• Make the Last Thursday in March the annual 'National Health Service Day'
    To let health care workers across the nation know how much they are appreciated all the time not just in times of need.
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    Created by Dave Jones
  • Help NHS workers: cancel visa renewal fees for 12 months
    We are asking NHS staff to risk their lives working through the Covid19 crisis. Around 153,000 out of 1.2 million NHS staff are not UK Citizens. Many of these people will have to pay thousands of pounds to renew visas for themselves and their families, and pay a health surcharge fee over the coming 12 months. These NHS staff are risking their lives and the health of their loved ones. None of them should have to pay thousands of pounds to stay in the UK during this crisis. None of them should have to pay for NHS treatment if they get Covid19 whilst working for the NHS to save people’s lives through a global pandemic. We are asking the Home Office to cancel visa renewal fees and the health surcharge for the next 12 months for staff already working in the NHS in the UK. A fee waiver system already exists for exceptional cases so the procedures and systems are already in place for such a scheme to be implemented easily. More than ever the UK needs these dedicated NHS staff. Let’s show them how much we appreciate them. Cancel the visa charges.
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  • National NHS day
    Because we owe our lives to the fantastic work that the NHS does and it should be recognised as a public day where we give thanks for and wear a symbol or badge that all profits go to the NHS , As the symbol of Armistice is celebrated on 11 November every year I think that 5 July every year should be recognised as NHS Day as it’s inception was 5th July 1948 , We should have a day where we say thank you .
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  • Please support Social Care Workers
    The NHS quite rightly is getting praise, but by focusing on the NHS, many many people are being forgotten. There are social workers working 12 hour shifts ensuring that people get care assessments. Social workers working in Emergency Duty Teams completing mental health assessments and children assessments. Care workers working long hours looking after the elderly in care homes. Care workers working long hours looking after the elderly and disabled in their homes. All are doing this in the community, many without a thought for their own safety as they seek to protect and support the most vulnerable in society. All are now going above and beyond to fight this virus. So please don't overlook the many as people focus on the NHS. As in any war it is not just the army who win the war. I feel sad that supermarkets are prioritising the NHS. Football clubs wanting to give away tickets to NHS workers. People campaigning to give medals to the NHS workers. There are thousands in the NHS working very hard and deserve the praise. But there are many thousands working equally as hard in the community who also deserve the recognition. Please include social care workers. At the moment they are the forgotten as everyone rushes to praise and support the NHS.
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  • Care workers
    They find it hard When going shopping because everything has been sold by the time they have finished work late at night.
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    Created by Anthony Ramsbottom
  • COVID-19 - Recognise Final Year Medical Students
    These young people have invested in their own skill development, and will carry the loans for some years to come. They already face the gruelling years of being junior doctors in the NHS. Now they are showing that strong sense of duty for which our Health Service has been famous. We need to show them that we value their work and will not let the UK Government continue to abuse and undermine both the medical profession and our NHS.
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  • Take over Brighton hotels for the Homeless
    People experiencing homelessness are much more likely to have underlying conditions than the rest of us, putting them at grave risk from the coronavirus. Millions of us are currently self-isolating at home. But you can't do that on the street. And with shelters closing up because they’re unsafe, there’s nowhere for homeless people to go. But there’s an answer. Brighton’s tourist hotels are sitting empty, their employees’ jobs at risk. Their self-contained rooms are the perfect place for homeless people to stay during this unprecedented crisis. The Council must take over the hotels and use them to take every homeless person off the streets immediately. This petition is by John Hadman (and David Thomas) on behalf of Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition.
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    Created by David Thomas (for Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition)
  • Teach primary schools first aid.
    Many people admit to not being able to respond to an accident because of a lack of first aid. Many accidents could have had better outcomes if people knew first aid so if primary schools had better education on the matter less problems would occur.
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    Created by Mel Gould
    We dont want our doctors dying as they have in italy from exposure to this virus due to inadequate ppe. 13 doctors in italy have died and 2,600 health care workers are infected. WHO have said that the kit our workers have is grossly inadequate.
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  • Give all NHS staff free parking in hospitals during the Coronavirus crisis
    They are all doing an exceptional.job at a very difficult.time, they should.not need to pay to get to work or to park at work
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    Created by Julie Linstead
  • Bring back Mr Motivator
    The BBC are going to produce daily exercise programs for older people in response to the covid-19 crisis. Mr Motivator is the man to do this.
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  • Opposition to consolidating remaining students at University of London residence halls
    We are students living at the University of London residence halls. Under the current pressure of COVID-19, the University of London is now considering to consolidate all remaining residents into one of the Intercollegiate Halls, so that the University can continue to provide core services. This request is against the UK Government's advice about reducing all but essential travel. It will put all resident's health at risk for the sake of continuing to provide so-called "core services." No one can guarantee every resident is healthy. Especially for COVID-19, the asymptomatic infection cases have been reported all over the world. Also, a crowded environment will accelerate the speed ​​of infection, as indicated in the case of Diamond Princess in Japan. It's every student's right to stay where he/she wishes to be in the face of this unprecedented global crisis. And the University should be here to support us rather than making new troubles. We consider the University's sudden advice about consolidating students together as irresponsibility and can't see any respect from the University towards the tenant agreements we sign with them. We urge the University of London stopping the consolidating action at once!!!
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