• Pay Rise and better conditions for Group Exercise Teachers
    It's important to keep the Fitness Industry alive with high quality classes and Qualified and insured professionals who work with passion and enthusiasm. But without decent pay and better working conditions and guaranteed hours many are leaving this Industry because honestly they can't make the ends meet.
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  • More Pembury, Less Circus
    Pembury Circus is one of the most polluted parts of London with nitrogen dioxide levels exceeding 100ug/m3 – 10x the WHO recommended limit of 10ug/m3 and in breach of the UK legal limit of 40ug/m3. It is also one of the most dangerous and inaccessible junctions in the borough. It has one of the highest records of traffic incidents in the borough with more than 123 collisions and 142 casualties in the last six years. On a daily basis school children from the LEYF Pembury Community Nursery, Rooftop Nursery @Brook, Mossbourne Parkside Academy (primary), Mossbourne Community Academy (secondary), Stormont House Special School and Nightingale Primary School have to navigate this hostile and polluted junction. It is used by thousands of residents, visitors and commuters passing through Hackney Downs station on a daily basis; and by more than 750 cyclists daily without any road markings or protected cycle lanes. Hackney Council are well aware of the dangers, having noted the lack of any adequate, safe and accessible pedestrian crossings in the Hackney Central Footways map produced as part of the Hackney Central Impact and Ideas Fund. We're calling for action now.
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    Due to Government incompetence during the Covid-19 Pandemic, many UK citizens now suffer from Long-Covid. Meaning loss of earnings, and loss to quality of life. Many are now unable to work, many like myself have had to give up a well paid job, for lower pay, as we are now unable to continue with heavy work. Many are still in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay of the meagre amount of £99.95 per week, which is grossly insufficient to live on, meaning having to claim for other benefits such as Universal Credit, to top up. The stress of going from well paid jobs to very low benefits, and even lower paid employment, only undermine our health further. At this time, there is no cure for Long-Covid, we are still unaware of what causes this condition. Meaning anyone who had had, or in future suffers from Covid, may well end up also suffering from Long-Covid. It is an awful disabling condition, which leaves you breathless, fatigued, and at times unable to move. You go from being full of beans one second, and in the next, you have no beans at all, every muscle in your body aches, it's like living with 24 hour flu, every day, meaning menial tasks are impossible. Government incompetence during the early stages of the pandemic, left everyone open to contacting Covid, and becoming a Long-Covid sufferer, and with Covid still rife, meaning anyone could still become a sufferer of this awful condition. Many have had to give up work and survive on benefits, or like myself, give up a well paid job, for a lower pay, as we could no longer do the work we used to.
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  • Reinstate 24-hour urgent care service at Newark Hospital
    The cessation of this service during the pandemic has put our community in a vulnerable position, and we believe that residents requiring immediate urgent care should not have to seek it outside their hometown. When children or babies get ill they can deteriorate very quickly which highlights the need for accessible local healthcare. We appreciate the tireless efforts and work of the NHS, alongside the expansion of services during the day. However, we firmly believe that the return of emergency overnight provision at Newark Hospital is vital for the health and well-being of all Newark residents.
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  • The NHS should provide free dental repairs to teeth damaged by seizures
    A staggering 58 per cent of people with epilepsy who responded to our recent survey have faced dental repair costs they could not afford. And over two-thirds have broken or chipped their teeth as a result of a seizure. This startling data, gathered as part of a survey we conducted in March and April 2023, lays bare the challenges facing people with epilepsy who often suffer severe damage to their teeth as a result of their medical condition. That is why the Epilepsy Society has launched FixIt4Free, our campaign calling for free dental repairs for people who have damaged teeth during a seizure.
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  • More facilities and inpatient beds for OCD sufferers
    My son is one of the death to suicide statistics for 2023. My beautiful son, Liam suffered for nearly 6 years battling with OCD, he was told he required inpatient care due to his severe life impacting OCD. This was never offered and he committed suicide on 5th May 2023. The UK has only one NHS 24 hour care facility nationally, providing 10 beds for both OCD and BDD patients. Around three quarters of a million people are thought to be living with severe, life impacting and debilitating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) here in the UK. (https://www.ocduk.org/ocd/ accessed 28th June 2023). A Cambridge article confirmed, rates of suicide attempts in OCD sufferers appear to be as high as 27%. Death-to-suicide rates in OCD sufferers are shown to be as high as 1.4%. (https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/bjpsych-open/article/resolving-the-discrepancies-of-suicide-risk-in-obsessivecompulsive-patients-a-review-of-incidence-rates-and-risk-factors-of-suicide-and-suicide-attempts-in-ocd/B07F6BA120B93572B83C3C8B5A744120 Published 18 June 2021, Accessed 28 June 2023). Page 2 of the referee guide for the Trustwide OCD and BDD unit, states this is the only NHS Unit to provide 24 hour care in the UK for OCD & BDD patients. Yet they only have 10 beds! (https://www.swlstg.nhs.uk/documents/related-documents/our-services/334-ocd-referrers-guide/file) Accessed 16 August 2023.
