• Donate deducted wages from UCU strike to Unite Foundation
    Better working conditions for HE staff makes for better education outcomes for students. A fairer HE makes for a fairer society.
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    Created by UCU Northampton
  • Teach BSL in Schools
    Students are taught a range of languages, such as French, German, and Spanish, however the language lacking from the school curriculum is British Sign Language (BSL). There are 11 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK, and these people are much more likely to suffer from mental illnesses (up to 50%, compared with 25% of the general population). So, I believe that adding a BSL course to the school curriculum would be a perfect way to uphold our responsibility to those who are hard of hearing; we must step up and take the simple solution to a problem affecting millions. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, quality of life for the hard of hearing has only worsened as these people lost the ability to lip read due to face masks and their silent world became even more silent. Even now, when regulations are much calmer, I still watched a deaf woman struggle to communicate with the worker at the pharmacy when she had an issue with her prescription.
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    Created by Felicity Barker
  • Add BSL to school curriculum
    I think everyone at some point in their life has felt annoyed that they have been unable to communicate effectively with a deaf person due to what is essentially a language barrier. This isn't a case of being in another country and not being familiar with the language, deaf people are in our home countries and we can't communicate effectively.
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    Created by Sarah Wymer
  • CPR to be taught in Schools
    You never know when you may need to use those skills. They could save someone's life
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    Created by Lyndsay White
  • Basic First Aid Training
    A child could be the only person available to be able to save your life, without any basic knowledge you chances of survival are slim. A small child simply rolling you onto your side, if you are unconscious and vomiting, can give you a better chance of surviving. So many adults don’t know how to react in an emergency, don’t let the same be said for our children.
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    Created by Anna McGuinness
  • No to discrimination in schools
    Every child is unique and they should not be discrimated against for the way they wear there hair or footwear .. as long as there in school uniform and in school nothing else should matter. Children should be free to express there individually without judgement
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    Created by Stacy Cheadle
  • Save Ockbrook School
    Ockbrook school is a special place and community for all those involved. students, parents and Staff. Ockbrook school has hundreds of years of history educating children and turning them into wonderful young adults and we want this to continue to hundreds of years more. the school remaining open will also avoid major disruptions to our children's education and avoid almost 100 people losing their jobs and livelihoods.
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    Created by Stephen O'Brien
  • Call for Middlesex University to implement an Ethical Investment Policy
    After seeing that Middlesex complicity invests an approximate of almost £2,000 into Israeli companies that fuel violent acts that are illegal under humanitarian law, we were alarmed to discover that our university does not have such a policy in place. A university that prides itself with 'inclusivity' and 'values-driven culture', should have such a policy in place, as where are the values in funding unethical companies?
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    Created by Imaan Ayesha
  • Sign language for all children in School.
    It's important because I feel in sign language is essential for us all to learn and when your a child to learn sign language would become second nature. . I am hearing but I can't sign. I feel like this makes the deaf community isolated especially in a work environment. If sign language was as important in schools as Maths and English I think this would be amazing.
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    Created by Vicki Jackson
  • Radically Rethink SEND and Mental Health Provision for Children and Young People in England
    Too many children and young people are currently being failed within these two systems and it needs to change, now. Every child matters, and children with SEND and mental health problems are not receiving the quality of provision that they deserve. Thought should also be given to the families of these children who are exhausted with fighting a system that just continues to put up barrier after barrier of beurocracy and stagnant progression. My son began showing signs of ASD when he was in pre-school. Looking back, the signs were there including separation anxiety, aggression, excessive blinking and growling, but everyone was saying how intelligent he was and how great he was coming along with his learning, those signs got overlooked. My son is now 9 and is school avoidant due to high levels of anxiety. He is scared of school, going on public transport and tends to avoid most social situations. My son has said he would rather die than go to school. I know of hundreds, even thousands, of other children and families in England who are experiencing similar situations. It's time to bridge the gap between the traditional, outdated education system that we have currently and SEND education, including mental health provision; giving children with SEND and mental health issues and their families the provision they need. Pupils in England 'waiting up to five years for soecial needs plan- https://www.theguardian.com/education/2021/may/13/pupils-in-england-waiting-up-to-five-years-for-special-needs-plan-says-ofsted
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    Created by Samantha White
  • Children should be allowed 60 miniutes of play in school
    Because children are becoming over weight because of not enough exercise.
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    Created by Minion Maddnes Stuff
  • Force Exam Boards to give FULL refunds to UK schools this year (2021)
    This year UK examination boards have charged schools IN FULL (which is thousands of pounds per school). For what? Under normal circumstances schools pay the boards to a) generate examination material such as exam papers and b) pay examiners to mark and moderate said examination papers. This year, exams have been replaced with "assessments" - exams in all but name and additionally what is essentially old style coursework. These are being marked in their entirety by school staff, FOR FREE and at exceptionally late notice, thereby saving private examination boards huge amounts of money in examiners' fees. The exam boards have not even generated new exam material - merely regurgitated past exam papers. At a time when the vast majority of schools are struggling under the continued underfunding of the education system and staff are at breaking point from the demands of Covid-induced special procedures, we the undersigned feel that tax-payers money would be better spent ON SCHOOLS as opposed to lining the pockets of the boards who are charging for services either not provided at all or rendered lazily. We demand that government intervene to force exam boards to refund schools IN FULL - and not the paltry partial refunds offered thus far.
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    Created by Richard Burgon