• Prevent accidents , B3092 Milton on Stour : Introduce a speed limit
    Many people from the village , and those that use the road, have expressed their concerns and fear of meeting an HGV travelling at speed ,often over the centre line , coming towards them. One of the three recent speed related accidents concerns a lady driving from Gillingham to Mere in her husband's large car. The lady was confronted by an articulated lorry that was in the process of 'jack knifing ' (when the trailer over takes the drivers cab.) The side of the trailer struck and crushed the front of the car. The lady suffered shock and bruising. Had she been driving her own sports car the result would , in all probability ,have had a different out come as her sports car would have gone under trailer.
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    This land is extremely important in terms of making up part of the sporting pitch provision and the green space of Widnes. We believe that it must remain so. This land is designated as sporting/recreational Green Space in Halton Borough Council's Local Plan, as such any permission to build a housing estate on it should be refused. We have lost many of our green areas to housing development due to government planning laws. Housing development of this land would have a hugely detrimental impact on people living in Hough Green and the surrounding area. We urge Miller Homes to consider the local community and reconsider their intentions to submit a planning application for housing development on much needed green space. We would urge Halton Borough Council to do everything in their power to stop any part of this designated sporting/recreational/green space land being developed into yet another housing estate, should Miller Homes submit an application. Hough Green Ward Councillors Cllr Sandra Baker Cllr Kevan Wainwright Cllr Phil Harris Highfield Ward Councillors Cllr Andrea Wall Cllr Paul Nolan Cllr Bob Gilligan
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  • Don't take away half the resident parking on St Paul's Road - we can object until 24th July
    People can't just sell their cars if there's suddenly less parking. It's important to push for permit holder bays if you don't want to fight over parking spaces, have to take other people's spots on a different road, and have to move your car about multiple times a day to avoid restrictions / tickets. Reserving 9 parking spaces for school visitors / 3hr slots takes parking away from residents who don't have reserved parking.
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  • Stop the Lydden Road development
    Lydden Road has been the location for light industry since the early 20th century. And the redevelopment of local light industrial sites is inevitable. But Earlsfield is a highly populated residential area that continues to grow: there are new residential developments in progress next to the same site! Allowing round-the-clock HGV delivery access, along with the intense outbound delivery traffic that will result from this development, will have a significant impact on this area. Building an 11 meter high warehouse (more than twice the height of the current building - and higher than a two storey house) so close to family homes, is not acceptable to residents on the surrounding streets. We ask the developer to consider and design a compromise which meets the needs of the site, their business plan, AND local residents. We request that the Wandsworth Council planning committee recognise the needs and desires of their residents and withhold approval until this compromise has been reached.
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    WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT TO EDGWARE RESIDENTS AND VISITORS: Why Edgware? Edgware has been chosen by Barnet Council for the vast bulk of the Mayor’s requirement for new residential development in Barnet Borough, allowing towns like Finchley, Golders Green, Hendon and Barnet itself with nothing like as onerous targets. Flats The majority of the redevelopment of Edgware Town Centre will be concentrated in new residential towers. A total of 19 or 20 new towers are proposed including those of up to 29 floors, with most being between 20 and 25 floors, and even the lower buildings are proposed at up to 14 floors. The proposal is for about 3,800 new units (including 460 student units) and this could be expected to house 7,000 people ( Ballymore’s estimate that we think unlikely) to 12,500 people ( suggested by Barnet Councillor Lucy Wakeley and not denied by Ballymore) to maybe even 15,000 people. To put this in context, this will more than double the number of people that live within reasonable walking distance of Edgware Town Centre and hence double the demand for doctor’s surgeries, school places, dentists, etc. etc. Precious little in the form of this essential Town infrastructure is being proposed to be provided, which can only have a hugely damaging effect on the availability of these essential services to existing residents. Parking The land which is to be redeveloped presently provides 1035 car parking spaces, including a 275-space dedicated commuter car park for those that drive to Edgware tube to continue their journey into Town on the Northern line, and also of course the priceless facility for those who need or want to drive into Edgware Town Centre for its current shops and facilities. Again, this is to be almost entirely swept away and replaced, we are told, by a total of 764 spaces, of which 250 spaces will be servicing Sainsburys (in itself, probably insufficient