• Stop the demolition of Droylsden Library planned for this month!
    This campaign is urgent as the council have now granted permission for the building to be demolished, this campaign is now the last effort to halt plans to wipe out one of Droylsden's only landmarks and heritage assets.
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    Created by Niza Nyimbili
  • Save Canons Drive Trees
    Canons Park Estate Limited is a volunteer-led residents association established to manage and look after the Canons Park Estate in Edgware. The Estate is a designated conservation area within the London Borough of Harrow. The main road on the estate is Canons Drive, originally a carriage drive to Canons, a stately home built for the first Duke of Chandos. Canons is now the home of North London Collegiate School. The trees on Canons Drive include Wellingtonia (sequoia) Redwood trees and Cedar trees planted in the 1860s, making Canons Drive an avenue of one of the finest collections of trees in the country. This avenue of Wellingtonia trees is unique in London. The trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders. Residents living at 3 properties on Canons Drive have made a claim to their insurers following cracking in their properties which they allege is caused by tree roots from historic trees situated on the grass verges in front of their properties. The insurers have applied to Harrow Council to remove the protection provided by the Tree Preservation Orders in respect of 5 trees (3 Wellingtonia and 2 Cedars) with the aim of felling all 5 trees, thereby destroying the beautiful landscape. We the undersigned wish to notify the Council of our objection to the removal of the protection provided by the TPOs. There are known solutions to repairing each property that (it is alleged) have been impacted by the continuing presence of the trees. These solutions would leave the trees in place rather than threatening their removal. The removal of the trees would irreparably harm the stunning vista created by these fine specimens which line Canons Drive. These magnificent trees are greatly appreciated by residents and visitors to the Canons Park Estate Please sign our Petition and share with others. .
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    Created by Anuta Zack
    Why is this important? Due to 74% of Chichester District Councils land being in the South Downs National Park or AONB areas which are protected against development - this leaves the coastal plain and the rural villages of the Manhood Peninsula and around the Chichester Harbour AONB, targeted to be overloaded with excessive numbers of new houses, with no adequate roads or sewage infrastructure to support them. The current system for providing affordable housing does not work. Developers are building houses that are not affordable. The Manhood Peninsula and the coastal and harbour villages to the west are the last undeveloped coastal hinterlands between Southampton and Brighton. These areas are mainly agricultural and of inestimable public value for food supply security, to protect the natural environment, to ensure adequate wildlife corridors and to support businesses involved in the rapidly growing green tourism sector. The Manhood Peninsula contains some of the South’s most important wetlands at Pagham Harbour and Medmerry and is one of the most vulnerable stretches of coastline when it comes to protecting us from future climate change impacts. The green spaces and fields between the villages to the west of Chichester and around Chichester Harbour are essential resources for wildlife and leisure activities. Long term holistic planning is critical to our environmental and economic future. The Government and District Council need to re-evaluate the housing numbers for the whole District before development devastates the unique and beautiful areas and villages that people choose to visit and value for their rural nature.
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    Created by Melissa Smith
    Staines upon Thames is a small market town with a defined character. Apart from a small cluster of high-rise developments at the end of town furthest from the river, most buildings in the town are three or four storeys high – and none more than six. Persuading Spelthorne Borough Council to abandon its draft plan for tower-block developments up to 15 storeys high at or close to the riverfront, including in the sensitive Staines Conservation Area, would protect the town’s distinctive character, appearance, amenity, townscape and skyline.
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    Created by Riverside Residents Staines
  • Protect the Drews Pond Wood area
    UPDATE: We've exceeded our goal - now it's time for us to deliver our petition to the Town Council and (hopefully) work with them to get our Local Green Space designations! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **IMPORTANT: You can help us prove that this land is valuable to the people of Devizes, please fill out our short questionnaire: https://forms.gle/nVaEbX2tSB95Frtf9 ** The Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan are being reviewed. These plans will decide where to put hundreds more houses in Devizes. These plans shouldn’t just be about where to put development - they also need to identify areas that are special and important for people and wildlife so that they can be protected for the future. Drews Pond Wood Local Nature Reserve and the land around it was once part of the grounds of Roundway Hospital County Asylum (1849). All the land that was part of the hospital is linked by history and has a special character. The old grounds support wildlife associated with Drews Pond Wood and also provide important amenity land for local people to enjoy. Designating this land as a Local Green Space could: - Protect local wildlife habitats throughout the area. - Conserve habitat of internationally rare bats including the rare Annex II Bechstein’s bat on the IUCN Red List as Near Threatened in Europe. - Ensure the retention of well-used amenity land important for health and wellbeing, including disability-friendly green space. - Prevent erosion of a local heritage asset that is an important part of the history of Devizes. More information at https://www.joebrindle.uk/drews-pond
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    Created by Joe Brindle
  • Remove Picton from Cardiff City Hall
    Thomas Picton’s statue has stood in the collection of Welsh Heroes in Cardiff City Hall for a hundred years, honouring his military exploits and ignoring his crimes. Even by the standards of the early 19th century, Picton was a particularly brutal figure in the transatlantic slave trade and the harsh exploitation of the sugar plantations. He was convicted of the torture of a 14-year old girl. He was no hero. Cardiff today aspires to be a welcoming city. People from across the world have settled here to work and to live, bringing vibrancy and diversity. Thomas Picton has no place in the capital city of Wales. Removing this statue will send a message to Black people in Cardiff and across the world that the city recognises the role people like Picton played in slavery, and that we must address the systemic racism that still exists due to slavery and Empire.
