• First Aid as part of the National Curriculum
    Knowledge is such a powerful tool. Anybody could find themselves in an emergency situation at any time. Knowing how to respond by giving first aid could make a huge difference to the outcome of a situation. It could potentially relieve some stress from services such as the NHS also. We live in a time where technology is so advanced, yet only a handful of individuals in academic or workplace settings have been trained in First Aid. Everybody should be equip with this knowledge not just the select few. We will all be safer if we know how to react in an emergency.
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  • Make All Nutritional Labels Contain Added Sugar Information and Other Updates
    Eating too much added sugar can cause tooth decay and contribute to people having too many calories, which can lead to weight gain.Being overweight increases your risk of health problems such as heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes. For a healthy, balanced diet, we should get most of our calories from other kinds of foods, such as starchy foods (wholegrain where possible) and fruits and vegetables, and only eat foods high in free sugars occasionally or not at all.
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  • Make Medical Marijuana Easier To Access
    In the U.K. medical marijuana was made accessible through the NHS as of last November. Yet very few prescriptions have been made. Currently it is viewed as more acceptable to give a patient Opiates which are not only addictive but have little to no effectiveness on chronic pain. This needs to stop, there is a treatment out there that could help thousands and yet those seeking medical marijuana are often left frustrated by not being able to access it. Many are having to turn to purchasing the drug illegally in order to see some pain relief. People should not be criminalised for seeking a quality of life. The U.K. government needs to make access to this treatment easier for those who need it.
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  • Save Bedford Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool
    Hydrotherapy is exercising in warm water. The temperature of the water is 33 – 34 degrees Celsius; swimming pools are usually a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius. The warm water helps people with pain, stiffness and limited mobility to exercise more easily. The pool is currently used by 400 patients a year with a range of musculoskeletal conditions including axial spondyloarthritis (ankylosing spondylitis), hypermobility, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. The closure of the pool left many people’s health seriously deteriorating as no suitable alternative has been offered. There are no other hydrotherapy pools in Bedfordshire.
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  • Campaign to reduce air pollution across the UK
    Air pollution has been linked to poor health. It is important for our health that this is dealt with immediately.
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  • STOP using pesticides in Brighton and Hove !
    Many EU countries have banned it's use (recently France in Jan 2019 due to it's link with cancer) and yet we are still using it in Brighton and Hove. Yellow patches of dead grass have been appearing in our parks and playgrounds over the past few weeks and we the city's residents ask that for the sake of our children's health and for the health of the environment that you STOP the use of this poison NOW. Other cities and towns have stopped ...it is time we did the same !
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  • Lower the age limit for smear test from 24 to 16 years old
    The sexual age is 16, So why can the smear test be lowed to 16, Iv heard of young girls and women finding out they have cervical cancer, If smear test was lowed to 16 they could catch it more early.
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  • Don’t sell off NHS cancer scanning to private companies
    A few months ago I needed to attend Churchill Hospital several times for treatment in relation to suspected prostate cancer. The services I received were both speedy and efficient. I received excellent care from both administrative and medical staff. Last week I was horrified to learn that a tendering process had resulted in the sale of the Churchill PET Scanning services to a private company. The Churchill Hospital is a recognised centre of excellence in relation to cancer care and all efforts must be made to preserve the integrity of this precious resource. The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has the power to intervene and stop this sale going ahead. This decision needs to be reversed as soon as possible.
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  • Save the George Bryan Centre from permanent closure
    The George Bryan Centre offers inpatient support for patients suffering from mental ill-health. Closing the facility will mean that Tamworth Residents requiring in-patient Mental Health support will need to attend St Georges in Stafford or further afield. It also means that people from Tamworth visiting friends or relatives will face a 60-mile round trip.
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  • Stop Vape products on ebay
    It helps stop children under 18 getting these products easily it's happened with my family and friends kids it should be illegal many people are worried about this
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  • Visanne made available on the NHS for endometriosis
    Many woman suffer from the crippling pain caused by endometriosis on a daily basis in UK, it is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows on the outside effecting the Ovaries, Fallopian tubes and tissue in the pelvis. Many lead restricted lifestyles and cannot enjoy the freedom many of us take for granted, some are forced to give up their jobs completely as they struggle with day to day life. 1 in 10 woman between the age of 15 and 49 are diagnosed with the condition which causes a paralysing pain in the legs, back and abdominal area. Many go through multiple surgeries to attempt to stop the pain which in many cases it is futile.
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  • Make liposuction available for Lipoedema on the NHS
    Most women can't afford to go private for this treatment it is a necessity for their mobility.
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