for a full-size food superstore) AND the remaining replacement shops and cafés in the Town Centre (if they are ever built). The other 514 spaces would be in a substantially less convenient Multi-Storey car park. Now we are told that it is currently a matter of negotiation with Barnet Council and other bodies as to the allocation of the remaining 514 spaces between the competing demands of the new residents, the daily commuters and existing local residents who want or need to drive to their Town Centre. The developers argue that because it is a Town Centre development almost none of the new residents will want or need a car, or even a visitors’ space, but even if that were substantially true, and a car was used by only one person per 10 flats, this will still imply 340 residents’ spaces (including about 100 spaces deemed necessary for disabled blue-badge-holders), taking up almost all of the meagre replacement parking leaving just 175 spaces for the commuters (in itself a reduction of 35% of the numbers they presently have) and nothing at all for local residents driving to the Town Centre, and so, predictably, are therefore very likely to be denied access to the new Multi-Storey car park. Timing Because of the huge scale of the proposed development, it is estimated that this development could take TEN YEARS to complete. Imagine that – 10 years of disruption, diversions, mess and misery swamping our Town Centre. How many residents wouldn’t be able to face this and prefer to move somewhere else – that is if they could find someone willing to buy their house and put up with all this! Summary If Barnet Council decide to grant planning permission for this development proposal, which is at a density far in excess of what they have already permitted in Colindale in recent years, and it does indeed go ahead, the suburban character of Central Edgware will be lost forever, and instead replaced with a mini-Manhattan, no doubt at great profit to the developers, but at huge cost to the standard of living of local residents. Action What can be done about this then? Sign this petition below! We need Barnet Council and the Mayor for London to be convinced that these proposals are in fact a gross overdevelopment, totally out of keeping with the character of Edgware and the maximum they should permit here is a development of about a quarter of this density, whilst insisting that the shopping facilities are replaced, that there is more parking, and provision of the necessary supporting infrastructure including schools, doctor’s surgeries, etc. and with buildings considerably lower than those proposed. If we can get enough signatures on this petition, then hopefully it will become clear to Barnet Council and the Mayor of London that the local-residents despise what is proposed and if The Council still chooses to ride roughshod over local residents’ wishes, then they will see the results at the ballot box at the next election.
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  • No Digital Billboard on Westgate Otley
    1. The proposed billboard is in the Otley Conservation Area (1) and thus completely out of character. According to Leeds City Council Planning Department “[conservation areas] are designated by the council, and protect the character and appearance of a whole area, not just its buildings.” “Stricter rules apply in conservation areas regarding the type and size of advertisements that can be erected…” (2) 2. The billboard will be situated in a place where numerous roads, drives and car parks adjoin the main road. This increases the likelihood of an accident caused by a distracted driver. The evidence suggests that digital billboards are more dangerous than standard paper ones (3). 3. They will be opposite a number of houses and flats, the residents of which have a right not to have their nights disrupted by the light generated by this installation. 4. The roads are a common, publicly-owned space that citizens (children, especially) should be free to walk, cycle or drive along without being bombarded by advertisements. 5. Otley Town Council, Leeds City Council, and the British government have all declared climate emergencies. A year of operation for one billboard may use as much energy as 37 UK homes (4). This doesn’t take into account the embedded carbon or materials, particularly rare-earth metals, that go into the construction of the billboards. 6. One of these billboards has recently been installed on Piper Lane in Otley, opposite housing, on a dangerous stretch of road, near a school. Local residents were rightfully furious about this. Sadly their campaign to have it removed fell on deaf ears. The reaction from residents to a further billboard on is likely to be similar. 7. Impact on wildlife - most birds migrate at night and can be drawn off course by artificial light. Artificial light may also alter songbird mating patterns - causing males to sing at different times and attracting females to perhaps poorer quality mates (5). Otley Town Council has also recently declared a Biodiversity Emergency and commissioned a Biodiversity Audit, this development would fly in the face of that declaration. 8. Leeds City Council has recently gone to great efforts to change most street lamps in Otley to LED bulbs. One of the key benefits of this is reduced light pollution. This effort will all be for nothing in the areas close to the proposed billboards. 9. Has a proper visual impact assessment been carried out? When active, these structures are visible from a great distance. 