• Ban the use of E120/Carmine made from killing millions of beetles in UK foods
    It is completely unnecessary for this dye to be used in food, drinks, chocolates where a more humane alternative is readily available. In regards to RED chocolate shells where this is commonly used, it is probably best to omit said colour, rendering the chocolates vegetarian and also avoid parents/children mistakenly consuming these unwittingly.
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    Created by Bhavin Purohit
  • Meat should not be publicly advertised
    The mistreatment of animals is sever and is getting out of hand. In this letter I would like to persuade you to support veganism and to help stop cruelty. Firstly, veganism has many health benefits so by advertising meat instead of vegetables we are doing the same harm as to advertising cigarettes. It is vital to be considerate of those who are vegan and if meat is to be advertised the process of which how it is made should be shown on the ad. Inspections could possibly be done to ensure animals are being treated properly. The truth has to be exposed and animals deserve better rights. Adverts should not be put on tv and not on banners / posters. In addition to this there should be no meat ads on public busses. Advertising meat on a bus is like advertising a religion on it.
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    Created by Mateusz Wydrych
  • Save our horse rescue and mental health charity
    Equine Gentling are being made homeless in August and urgently need 60 acres of land for their work to continue. We work to rehabilitate rescue horses and take that healing to our young people with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties. Our free grazing horses conserve the natural ecology of the downs whilst our work with young people and their families provides support where often there is none. We need support from the public to ensure us and other community projects are a key part of the future of the Downlands Estate. The Hope Charity Project is a charity supporting young people who are struggling with their mental health. They have been without a permanent home for over 18 months and have been forced to move all their support online. They work with young people and their families, offering counselling, therapy, emotional care and guidance. Desperately needed support services that provide for the most vulnerable of the community are being overlooked. This is happening during the pandemic, a time when the need has never been higher. These projects need to find a home where they can help these young people and their families. For more information on the impact these charities have on their communities, please visit their websites www.equinegentling.com www.hopecharityproject.org or visit the Brighton Downs Alliance website https://www.brightondownsalliance.org.uk to find out more about how you can have your say on the future of the Downlands Estate.
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  • Justice for Woodley Cow 13/05/2021
    The police are supposed to uphold the law yet they saw fit to brutally run over a terrified animal, rather than safely return her to her home. One of our campaigners called the RPSCA and was advised that if this incident had involved a horse, TVP's actions would be considered animal cruelty. Given that the House of Lords read the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill 2021 on the same day of this incident, the police's actions show that they are out of touch with laws they should be enforcing. The PCC and the IOPC have denied the police have done anything wrong, despite: the clear amount of public dissaproval on social media; the TVP protest on the 15th May 2021; & the vigil held on the 20th May 2021 at the site of her killing. She cried for 20 minutes after being run over 4 times and was then mercilessly killed - this is unacceptable. We invite you to join our campaign to get justice for Woodley Cow to ensure no animal ever has to suffer like she did at the hands of police, and to protect the right to life of any pet or farm animal who gets lost.
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    Created by Roberto Hogg Gomez
  • Papa John's Pizza and BT, take down your netting in Lowestoft to allow Kittiwake to nest!
    Red listed kittiwake are on the brink of extinction. This is a valuable nest site that has been used for years by these birds.
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    At the moment no such law exists. This means that irresponsible breeders, who don't care about anything except making money, are getting away with murder. The inspections that they go through are so minimal that they can obtain a license while hundreds of their dogs are dying slowly in cages that are barely inspected. This has to change. If councils say they have no money to do these inspections then make these breeders pay. £1000 is less than they make for selling one puppy. Yet this would fund a fully qualified vet to be present before a license can be granted. Please help us introduce a new law so that irresponsible dog breeders cannot continue inflicting such suffering. Make the RESPONSIBLE DOG BREEDERS LICENSE a law.
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    Created by kate roxburgh
  • Manchester Airport: Stop Supporting Animal Experiments!
    Manchester Airport is one of only two UK airports, the other being Heathrow, which still accept Air France's animal cargoes of live animals destined for UK research laboratories. These include primates, dogs and other animals who will be subjected to animal experiments.
