• Save Stamford Park School
    Trafford Council are proposing to demolish both Stamford Park Schools & construct a new three form entry school on the existing school field. Trafford Council has published a “Vision “document promising a “state of the art “new school and referenced other new schools in the borough; Worthington Park, Bowdon Church Schools as examples of what the new school will look like. The existing school field is much smaller size than the footprint of the existing Infant and Junior school site and as the new school will be designed for three form entry it will have to be three storeys high with limited external space for playgrounds. This proposed building is likely to be completely out of character with the buildings in the surrounding streets and unlikely to be the state-of-the-art new school promised. At no time have Trafford published any plans for the new school. Surely if you are undertaking a consultation exercise it is not unreasonable to expect to see outline plans so the public can form their own opinion of the proposals. The new school will also result in the children losing their playing field. The existing Edwardian school buildings will be demolished to create some outdoor (artificial) pitches and 40 car parking spaces. The use of public transport should be encouraged not increasing the number of cars around a school. These local schools have stood in our community for over 100 years and the demolition of these buildings will be a sad loss to the local area and in an era where sustainability should be paramount, refurbishment of the existing buildings must be the way forward. Whilst we understand there are issues with the existing Infants School this proposal is not the solution. Trafford Council are currently undertaking a consultation exercise gathering opinions from the local community /residents/parents etc. If you have not already done so please complete the online consultation form on the Trafford website though you only have until 17th Nov to submit your form. Given that the new school is being promoted by Trafford it is vital to gather as much support as possible so that the council understand the strength of local opinion. The intention is that this petition is forwarded to Trafford to demonstrate the strength of feeling within the community. Could you please join our petition and it would be good if you could share with local residents as well? Many thanks,
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    Created by Peter Wilson
  • Preferred Site For Inverkeithing High School
    The impact upon family life, community, businesses, transport, leisure activities and the environment is enormous and the time left to influence the decision is short
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    Created by Dalgetybay &HillendCommunityCouncil
  • Save Our TA's
    Teaching assistance are extremely valuable staff members within schools. They have many different roles and are essential in providing support to children with increasingly varied needs. Please let's keep these vital members of staff whom our children and their teachers depend on.
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  • Mandatory BSL teaching in schools
    This is not only important but in keeping with The BSL Act (2015) which in my eyes has not managed to make any real impact on the exclusion of D/deaf children in particular or to keep them in mainstream schools. The removal of children from the mainstream classroom for 1-1 teaching defeats the purpose of the child remaining in mainstream education. Mandatory teaching of BSL for all children in Scotland will allow everyone to have a basic knowledge and the ability to communicate efficiently with any D/deaf children removing stigma while allowing for full inclusion. The presence of a persons skilled in BSL in the school would also allow for mainstream learning to take place and the lessons to be interpreted by that individual or by the teacher him/herself. Unfortunately in Scotland, BSL is such a hard subject to study- there is one university course but entry without any BSL knowledge would be very hard and to learn BSL anywhere else you need to fund it yourself and it is not cheap. I was lucky enough to learn a very basic amount of BSL in primary school due to a Deaf Student in my class. This stayed with me and after 5 years of ‘vocational’ night school which I had to pay for I have a degree in BSL and work in the colleges interpreting lessons and work for D/deaf students. This method of study is not even available at all in the west of Scotland just now and limited elsewhere as there is no providers left, mostly all going bust due to lack of students being able to afford the courses and the lack of funding from the government. If we can give our kids a basic knowledge in primary school and the choice to learn the first few professional levels in high school we set them up for life and if they chose so, a career in BSL. Surely this is as much appropriate as french or German. We are setting ourselves up for a crisis in 5/10 years when we have no interpreters due to no ability to train. Please support me in my fight for inclusion.
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  • stop using isolation rooms for minor offences in academy schools
    At a time when more and more young people are suffering from mental health problems due to stress this sort of punishment just adds to their stress and is just laziness on the part of teachers who not so long ago dealt with the problems themselves or involved the head teacher if the problem was serious
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    Created by Roberta Light
  • Provide Canonbie Primary School with WiFi internet
    There have been multiple unsuccessful attempts made to the local education department by the headteacher and the Parent Council to try and get WiFi for Canonbie Primary. Both Langholm Primary and Langholm Academy have WiFi access and as a partner school in a cluster with them, we believe Canonbie Primary should be treated equally and be given WiFi. We live in a digital era and for Canonbie Primary pupils to be successful they have to have digital skills. The ability to use computers and other digital equipment, use online applications, find information online, assess its quality and value, and make use of it in daily life is crucial in their education and their future as they enter the world of work. It is widely recognised that WiFi can improve the quality of education in many ways: • it enables access to a much wider range of information, knowledge and educational resources, increasing opportunities for learning in and beyond the classroom • it helps to keep lessons interesting which helps to keep pupils enthusiastic and passionate in their learning • interactive teaching methods enable teachers to tailor lessons and give more attention to individual pupils’ needs and abilities and support shared learning • it helps pupils in understanding the lessons being discussed • it helps pupils and teachers accomplish tasks faster • accessing online materials and digital technologies helps to reduce costs associated with textbooks and materials • pupils need to learn how to use the internet safely and to do everyday tasks such as online buying, internet banking and social media • pupils can develop research skills by exploring online content on their own and can immediately find the learning materials that they need while they are in school. The national curriculum and associated assessments are all changing to take account of the internet and digital technologies. The Scottish Government's Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy states that all learners should benefit fully from learning and teaching enhanced by digital technology. Reliable access to the internet is fundamental to achieving the government’s vision for the future. In addition, the Parent Council and wider community fundraised to purchase tablets to help Canonbie Primary pupils with their learning and they are not being utilised due to lack of internet provision. It is therefore not unreasonable to ask our Education Department to provide WiFi as a matter of urgency.
