• Papa John's Pizza and BT, take down your netting in Lowestoft to allow Kittiwake to nest!
    Red listed kittiwake are on the brink of extinction. This is a valuable nest site that has been used for years by these birds.
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    At the moment no such law exists. This means that irresponsible breeders, who don't care about anything except making money, are getting away with murder. The inspections that they go through are so minimal that they can obtain a license while hundreds of their dogs are dying slowly in cages that are barely inspected. This has to change. If councils say they have no money to do these inspections then make these breeders pay. £1000 is less than they make for selling one puppy. Yet this would fund a fully qualified vet to be present before a license can be granted. Please help us introduce a new law so that irresponsible dog breeders cannot continue inflicting such suffering. Make the RESPONSIBLE DOG BREEDERS LICENSE a law.
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  • Manchester Airport: Stop Supporting Animal Experiments!
    Manchester Airport is one of only two UK airports, the other being Heathrow, which still accept Air France's animal cargoes of live animals destined for UK research laboratories. These include primates, dogs and other animals who will be subjected to animal experiments.
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  • Ban animal testing, meat trade & abuse
    Animal testing is a senseless and barbaric act of causing suffering and torture to innocent animals. This needs to stop. Thousands of animals crammed into small cages for the meat trade and many suffocating to death Torturing these innocent defenceless animals needs to stop.Help these laws to change and ban ALL this cruelty
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    It is important because it leads to illegal breeding of animals, some if which suffer immesurably in terrible conditions, also the theft of animals by criminals It is a new and lucrative way for anyone to make sometimes thousands of pounds out of innocent animals, in particular dogs, who are repeatedly impregnated to provide litter after litter, only to have their babies ripped from them and sold on to anyone, who in turn may go on to do the same thing, because there is so much financial gain This is becoming a massive issue, and YOU the advertiser's have the power to put a stop to it. Do the right thing be the first. HELP THEM PLEASE.
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  • Caging around Pittville
    Its dangerous and a death trap for the waterfowl
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  • M&S - come clean about the damage caused by your farmed salmon
    Marks & Spencer, an iconic UK retailer, has cultivated a reputation for itself as leader in quality and sustainability. Yet right now they are selling tens of thousands of tonnes of farmed salmon which scientists warn is causing environmental damage. To add insult to injury, they’re labelling this harmful product as “responsibly sourced”. M&S wants us to believe that farmed salmon is a “responsible” alternative to wild fish. In reality, salmon farms rely on catching vast quantities of wild fish to feed the caged animals. Recent investigations have found this to be driving over-fishing and endangering ecosystems as far away as South American and Africa. Closer to home, salmon farms are a huge source of pollution of Scotland’s beautiful coastline. And farmed salmon are infested with disease and sea-lice, which causes them huge suffering and spreads to wild fish in the surrounding area. Wild salmon numbers in Scotland are collapsing. Marks & Spencer describes itself as committed to a “sustainable future” and as a “leader in animal welfare”. But when it comes to their salmon, the reality is that it damages wild fish ecosystems and packs salmon into dirty, disease-infested cages. Treatments for parasites kill and hurt significant numbers of farmed salmon. These farms are not leaders in animal welfare. Let’s tell them to stop. Stop labelling unsustainable, factory farmed salmon as “responsibly sourced”. Be honest about the impacts that these products have so that your customers are empowered to make good choices.
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  • Reconsider Early Neutering Rules for Dog Centres
    If you want your dog to attend a daycare or play facility then they must be neutered. Seems reasonable, yes? However, if you want your puppy to attend the same facility they must also be neutered unless under the age of six months. All of a sudden this doesn’t seem quite so reasonable, does it? It is widely recognised that neutering at such a young age can cause both physiological and psychological damage to dogs. This is particularly true of larger breeds, which take significantly longer to mature. The result is a significantly increased risk of arthritis and other bone defects, abnormal bone growth and a lack of fusion of the growth plates. Early castration can also result in the dog being stuck mentally in the adolescent phase and not fully maturing into an adult mental state or the ‘calming down’ that would be expected when a dog reaches adult maturity. This could in fact increase the chances of behaviour issues developing. Most of this damage cannot ever be reversed. Just like humans, dogs need hormones in order to grow up in a healthy manner. At just six months old, most puppies are not yet mature enough to have these hormones altered or removed. We strongly believe that the restrictions around un-neutered puppies attending play centres should be changed. This is not a money making exercise on our part - this is an animal welfare issue and, as dog lovers, it is an issue we feel passionate about. Too many pups are being neutered at too young an age and it undoubtedly has a detrimental effect on them. We are not vets, nor are we clinically trained but we have studied dogs and have extensive experience of working with a number of different breeds, observing the changes dogs go through following neutering. We believe it is important to be able to socialise all dogs when they are in their younger months so that they can develop their skills as they grow into maturity. This would result in better behaviour outcomes than early castration. Clearly pregnancy is unwanted therefore a facility should have policy in place for management of dogs and ability to separate them into safe groups where necessary. Facilities should have procedures in place where if any dog - regardless of sex, age or neutering status - is causing issues or not fitting in, the owners are approached to find suitable alternative arrangements for the care of their dog.
