• Vitamin D deficiency in care home residents
    Vitamin D supplements have been shown to reduce rates and severity of respiratory infections in people who are low in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency is associated with increased susceptibility to a variety of bacterial and viral infections including influenza. Associations have also been made between low vitamin D levels and severity of covid19 symptoms. Due to lockdown restrictions many residents will have had little or no sun exposure and will therefore be experiencing low levels of vitamin D putting them at increased risk from respiratory tract infections..
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  • Cancel 'I'm A Celebrity' & Prosecute ITV Executives For Risking Covid-19 Infections In North Wales
    With the risk of Covid-19 still with us, it is deeply hurtful and insensitive that ITV have decided that Celebrity's lives matter more than the General Public of North Wales and have decided to push ahead, against medical knowledge, and will stage this year's 'I'm A Celebrity' series in North Wales. The local people were not consulted about this and there is every chance that because of this, Covid-19 will be brought into the area which completely goes against the point of the Government's advice (Westminster & Cardiff Bay) and only adds fuel to the fire of Covid-19 and lockdown sceptics. When I recently voiced my concerns to a member of the show's production, (Hayley McFarlane) I was told to '....' myself and that Celebrities were more important than the people of North Wales and their 'stupid precious feelings.' I have the email on file and a copy is with my Solicitor. If ITV think that the people of North Wales do not matter, and they can ride roughshod over them, they then need to be shown they cannot do this and should be prosecuted for their arrogant and criminal treatment of people who are trying their best to shield and not spread this virus as we want to go back to the old normal as soon as possible. It is as if they are trying to deliberately upset people and are working to spread this virus. It is almost tantamount to a terrorist attack.
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  • Light up Conwy castle pink and blue
    I’m one of 4 who have lost there child at birth childloss is such a taboo subject that gets forgotten about ive lost 2 children in neonatal due to early labour me and other greiving parents use this month to remember our babies and raise awareness to the fact it happens
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  • Protect older people from flu - immunise before the winter
    The Scottish Government says it wants to: "protect those most at risk from flu in the coming season and to ensure that the impact of potential co-circulation of flu and Covid-19 is kept to an absolute minimum." (Letter from the Chief Medical Officer Directorate dated 7 August 2020) What's actually happening on the ground? The computer programme being used in Greater Glasgow and Clyde sends out appointment letters to over 65s, starting with the youngest age groups and leaving the oldest and most frail people to the last. It was designed for child immunisations, not older people. Many over 65s with underlying health conditions have not yet had appointment letters. They may be having difficulty finding anyone to help them. GPs are only allowed to deal with under 65s (who get a different type of vaccine). This means that most of our older relatives and friends are facing the start of winter without being protected from the flu, and at risk from successive waves of Covid 19 at the same time. We must demand urgent action so that our most vulnerable and frail older people are protected from the flu before the winter arrives
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  • That the cabinet must resign over mishandling of the Covid 19 Crisis and ministerial corruption.
    One of the highest infection rates in the world and the highest percentage of deaths in the developed world together with hundreds of millions of pounds spent on contracts to inexperienced private companies that they are refusing to publish details of in defiance of British law and govt rules.
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  • Offer prisoners vitamin D supplements
    As Covid cases rise so does the pressure on our hospitals, just when annual winter pressures are also growing. If people stay fitter, NHS staff can be there for those who need their help most. Prisoners have fewer options than most of us to keep healthy, but still use the resources of the same NHS. Vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health, it helps in infection control and plays a part in a range of other vital body functions. Most people get their vitamin D by it being made by the action of sunshine on their skin. It is widely recognised that many people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D. Those who don't have easy access to sunshine - including prisoners - are more likely to be deficient - unless they take supplements. Most people are now recommended by the Government to take supplements all year round. While prisoners are in the care of the Government, Government should offer them supplements to meet their own advice. Vitamin D is cheap and readily available (to those with access to shops or the internet). Some hospitals are now offering supplements to their staff and long term patients. This would be good practice for all hospitals and all employers - and all institutions where people have little exposure to the sun, like prisons. Please help all of us, by supporting this campaign to keep prisoners fitter. Thank you. For more information see (for example): https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminD-HealthProfessional/ https://www.gov.uk/government/news/phe-publishes-new-advice-on-vitamin-d#:~:text=PHE%20is%20advising%20that%2010,healthy%20bones%2C%20teeth%20and%20muscles.&text=To%20protect%20bone%20and%20muscle,(Thursday%2021%20July%202016).