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  • Give Staffordshire University students the Adobe suite to use at home for free
    The whole Adobe suite is a crucial part of the toolkit for any creative students. Whether it be after effects or premiere Pro for media students, photoshop and light room for photography students or illustrator and indesign for graphic design students these programmes are baked into the whole creative gambit of course and the majority of students simply cannot afford to pay the monthly subscription to be able to utilise these softwares at home. I am petitioning to the higher ups at Staffordshire University to grant access to all students including ones outside of the creative courses the ability to use the aforementioned software at home. It is a small price to pay for your students education and development. By signing this petition you will be showing the bosses at the University what having this software readily avaliable 24/7 will mean to you.
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    Barnet has already lost one nursery provider very recently due to funding cuts. Other nurseries are trying everything to stay open. There are a number of schools and nurseries which are struggling to keep their gates open due to the strain of budget cuts. It has forced many schools to make difficult decisions like cutting numbers of teaching assistants , SEND support staff, some have been forced to close early, asking parents for donations and relying on parents to volunteer in the classroom for interventions. Parents, teachers, headteachers and governors have created a grassroots campaign to organise against school and nursery cuts. Find out more by following @BarnetStop on Twitter.
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  • CPR Training in All Schools
    I had a Traumatic experience while working as a Staff nurse in the E.D. / A.& E. department of a district general Hospital in southern England. The incident involved a 14 years old School girl, who had a history of epilepsy,a supply teacher who was supervising a group of school children,was unaware of this girls history,and was alerted to the child having collapsed in school playground. The supply teacher had no training in CPR or even basic First-aid, teacher thought the child had fainted [mid-summer] and left the child lying on her back and covered her with school blazer and called for Emergency Ambulance. The paramedics arrived some 12 minutes later and only then was resuscitation measures [CPR] commenced. The child was intubated and received emergency care en route to the Hospital by ambulance staff. Resuscitation protocol was continued in the A.& E. for almost an hour with no return of vital signs, sadly the child was pronounced dead after all Advanced resuscitation measures were exhausted. Some time later I heard a "blood curdling" scream from her Mother upon being informed of her childs demise. One of the saddest aspects of that terrible day was placing the childs school uniform into a hospital property bag to accompany her to Hospital mortuary. I feel strongly that anyone supervising or responsible for school children should have Emergency training at the basic level in C.P.R. Later I was horrified to learn that there was / is NO requirement by local Education depts for these life-saving skills.
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  • Get DJCAD Zine Library into the UoD art library!
    The Zine Library is currently undergoing consideration by the DJCAD library as whether to make it a permanent feature and, if accepted, will function as a reference only section of the library. Much like other features of the library the Zine Library will be a valuable resource held within the art school that can be used by staff and students alike.  The DJCAD Zine Library aims to bring light to zine making at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, whilst providing a space dedicated to their creation, to inspire and educate.
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  • Build bigger school and infrastructure
    With the Dunbeg Primary school bursting at the seems already, where will the children from the new Dunbeg Corridor housing phase be educated. The village school served purposely for the village of Dunbeg up till 2013* when the new housing development at Marine court was announced. Then 3.5 years* ago roughly the new Housing development of MacVicar Court was completed. The new phase which is progressing rapidly will be 300 addresses. Where do the children from these addresses expect to be educated? It is farcical that The Infrastructure isn't in place before the houses were approved at planning. C'mon Argyll and Bute council. Get your act together * approximate times
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  • Reintroduce A-Level courses to Cornwall College St. Austell
    Without a nearby college that runs A-Levels, students living in Saint Austell may have to pay up to £500 to travel to further education institutions in Bodmin (30 minutes by bus) or Truro (almost 1 hour), adding a financial barrier to studying A-Levels in Cornwall. This will add another impediment to the social mobility of St Austell, a Widening Participation neighbourhood that has a low percentage of students entering higher education.
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