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To: National Police Chiefs' Council

24 hour grace period required before euthanising seized dogs

Having a dog seized can be a very traumatic and distressing scenario and often emotions run high and owners are not thinking straight when faced with the authorities asking them to sign their pets over. This can be even more upsetting if the scenario involves any bite incidents.
We would ask that Police Officers seizing dogs should be instructed to allow the owner a period of 24 hours before taking the life of the dog. This would be to allow the owner time to seek independent legal advice, which can often be provided free of charge initially by the specialist Canine Law Solicitors who can look at all options available through the legal process. This would also allow the owner to explore the possibility of rehoming via reputable rescue.

Why is this important?

It has become all too common that we are hearing from devastated dog owners who have found themselves in the distressing situation where their beloved pet has been seized by Police who have not advised the owner that they do NOT have to sign their pets life away. These owners later feel misled by the Police and have feelings of anger and suffer serious distress at knowing in hindsight, they could have potentially saved their pet. They CAN and in fact SHOULD seek professional advice to discuss all options open to them before making such a final, serious decision.
Most incidents with dogs have an explanation as to why a dog has behaved in a certain manner and with expert behavioural help and support, most dogs would not require to be euthanised in order to ensure the safety of both the dog and the public. Most situations arise due to environmental factors and lack of understanding of the dogs behaviour and needs. Taking a dog out of the immediate environment and placing in experienced hands, can achieve wonderful results and mean that lives are not lost needlessly AND the public are safe. However, in the heat of the moment, owners often feel pressured and forced into signing their pet over and even made to feel that it is the responsible thing to do. We accept that in some extremely serious cases, a dog may be beyond help however that should only be a decision made after all other avenues have been explored and full professional independent assessments/vet checks are carried out. Dogs are not disposable!
Public safety is absolutely paramount, however if these dogs are being seized and held by the Police for the 24 hour grace period, then there would be no additional risk to the public during that time and the benefit would be that dogs would not be losing their lives needlessly and owners would not then have to complain that they were pressured or forced by the Police to sign documents they didn't fully understand at the time. This would therefore offer protection to everyone involved, including the dogs.
This petition is being launched in memory of Piglet, rest easy sweet girl. πŸΎπŸ’”



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