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  • Make online slots less dangerous – slash stake limits & spin speeds
    Online slots are highly addictive and highly profitable, with more people needing treatment for gambling disorder after using them than any other gambling product. Up to 1.4 million people are already addicted to gambling in the UK and every day at least one person takes their life because of gambling. The government has announced plans to reduce online slot stakes – which are currently unlimited – to either £2, £5, £10, or £15 or “none of the above”. Online slots can spin every 2.5 seconds, severely impacting mental health, meaning people can lose vast amounts very quickly, even with a £2 limit. Sign this petition and tell the government 2.5 seconds per spin is too fast and even a £2 stake limit would ruin more lives – slots must be slowed and stake limits reduced to much lower levels.
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  • STOP kids vaping! This harmful, new epidemic must end now!
    Did you know, as of 2023, that 2 out of every 10 young people aged 11-16 have used a vape? This number has almost quadrupled since 2014. If this trend continues to grow in the same way, we could see nearly ALL young people in the UK vaping before 2050! This is a shocking thought and we must act quickly to stem the tide. Make no mistake, the companies that manufacture and market vaping products are simply paying lip service to preventing youth access to their products. You only need to look at the array of bright colours and tantalising flavours that they are making available in order to see through their double marketing standards. It really is all smoke and mirrors! Nicotine addiction, lung and respiratory issues, increased risk of cancer, adverse effects on brain function... the list goes on and this is only the beginning of published research into the dangers of vaping. Vapes should be treated as a health enemy, just like cigarettes. They should be kept out of sight and look unappealing, so as not to continue to attract a younger clientele. Protect our future generations and please sign this petition now!
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  • Mental health lessons in school
    It is important if not critical that mental health should be taught in schools. If children are taught how to look after their mental health, it will a dramatic impact on their wellbeing. Children are increasingly under a lot of stress and come from homes and situations that means that their mental health is bad. If a child knows how to look after their mind it will be easier for them to look after themselves as adults and make less damaging choices. Crime rates will fall, adults relying on mental health medication will drop and addiction will drop also. Investing in a child's mental health is a long term investment that will benefit everyone in the future.
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    It is vital that provision for health and social care should be vastly improved
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  • Toothless in Huntingdon - An NHS Dentist For Everyone!
    Communities across Huntingdonshire are suffering from NHS dentist closures and the widespread lack of accessible NHS dentistry provision. Toothless in Huntingdon was founded in the wake of multiple local dentistry closures to hear testimony from patients and to urge authorities to take action. As health inequality continues to rise, patients are being put at considerable inconvenience and distress. The physical and mental pain suffered by those who are unable to find an NHS dentist local to them has all too often been matched by the financial hardships of being forced to 'go private' as practices are not taking on NHS patients. From the 1st April 2023, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) took on the commissioning of NHS dentistry from NHS England. We note that to date, since the Cambridge and Peterborough ICB was formed, the issue of access to NHS dentistry has not appeared on board meeting agendas. Toothless in Huntingdon are calling for: 1. An NHS dentist for everyone 2. Reforms to the NHS dental contract that will encourage dentists to provide NHS treatments 3. Revenue to cover the 50% of the population that are unfunded by the government 4. NHS dental treatments to be free at the point of use 5. People to be prioritised before shareholder dividend - no more privatisation 6. An end to the two-tier system - hygienists, routine check-ups and preventative treatments must be a core NHS function The NHS was founded as a free-to-all service back in 1948. We pay for it, in part, via national insurance and taxation, yet our NHS dentists continue to disappear. We want them back! No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical care because of a lack of means or availability.
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  • Save Benjamin Court!
    Cromer and North Norfolk has lost a highly valued service for older and vulnerable people who leave hospital, assessing their needs prior to moving back to their own homes or other settings. Delays in discharging patients from hospital are causing huge backlogs in the NHS, added to which are concerns about patients being discharged in poor health and returned to hospital within 7 days.
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    Created by Mike Bossingham