• Save Pets Haven kennels from unjust imminent closure
    This petition was sent to the CEO Dorset Council on Tuesday 5 December; at that stage it had attracted 817 signatures since it was launched 3 days beforehand. It was accompanied by a report amplifying the detail contained in the petition, demonstrating exactly why the Council’s current position is in breach of the DEFRA guidance for boarding kennels, and thus unwarranted and unjust. Dorset Council has now agreed to review the situation. It is hoped that this review will be complete and a favourable decision published by 15 December at the latest, so that a new licence is issued to Pets Haven enabling it to continue as a kennels from 1 January 2024 and thereafter. (The renewal of the Cattery’s licence has never been in doubt). The owners of Pets Haven kennels would like to express their profound appreciation to all who supported the petition. As would all the dogs currently boarding there. A further update will be published here around 15 December.
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    Created by Alan Bennett
  • Dangerous Dogs Act, and the threat to Euthanise large breeds due to Bad Ownerships
    Any Dog that grains a reputation for threatening people is at Risk, especially large and powerful breeds. Responsible Owners know that handled correctly with firmness and love, these dogs thrive and responding to behave beautifully within family settings. I'm a Canine Instructor (49yrs experience and 20yrs specialising as a Consultant with aggressive dogs) Please..... We know that none of this is, is due to dog's breed, but down to the Owner, how they train and treat the dog, or not. Address the Legislation towards the Owner. No Puppy is born Bad is Aggressive. It's purely down to the experience that have been subjected to.
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    Created by Katie Acari
  • Protect crustaceans at the time of killing
    Considerable scientific research, consolidated in the government-commissioned London School of Economics (LSE) Review of the Evidence of Sentience in Cephalopod Molluscs and Decapod Crustaceans, such as crabs and lobsters, has highlighted the advanced nervous systems of crustaceans, confirming their capacity to feel pain and distress - including when being boiled alive. Following the formal recognition of their sentience in the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act 2022, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) should take immediate action to implement explicit guidelines for legally compliant and humane killing methods for decapod crustaceans. By taking these steps, Defra can lead the way in promoting humane treatment, aligning its practices with the law and its ethical responsibilities. We call upon you to make a stand for the legal protection of crustaceans and to ensure that their welfare is considered. We the undersigned firmly believe that it's time to replace pain with welfare at the time of killing for crustaceans. The absence of clear guidelines around their killing methods leaves these creatures vulnerable to inhumane practices that go against our national values of compassion and ethical treatment for animals. (www.gov.uk/government/news/lobsters-octopus-and-crabs-recognised-as-sentient-beings).
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    Created by The Animal Law Foundation Picture
  • Do Not Ban XL bullys, punish the owners
    I think if everyone comes together we can save a dog breed in which there are a lot more of these dogs that live their lives as a happy family pet than there are ones who attack people. We need to pull together and stop dog breeds getting punished just because of bad owners
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    Created by Robert Dunn
  • Greens demand Government action to stop "horrific" dog attacks on farmers livestock!
    The Kept Animals Bill would have also banned live exports, cracked down on puppy smuggling, and a ban on primates as pets. Last month, the Conservatives refused to revive the Bill! Farmers across Wales, including the Vale of Glamorgan, will have been deeply disappointed that the Conservative Government decided to withdraw the Bill at the last moment. We support efforts to ensure that a bill is introduced urgently to pass these protections and new powers into law. Police forces require greater powers to investigate instances of dog attacks effectively. It is hoped that if the police are empowered so that there are more successful prosecutions there will be a greater incentive for dog owners to ensure that their animals are kept under control. Farmers rightly feel betrayed by this Conservative Government, they need action not excuses! The Farmers Union of Wales have said that the u turn has caused "real frustration"! During the Covid pandemic, dog ownership rose sharply as people took on pets as companions. This has led to more "gruesome" attacks on farmers livestock by some unscrupulous dog owners. Our farmers and their livestock deserve better protection!
