• Get DJCAD Zine Library into the UoD art library!
    The Zine Library is currently undergoing consideration by the DJCAD library as whether to make it a permanent feature and, if accepted, will function as a reference only section of the library. Much like other features of the library the Zine Library will be a valuable resource held within the art school that can be used by staff and students alike.  The DJCAD Zine Library aims to bring light to zine making at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, whilst providing a space dedicated to their creation, to inspire and educate.
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    Created by Lizzie Day
  • Build bigger school and infrastructure
    With the Dunbeg Primary school bursting at the seems already, where will the children from the new Dunbeg Corridor housing phase be educated. The village school served purposely for the village of Dunbeg up till 2013* when the new housing development at Marine court was announced. Then 3.5 years* ago roughly the new Housing development of MacVicar Court was completed. The new phase which is progressing rapidly will be 300 addresses. Where do the children from these addresses expect to be educated? It is farcical that The Infrastructure isn't in place before the houses were approved at planning. C'mon Argyll and Bute council. Get your act together * approximate times
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  • Reintroduce A-Level courses to Cornwall College St. Austell
    Without a nearby college that runs A-Levels, students living in Saint Austell may have to pay up to £500 to travel to further education institutions in Bodmin (30 minutes by bus) or Truro (almost 1 hour), adding a financial barrier to studying A-Levels in Cornwall. This will add another impediment to the social mobility of St Austell, a Widening Participation neighbourhood that has a low percentage of students entering higher education.
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  • Ban expensive customised school uniforms in favour of simple widely available alternatives
    While school uniform is an important part of school life and community, many school uniforms are so expensive that many families are spending hundreds of pounds per child which puts tremendous and unnecessary strain on lots of families.
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  • Save the Erasmus Programme
    Students from all over Europe can benefit by studying abroad for a year through the Erasmus Programme. For UK students this hugely beneficial programme will end in 2020 as a result of the UK leaving the European Union. The benefits of Erasmus are many, but one of the great achievements of the programme is to have brought Europeans closer together, exchanging ideas and lifestyles. British students will lose out to their European counterparts after the funding for this programme ends next year. If ever there was an action that showed how Britain is raising the drawbridge and keeping out our European neighbours this symbol of unity among people being unceremoniously dropped is a symbol of our isolation. We must let future generations benefit from this great programme and help UK students share in this fabulous programme.
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    It encourages education and alleviate parents of students of Access courses (18 years) the sufferings and stress of paying their wards tuition fees. Inability to pay the tuition could deprive a child of the right to education. Besides at 18years they have turned adults.
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    Created by Chimezie Ukaegbu
  • Stop Leveraging Students with RBS Debt
    Because with student debt rising at an unsustainable rate, the next generation will be even less likely to afford their own home. Their health will suffer. Universities are profiteering and not delivering value. Many Universities are in debt. The young are paying for their and the Governments mis-management
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    Created by James BRACHER
  • Save Clarendon College Nottingham
    Clarendon College is a Nottingham landmark and part of the fabric of society that is Nottingham and a major part of the community. Nottingham College is closing 3 of its sites and building one in the centre of town. We think the Clarendon site is worth saving. It is a safe place for students to study while not having to go to the city centre. It has adequate disabled parking for students and staff plus a nursery for the children of people who want to get back into education and who would not be able to study without it. This in turn encourages social mobility and supports our children to fulfil their potential. It is connected by tram, bus and car which is essential for some of our students and staff with disabilites. Please sign this petition to save Clarendon College, support the future of Nottiingham and give our children the opportunity to study at Clarendon.
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    Created by Dawn Adams
  • SEND Parents to be allowed to claim financial damages against The UK's Department for Education.
    When the Supreme Court ruled [06 Apr 2017] ([2017] UKSC 28) [UKSC 2016/0155] IoWC v Platt - that “regularly” didn't mean “evenly spaced” or “sufficiently often” but instead “in accordance with the attendance rules” [they] agreed for the fining of UK parents, but erred in law, as [they] failed to take into account ALL children in Compulsory Education, especially SEND Children, who are continuously and REGULARLY left without Education or Schooling. "The Supreme Court unanimously allowed a Council’s appeal to fine a parent when they had removed their child a few days prior to the school holiday starting, on the basis that their child failed to attend 'regularly' declaring that the word ‘regularly’ means ‘in accordance with the rules prescribed by the school’. The Supreme Court failed to balance their ruling with regards to SEND Children Missing Education and Schooling, as the words “fails to attend regularly” in section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996 during term time, relates to ALL Children. SEND Children are routinely and REGULARLY LEFT WITHOUT Education or Schooling, by virtue of the lack of resources, lack funding and or the lack of school provisioning, even resorting to schools cutting their operating hours. SEND Children and Young People, are also entitled to regular schooling and education under [Part 3 of Children and Families Act 2014]. If the Government then finds it acceptable, to fine parents who take their children on holiday during term time, then SEND Parents can claim damages against the DfE, their Local Authorities and Respective Schools, for failing to educate and school their SEND Children during term time. The Supreme Court failed to follow the 'rule of law' or the equal application of the law as [they] only favoured those children who were in school (mainstream) and who didn't attend 'regularly' for a short period of time. This favouring by the Supreme Court, is a Direct and Indirect Discrimination under The Equality Act 2010, against SEND Children who are unlawfully forced to miss school or education REGULARLY by the lack of provision and or then having to be forced into a non-enabling environment, causing a health crisis. The Rule of Law is just that, the law applies equally to ALL. The lack of the rule of law can be because of negligence and or ignorance of the law itself, therefore the rule of law falls off the legislative radar because the government’s accountability factor is ineffective! The House of Commons (Petitions Committee) have twice rejected my petition, taking four months to reply, stating, "We don't understand what 'rule of law' means, so please refer to the SEND Funding Petition instead and campaign that way..." The European Court of Justice and or the European Court of Human Rights will need to be consulted on the validity of the Supreme Court's ruling, as The Education Act 1996 applies to ALL Children and Young People. I, Janet Willicott, mother of Bastian Willicott, directly affected by several unlawful SEND due processes, will seek to implement Bastian's Law and a SEND Accountability Act, to prevent any further SEND Children and their families being harmed by this culture of nonfeasance.
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  • Start a Space Cadet Force
    This will help young people to develop important life skills and pride in themselves, but through a non-military pathway. It will encourage them to look to the future and strive for excellence in a broad range of learning challenges. It will create new relationships as "esprit de corps" develops, and give participants confidence through a "start in life" that so many need in our uncertain world.
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  • Continue the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Doncaster
    Over the last 4.5years my eldest son has received some fantastic books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. This has not only enhanced his love of books and stories but has encouraged him to begin to learn to read before starting school. As a parent, I think it is a great shame that such a wonderful scheme that has enabled many children to access literature, is set to close in September. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of United Kingdom is a free book gifting organisation devoted to inspiring a love of reading in the hearts of children everywhere. Each month, enrolled children receive a high quality, age appropriate book in the post, free of charge. Children receive books from birth to age five. This means my other children will never know the joy of these free monthly books, or get to share the joy of reading future wonderful stories with parents and grandparents alike. This will mean families across Doncaster will not have future access to books that land on their door step every month.
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  • Get Bikeability level 2 into Auriol’s Year 6 Timetable
    Child cycle training Children between the age of 11 and 16 years account for over 25 percent of serious and fatal cycle injuries, but we can minimise the risks. Cycle training is a vital part of keeping children safe on our roads. Please sign this petition if you agree that year 6 Auriol Children should take level 2 Bikeability.
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