10. Precedent - a similar application has recently been rejected in Bristol on the following grounds: “The proposed advertisement, by virtue of its excessive size, illuminated nature and overall design, siting and appearance would represent a prominent and incongruous, poor quality, visually intrusive addition to the townscape which will detrimentally impact upon the character and appearance of streetscene and surrounding area.” (6) 11. There is nothing in the planning application asking the applicant to declare their environmental credentials, or the source of the materials that will be used to create the billboard. Given what we know about forced labour and the unethical sourcing of materials for electrical components, establishing the ethical procurement policies across the city is essential. 12. The applicant does highlight the environmentally destructive nature of traditional paper and paste biillboards (7). This is not an argument for replacing them with something else damaging to the environment, but a clear sign that their business is completely unsustainable and incompatible with the climate and biodiversity crises we face. References: https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/otley%20ca%20no_4.pdf https://www.leeds.gov.uk/planning/conservation-protection-and-heritage/conservation-area https://adblockleeds.co.uk/2021/09/16/are-digital-billboards... https://wellbeingeconomy.org/the-environmental-impacts-of-co... https://www.darksky.org/light-pollution/wildlife/ https://adfreecities.org.uk/digital-billboard-application-receives-over-200-objections-from-local-residents/ https://www.wildstone.co.uk/corporate-social-responsibility
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  • Stop the proposed redevelopment of Mansfield Bowling Club into a 5 Floor Private Care Home
    The development would create a 78-bed private care home in a massive and dominating mini hospital building, operating 24 hours. The proposed development: • Is massive 5 floors, including basement, in a single dominating building • Will cause irreversible harm to the Conservation Area • Is contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan • Provides no housing of any sort, including affordable housing • Damages protected open space with no proper plan for public access nor management • Will cause pollution and much increased traffic in a neighbourhood with three busy local schools and beyond. Road Safety will be compromised. We appeal to Camden Council to respect the character of the Conservation Area and the wishes of the community. This development must rejected!
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  • Stop Torbay Ring Road closure
    The Brixham Chamber of Trade, is reported to have concerns including (but not exclusively) the following: "The closure of this road for even one week would be extremely difficult for our town. The route down towards Goodrington will be gridlocked for much of the day. Emergency services will struggle to get through. Tourists will turn around and abandon their plans to visit Brixham or Dartmouth. “Children will be unable to get to school. Nurses will be unable to get between home and Torbay hospital. Staff will be unable to commute into our members’ businesses" [Devon Live online 14 November 2022]
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  • Oppose Arun District Council building a 4-bedroom Airbnb in River Road, Arundel
    The garages in River Road are in very poor condition and need to be demolished. But instead of rebuilding the garages or replacing them with badly needed open resident parking space, which is what Arundel Town Council have advocated from the outset, Arun District Council (ADC) are determined to build a 4-bedroom Airbnb on the site. We have been arguing against this scheme for months, but ADC simply will not listen. This petition is being organised to trigger a debate in Arun District Council. We need 1,500 signatures from people who live in Arun District to make this debate happen, so if you want to stop the Airbnb being built please sign this petition and get every person in your household to do so also. Anyone over 16 years old who lives in Arun District can validly sign this petition. If you have any questions please contact the Town Clerk at The Town Hall [email protected] Tel: 01903 882954 option 2. Other ways to sign: • Look out for a petition form through your door, sign and return to collection boxes in Arundel Post Office, Larkins and Hillside Stores or Arundel Town Council, The Town Hall, Maltravers Street, Arundel, BN18 9AP. • Sign the petition at the Town Hall For your signature to count on a paper petition you must provide your name, signature, full postal address including postcode. Arundel Town Council and residents oppose this plan. We believe: • It is dangerous to encourages visitors to drive to this location. This is a narrow road, with no pavement, and driving down Brewery Hill or turning left off Arun Street to access the location are hazardous if you are a visitor and unfamiliar with these roads. • There is not a shred of evidence to support Arun District Council’s claim that another Airbnb will increase visitor numbers and thereby deliver economic benefit in Arundel. We have asked to see ADC’s research report that supports this claim - there is no such report. There are already more than enough Airbnbs in Arundel. • Arundel needs more off-street parking sites. • A 4-bedroom Airbnb is likely to be a ‘party house’ to the detriment of the other residents in this narrow road in the conservation area. • It is inappropriate for the District Council to be making speculative investments of this kind.