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    Created by Barry Green Party Picture
  • Justice for Our Furbabies - End Unjustified Dog Shootings
    I, as a devout bully parent and advocate for the rights of our beloved furbabies, am deeply concerned about the alarming increase in unjustified dog shootings by law enforcement officers. It is time to take action and demand change to protect our innocent four-legged family members. As responsible pet owners, we understand the importance of innocent until proven guilty. This principle should extend to our furbabies as well. Just like humans, dogs deserve fair treatment and due process before their lives are needlessly taken away. Recently, heartbreaking incidents involving Marshall, Millions, Rocco, and countless other dogs have shaken us to the core. These dogs were shot without any evidence of aggression or threat towards anyone. The trigger-happy approach taken by some law enforcement officers is not only unjust but also undermines trust between communities and those sworn to protect them. We believe that before making a life-or-death decision regarding a dog's fate, law enforcement officers should be required to assess each individual dog's traits and behaviour firsthand. This would ensure that decisions are based on accurate information rather than assumptions or fear-based reactions. It is essential for police departments across the country to implement comprehensive training programs that educate officers on canine behaviour assessment techniques. By equipping them with this knowledge, we can prevent unnecessary tragedies from occurring while preserving public safety. To support our cause effectively, we must present relevant facts and statistics that highlight the urgency of this issue: 1) According to data from The Washington Post (source: The Washington Post), an estimated 10% of all fatal police shootings involve dogs. 2) A study conducted by Michigan State University (source: Michigan State University) found that proper training significantly reduces instances of unwarranted use of force against animals. 3) In cities where proactive measures have been implemented successfully—such as mandatory canine behaviour assessments—dog shootings by law enforcement have significantly decreased (source: ASPCA). By signing this petition, we are demanding that police departments nationwide adopt policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of our furbabies. We urge law enforcement agencies to: 1) Implement mandatory training programs for officers on canine behaviour assessment techniques. 2) Require officers to assess a dog's traits and behaviour before making any life-or-death decisions. 3) Establish clear guidelines and protocols for handling encounters with dogs, emphasizing non-lethal alternatives whenever possible. Together, let us ensure that our furbabies are treated with the same respect and consideration as any other member of our family. Let us protect them from unjustified shootings based on assumptions or fear. Sign this petition today to make a difference in the lives of countless innocent dogs who deserve justice. As a bully parent myself, I have no human children but consider my furbabies as my world. The increasing fear of walking them due to unjustified dog shootings has left me feeling helpless and worried about their safety. I have encountered police officers during walks who expressed genuine love for these gentle giants. No one should have the right to shoot an innocent dog without proper cause or evidence of aggression. It is time we stand together and demand change from those who hold power in protecting our communities. Please join me in signing this petition to end unjustified dog shootings by law enforcement officers once and for all. Together, we can create a safer world where every furbaby is given a fair chance at life.
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    Created by Natalie Miller
  • Protect Animals - pass the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill as promised
    The bill was intended to: 1. Fulfill the Government’s promise to stop live animal exports for slaughter and fattening 2. Introduce powers to improve animal welfare by ending cruel practices such as puppy smuggling and the keeping of primates as pets. It is important for animals because of the conditions so many animals are kept in when exported for slaughter and fattening and when puppy farmed. It is important for people, who often buy sick or misrepresented puppies in good faith and they become family members before their diseases and early mistreatment show. It is important for people because animals sent overseas should not be part of our food chain but it is impossible to trace what happens to them. It is important for the Government because it was in their manifesto.
