• Holyhead pump track
    This is very important to get the youth out of trouble an out of the town causing mischief this will be a place where safe and appropriate riding is taking place
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    Created by Ryan Roberts
  • No to students flats by our nursery
    Selly Oak Nursery School is a historical building and establishment, part of the Cadbury history in the local area, and has stood here for over 100 years. We pride ourselves on providing an Outstanding provision for our children and families, and with the proposed structure, a huge part of this would be removed. There is a huge priority in our methods of educating children to use outdoor spaces, one of which is our Forest School area. We have planted trees and various other garden plants and established a strong boundary for our children. Without natural light, these plants would not survive. The structure being planned, would take out a huge part of our nursery environment. If this proposed building was created and used for the purpose stated, there would be safeguarding concerns, as it would directly overlook our outdoor area and nursery building. Children would be in full view of anyone staying in this accommodation, which is obviously something which should not be taken lightly. This building would also cause much more traffic in the local area, creating pollution issues and congestion. We are disappointed that the planning application document was received by ourselves only on Friday 8th January, due to our Christmas holiday post being held by the post office, therefore this has given us very limited time to prepare a formal objection.
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    Created by Jackie Hindley
    Developers have just been granted permission to revamp Newport Market. But as part of the £12-million revamp the developers propose to cover the stained glass window with a new window film with the company logo. The stained glass window was commissioned by Newport City Council as part of the refurbishment of the market in 2003. It is the largest stained glass window in Wales and represents a significant work of public art in the UK. The artist who designed the window has said that this would be an act of cultural hooliganism. The organizer who commissioned the window on behalf of Newport Council in 2003 has said that Newport needs to assert its ownership and pride in the artworks that it has commissioned with public money for the people of Newport. The city of Newport lost an important work of public art when the Chartist mosaic mural was destroyed in 2013.
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    Created by Lindsey Hayes
  • Speed bumps on Talbot Road
    So many cars racing up and down the road. So dangerous, especially as two schools behind it. The big issue is the lower end , near Halfords up to Post Office. Have support from community support officer who is concerned also. I've told Tameside council in numerous occasions, but they said until a petition was done or a child was run over and killed (their words not mine!) Nothing would be done about it. Let's not let it be the latter! Please sign and help your community
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    Created by Kayleigh H
  • Rocky Lane entrance off A23 is an accident waiting to happen.
    Re: jct A23/Rocky Lane The junction of Rocky Lane and the A23 is one big giant accident waiting to happen every single morning. We have to travel it 6 days a week to get to RAA. Rocky Lane is way too narrow for the kind of traffic and the amount of traffic that travel up and down it. You have a primary school near the junction which makes the junction extra busy and you even get kids crossing the street from the bus stop! There are potholes along the side of the entrance which are very bad. Making a right is very difficult on the A23 from Rocky Lane especially with traffic turning in front of you to enter. You end up having a tailback going halfway up Rocky Lane which is just a lot of pollution. It terrifies me to drive it like no other road I’ve experienced. It feels some temporary lights there that work at peak hours or actually move the existing lights back to include Rocky Lane might help. It is unfortunate RAA doesn’t have an additional entrance/exit onto Gatton Park Road. This would make the school so much better and not the cause of such potential danger. It takes me 40 minutes for a school run of 5 miles in total.
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    Created by Mark McKerracher
  • Improve Road Crossing Safety Outside Hatcham Temple Grove Free School
    Making these changes will keep our children and neighbourhood safe, and help us all move toward London's Vision Zero, to eradicate deaths and serious injuries from road traffic as soon as possible.
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    Created by Ben Maxwell
  • Ramps
    This is important as people speed down this road and it is a main road the kids cross before and after school. This year alone 2 members off my family have been run over on this road. It is extremely busy and needs to safer.
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    Created by Jade Horton
  • Lytham St Anne’s Residents against promenade parking charges
    I feel this will discourage local residents from shopping locally at a time when the town needs it most as well as cause congestion from reckless parking.
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    Created by Bry Michaels
  • Subway / Greggs For New Mills
    The nearest subways are in Hazel Grove (8 Miles) and Glossop (8 Miles), and the one in Buxton recently closed. There are very few shops similar to Subway in New Mills. The nearest greggs are in Buxton (12 Miles), Marple (4 Miles) or Glossop (8 Miles). It would be understandable that Greggs might not want a store in the main town centre, due to local bakeries, but one on the A6 would be highly successful
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    Created by Neil Pateick - Jenkins
  • Homeless pods
    Without these pods in my garden I could not do what NEEDS to be done in Cornwall to house Homelessness people off the streets.
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    Created by Kevin Baker
  • Substation
    We were not informed Northern power grid were building a substation right in front of my house about 13 feet away.blocking my driveway. I'm worried about health. Noise we have lost the sale of our home. Other people have walked away as they do not want to buy a home with a substation in front of it. They are also building more house and a road through a field which is home to much wildlife ect The Duke of Northumberland has caused most and many of the problems up in Northumberland . I stand correct Duke the property developer. home is in Beadnell. Northumberland.
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    Created by Ann Morton
  • Capel St Mary Skatepark
    This is important because there is a very little amount of public entertainment in the local area. Building a skatepark would bring new people into the village and would help the local stores by bringing in new customers. A skatepark provides endless hours of entertainment for all.
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    Created by Aaron Cole