• Protect and Pay Student Nurses
    At the start of the pandemic, student nurses were being paid to staff wards and make up the staffing shortfall in the NHS. Since September these payments stopped, despite the current wave of Covid19 putting Northern Ireland's hospitals under pressure like never before. Students Nurses work 37.5hrs per week on clinical placement at the rate of £2.86 per hour under the current bursary of £430 per month. This does not meet basic cost of living standards. Northern Ireland bursary has not been increased whereas Scotland's bursary is increased year to year. The majority of students still have to work part time on top of placement to be able to live month to month. Due to covid placement areas students are restricted to where they can work if at all Students are working in Covid wards and are at the same risk of as a paid member of staff. Students do not receive sick pay. Many students have incurred costs from covid-19 pandemic from moving out of home due to vulnerable family members at risk. No support available. These student nurses are the future of our NHS. They deserve to be paid for the risks they are taking at the frontline of this pandemic. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus/ni-student-nurses-risking-lives-without-pay-in-coronavirus-battle-39708516.html
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • NHS lipodema surgery
    This is a disease as I just said not cosmetic it can br hireditory and will usually run through females within the family
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    Created by Jade Williams
  • Remove parking charges at Bath Pavilion vaccination centre
    As a local GP administering the vaccine, I know that any barrier to vaccination risks reducing uptake. Even a small reduction in uptake will have huge consequences. The cost of an unvaccinated person getting Covid and needing care at home or in hospital outweighs the profit not just in financial terms but in human ones. Short-term thinking has long-term costs. Vulnerable residents have been shielding on and off since last March: going out to be vaccinated is challenging enough without adding logistical difficulties. For those who don't have the correct change, paying for parking involves downloading an app – stressful for many and impossible for people without a smartphone. Many people are giving their time and services for free to facilitate this crucial roll out (e.g. volunteer marshals at the centre). Imposing parking charges flies in the face of the wonderful community spirit that has characterised the local response to the pandemic. We urge the council to drop these charges immediately and stop profiting from the pandemic.
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    Created by Dr Sharon Gillings
  • FFP3 masks for all frontline health and social care staff now.
    The new variant of COVID -19 has been reported to be 70% more transmissible than the original virus. All health and social care workers dealing with suspected or positive patients are at greater risk of serious illness and death. The current level of staff sickness in the NHS and in social care and the mounting death toll for these dedicated workers is completely unacceptable. This needs to be addressed now, not in weeks or months time.
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    Created by Michael Weald
  • Taxation of NHS workers/Wage increase
    In this climate of Covid we are asked to work extra hours but feel us a Nurses/Midwives get taxed to the hilt. Our pay is rubbish and we work extra hours to make ends meet yet we are living some of us on the bread line. Extra support needs to provided for childcare .
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    Created by Linda White-Greaves
    I have just recovered from Covid after being taken to hospital. I was severely ill and saw at first hand how incredible the people who work in our NHS are working to save lives. They risk their own lives time and time again and are working under extremely difficult conditions exhausted but never complaining. If we as a Country truly respected them we would give them an immediate pay rise of 10%. This should be for all NHS staff to bring them back to the same pay levels they were at before the Government of 2010. For ten years the wages have gone down in real terms. THIS IS WRONG! We ask that instead of applause we give them proper pay! IMMEDIATELY. Please sign and pass this on to your friends. Paddy Doheryty and Daniel Coll
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    Created by Paddy Doherty Daniel Coll
  • Covid-19 Award
    To pay tribute to all our NHS who have put themselves at considerable risk to save others.
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    Created by George Maclennan
  • No-one can sue NHS and staff about COVID decisions
    The NHS and all of its staff are putting their lives on the line every day, wearing PPE that undermines their own health 24/7. The NHS was fantastic and has been undermined by creeping privatisation - hence the ability to sue.
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    Created by Sheila Clark
  • NHS funding for same sex male couples fertility treatment
    To allow gay male couples access to fertility treatments through the NHS.
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    Created by Daniel Holder
  • Social work should have some mental health training
    It's important because at the moment they don't have an understanding of how mental health affects everyone differently especially children & young people and I believe that they should have some training in mental health so that they have a better understanding of each case and how to deal with each case specifically and what help and support they can offer Families to help keep children & young people at home instead of not knowing how to deal with children & young people who suffer from mental health conditions and so they don't end up being placed away from Families which can have a negative affect on the children/young people.
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    Created by sarah-louise clarke
  • More recognition for care workers in the community
    As a carer it is hard to work 14-16 hour days all week and not get any type of recognition during this challenging time.
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    Created by Sophie Ellis