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    Created by Vivienne Chadwick
  • Make the culling of healthy animals in captivity illegal
    Marius, the baby giraffe killed in Copenhagen then later dissected in front of visitors; A three month old baby bear in Sweden, killed because he was being bullied by his father, later stuffed to show the public; Nine lion cubs in Sweden, killed for being “surplus”; Sammi and Becca, two piglets in Edinburgh zoo, killed by the zoos vet to, ironically, adhere to the european breeding project in which “surplus” animals are to be put to death; A zebra in Norway, killed and given to a lion in front of visitors; seven healthy lion cubs killed in the notorious south lakes zoo just for being born; even as recent as April of 2023 in Dundee, Scotland, where four wolves were killed just because they displayed anxiety after their leader was euthanised following an operation. The list is horrifically long, too long to include here. The figure given by zoos in Europe for the number of “surplus” animals killed is 7,500, though the actual number is likely far greater. This is unfortunately taking place on a far too regular basis. Contemporary zoos and other animal organisations perpetuate their narrative of being for the safety and conservation of animals. In what way does culling animals that are healthy achieve this? Throughout the world, wild groups of animals are culled, the reason given being for the benefit of the group by removing ill or elderly members or condensing the group to prevent food shortages. This reason is also given for culled animals in captivity, however this issue is supposed to be impossible in zoos, and often one of the reasons that they are in captivity to begin with. If there are too many of an animal then they shouldn’t be in captivity as they’re not in need of conservation. There are a huge number of endangered or vulnerable animals that could be in conservation areas instead. Along with banning this hideous aspect of captivity, statistics for animal deaths should be published to prove they were necessary. While we unfortunately aren’t capable of changing the laws of these other countries just yet, we can demand justice for zoo animals in the United Kingdom, and urge the government to protect them from these disgusting, senseless deaths. After all, if you and your families lives were in the hands of others, wouldn’t you want them to be safe and free from an environment where whether they live or die is essentially a game of Russian roulette?
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    Created by Rachel Redhead
  • Save dog rescues from having to shut up shop - putting thousands of dogs at risk
    The dog rescue sector is already facing a major crisis. Following an explosion of dog ownership during Covid, the return to ‘normality’ has seen a huge increase in the number of dogs coming into the rescue system - with not enough space for them all. It means so many dogs that could go on to have happy lives in new homes don’t get the chance, and instead are being euthanised. And there's an even bigger crisis looming. Dog rescues need to have insurance cover to operate, but over the past few months more and more insurers have either withdrawn cover for rescues completely - including for long-standing rescue customers - and others have increased their premiums to an unaffordable level or put in restrictions that are unworkable for small charity rescues. If this trend continues, many smaller rescues will be forced to close leaving even more, healthy, well-adjusted, dogs with no-where to go. As a nation of dog lovers, do we really want to see mass scale euthanisation of dogs because of a set of ‘perfect storm’ factors driven by Covid? The approach being taken by insurers doesn’t penalise those that caused the problems, it just puts dogs and those that work responsibly to save them at risk. Instead of a knee-jerk withdrawal, the insurance industry should work with responsible rescues to promote good practices, ensuring future risk is sensibly managed. Without this the current crisis in the dog world will only get worse.
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  • Make all Fireworks Illegal for the welfare of ANIMALS
    The more people that show support will let the government know that they would prefer to save there pets and all animals and people from the stress of bangs from the fireworks. Plus in the long run it would also save the government money in investing in drone and light shows.
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    Created by Sarah Bryant
  • Time for change: no more fox hunting
    Fox hunting, deer hunting, and hare hunting still take place in the UK. These cruel activities have been banned in England and Wales for nearly 20 years, but the law is failing us all. Too many animals are suffering, local communities are being abused and the public is being misled, as too many hunts are getting away with it.  It’s time for change.
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    Created by Time For Change Coalition Against Hunting
  • Save our Doggy Day Care
    Dog Day Care has become a popular and valuable service which provides important needs for dogs such as exercise, socialisation and all day care enabling owners to go to work. There are so many benefits for dogs who attend daycare: they are more content, better behaved, well socialised around other dogs, less anxious and easier to train. Day care also creates a safe place for dogs to run around freely without disturbing members of the public. It's also secure so that dogs who have a high prey drive or cannot be trusted off lead can play and interact safely. Crufty Pups Creche played an important part and worked safely throughout Covid, meaning that key workers could still go to work and vunerable owners could isolate whilst still meeting the needs of their pets. We feel that this also prevented some dogs from having to be re homed or developing behaviours such as anxiety or losing confidence with social skills. If Crufty Pups Creche were removed from the land, we would be faced with little option but to close altogether since the set up costs to relocate would not be affordable. Not only is this place valuable to dog owners, but also the staff, volunteers, students who complete work experience with us and all of the dogs who spend their days with us. Please help us by signing this petition which I will be presenting to the council along with my special circumstances planning application.
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    Created by Nicky Griffiths