• Remove meaningless grammar terminology from Primary School Curriculum.
    The insistence on children's minds grappling with obscure grammar terminology such as: 'compound, suffix, prefix, clause, subordinate clause, determiner, fronted adverbial, modal verbs, relative pronouns, relative clauses, cohesion, ambiguity, antonym, synonym etc.,' only succeeds in causing stress and dislike of writing and reading. If I asked you to write a story and to make sure you included a fronted adverbial, 4 modal verbs and an expanded noun phrase, how would you feel? Would you feel happy and confident to write a story? I don't think writing stories works like that, do you? Well that is what my neighbour's son had to grapple with. Unbelievable isn't it? But it's happening right now in Primary Schools. The mechanics of writing becomes a chore, instead of a delight, and a discovery of new ideas and imaginative journeys. How crazy is that? A child wondering if they've ticked the right box, instead of exploring language confidently, asking questions and seeing real meaning in wanting to write. Another neighbour's children, all bright and outgoing, hate writing and reading because the tasks they are given to do are meaningless - resulting in their confidence being eroded, their creative thinking replaced by 'grammar terminology' meaningless words that do not help with their understanding and expression of language, or their desire to read or write. During my 19 years in Primary School, we taught young children about 'capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and for names and places, phonics - nouns - verbs - adverbs, tense, adjectives - question marks, apostrophes, exclamation marks, fullstops, commas, paragraphs,' I think that was it - simple and certainly not threatening. Children wrote with confidence. This current closed minded approach to introducing English language to our young children has to be stopped. Pressure has to be put on the Government to change the curriculum NOW! For the sanity of our children bring back non-threatening terms that help young minds understand language and enhance their love of reading and writing.
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    Created by Frances Dickens
  • Make first aid mandatory for new parents
    To help save the lives of babies, allowing new parents to have the skills to know what to do to prevent a Baby from choking, or in an emergency.
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    Created by Soph Davis
  • Schools to teach more about LGBTQ!
    Not enough people actually know what LGBTQ is
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    Created by Aaron B
  • Vaccinate our Teachers!
    Our teachers are key to keeping the country going! School is the biggest childcare service I know. Who has been looking after the children of Doctors, nurses, gp's, emergency services, and other essential services during the pandemic? TEACHERS have! Now all children are returning to school our teachers are going to once again be put at significantly higher risk of catching covid -19. Whilst children do not generally develop life threatening illness from covid-19, they can still transmit the virus and teachers being in close proximity are going to be at more risk than ever! Especially the early years and primary school teachers. If large numbers of teachers get ill with covid who is there to look after the children of our key workers? If 1 or 2 teachers in a small school, (like my own children go to) are struck down with covid its not only the poor teacher that suffers and they families- our children do to! Teachers cannot be furloghed, they can not work from home, they have no choice but go to their place of work to care for our children! So please Boris do what's right and vaccinate our precious irreplaceable teachers ❤!
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  • Children in Scottish Schools need to repeat the School Year
    Since March 2020 children in Scotland have spent the equivalent of 6 months home schooling. In the majority of public sector scenarios this has involved little or no direct teacher contact. Children need and benefit from being 'taught' by teachers. Reading and self guiding through work is not an adequate substitute. Our Curriculum for Excellence promises an education which considers every child and their needs individually. This cannot and has not been delivered over 2020/ 2021. Not all children can learn in the same way. Self guided material is impossible for the less able particularly when children's home circumstances are so varied. There is no guarantee of parental support. The gulf between the have's and have not's grows ever wider. The negative impact on our children's mental health over these months is unimaginable. Do we want to ramp this pressure up a level by returning them to school under the cloud of needing to catch up on all the education missed? We need to acknowledge how much we value 'teaching' and allow children in Scotland to move forwards together by repeating the last academic year.
