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To: Conrad Energy

A Big NO to Noisy, Dirty Fossil Fuel Generators in Midsomer Norton!

13/07/21 We are hugely delighted to inform you our positive action against this fossil fuelled generator has worked! Plans for this generator have been withdrawn and replaced with a new planning application for a greener, battery alternative. Conrad Energy confirmed they submitted their new planning application for this last Friday 9th July.

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A Big NO to Noisy, Dirty Fossil Fuel Generators in Midsomer Norton!

We the residents of Midsomer Norton and surrounding areas are calling Conrad Energy to reconsider plans to install three gas power plants right next to our schools & homes!

Instead we are asking Conrad Energy to switch to a more sustainable, low carbon alternative such as installing a battery storage plant. We are aware Conrad Energy have replaced initially planned gas fired power plants with a battery alternative, in three other UK locations including Bristol.

It appears there would also be scope to place solar panels on the roofs of the neighbouring industrial building, we ask that this is also considered.

Why is this important?

The reasons we object to the proposed new gas power plant are:

1. The site of the proposed plant is close to two schools Welton Primary -175 metres and Welton Free Rangers Nursery -300 metres. It is known these gas fired power plants produce toxic emissions which are detrimental to health and will put the health of the children at risk.

2. Noise, over the past 18 months both Wroughton and St Philip’s Marsh, Bristol rejected plans for the same type of gas substation in their areas due to noise pollution and likely impact upon residents.

3. The the nearest residential property stands only 100 metres away from the proposed plant. The surrounding area is densely populated. There is a busy main road nearby, the combined negative health impact between this road and the plant will be great. Incidents of long term chronic pulmonary conditions will go up, because rates are known to be higher near such plants.

4. Gas fired power plants emit 3.6 tonnes of CO2 per hour. That is the equivalent of 400 cars driven at 30mph for an hour. The plant will emit at least 9172 tonnes of CO2 per annum (at 2500 hours of use) and has the capacity to emit up to 30843 tonnes of CO2, which would equate to more than a 70% increase over the total current emissions in Midsomer Norton, or the same as the annual emissions from about 6,700 cars.

5. The plant is due to be located near a conservation area, an area rich in biodiversity which needs to be protected for the well-being of all, locally and globally.

6. The proposed gas plant has a projected operational lifespan of 25 years. The UK Parliament has declared a climate emergency, as has Bath and Northeast Somerset Council, whose plans to achieve zero carbon by 2030 will be made to impossible to deliver if this proposal, goes ahead. During its lifetime the plant could emit up to three quarters of a million tonnes of CO2, putting the lives of our children at risk, not just locally, but globally too!

There is another way.

We call on Conrad Energy to switch to a low carbon alternative by installing a battery storage plant instead of the proposed gas fired power plant.

Please think of all our children and the environmental crisis we find ourselves in. Conrad Energy please turn your back on fossil fuels and help safeguard the health of people and the planet by being part of the transition to a cleaner greener energy future, for all!

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