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  • Save The Warehouses
    OMEGA WORKS WAREHOUSE COMMUNITY IS UNDER THREAT AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Haringey Warehouse District, also known locally as Manor House Warehouses, is a former industrial site in South Tottenham that has, over the past 20 years, been converted into live and work spaces by artists, makers, performers and alternative community advocates. Hundreds of residents are drawn here because of the cohesive community living, affordable housing, creative space and opportunity for collaboration. These warehouse spaces have been steadily transformed by the creative inhabitants, becoming unique art spaces that host community events and have, for the last two decades, become an iconic fixture in London and unique in the world. We live and work in Omega Works, one of the main warehouse complexes on Hermitage Road, N4. The site has a rich and interesting history; from its birth as a piano factory in the 1930s, which built (at one point) the largest piano on Earth!, these warehouse spaces are now home to a thriving community of over 100+ residents and businesses. Here, we look after each other; our neighbourhood relationships are incredibly strong and provide a support network for a diverse group of under-represented and under-resourced people to cohabitate, collaborate and create real community. At Omega, there is always someone you can ‘borrow a cup of sugar’ from. We also contribute back to the local economy and rich cultural history of the area; in our spaces we host accessible gigs, workshops and exhibitions, fundraise for charity, and hold activist meetings for social justice issues. Omega is home to a screen printing business, a martial arts school, a kitchen, a photography studio, and SNAP! recording studio, whose clients include icons such as Kate Bush, Stormzy and Coldplay. The connections Omega Works nurtures among its inhabitants and into the area beyond are innumerable, and we contribute so much to the cultural offering to Haringey and North London as a whole. Our home, Omega Works, has now been targeted for redevelopment. The proposed plan would see the existing structure demolished to make way for new build flats. This would mean that everyone who lives and works here will lose their homes and livelihoods, and cause the extinction of a vibrant, diverse and close knit community. Not only would these new builds put considerable strain on the existing residential infrastructure and services of the area, but these new flats are will see a minimum 25% increase in rent, meaning that the displaced creatives and businesses will be priced out and completely lost from the area. If we let these spaces be destroyed, they will be lost forever, and with them the incredible value they contribute to the local economy, cultural history, and community of London. We want to STOP THIS DEVELOPMENT! We want to protect our community and way of life from extinction, and have the Haringey Warehouse Community recognised as a site unique to not only Haringey, but to London and the world. Please lend your support to SAVE THE WAREHOUSES, and help to keep North London’s creative ecology growing and thriving. For more information about Save The Warehouses visit www.savethewarehouses.org and follow our socials @savethewarehouses on Facebook and Instagram. To see some of the unique spaces in Omega Works, check out 3K Art House on Instagram @3Karthouse
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  • Save the Curlew at Landal Rockingham Forest Park
    Since December 2015 the curlew has been on the Birds of Conservation Concern red list as numbers have plummeted 50% in 25 years. The curlew may soon be extinct. Urgent conservations efforts across the UK are required and are being spearheaded by the Curlew Recovery Partnership -www.curlewrecovery.org. This is one of the few sites in Northamptonshire where curlews are known to be located. The curlews return to Landal Rockingham Forest Park each March with their haunting cry heralding the arrival of spring to the boggy grassland and wide open spaces which provides perfect breeding habitat during spring/summer to raise their chicks. Curlews need long grass from spring onwards to provide cover from predators for their eggs and chicks however since the park opened in May 2021 the grassland surrounding the lodges is regularly cut