• Dog Theft Laws To Be Changed
    All I see at the moment is dogs being stolen on a daily basis and it’s an absolute disgrace! Someone’s family member in the hands of someone else who has unlawfully took them without consent it’s disgusting!!!!
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    Created by Nick Parker
  • Help our dogs
    Because all pets help us humans in so many ways, mental health. Loneliness and also children's welfare, Sometimes the pet is a persons only friend
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    Created by Tina Almond
  • Allow free movement of domestic animals between Great Britain & Northern Ireland
    One of the adverse impacts of the new Brexit regulations on travel between GB & Northern Ireland for dogs, cats & ferrets and the pet owners is that they must have an animal health certificate travelling from GB to Northern Ireland. As a result of the Brexit legislation It will mean pet owners, guide dog & assistance dog owners who wish to travel with their pets, will incur unnecessary expense and potential to unnecessarily over-medicate their pets This will have a significant adverse effect on: •            people who regularly travel back from GB to Northern Ireland with pets to visit family in NI or returning from family visits in GB to Northern Ireland; •            As a result of these changes Guide Dogs for the Blind are even stopping using volunteer puppy raisers & potentially compromising replacement guide dogs being available to guide dog owners in Northern Ireland; •            a lot of pet owners enjoy holidaying with their pets & won't be willing to travel here with the new regulations. •            Northern Ireland championship dog shows which is an enjoyable pastime will become unviable. •            The viability of field trial events will be questionable. The EU Commission and UK Government can easily resolve this by allowing free movement of domestic animals between their jurisdictions.
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    Created by Rosemary Barton Picture
  • New Rules on Travel with Pets to the North of Ireland
    Review and change the new regulation that calls for Dogs to be inoculated against rabies when travelling from England, Scotland or Wales to Northern Ireland. (from one rabies free country to another). Plus a vet's certificate obtained 10 days before travel for every visit.This certificate must be obtained before any visit so those people who travel frequently with their pets will find this very expensive. Please revert to the former free travel which is still there for people. We travel four or five times each year with our two dogs this could cost us nearly £1000 per year. Many of the people we see on board Stena line with their pets are elderly and their pets are their life.
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    Created by Anne McCann
  • Stop killing animals for fur
    It’s important for the world
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    Created by Amanda Devine
  • Barbed wire fencing
    Recently walked along the disused railway track in West Meon following the Valley Trail (https://www.hants.gov.uk/thingstodo/countryside/finder/meonvalleytrail) and my friendly dog chased a squirrel off one side of the path. He ran through an unnecessary barbed wire fence ripping flesh off both front legs and requiring immediate veterinary care. These fences do not stop animals getting through to private spaces (so ineffective if small grazing live stock are being protected) but instead will cause injury and in some cases a slow and painful death as infection spreads over coming weeks if not treated.
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    Created by Edward Boxall
  • Prevent testing cosmetics and luxury items (such as makeup) on animals.
    This is extremely significant at times like this. The environment is struggling and by removing more species, is decreasing sustainability of biodiversity and interdependence. When removing the animals bodies, less advanced countries do not have the facilities to do so safely which could result in disease and famine.
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    Created by Katie Bannister
  • Free health care for veteran dogs
    They put their lives on the line like their handlers, what should they have less rights. These dogs prevent a family getting the awful knock on the door, they prevent a soldier standing on a device that could at least change their life and they show the direction of danger at every turn. This alone should grant them free healthcare, they do this without permission, men and women volunteer, the dogs are voluntold!!!
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    Created by Craig Bennett
  • 24 hour grace period required before euthanising seized dogs
    It has become all too common that we are hearing from devastated dog owners who have found themselves in the distressing situation where their beloved pet has been seized by Police who have not advised the owner that they do NOT have to sign their pets life away. These owners later feel misled by the Police and have feelings of anger and suffer serious distress at knowing in hindsight, they could have potentially saved their pet. They CAN and in fact SHOULD seek professional advice to discuss all options open to them before making such a final, serious decision. Most incidents with dogs have an explanation as to why a dog has behaved in a certain manner and with expert behavioural help and support, most dogs would not require to be euthanised in order to ensure the safety of both the dog and the public. Most situations arise due to environmental factors and lack of understanding of the dogs behaviour and needs. Taking a dog out of the immediate environment and placing in experienced hands, can achieve wonderful results and mean that lives are not lost needlessly AND the public are safe. However, in the heat of the moment, owners often feel pressured and forced into signing their pet over and even made to feel that it is the responsible thing to do. We accept that in some extremely serious cases, a dog may be beyond help however that should only be a decision made after all other avenues have been explored and full professional independent assessments/vet checks are carried out. Dogs are not disposable! Public safety is absolutely paramount, however if these dogs are being seized and held by the Police for the 24 hour grace period, then there would be no additional risk to the public during that time and the benefit would be that dogs would not be losing their lives needlessly and owners would not then have to complain that they were pressured or forced by the Police to sign documents they didn't fully understand at the time. This would therefore offer protection to everyone involved, including the dogs. This petition is being launched in memory of Piglet, rest easy sweet girl. 🐾💔
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    Created by Gill Henderson
  • Stop All Hunting on National Trust Land
    Over 75% of the UK National Trust members voted against hunting last year at the AGM...I am one of them.
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    Created by Jane Halliday
  • Help struggling businesses - not fox hunting groups
    Shropshire County Council has given money that was intended to help businesses struggling because of COVID...to fox hunting groups. While shops on our high streets close their doors, aid that's meant to help them weather the Covid-19 crisis has gone to fund cruel bloodsports instead. Animal welfare groups and some MPs are already kicking up a fuss. Now what's needed is a massive outcry from the public - to show we don't want public funds going to groups that are propping up this cruel practice. Will you sign the petition now?
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  • Don't buy a puppy from a puppy farm!
    Mainly because the dogs are being 'farmed' in pitiful conditions, whilst the breeders will pretend that they are bred at home with mother and father available to see. This isn't the case. They are bred in disgusting dirty outhouses, and brought into the 'home' to be viewed by prospective buyers. Often the puppies are diseased, and come from such distressed backgrounds that they cannot easily settle in a home without a lot of additional care and veterinary expenses.
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    Created by Glynis Lee