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    Created by Jane Smith
  • Ban animal testing, meat trade & abuse
    Animal testing is a senseless and barbaric act of causing suffering and torture to innocent animals. This needs to stop. Thousands of animals crammed into small cages for the meat trade and many suffocating to death Torturing these innocent defenceless animals needs to stop.Help these laws to change and ban ALL this cruelty
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    Created by Suzanne Bos
    It is important because it leads to illegal breeding of animals, some if which suffer immesurably in terrible conditions, also the theft of animals by criminals It is a new and lucrative way for anyone to make sometimes thousands of pounds out of innocent animals, in particular dogs, who are repeatedly impregnated to provide litter after litter, only to have their babies ripped from them and sold on to anyone, who in turn may go on to do the same thing, because there is so much financial gain This is becoming a massive issue, and YOU the advertiser's have the power to put a stop to it. Do the right thing be the first. HELP THEM PLEASE.
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    Created by Vicky Rose
  • Caging around Pittville
    Its dangerous and a death trap for the waterfowl
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    Created by Tina-louise Ingram
  • M&S - come clean about the damage caused by your farmed salmon
    Marks & Spencer, an iconic UK retailer, has cultivated a reputation for itself as leader in quality and sustainability. Yet right now they are selling tens of thousands of tonnes of farmed salmon which scientists warn is causing environmental damage. To add insult to injury, they’re labelling this harmful product as “responsibly sourced”. M&S wants us to believe that farmed salmon is a “responsible” alternative to wild fish. In reality, salmon farms rely on catching vast quantities of wild fish to feed the caged animals. Recent investigations have found this to be driving over-fishing and endangering ecosystems as far away as South American and Africa. Closer to home, salmon farms are a huge source of pollution of Scotland’s beautiful coastline. And farmed salmon are infested with disease and sea-lice, which causes them huge suffering and spreads to wild fish in the surrounding area. Wild salmon numbers in Scotland are collapsing. Marks & Spencer describes itself as committed to a “sustainable future” and as a “leader in animal welfare”. But when it comes to their salmon, the reality is that it damages wild fish ecosystems and packs salmon into dirty, disease-infested cages. Treatments for parasites kill and hurt significant numbers of farmed salmon. These farms are not leaders in animal welfare. Let’s tell them to stop. Stop labelling unsustainable, factory farmed salmon as “responsibly sourced”. Be honest about the impacts that these products have so that your customers are empowered to make good choices.
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  • Reconsider Early Neutering Rules for Dog Centres
    If you want your dog to attend a daycare or play facility then they must be neutered. Seems reasonable, yes? However, if you want your puppy to attend the same facility they must also be neutered unless under the age of six months. All of a sudden this doesn’t seem quite so reasonable, does it? It is widely recognised that neutering at such a young age can cause both physiological and psychological damage to dogs. This is particularly true of larger breeds, which take significantly longer to mature. The result is a significantly increased risk of arthritis and other bone defects, abnormal bone growth and a lack of fusion of the growth plates. Early castration can also result in the dog being stuck mentally in the adolescent phase and not fully maturing into an adult mental state or the ‘calming down’ that would be expected when a dog reaches adult maturity. This could in fact increase the chances of behaviour issues developing. Most of this damage cannot ever be reversed. Just like humans, dogs need hormones in order to grow up in a healthy manner. At just six months old, most puppies are not yet mature enough to have these hormones altered or removed. We strongly believe that the restrictions around un-neutered puppies attending play centres should be changed. This is not a money making exercise on our part - this is an animal welfare issue and, as dog lovers, it is an issue we feel passionate about. Too many pups are being neutered at too young an age and it undoubtedly has a detrimental effect on them. We are not vets, nor are we clinically trained but we have studied dogs and have extensive experience of working with a number of different breeds, observing the changes dogs go through following neutering. We believe it is important to be able to socialise all dogs when they are in their younger months so that they can develop their skills as they grow into maturity. This would result in better behaviour outcomes than early castration. Clearly pregnancy is unwanted therefore a facility should have policy in place for management of dogs and ability to separate them into safe groups where necessary. Facilities should have procedures in place where if any dog - regardless of sex, age or neutering status - is causing issues or not fitting in, the owners are approached to find suitable alternative arrangements for the care of their dog.
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