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    Created by Gillian Smith
  • Fake news consequences - Educate UK teens
    Just check your social media feed - it won't take long.......... Fake news is becoming a regular occurrence in everyone's social media feeds. However, youngsters in the UK are the first generation to be exposed to this radical fake news whilst being at their most impressionable age. According to the National Literacy Trust (2021a) only 2% of children and young people in the UK have the critical literacy skills they need to tell if a news story is real or fake. Moreover half (49.9%) are worried about not being able to spot fake news (National Literacy Trust, 2021b). Fake news not only increases anxiety among teens and damages their self esteem, they can also reduce teens trust in formal news. All this can have far-reaching and dangerous consequences, such as when teens lose the fear of dangerous diseases, start to exclude and separate on the basis of political propaganda or trivialise radical groups and to the extent they can be brainwashed into becoming members. This is never more important, with the government delaying the online harm bill until 2022, we need to act now to protect our children's mental health and futures. Please help by signing our petition and united, we can spread our message across the length and breadth of the UK.
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  • Save Bewerley Park & East Barnby
    Both Bewerley Park and East Barnby have been providing Outdoor Education to pupils in North Yorkshire for many years. The staff at these centres are the most experienced you will find. It's not just a case of taking some kids on a trip to try a few activities. What they provide are vital life skills. No other centres (that I have taken school groups to) come close to the knowledge, understanding and support like BP & EB do. In a time when mental health and the aftermath of COVID will have a ripple effect for many years to come EB & BP are equipped and ready to roll out support across the county ASAP. They support schools with learning outside the classroom, pupils with SEND, introducing pupils to new activities, provide experience to gain life skills. They support staff with training, confidence to deliver, first aid and Midas training along with opportunities to gain qualifications in various Outdoor Adventurous Activities. There are 45 staff at risk of losing jobs but also North Yorkshire and all the schools within North Yorkshire losing a vital place that can't be replicated anywhere else. UPDATE PLEASE READ NYCC OFFICIAL STATEMENT https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/news/article/review-outdoor-education-following-impact-pandemic
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  • Captain Sir Thomas Moore day
    the day Captain Tom passed is a day that should be celebrated in the calendar by everyone. Espescially the younger generations who didn't know about Captain Sir Thomas Moore and the amazing things he did and acheived in his lifetime. He was a hero and a hero he shall remain, but it wont be too long before his efforts and acheivments are. and will be forgotten. r.i.p Tom
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  • Students finance for single immigrant mothers.
    Because single mothers need to be able to have higher education in order to help their children at home with their studies. Most children of single mothers are behind their studies because their mothers don't have the knowledge and skills to teach them at home. Single mothers may not have the means to employ private professional teachers.
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    Created by Marian Anim-Boadi
  • Save our school
    Powys County Council wants to close our local primary school. If Churchstoke primary school is closed, children could go to English schools, and Powys County Council would have to pay to bus them there. This school is important because there are more family's moving into the area and would have an impact on working family's like myself to have a school that is local to us. My partner works full time as a support worker my boys go to that school and 1 of them have autism the other suspected autism/adhd since we moved to the area and the boys went to the school they have come on realy well my oldest has 1to1 and if the school closes down will have a negative impact on them mentally and emotionally and with change will take them back to square 1. Keeping the school is really important for both the children and the local area.
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  • Full time places for children in special schools
    Scotland is the only nation in the UK that is not offering full time places at special schools. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, special schools returned as normal after Christmas and have been kept open. It seems that the Scottish Government does not understand the needs of children with disabilities. Only a small percentage of children (3.5% in Scotland) meet the criteria for special schools. There is no question that all of these children are extremely vulnerable and cannot be left unsupervised. Most need constant care and attention. Some have a high level of medical need including tube-feeding, pain management, frequent seizures and/or require assistance with breathing. Others have challenging behaviour and need a high level of routine as well as exercise. The Scottish Government can protect our highly valued special school staff by offering them priority for the vaccine. Our children are missing out on therapies such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and hydrotherapy. Parents are reporting increased violence towards themselves and towards siblings. The mental and physical health of these children is deteriorating. Some parents are routinely getting as little as five hours broken sleep a night. This is a tragedy waiting to happen. We are calling on the Scottish Government to follow the good example of the rest of the UK and offer full time places to children in special school.
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  • Cash payments, not food boxes, for East Ayrshire children
    Providing boxes of food is degrading, doesn't represent good value for taxpayers' cash and does not allow parents to choose what is best for their children. Almost every council in Scotland provides cash or vouchers directly to families. East Ayrshire should do the same.
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