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To: Bristol City Council

Better Plans for the St Mary Le Port Development

Better Plans for the St Mary Le Port Development

We the petitioners reject the current development plans for the St Mary Le Port Church site in Castle Park. We reject them on the grounds that the proposed new buildings, specifically buildings A and B, will obstruct the public viewing of the St Mary Le Port Church tower and the proposed design of the buildings are not sympathetic to the wider park area. The obstruction will be most evident from the north and the south, from the direction of Bristol Bridge. The petitioners therefore call for counter proposal development plans that will look to shorten the height of the aforementioned buildings, building B in particular by 3 floors at least, and lessen the visual impact of the new buildings on the wider park. The petitioners recognise that the current site is in a state of disrepair and as such attracts anti-social behaviour. However, the petitioners assert that new developments in Bristol should not come at the expense of the city’s rich heritage.

Why is this important?

St Mary Le Port Church is thought to date from the Saxon times. The church’s tower adds to the rich history of the city. The Castle Park area in particular is locally acknowledged and praised for blending our city’s history with the wellbeing benefits of a being an important green space. However, in recent years concerns has been raised by Bristol residents that the character of new developments have changed to become more imposing and less sympathetic to their surroundings. Groups such as Bristol Against Tower Blocks have been very vocal about such concerns. Recognising that the developers have already made counter proposals to cater for environmental concerns with regards to Building B, we are hopeful that they will cater to our own.

Bristol Campaign Against Tower Blocks

Bristol, UK

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