in a socially distant way. It raises your heart rate and is excellent for muscle tone, dancing and all round fitness. Teachers are reporting waiting lists of 300 students who will need to conduct their classes on reclaimed park pathways - if they can find any that are smooth enough to skate on and if they don't get moved on. It encourages communication between different generations and is a wonderful family activity. I have observed how skaters all learn together and teach one another. It is socially distant and for teenagers especially it gives a safe, SOBER, social environment to see their friends. The tennis courts are a safe place to learn as roller skating can not be done on normal park pathways. It really does require a completely smooth surface to avoid accidents and there is nowhere in or near Stoke Newington to do this. The people signing this petition agree that this is an activity that should be supported and a suitable space created within the park or accommodated within the tennis courts. Roller skaters are talked of as a subculture but when given official space it attracts huge numbers of people and has done for 40 years. Currently roller skaters are too often relegated to car parks or in this case the illegal tennis courts. Stoke Newington has one of the highest birth rates in Europe and I for one do not want my teenagers to have to do this. A skate rink would give somewhere legal and safe for teenagers, adults and children to share. We have the support of the TeamGB speed skating champion Adrian Wordsworth and Wheelchair skating charity founder Isaac Harvey (www.Wheelsandwheelchairs.co.uk). HACKNEY SURVEY - THEY WANT TO HEAR OUR IDEAS!!! Hackney are currently running a public consultation on how to re-develop the old paddling pool (which is being re-sited and enlarged elsewhere in the park). The idea being presented at the moment is gym equipment. I believe a far greater number of local residents would benefit from including a large skate space as well as or instead of the gym equipment. This idea was put forward before lockdown. But during lockdown the roller skating explosion in the tennis courts have proven the huge local demand and we must show our support for this idea by completing the survey here (copy and paste): https://consultation.hackney.gov.uk/parks-green-spaces/clissold-consultation/?fbclid=IwAR2ZTnEApk1E3DANcmCwvde9u_c7snSPt1Ab5gnx9ybvXJe60jzKRZbxIFE
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  • Improve Heacham skatepark
    Our skatepark in Heacham provides vital exercise and social experiences for young people, however, it is not attractive or completely safe, meaning parents and children feel discouraged. This means a lack of healthy children and an eyesore in a communal area. It is now more important than ever that our public spaces are maintained and upgraded to support the community's physical and mental health. The 11-18 age bracket is an often overlooked demographic, and a functional and attractive communal area is vital for our well-being.
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  • Save Aigburth Cricket Club
    A much loved local sports club is at threat of being forced from its grounds after nearly 140 years because their landlord is refusing to extend its lease. The club has over 400 members, most of whom live within a mile of the club. There are two cricket teams that play every Saturday, and many “Last Man Stands” matches played on weekday evenings (this is a shortened version of cricket aimed at getting more people involved in the sport). The bowls section is very strong with 10 teams playing from the club every week, 2 of these are pensioners teams, playing in the afternoons. The other 8 teams play on weekday evenings and Saturday afternoon, all teams have men and lady members. Apart from the outdoor sports, there are many other activities, the very well attended chess club meets every Wednesday and has 5 teams playing in the Liverpool Chess Leagues. There are three quiz teams that use the club as a base, playing in the Liverpool Quiz League. On Thursdays the club has a darts team in the Dingle & District Darts League. The Cribbage team plays their league games on Wednesday nights. All the above activities take place on a home & away basis. This means that when we play the fixtures, we are supporting the local facilities & injecting money into the local economy The Formby Brass Band are based at the club. Despite their name all its members live in Liverpool, many of them close to the club. A number of the band have gained scholarships in universities around the country adding kudos to the cultural aspect of Liverpool During the summer months, we host Options for supported living. The group get tuition in bowls, quoits, enjoy the fresh air & meeting other people The club also hosts an art class which takes place during the day on Wednesdays. The club is also used by the following organizations. Friends of St Michaels station. Dingle Vale Allotment Society. Southwood Road Residents Association The local Labour Party. The local Green Party. The local pigeon fanciers. This wide range of social & sporting activities highlight the importance of the club in the local & wider area of Liverpool. It would be a devastating loss to the local community if this cherished local club is lost because an absentee landlord prefers to try to increase its value for personal gain. We call on the Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council to utilise every power available to secure the clubs long term future.
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    Created by Tom Crone
  • Save the Poppy Pantry
    The Poppy Pantry in the City of London cemetery is a family-run cafe and wake-catering service, which proudly supports the British Legion. Our lease is due for renewal and we don’t want to lose the opportunity to keep serving the local community. Please sign and share this petition to bring attention to our cause.
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    Created by Paul Charters
  • Closure of all local Embroiderers’ Guild Branches
    The Trustees froze all branch bank accounts with no notice on Friday 19th February 2021. They are asking members to approve a resolution that proposes that all branches will be closed and that all the branch monies will be redeployed to cover HQ debits and the future activities of the main Guild. The proposal is not supported with any financial planning or budgeting documentation. We are concerned that members have not been given the opportunity to understand if the Trustees of this National Charity have correctly carried out their duties and that no provision has been made to allow for members to suggest an alternative solution. If members do not vote for the resolution then all branches will close anyway and their financial assets will be seized. The local branches have existed for many decades and offer a fabulous place for individuals to share their knowledge, exchange ideas and encourage the art of both contemporary and traditional stitching. Many branches are also involved in outreach work in the community, encouraging and teaching textile arts and crafts to both children and adults. All aspects of crafting are currently enjoying significant growth in interest, particularly during the pandemic and the local branches have worked hard to keep their programme of events running. Now, with so many people feeling isolated and with mental health issues, is not the time to force branches to close and redeploy branch funds. For more information see https://embroiderersguild.com/general-meeting-2021/
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