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  • Save badgers in Notts and Leics
    We are a group of people who live in and around the Vale of Belvoir (an area that straddles the Leics/Notts border). We deplore the culling of badgers wherever they are, but here badgers have been vaccinated as part of the Defra-sponsored Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (BEVS) since 2015. We understand TB poses a serious threat to the livelihood of cattle farmers but we believe, rather than making war on our native wildlife, the focus should be on achieving a vaccine to administer to cattle. In order to bring about the cull a company was formed by a group of people who approached the local farmers asking for them to sign up to their application. It is as a direct result of an orchestrated campaign by this local group of landowners that has brought about the cull. This cruel and barbaric treatment of a previously protected species is at odds with the governments’ recent policy announcement that it wishes to move in the direction of cattle vaccination and away from culling badgers. Those farmers who supported the BEVS project in previous years have now dropped out; we can only speculate whether this was a result of intimidation, peer pressure, or other reasons. No scientific evidence has been shown that these badgers are transmitting bovine TB. This is one of the few areas allowed to produce Stilton Cheese. The producers are proud that their cheese is made from local milk, so their milk suppliers are the very farmers involved in the cull. Stilton cheese is now, in a very real sense, tainted with - and the producers complicit with - the ongoing slaughtering of badgers. We are calling on the Stilton Cheese producers to terminate their contracts with local milk providers unless the latter withdraw from the culling programme immediately. To show we are serious we also call on anyone who cares about British wildlife to stop buying Stilton Cheese until the cull in this area has been abandoned and vaccination reinstated. BOYCOTT STILTON - STOP THE CULL Further reading: Current government policy: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-55840829 Cull statistics for 2020: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bovine-tb-summary-of-badger-control-monitoring-during-2020/summary-of-2020-badger-control-operations#effectiveness Recent National Geographic article: https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/environment-and-conservation/2021/01/badgers-cattle-and-scapegoats-is-controversial-science-putting
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  • Allow dogs on sunderland beaches over summer
    Not only will it have a big impact on local business as when out with our dogs we may grab a coffee and food. People exercise a lot more down the beach with dogs.
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  • Harrods, Stop Selling Cruel Foie Gras!
    Seen as an expensive ‘delicacy’, ducks and geese are kept in torturous conditions before they are then killed to produce foie gras. They are force-fed enormous amounts of grain and fat which cause their livers to swell to many times their normal size. This is a painful and terrifying process for the poor birds who are forced to endure a tube being rammed down their throats several times a day. The ducks and geese are then killed for their bloated livers which are then sold as foie gras, claimed to be a cruel ‘delicacy.’ In foie gras farms the birds are forced to stand all day and night on wires in crammed cages where they can’t turn around or clean their feathers. They cannot carry out any normal routines essential to their physical and mental well-being such as being able to socialise, swim, fly or explore. Sadly, there is little to no veterinary care. 15 countries have so far banned the production of foie-gras, including the U.K. due to the complete barbarity of its production and many celebrities have joined and started campaigns to see this cruel practice stopped once and for all. We call upon HARRODS, London to do the right thing and STOP selling this disgusting product in their store. Other department stores have ceased the sell of cruelty, why can’t they?
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  • Emotional Support Animals
    This important because people who need these animals with them at all times for support are being deprived. If someone had severe anxiety and needed warning of attacks surely they should be allowed their pet. I know I for one would like my pets support and I want them to be recognized for their work.
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