from February onwards. As part of the 2015 planning permission requirements the tourist development had been required to manage the grassland sympathetically for ground nesting birds in accordance with ecological advice. The many months of intrusive construction of and expansion of the holiday park could mean the death knell for the curlew on this North Northamptonshire site and will contribute to their national decline. During 2021 and 2022 I have tried to raise awareness of the curlews’ presence on the holiday park with the family owners of the land, site manager, the senior ecologist of Lockhart Garrett advising the development, British Trust for Ornithology, RSPB, Northants Wildlife Trust, Natural England, council’s ecologist (who is also Project Manager for the council's Minerals & Waste department) and Dean Wishart, Planning Officer hoping that that the curlews will have protection and conservation will be supported. Professor Russell Wynn, Manager of the Curlew Recovery Partnership has also communicated with the private and council ecologists about the curlews’ presence on the land to offer advice. Professor Wynn would be more than willing to offer ongoing help and support about curlew conservation should this be of interest. If you wish to object about this development I hope you will sign this petition which will be lodged with George Candler, Director of Economy and Place with North Northants Council responsible for signing off planning applications. In addition a copy will be lodged with Paul Hardingham of Landal Greenparks UK. I would also urge you to send an objection to NE/22/00266/FUL to North Northants Council as there are currently very few objections about this development and it will soon be decided. I hope you can help. Time is running out to save the curlew on Landal Rockingham Forest Park………
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  • SAVE STOCK STREET FOREVER, SIGN TODAY - before the Public Hearing 7 DEC 2023!
    Over 7 years of licensed activities without complaint has proven we offer a popular locally distinctive community leisure facility which boosts the local rural economy and conserves a heritage landmark to a high standard. It has also shown the site is safe, helps meet the social needs of existing residents and will support the social integration of new residents from the >3000 NEW houses approved since 2020 - within 5 miles of us but without any new social infrastructure. Leisure use since 2016 has rescued the barn and setting from redundancy and by NYE 2023 we will have welcomed nearly 32,500 guests to Coggeshall from all over the world! PUBLIC ticketed leisure activities include LIVE MUSIC, LIVE COMEDY, ARCHERY and CIRCUS SKILLS and THEMED EVENTS and these take place between PRIVATE weddings, milestone parties and corporate events. Stock Street offers unique and varied social facilities to all age groups in an area seeing rapid expansion in communities. Reusing our site for leisure is seen locally as entirely positive. Our role is recognised in Coggeshall Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2021, is supported by 3 Parish Councils, both District Councillors and our County Councillor and is popular with local residents and brings many visitors to Coggeshall and Braintree District – BUT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BRAINTREE DISTRICT Planning Officers. Stock Street is the target of heavy-handed enforcement designed to stop planning offenders where public harm is evidenced and reported by local residents, Parish / District Councils and Licensing or Highways. We have never received any complaints from anybody including Highways - over 55 million vehicles have passed us since 2016. Multiple efforts to address officer concerns and secure planning approval have been prevented; our valid 2020 application 20/00009/FUL was declined public consultation and our reasonable request to submit a new application in April 2022 was denied by a Council press release on 26 April 2022 as they chose instead to start Enforcement. The Council press release badly damaged our business. During the Appeal Public Hearing we will show that D2 / F2 Leisure activity is a betterment of the site's use from heritage, public benefit and safer highway access perspectives when compared with the current B8 storage and distribution use (or any other use).
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