• No more PIP assessments for people with Life long disability or conditions
    Young people and Adults with special educational needs and a lifelong disability cannot self-advocate, nor can we rely upon the system to protect them any longer. Advocates come and go and social workers are not always available for the most vulnerable people in society, this must be addressed as soon as possible. These people are not shirkers, or workshy, they are genuinely disabled and being told despite evidence to the contrary that they must work, or that they don't qualify. They cannot defend themselves and quite frankly, our government should be doing its level best to protect these people, instead poorly qualified assessors employed by an American company, whose sole aim is to earn profits is in charge of this. We are being let down and it must stop, this interrogation type of assessment whereby an assessor assumes guilt before assessing is not protection, it is intimidation.
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    Created by Mandy Bell
  • A Midwife for me: finance and deliver continuity of carer now!
    This petition stands in solidarity with Neighbourhood Midwives, the pioneering midwifery practice which was forced to close, and the over 300 women who are suddenly without their known and trusted midwife and are having to transfer their care to an already pressured service. We call upon the Health Secretary, NHS England and CCGs across the country to listen to women and midwives alike and actively intervene to ensure that midwifery practice models such as Neighbourhood Midwives are commissioned, adequately supported, and protected. This is not currently happening. Better Births, the report of the National Maternity Review, set out a vision for maternity services in England which are safe and personalised. it puts the needs of the women, their babies and their families at the heart of care, with staff who are supported to deliver high quality care which is continuously improving. At the heart of this vision is the idea that women should have continuity of the person looking after them before, during and after the birth, as evidence shows that this leads to safer outcomes for mothers and babies (cf references below). This Continuity of Care and relationship between care giver and receiver has also been proven to offer a more positive and personal experience and was the single most commonly requested change to the maternity services by women during the National Maternity Review. Research such as the Lancet series* has demonstrated that with Continuity of Carer models, women are less likely to experience preterm birth, and fewer babies die before birth (miscarry or are stillborn). Over time, Continuity of Carer models show a cost saving to the NHS as fewer women and babies need to be treated for physical and mental injuries caused by more traditional care models. Better Births found that some women were receiving this Continuity of Carer model, and recommended that NHS England should roll out this model to a minimum of 20% of women by March 2019, and the majority of women by 2021**. Despite this strong evidence, most CCGs have not commissioned the pioneering midwifery practices offering this model of care, preferring to stick with the less safe status quo. Where Continuity of Carer has been commissioned, commissioners have not ensured that the structure around the commission is robust to support the service’s sustainability, and uncompetitive opposition to these pathfinder services by existing Trust services is common. How can we promise Continuity of Carer to women across the country, before, during and after birth, (which delivers the outcomes the NHS declares it wants to see), when we shut the door to a service such as Neighbourhood Midwives which has shown exemplary outcomes for both mother and baby, and the similar service offered by One to One Midwifery faces a constant barrage of opposition from within the NHS? This is not acceptable. We want real change. And so we sign this petition. References: *The Lancet Series: https://www.thelancet.com/series/midwifery **Better Births’ Continuity of Carer information: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/women-to-have-dedicated-midwives-throughout-pregnancy-and-birth
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  • Keep Milford Hospital's X-Ray Unit open.
    SAVE OUR LOCAL X-RAY UNIT: PLEASE SIGN BELOW The RSCH Trust that manages community services had decided to close the X-Ray unit at Milford Hospital at the end of March. Patients were to be referred to a new unit at Cranleigh instead. There was no consultation with any interested parties. Following a vigorous protest by the League of Friends, those proposals have been put on hold pending wider discussions. The LoF wants full public consultation and is recommending that the Milford unit not only stays but is open longer hours (currently 3hrs/day) and that the Cranleigh unit should be in addition to, not at the expense of, the much valued unit at Milford. Over 5000 patients a year ( both in and out patients) use the X-Ray unit at Milford (at the current 3 hours a day opening hours), giving an indication of the great need for this X-Ray unit to remain open.
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    Created by Friends of Milford Hospital
  • Save St Clares Hospice
    Our little hospice is the only one in South Tyneside to provide palliative and End of Life care for the people of South Tyneside. We have provided excellent palliative care for 30yrs and will be a huge miss to our community. Many families in South Tyneside have had a loved one who has received treatment or has died peacefully in our care and them memories stay with these families knowing their love one had been looked after at that sad time of their lives
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  • Reinstate private tongue tie practitioners
    Private tongue tie practitioners are highly specialised service providers, taking burden off the NHS and ensuring choice for parents seeking frenotomy in the UK without having to wait sometimes in excess of 8 weeks for an NHS referal. Tongue tie can lead to damaged nipples, mastitis, breast abscess, slow weight gain, Failure to Thrive, and fussy behaviour. To essentially remove the choice of speedy access to frenotomy is outrageous. In addition to the harm caused to families private practitioners have been unable to work for over a month now causing stress, anxiety, and heavily reduced income.
