• Free school meals review
    Children are suffering in secondary school If children are on free school meals they have no option but to spend it only what the school selected. This then hinders other kids that may want something the secondary has on their menu but cannot get it.I understand they want to save money. However, as a single parent I realised I am giving more money To my child than the full allowance a year the school are profitting I contacted my MP Bob and The head it is time we get this reviewed.
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    Created by Margaret Adaarewa
  • Stand up for climate action students.
    The young people are showing us the way and we must listen to them. We have not responded to climate change quickly enough. We are running out of time. We need to stand up for what is right. We need to protect these young people. We need to stand with them.
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    Created by Beth O'Leary
  • Keep Almondbury Community High School Open
    If the high school closes it will affect the whole community
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    Created by Elena Ali Picture
  • The parents, carers and grandparents of Ilfracombe Infants request an urgent general meeting
    We, the Ilfracombe Learning Community, have been denied the opportunity (despite many requests) to have a general meeting with all interested parties to discuss issues arising from the recent defederation consultation at Ilfracombe Infants. We are only being offered limited, segregated, class based information meetings which we believe will be divisive and downplay the need for immediate action. We wish to have a full general meeting which will give all parents, carers and grandparents the opportunity to ask questions and listen to everybody's experiences. There are many concerns that people would like to express and we believe that we have the right to request that as wide an audience as possible can get an opportunity to hear the responses.
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    Created by Terry Elliott
  • Stop uk schools over using isolation/isolation booths
    UK guidelines suggest isolation should be used as a last resort not an everyday occurrence. There may be many reasons why a pupil may not have the correct uniform or equipment including poverty, loss if equipment, theft of equipment by another pupil, parent's are ultimately responsible for supplying their child with the correct uniform and equipment so why are schools punishing children. Sometimes the child may simply have forgotten equipment, will punishment result in improving their memory, no it will not. Children's mental health issues are rising dramatically, this form of unforgiving punishment will increase the number children suffering with poor mental health.
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    Created by Dawn OSWIN
  • Sign Language Should Be Taught As a Classroom Subject
    This is important because hearing impaired children deserve this. If children learn this it will give them the necessary life skills. Children will also learn how to communicate with children, who have disabilities.
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    Created by Daisie Rutt
  • Get rid of SATs in North Tyneside schools
    We teach our children, both at home and at school, to act against things which are wrong and damaging. SATs are wrong and damaging. Our children are More Than A Score. Previous campaigns have resulted in the Government announcing that from 2020, children entering school will not complete Yr 2 SATs. We think it is time for Yr6 SATs to go as well! To download letters to send to North Tyneside Education Authority, your local MP and to your child's head, click below. There is also a letter to school governors to show support for your school and explaining why you need them to support this campaign. PLEASE DO SEND LETTERS! We need as many as possible to go! Remember you do NOT have to be a parent to have concerns - teachers/grandparents/concerned citizens - adapt and send letters too! https://letthekidsbekids.wordpress.com/year-6-sats/ We are aware of the constantly growing discussion surrounding the many issues linked to SATs: • Mental health – of both students and staff due to unnecessary pressure. • A restricted curriculum which limits learning and wider knowledge and understanding, focussing disproportionately on Maths and English. • Outdoor break time and some practical lessons become lost due to extra English and Maths preparation. • Most secondary schools re-test in Yr7 due to the inaccurate and over-inflated nature of many KS2 results. • Secondary teachers tell us that many children now reach secondary school ill-equipped in terms of the necessary skills required. This is due to a lack of real embedded learning and age inappropriate subject content. • Secondary school student targets frequently are based upon KS2 SATs results and the expected progress made. They do not take into account the many other factors involved. All subject areas have targets based on results in English and Maths in Yr 6. This is ridiculous. • Schools’ Progress 8 targets are set based on frequently inflated SATs results due to cramming – as a result these targets are unrealistic and practically impossible to meet in many cases. • Ofsted, many teaching unions, heads, teachers and politicians have expressed deep concerns about the current system and have recommended a complete overhaul. This has been reinforced by Education Select Committees and numerous pieces of research and is reflected in the new proposed Ofsted framework. On the basis of the above, we ask: Are SATs the best thing for our children? Do SATs benefit our children in any way, or is this merely a data collection exercise on behalf of the government which can potentially damage our children's education in the future? If so, are we doing the right thing by making our children sit the SATs? We believe that SATs are NOT the best thing for our children OR the education system and feel strongly that we should be working together as parents and teachers ( from primary, middle and secondary schools) and with support from the local authority to forge an alternative. Particularly within our local authority, where