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    Created by Lyn Eynon
  • Improve Central Hill, Crown Dale, and Elder Road junction
    Elder Road junction has split highways management between Lambeth and Croydon and for years has been left without improved crossings. It is cross border, where Central Hill is principally managed by Croydon, and Crown Dale is principally managed by Lambeth. We request a joint cross-border approach to: - investigate, consult and report what layout changes and other interventions would improve road safety at the junctions with Elder Road and Central Hill and Crown Dale; - introduce new road safety measures by schools (Croydon and Lambeth side), especially to address school opening and closing; - reduce dangerous speeding by drivers, and consider 20mph due to the concentration and number of local schools, and its steep hills; - and encourage increased walking and cycling locally, to make safer access to local parks, to many local schools and health services on this road, and to seek funding for highways improvements. Also important, is to tackle other dangerous junctions on Central Hill (at the Salters Hill and the Westow Street junctions), and further along Crown Dale. This section of A214 (from Crown Dale to Crystal Palace) sees too many Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties. We want a safer future for everyone who lives, works and goes to school on these local roads. Add your reasons for signing with concerns you have about safety on this road.
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    Created by Fran Bernstein Picture
  • Petition Supporting Proposals to Improve the Car Park at Sutton Park's Boldmere Gate (2021/00528/PA)
    Boldmere Gate is one of the major entrances to Sutton Park and the current parking provision is both unsafe and unattractive. The plans that have been submitted propose laying eco-turf and porous hard standing that will make the parking area more attractive visually, safer for visitors, better for the disabled whilst being ecologically sustainable and sensitive to Sutton Park's status as a Grade II listed Historic Park & Garden, Scheduled Ancient Monument, Site of Special Scientific Interest, National Nature Reserve and the Heart and Lungs of our Town. The current damaged overspill area would be returned to natural heathland. The 2022 Commonwealth Games Triathlon will take place around Boldmere Gate, the current facilities are not fit for purpose and do not do justice to Sutton Coldfield. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase Sutton Coldfield internationally whilst leaving a tangible legacy for the residents. More details of the plans can be found here: http://eplanning.idox.birmingham.gov.uk/publisher/docs/13FC24C7A7169B908205CDFD06FBE2FC/Document-13FC24C7A7169B908205CDFD06FBE2FC.PDF
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    Created by Manish Puri
  • SAY NO NOW! To future flooding disasters in Holland-on-Sea!
    Holland-on-Sea is already suffering from flooding to roads and houses, the ditches are often waterlogged when we have bad weather, not well maintained and no longer dredged because of environmental issues. The drainage pipes cannot cope with the amount of water as it is, and that is without the additional water generated from the planned development! ALL RESIDENTS of Tendring that use the narrow country road of Sladbury's Lane, are already being affected by regular flooding of the road and pathway. This has caused accidents and damage to vehicles and will undoubtably increase further, with greater flooding and the additional traffic generated from the Phase 1 housing development. Tendring District Council had previously refused this planning application, with good reason, but it was unfortunately overridden by government. The developers won this battle, with no regards for the consequences it would have on the local people, who will now be at further risk of their homes flooding. Some homes already struggle to get insurance as their properties are considered a flood risk and are being refused by some insurance companies, additionally creating a situation where homes will be unsellable and loose considerable value! We must oppose this drainage system for this development, if we do not want the situation we already have to become worse and worse again!! If more houses are approved on green belt land for a Phase 2 development, this would then affect more residents in the area, and more pressure on the struggling infrastructure of Holland on Sea.
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    Created by Sladbury’s Lane Community Group
  • Earlsfield Policy on loft conversions
    The ability to build mansards rather than dormers on the rear of our properties will allow people to expand their homes as their families grow and remain in the area, creating a stable community.
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    Created by Matthew Gibson
  • Holyhead pump track
    This is very important to get the youth out of trouble an out of the town causing mischief this will be a place where safe and appropriate riding is taking place
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    Created by Ryan Roberts
    Developers have just been granted permission to revamp Newport Market. But as part of the £12-million revamp the developers propose to cover the stained glass window with a new window film with the company logo. The stained glass window was commissioned by Newport City Council as part of the refurbishment of the market in 2003. It is the largest stained glass window in Wales and represents a significant work of public art in the UK. The artist who designed the window has said that this would be an act of cultural hooliganism. The organizer who commissioned the window on behalf of Newport Council in 2003 has said that Newport needs to assert its ownership and pride in the artworks that it has commissioned with public money for the people of Newport. The city of Newport lost an important work of public art when the Chartist mosaic mural was destroyed in 2013.
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    Created by Lindsey Hayes