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  • Medicinal Cannabis Oil Guidelines
    This is important so that my son, Murray, and other children can reach the best medication to treat their epileptic syndromes / severe drug resistant epilepsy. Murray has been hospitalised with non convulsant status epilepticus for 3 weeks now. There is nothing the doctors can do to help him. Whole plant cannabis oils, such as Bedrolite and bedica made in Holland by Bedrocan, a GMP Approved medicinal cannabis pharmaceutical company, can help them. Children who are being given whole plant cannabis oil with thc have successfully reduced or stopped dangerous life-threatening seizures.
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  • Stop Helium Balloons
    Helium is running out on this planet. There is approximately six years' supply of helium left on Earth. After that it has gone, and there will be no more. Helium is vital to hospitals as it is needed by MRI Scanners, and without it they do not work. It is also vital to divers to dilute oxygen, so that they don't get the "bends". When helium is used in balloons, or as a narcotic, it escapes to the outer edges of the Earth's atmosphere and then escapes from the planet's gravity. This means there is a small and fast-diminishing supply of helium. Would you rather have a squeaky voice for a minute or two, or the ability to have a life-saving MRI Scan? Or fly a child's balloon rather than fix a leak under an oil rig, or to rescue 12 young Thai footballers? Helium balloons need to be banned worldwide immediately. Several countries have already banned its use apart from medical and diving use. The U.K. needs to do the same. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/helium-supply-world-shortage-run-out-recycle-mri-scanners-deep-sea-diving-balloons-a8741081.html
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    Created by Jim Ross
  • Smear tests once sexually active
    Many women find out they have abnormal cells when it could be too late. Allow women to have a smear test before they are 25!!!!
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  • Subsidize new lenses in children's existing glasses
    I have two children, both of whom wear glasses. My younger child's eye sight hasn't stabilised yet and he needs a new prescription pretty much every 6 months. We have to choose a new pair of frames every 6 months, because it actually costs a lot more to have new lenses put into an old pair of frames than it does to buy a new set. It seems complete sets of frames and lenses are subsidized, but simply changing the lenses in an existing frame is not. I am very grateful we parents get free eye tests on the NHS for our kids and that we also get reduced prices on the frames and lenses. However, I do think it is wrong that I can get a pair of frames with lenses for free on the NHS, where as if I want to keep an existing frame, I have to pay in the region of £35 per lens. This crates a huge amount of waste (we have around 15 pairs of old specs at home), wastes resources and the NHS is throwing away money when it can't afford to do so. I expect the NHS is tied in to some deal with the frames manufacturers which dictates that they cannot subsidize new lenses for existing frames. but it creates so much unnecessary waste and expense, so this needs to be changed! Let's encourage parents to reuse their children's frames and reduce the amount of waste we all create, but let it not cost more than the price of a new pair of frames with lenses.
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    Created by Nadia Stopnicer
  • X - Ray facilities in Helston
    To prevent the elderly and vulnerable having to travel long distances to large Hospitals more suited to major Trauma, with small injuries such as finger dislocations (which still need an X-ray to diagnose). This would free up staff to treat life threatening, major cases, and prevent patients waiting, often in severe pain,for hours in A&E. for with minor injuries. I tripped over in the road in Helston and could see my thumb was at a strange angle. My son drove me straight to Helston Hospital Minor Injuries Unit. I was in a lot of pain but they just said go to Truro A&E. This was at 2.30. and I finally had the dislocation set at 10 that night. No pain killers offered, or blood wiped away - I was a 'Minor Injury' and frankly, clogging up the very busy department. The old lady next to me had fallen on her face and she too, sat with me the same length of time, covered in blood. We should have been treated at a Minor Injuries Unit near where we live, it makes sense, surely ? If my son hadn't been there it would have been an ambulance and then left stranded in Truro with no way of getting home, late at night, which I also have experienced.
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  • Officially change Henman Hill to Murray Mound
    The majority of sporting venues throughout the world recognise their greatest champions. I know Wimbledon is different in that it sticks with tradition and would never rename the courts. I however believe this would be a way showing support and appreciation for what Andy has brought to British tennis over the past decade or so.
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  • Put an end to extortionate TV charges at Raigmore Hospital - up to £9.90 a day for bedside TV
    Patients are paying up to £9.90 for bedside televisions in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. This is a lot of money to pay for access to TV and we believe it should either be scrapped or replaced with a free - or at least cheaper - service which includes public WiFi when the current contract comes to an end in June 2019. Patients often spend a long time in hospital and access to TV can help distract people from there hospital stay. It can also be quite lonely with many patients not getting many visitors and, with hospitals understaffed, nurses don’t have a great amount of time to spend talking to each patient. Giving patients free or affordable access to TV will help with the social isolation that staying at hospital can create. Please sign the petition now.
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    Created by Matt Drum
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