middle schools are common, it seems a largely pointless exercise for students to be judged at the end of Yr6 when they still have two more years to complete in the same school; such a data target would not be beneficial to setting or provide any additional information to teachers who already know that child and their abilities well. It would benefit the child in no way. Our response to SATs is not in any way a reflection on our children’s schools, which we feel to be doing a fantastic job, and we fully support the headteachers and staff. This is a response to a broken and damaging system which we feel strongly is failing both the children and the staff who struggle within it. As a local authority, whose role it is to oversee and support our education system, we feel that you have an important part to play in recognising the inadequacies within the system and a responsibility to help address these whilst supporting the heads, teachers and children they affect. To fail to act against a broken system is to be complicit in the damage inflicted. SATs do NOT work and they need to GO. Please take action! Download letters now (below) to send to North Tyneside Education Authority and to your child's headteacher to share your concerns. Letters - https://letthekidsbekids.wordpress.com/year-6-sats/ For more info, please contact us at NTparentsagainstSATs@gmail.com https://letthekidsbekids.wordpress.com/year-6-sats/ https://www.morethanascore.org.uk/what-we-do/sats/ https://reclaimingschools.org/2018/03/18/protecting-children-from-primary-school-tests/?fbclid=IwAR07H8OuCMiIoh8Hxua-mH8Tt03AOj43jXQ-yUm-TK9-otGTduLy2Bw4Sas
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    Created by North Tyneside Parents Against SATs
  • Defederate Ilfracombe Infants School from its partnership with Goodleigh Primary
    Since the Federation of the two schools in 2015, Ilfracombe Infants has seen a steady decline in standards resulting in an Ofsted which has gone from Outstanding to requires improvement across every category. As an incredibly large Infants School with a wide diversity of pupils we have suffered from having to share a Headteacher with another school which is a 40 minute drive away. We also do not believe that the current management ethos matches the needs of our pupils and we would like to see a return to community based learning values which are nurturing, creative and fun.
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    Created by Terry Elliott
  • Make Music Tuition Free in Hampshire
    Music is what separates us from savages, and everyone should have the right to learn an instrument- regardless of how wealthy they are. Furthermore, every hour, creative industries contribute nearly 11 Million Pounds to the UK economy. Making music tuition in schools free-of-charge would mean that more people could have the opportunity to go into a multi-million pound industry, as well as gain a sense of belonging and have the opportunity to express themselves, which they might not have got before.
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    Created by George Lincoln
  • Save Our College DV8 from Closing!
    We are a group of students who currently study at Dv8 Sussex, following our recent Ofsted grading we now run the risk of closure due to the Education and Skills funding agency placing the college under review and potentially cutting our funding. If this happens the college will close and we won't have anywhere to study from September. DV8 is not your typical college. It doesn't go along with the "by the book" approach of heads down with textbooks. With small class sizes and unique courses it allows those to get one on one help during class and afterwards. They have set days and guaranteed times which allows students to plan around this, have time for work and a social life, as opposed to scattered time slots for a day with one off lessons like some colleges do. This is important as it is truly unique with the courses they have, for example, having one of the few true games development courses which genuinely has the class make a fully fleshed out video game! If DV8 closes then current students cannot continue their course for another year for a better qualification. Students looking to transfer to a college which best suits them will be stuck and struggling by staying where they are now with no other option. New students for the next academic year will be forced to go towards other colleges which they do not like nor want to attend courses which won't help them in their future. Please share this around with friends, family and whoever else you can get this to! Follow this link for further information about this scary scenario: https://www.dv8sussex.com/news/
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    Created by Cameron Hale Picture
  • Nut Free School
    My Granddaughter has nut and sesame allergies and carries an epi pen at all times. She has a choice of whether to go into a restaurant or eat from takeaway food outlets and can use her own judgement about her choices. However, it mandatory to attend school, but schools can be deadly places for children with serious allergies.
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    Created by Gillian Cressey
  • More funding for SEND in Dorset schools
    Dorset schools are facing £4.2 million in cuts. Dorset CCG's new Development and Behaviour Pathway puts the responsibility on schools to make referrals for conditions like ASD and ADHD. Schools, which have had to make cuts to staff and increase class sizes, will struggle to meet this requirement. Children will be at risk of being left without a diagnosis unless there is extra funding and training for schools. The current situation is unacceptable; a lack of support for children and young adults with SEND because of school budget cuts; delays in assessments for ASD and ADHD, have led to an increase in pupils being excluded from school with no adequate alternative provision. Many families are desperate and have little or no support and schools are struggling to cope. When the shadow Dorset Council sets its budgets for the coming year SEND provision must be a priority.
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    Created by Claudia Sorin
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