• Eye care for the homeless
    Research shows that homeless people have more eye problems than the general population. Problems include high prevalence of uncorrected refractive error, cataract and binocular vision problems. This is why we would like to benefit homeless people by providing them with the access to vision care.
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    Created by Izzy Aldred
  • Make ARFID treatment as accessible as treatments for Anorexia and Bulimia
    Malnutrition causes the NHS £1 billion per annum each year as prior to 2014, this disorder was not recognised by the DSM-5. This meant sufferers have learned to live on diets unsuitable for long term and as a result are nutritionally deficient which can cause an alarming amount of problems such as diabetes, lowered cognitive function, necrosis, and even death considering eating disorders have abundant fatalities each year, as every sixty two minutes, a person dies from an eating disorder.
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    Created by Megan Cowan
  • Save Hanway Medical Practice
    Hanway Medical Practice is in danger of closure. The Hanway Medical Practice has been in the heart of Buckland's community for over 50 years and serves a patient list of 14,000 people, mainly relying on its current location for a wide variety of treatments and support. We want the practice owners and the Portsmouth CCG to show they have listened to and considered every proposal to keep the doors of a much-loved, much-needed medical practice OPEN! Please help us, sign this petition and let’s show our support for keeping the Hanway Medical Practice open.
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    Created by Kate Harris
  • Stop the Stink
    Thousands of people are effected by the landfill on a daily basis. The effects range from minor to major, starting with mild issues of congestion, working up to health issues, and everything in between. Local residents are concerned for the health of their children, stopping them from playing in their own gardens and even local parks. In addition, home owners are suffering with the market value of their properties due to the eyesore and awful smells. The smell from the Quarry has been so bad in the past, a local school was evacuated due to reports of 'gas' like smell in the surrounding area. What has to happen before the appropriate action is taken, if all of the above is not good enough? We need your help, and we need it now.
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    Created by Graham Eagles Picture
  • Remove Sir Richard Bransons Knighthood
    Knighthoods should be an honour given to people who do outstanding work in their field or for the greater good. What Sir Richard Branson did to the NHS by suing them and taking £2,000,000 from needed patient care, and ordinary peoples operations. Clearly shows that he cares nothing about what damage to other peoples lives his actions inflict and therefore does not deserve the accolade that his Knighthood confirms.
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    Created by Andy Vincent Picture
  • Crossing at Weston Bus Stop For Jumping Beans Nursery&Atlantic Acadamy School Children
    I want our children to be safe knowing that they can get a cross that awful road, please support my petition.
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  • We Request an Urgent Review of Prescribing Risperidone Drug to Vulnerable Children in the U.K.
    There has been a very recent exceptional landmark verdict of a U.S. Court awarding punitive damages against the manufacturer of $8 Billion. The jury resoundingly decided to instruct the manufacturer that they had not adequately outlined the risks of the serious side effects that the drug had been shown to produce from their own research studies. The particular adverse reaction they highlighted was gynaecomastia which is the production of breasts in young males which can eventually produce milk due to excessive production of the hormone prolactin. This is a life changing condition which ultimately requires a traumatic surgical intervention.
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  • Save Neaths' health suite (sauna, jacuzzi, steam room)
    The Health Suite has become an important community facility, frequented by people of all ages and backgrounds. Some users of this facility are unable to use Gym, squash courts and even the swimming pools, meaning that the removal of a Health Suite will prevent them from accessing services that promote wellbeing. Excluding a Health Suite from the proposed new facility is short-sighted and will negatively impact the community as a whole. The service users and community members want to demonstrate the need for a dedicated Health Suite, which they demand is included in the proposed new recreation centre.
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    Created by Eugene Dubens
  • Hospital
    It’s important because members of families and carers are complaining of the ( old) sick kids having to stay open to the public because of the new hospital experiencing problem after problem after problem. It’s time to fix that problem and open the sick kids that is overdue it’s “ open date”
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    Created by Ryan Cuff Picture
  • Dentistry to be more accessible to NHS patients
    Dental health is grossly under-rated and undervalued by the government and dental practices who often have gone private to make more money. Poor oral/dental hygiene and care leads to thousands of people suffering and being admitted to hospital for treatment due to infections which could be prevented if dentistry was part of the NHS agenda We don’t pay to see a GP, we should not have to pay to see a dentist. People struggle to get on the books of a dentist and their dental health suffers. I’ve been on the receiving end of being removed from a Dental Practice with no communication from them about this. I’ve also had to wait to be able to see a dentist due to lack of money. Dental Practices need to be held to account as there is little fall back for the clients to appeal this.
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  • Keep The N.H.S Free.
    Everyone should be able to afford healthcare. As teenagers, we are worried about the future of NHS. Budget cuts on health should never leave the vulnerable in debt to pay for the their health.
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  • Standardise Prescription Medication Packaging
    For the elderly, or mentally challenged, it can be quite daunting to be faced with a change in packaging of medication. What has been a yellow box suddenly changes to a blue or pink one when the pharmacy uses a different supplier. Not only can the change in outer packaging be confusing the pills inside can vary in shape, colour and size. For someone who is accustomed to taking two of the large pink "Smarties" to be faced with two white, flat pills can be quite disconcerting and potentially dangerous. We, the undersigned request that an industry wide standard for shape and packaging be implemented, so that all medication of the same ingredient and strength are the same irrespective of the manufacturer.
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    Created by Anthony Turtle