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  • Withdraw fees and charges at our parks
    During Covid-19 and in general, these health and wellbeing activities are extremely useful and keep people motivated and positive, particularly those who can't afford more expensive ways or want to be close to nature. This money making exercise is regressive, unhelpful and a draconian measure and should not be excused under any guise. Please stop this. Please sign, share and support. Maium Miah Talukdar
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  • Save Colchester League of Friends Shop.
    The Hospital League of Friends shop generates a large amount of money each year towards much needed equipment. Without the LoF, the hospital will miss out on at least £18,000 of funding raised purely by the shop alone.
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  • Make wearing masks in school and college classrooms mandatory
    Science has proven that the wearing of masks, does lower the risk of viral load, from the covid-19 virus. Also this would help avoid any more local or national lockdowns, help prevent more serious illness, relieve any pressure on the NHS and would be a common sense solution. Even if a small minority are exempt from wearing masks, the majority wearing them in classrooms, would increase levels of safety at work and study, for everyone, but especially those at higher risk, from serious illness, if they contracted the virus and those caring for the elderly and more vulnerable, also at higher risk of serious illness, from contracting the covid-19 virus.
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  • Allowing DJ's to Stream live on Social Media platforms
    Music is good for the Soul and for Mental health, producing feel good chemicals that maintain a positive mental attitude. Facebook should allow live streaming of DJ's regardless of copyright because no-one is gaining anything financially by just doing what they love to friends, family and new connections . In this years current pandemic DJ"s have been bringing people together in these troubled times, allowing them to come together in their own homes, whilst social distancing I may add! If people can not listen to a DJ in a live stream session then their mental health suffers along with feelings of loneliness and depression. Facebook needs to allow such DJ's to play without suspending their accounts. Bringing people together in a Rubbish year is not a bad thing. Shame on Facebook for being inconsiderate of people's mental wellbeing. Please sign this petition and show your support for all those small DJs who are just doing what they love with the people who are struggling in this pandemic. Music is a gift to be shared and this should be allowed especially at a time like this!!!!!
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    All NHS Trusts across England should allow birth partners to support mothers throughout their whole pregnancy and birth. The government has made it clear that during the coronavirus crisis, birth partners are allowed to be present during pregnancy appointments and the birth. But still, a huge number of trusts in England are preventing birth partners from attending all of the big moments in the pregnancy: the 12-week scan, the 20-week scan and the duration of labour. This means that some mothers are going through birth alone, finding out that they’ve suffered a miscarriage, or that something is wrong during the pregnancy, with no one there to support them. No one should have to go through that alone. It shouldn’t matter where you live in the country - every mother should have access to the same support during pregnancy and birth.
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  • Better Primary Care for Stamford “Save St Mary’s”
    Lakeside Healthcare Group unexpectedly announced on Wednesday 16th September 2020 that St Mary’s surgery will close 1st December 2020. This has triggered considerable public disquiet and discontent, not only about this decision but also about the current quality of Primary Care delivery in Stamford. It has become clear that the Primary Care Committee of Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group [CCG] who contract with Lakeside has not approved the closure and will need to be satisfied that patient needs can be met with the appropriate level of quality care. The Patient Participation Group calls upon Lincolnshire CCG to work in conjunction with South Kesteven District Council [SKDC] to develop a strategic plan for the delivery of Primary Care in Stamford that will be fit for the next 20 years in line with the Local Plan. This plan should be based on a thorough “needs-based analysis” reviewing the town and surrounding villages' current and future demography, the distribution & growth of population, its traffic flows and projections of future healthcare needs as defined in the NHS long term plans … and whether it is the public’s best interests for there to be a monopoly primary care provider. This cannot be left to Lakeside alone who by their rushed and unplanned attempt to close St Mary’s have already shown they do not possess the required competence to lead on such an important subject.
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