• Change the list of where masks are required to include museums
    The UK Government's list of places where masks are NOT required to be worn includes museums. I think this is wrong and I am looking to persuade the Goverment to change this rule. Museums vary in size and space, and a blanket rule where visitors are not required to wear masks doesn't protect staff and volunteers in these venues. There are more than 50 attractions in the UK that are underground. They are perfectly able to reopen under the current social distancing guidelines, but both staff and visitors are at risk where visitors are not required to wear masks. All the medical advice suggests that masks do not protect the wearer. They are worn to protect others when the wearer might be infectious. Protect museum staff. Covid 19 has not yet gone away. If museum staff have to wear personal protective equipment to protect visitors, make it compulsory for visitors to wear masks in return.
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    Created by Fiona Hyde
  • Stop making NHS workers pay car park charges at their place of work
    Hospital car park charges are not cheap and they impact everyone forced to go to their local hospital. It is bad enough visitors and outpatients have to pay to make an unavoidable visit to a hospital. It is unacceptable to make NHS employees pay these inflated charges as they arrive at work. They take a significant amount of money from NHS workers pay packets.
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    Created by Ken Creswick Picture
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  • Save NHS Dentistry in Northern Ireland
    NHS services will be impossible to provide under the new Coronavirus Regulations, and those already in poverty will be hit hardest. New regulations requiring dentists to vacate surgeries for one hour after carrying out ‘aerosol generating procedures’ such as drilling, fillings and root canals, will drastically reduce the number of patients they can see, and make it financially impossible for surgeries to offer treatment under the NHS. Those in poverty often delay treatment due to the cost of dental charges. Without a good NHS system their oral health, including diagnoses of serious conditions like mouth cancer is going to suffer and their general health will follow suit.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Make wearing face masks in Parliament compulsory
    This petition for policy change to enforce the wearing of face masks in Parliament is important because not wearing them poses the same risk of harm to members of the public as not wearing them in shops does.
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    Created by Chris Goode Picture
  • Release of funds for Well-being shed at Waveney Depot
    Our health and well-being is important.
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    Created by Ben Law
  • Free flu jabs to people with fibromyalgia and related conditions
    People suffering with fibromyalgia and related conditions experience serve pains and fatigue, when having a other illness can cause scrutinising pain and days of bed rest including taking up more time of hospital time.
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    Created by Daniel Hall
  • All NHS workers should have free untaxed car parking
    Most workers in the NHS are not paid enough to pay for parking.
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    Created by Peter Clarke
  • Test prisoners for Covid 19 upon release from custody
    The close proximity of the prison community means they are at high risk of virus transmission. They are contained in an area where they have access to medical resources. Tracking via testing and containing the spread of the virus especially in the community, is imperative. This would be an effective way to help towards protecting the community themselves, public sector workers and the general public.
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    Created by Lisa Ustok Picture
  • Pharmacies
    These are local businesses and are a form of care in the community and also jobs are seriously at riskin this industry. Many elderly and disabled peple rely on their local pharmacy for many things and many go obove and beyond dishing out tablets.
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  • Release daily COVID-19 Pillar 2 stats
    Pillar 2 testing is the COVID-19 swab testing that takes place in the community, outside of clinical settings. Right now ordinary people have no visibility of the level of positive Pillar 2 tests in their area - information which could be vital to their own safety and that of their friends, family and work colleagues. Just look at what has happened this week as Leicester has had to go back into lockdown. If people had known the risk, they might have modified their behaviour, saving lives and removing the need to stay in lockdown. This petition asks that Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care release daily Pillar 2 test stats by local authority. Ideally this information would be made available as open data via the coronavirus.data.gov.uk portal so that developers could build situational awareness to health aware apps, travel and navigation apps and so on. But the crucial thing is that it is made available in a timely and open way, and at a local (borough or county) level. Please share this petition widely! Thanks :-)
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  • Ban travellers from US until Covid-19 is brought under control there
    The US is the top global hotspot for Covid-19 and the failure of the federal government and many states to contain the virus means it will continue to spread rapidly there for many more months. Those flying into the UK from the US are thus far more likely to transmit the virus than those from almost any other country. The EU, where countries have generally managed Covid-19 quite effectively, is considering just such a ban: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/26/world/europe/europe-us-travel-ban.html With R still at 1 or just above in the UK, the government here must do all it can to protect its citizens. This measure would ensure people here don't pay for the failure of the US to combat this deadly virus.
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    Created by Nicko Goncharoff