• Stop taking child element from student fiance
    Student finance only covers for rent, bills and equipment for the student. Not for the upkeep of children.
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    Created by Liane Carver
  • Do not let the Government Scrap Union Learning Fund
    Thousands of Union Reps have been trained to help adults retrain, go into apprenticeships, support English for speakers of other Languages and have promoted many workplace based Adult Education Opportunities, this is minimal funding that makes a big difference it needs to continue!
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    Created by Helen Osgood Picture
  • University’s to provide free, advanced wifi to student households.
    Broadband is imperative for productive home study due to limited library access.
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    Created by Lexi Greenstein
  • Retain Current Uniform at Stafford & Roselands Federation
    We are currently the only school in Eastbourne with purple, it is popular with the families. The children voted for it only two years ago and it forms part of their sense of school identity. Many families have a stock of purple uniform that they hand down to younger siblings, all of which would be wasted if a new uniform is introduced, a poor example to the next generation in environmental terms. Providing parents with one jumper, one PE shirt and a bag still involves considerable outlay for parents at a time when finances are difficult for many. We believe the proposed changes to be utterly without good reason and the money spent on subsidising new items could be better spent on educational items.
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    Created by Megan Stanfield
  • Abolish School Exclusions in the UK
    In the UK we exclude around 8,000(APX) pupils each year We are 3x times more likely to exclude Black Caribbean Pupils SEND students are also hard hit In 2011 the Government changed the way in which schools were held to account for the permanent exclusions they decided to issue. The Independent Review Panel (the only Independent part of the school exclusions appeal process) could no longer allow (reinstate) a pupil to return back to the school if they deem the exclusion to have been wrong. The removal of such a vital safeguard to protect young people from putative and discriminatory sanction used by Headteachers across the UK- allowed for a steady normalisation of the exclusion figures of children to loom at around 7,800 each year. We believe this should not be the norm. In Scotland, last year they only permanently excluded 3 pupils. The Government’s disregard for the outcomes of young people has led to this community coalition demanding the complete removal of the ability to exclude children from schools. The Secretary of State is failing its international Human rights obligations of ensuring non- discrimination, and its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. .
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    Created by BLAM UK
  • No child should be too hungry to learn
    6 children in every class of 30 are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn. Hungry children struggle to concentrate on lessons and miss out on hours of valuable learning. This all contributes to a learning gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. That’s why the charities Magic Breakfast and Feeding Britain has put forward the ‘School Breakfast Bill’ - a potential new law that would provide schools the support they require to provide a free and nutritious breakfast to children at risk of hunger. But for the bill to become law we need to show that the public supports it. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more children are at risk of hunger. Will you sign the petition to demand that no child is too hungry to learn?
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  • Support Diversity BLM performance
    Diversity performance titled BLM on BGT was choreographed beautiful, staging sensential and message agreed was political. Which dance can be! The nation remains devided on the subject and has been for some time, and will remain that way for some time. The performance has received 10,000 off con complaints. I aim to receive 10,000 signatures of support. Hoping to prevent the performance being removed from YouTube and show choreographers and dancers that there is love for the performance as well as negative responses.
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    Created by Jane Charlotte Picture
  • Address issues in Birmingham SEND Transport now
    Hundreds of families across the city are being failed. Vulnerable and disabled children who have been assessed as eligible for transport to school have been let down. Routes have changed and been cancelled with no communication with parents. Complaints and concerns are going unanswered. It is time for the Council recognise that they are accountable for this and take action to deal with it
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    Created by Charlotte Bull
  • Student transport assistance
    A lot of parents cannot afford to pay daily bus fayre for their children to attend school or college on top of school meals and uniforms and normal daily bills and spends. Children have to attend school and we encourage college in order to progress education for our future economy. Currently children that live more than 3 miles away receive massively reduced bus fayre, yet those that live less than this are expected to pay full bis fayre. This is personal to me as my daughter has started college and there will ne times when we cannot take her and as the cold dark nights creep in there will be time when she has to walk home alone, in the dark for a 49 minute journey. We live 2.5 miles which might not sound much but 49 minutes in the cold and dark is plenty. Ironically enough, any children 5 mins around the corner from us are able to get the bus for 50p a day, £1.90 a day cheaper than my daughter all because she lives 5 minutes closer. So a 54 minute walk warrents travel assistace yet a 49 minute walk does not. How is it that students are given student discount on an array if items because it is deemed they need the discount, yet traveling to school and college safely is not paramount. I am not saying it should be free, all I am is saying is that all students should receive a consession when it comes to travel. Ultimately we want our children to be safe and get to school or college on time without the worry or a massive hole in the wallet.
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    Created by Stephen Cook
  • Fair Marking for Counsellors during COVID-19 at Salford University
    Most student counsellors on these programs have worked for free during COVID-19, providing telephone and/or online counselling to clients, having had minimal training on practicing in this way. Previously, students were not allowed to practice remotely due to ethical implications, but the global pandemic made a sudden change of policy necessary. This has put us at a disadvantage in terms of the marking of our audio submissions (recordings of a session with a client), which had to be recorded under unusual and unprecedented circumstances that fell outside the criteria of the taught program. We want a review of the recent results and marking criteria, taking account of these unusual circumstances in which the work was forced to be done due to COVID-19, and reflecting the commitment and the hard work of student counsellors during these exceptional and difficult times (as well as the disruption to the taught program and student support). They could, for example, calculate average marks based on work handed in before the pandemic. In adhering to pre-COVID marking criteria for work that was carried out in a way that was, by necessity, at odds with the teaching of the program, Salford University is effectively punishing us for the impact that lockdown has had on our studies. Having been unfairly penalised and prevented from qualifying, we will have to continue to work for free and obtain a second audio recording only to face the same dilemma, as most organisations are still not allowing face-to-face counselling sessions to take place. If the same marking criteria are applied a second time and we are similarly penalised we would be liable for an extra year of fees. For those funded by student finance the only financially viable option is to defer for a year. This means that there will be fewer newly qualified counsellors at a time when they are needed more than ever.
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    Created by Sarah McGrath
  • Government funding for family members.
    Family members are treated like every other child in the inclusive childminding settings. Payment support is available for them too, such as universal credit, tax free childcare and childcare vouchers. It is only the funding which is not allowed. It is unfair to potentially move a settled child from their learning setting just because they are family and will not receive the 15/30 hours funding in the family members setting because of this reason.
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  • Justice for 20k A level students left without grades
    There are approximately 20,000 students who did A levels as external students. Some are homeschooling, some re-sitting, often because of a tragedy in their lives. Since they were not in a school or College, CAG doesn't work for them as centres are understandably saying they cannot give them a grade. But it means that unlike every other A level student, they have been left with nothing. Government have said they can re-sit in the autumn. That means they can't go to university this year. But they could be given predicted grades NOW. Most of these students cannot afford to take a gap year. They watch their friends move on and, through no fault of their own, they are left behind. Again. Ferdaus, for example, got a place at Kings College to do medicine. He re-sat due to family illness last year. "I was very very anxious during the confirmation [of results] period. I'm depressed. It's not even limbo. It's nothing. I'm in a black hole." Israt didn't do A levels last year as her father was dying. Now she's left with nothing and says she's 'never felt so low or suicidal.' Another BAME student from a working class family had mental health problems and didn't get the grades they knew they could. Re-sitting was a financial burden on them and their family. Had got a uni place. "I'm a future psychologist. We're all future 'somethings' but our futures are being held hostage for another year. I'm devastated. I can't do this again." Please sign the petition, circulate and contact your MP urgently.
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    Created by Gabriella Braun