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To: Fife Council

We support a 2G hockey pitch for the new Madras College

We support a 2G hockey pitch for the new Madras College

Fife Council currently plan to construct two 3G sports pitches at the new Madras College.

These pitches are unsuitable for most hockey training and matches.

A 2G pitch would be a better option as it would be suitable for hockey, would mean pupils would not have to travel to the university to play and would be less expensive.

We need a review of this decision by an independent expert. Please agree to review this decision before it is too late.

Why is this important?

Hockey is a popular sport, especially among women and girls.

There are not sufficient 2G pitches to meet demand in east Fife.

2G is cheaper than 3G.

St Andrews

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Reasons for signing

  • Hockey is a sport loved by all and this decision is discriminating against all those who could and do enjoy the game. I just don't see why this is even an issue - surely one 2D and one 3D pitch would be the ideals for all?
  • Sports Scotland the PE dept and Scottish hockey all day a 2g pitch required Why does council and rector want to spend approx £40,000 more on a pitch that doesn’t fulfill the requirements ??
  • Flexibility to provide as many kinds of sports as possible to encourage all children to get active


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