• Talk to who?
    Mental health is one of the front campaigns that our government are highlighting recently advising ‘its good to talk’. That’s great but to who. Our NHS mental health sector has no money to deliver enough quality and qualified people to talk to. The waiting lists are horrendous. People are suffering, families don’t understand, friends are few and far between. Yes, it’s good to talk, talking can resolve many a problem, but if there is nobody we can rely on and the mental health services can not provide this support then WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TALK TO? no good talking to a wall. People suffering do not want to pick up the phone and talk to a stranger, it’s hard enough picking up the phone when it’s someone we know. Provide a service where people can be seen within days/weeks not months/years
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  • Callum’s memory
    My son hung himself on the 18/05/19, society has stigmas about seeking help or medication and there is lack of education in schools on mental health
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  • Stop the Merger Aintree, Broadgreen and Royal Liverpool Hospital
    The Boards of Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust decided the hospitals will merge in October 2019. Merging services limits patients’ choice, and increases the distance you need to travel to get to your nearest hospital. Some people will not be able to access the hospital, as they will not have the money for the bus fare. I would also point out accident and emergency at both hospitals are at breaking point. If the hospitals merge, they will eventually close one of the accident and emergencies. It is fundamentally wrong to allow the merger as the merger may be detrimental to the people of Liverpool and also cause job losses for staff. *Merging hospital trusts could increase mortality rates by up to 550 per cent and cause patient harm incidents to almost triple, new analysis by the Competition and Markets Authority has suggested. The same study also identified what it described as an average cost of more than £2.5m a year to the NHS from a typical merger as a result of the harms.* The source of this information came from this website: https://www.hsj.co.uk/policy-and-regulation/hospital-mergers-increase-death-and-harm-cma-study-suggests/7024329.article *Liverpool NHS trust inquiry launched amid concern over 150 deaths. This article was in the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jun/06/liverpool-nhs-inquiry-launched-amid-concern-over-150-deaths-lch
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  • Clear Allergen Updates on the FRONT of food packaging
    My 14 month old son, Max, suffers from an allergy to cow's milk. This means all dairy products and other products containing milk are out of the question for him. Because he is breastfed, it means I must be strictly dairy free too. Only a tiny amount of the allergen needs to be present in my breastmilk in order to cause a reaction in him.  Last week he suffered an allergic reaction after I ate a small slice of angel cake from the Co-Op. I had been regularly buying the same angel cake over the last 14 months from the Co-Op because it was safe for me to eat and did not contain any dairy products. While my diet is restricted it became my little treat.  On this occasion, unbeknown to me, the recipe had been changed and now contains milk. There was NOTHING on the front of the packet to alert me to this change. The packaging was identical to the original packaging.  It was only when I realised it tasted different that I checked the ingredients on the back of the packet that I discovered the change. Too late. We are "lucky" in that Max's allergy is a non-IGE allergy; in real terms, for us that means a delayed, non life threatening reaction which results in tummy troubles and a couple of weeks of disturbed sleep. But, what if he was anaphylactic to dairy? The consequences could have been MUCH worse. For some allergy sufferers this could have been a matter of life or death! I contacted the Co-Op who explained that legally they have done everything required of them by listing allergens in bold on the ingredients list, but they went on to admit they have "missed the mark" with this, and have promised to update the packaging immediately with an "allergy update", and to take steps to avoid this happening with future products. I am calling a for legal obligation for food manufacturers to display clear allergen update alerts on the FRONT of their packaging whenever one of the main 12 allergens are added: milk, cereals inculding wheat, rye, barley and oats, crustaceans, fish, nuts, soybeans, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphites, lupin and molluscs. Please sign this petition and help prevent a tragedy for someone who might not be as lucky as Max.
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  • Provide support information after all TV shows that feature sexual violence
    Statistics show that three quarters of survivors contacting Rape Crisis centres do so over an incident that occurred at least 12 months earlier (1). It has been shown that where television programmes include storylines on sexual violence, there has been an increase in calls to support helplines. The Rape Crisis Helpline experienced a 132% increase in calls after the showing of Broadchurch (2), a similar spike in calls to support helplines was experienced following the rape of David Platt in Coronation Street (3). This information shows that survivors are often prompted to seek support following depictions of sexual violence on television. We are concerned that whilst terrestrial channels have moved to provide support information, they are inconsistent in their approach and this information is not available at all when the same programmes are watched via the internet/download apps (4). Having support information available consistently and across all platforms helps people access support when they need it. By not having this information available it can leave viewers unsafe when affected by such content. In addition, it can also give out confusing messages around consent, sex and rape, when support information is not given after storylines where content is less explicit – for example in storylines involving coercion. Further Information: 1. Three quarters of adults contacting rape crisis centres do so over an incident that occurred at least 12 months earlier https://rapecrisis.org.uk/get-informed/rcew-statistics/ 2. The Rape Crisis Helpline experienced a 132% increase in calls after the showing of Broadchurch http://thesurvivorstrust.org/news/broadchurch-impact-survivors-support-services/ 3. Coronation Street male rape scene: Helplines see spike in calls https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-43498590 4. Recent examples where support information is not available after programmes provided online include: • The rape of Ruby Allen in EastEnders and subsequent court scenes – BBC1 • Victoria Sugden Rape in Emmerdale - ITV • Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me – Channel 4 Image Copyright: Laura Dodsworth
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  • Make antidepressant prescriptions free on the nhs
    There has been a massive increase in people taking their lives from anxiety and depression in the last few years. People are always blaming themselves wondering what they could have done. One thing to consider is how difficult it is to go and get help to begin with when going through these issues, to then have to pay £9 for a prescription, which a lot of people can't afford on top of their busy lives, taking care of themselves and even children. If you cant afford such prescriptions then you are then left struggling. People are offered free counselling but it doesnt work for everyone and therefore why cant we make the other options free?
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  • The residents of Tendring ask the council to replace toilets that have been closed
    The toilets that are being closed were considered necessary in the past when the population of Tendring was smaller, now it has increased. It is a basic human right to be able to use a toilet when one needs to, residents with health issues like IBS and prostate problems are being denied that basic human right along with postmen and women, other mobile workers and holiday makers. The impact on health of being made to wait to use a toilet, is well documented and the fear of not being able to find a toilet in time is increasing social isolation and loneliness amongst vulnerable people, this is turn leads to more health problems. Tendring District Council should now use the money that they have gained from land sales of the existing toilet closures to build new facilities, the residents of Tendring do not accept that this is not possible
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  • Men Only Swimming Sessions in Newham
    - If women are given the facility to have segregated sessions, men should be given the same - Protects religious beliefs: Muslims do not consider mixed sessions to be permissible - Gives a chance for pupils to get active and stay fit - Brings community together
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  • Premier League players to donate 1% of their wage to grass roots football
    Football is the national game. In its many formats it can help with fitness, general mental and physical wellbeing as well as ensuring kids (and adults) maintain an active social circle in a world increasingly dominated by insular activities such as gaming and on demand TV and film. FA football centres featuring quality 3g pitches and changing facilities are still too expensive and few and far between for many to utilise on a regular basis. Grass roots football suffers with constant postponements due to weather conditions throughout the winter. Access to more all weather 3g facilities can help alleviate this issue too The FA recognise the above issues and have pursued the sale of the national stadium (Wembley) with the aim of addressing these issues. This 1% donation could alleviate the need to pursue a sale of Wembley.
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  • Get great Stirling Run up and running again!
    Scotland has one of the poorest health care statistics in Europe. The Great Stirling Run inspired people from around the country to get fit and achieve a goal. Stirling is easy to get to from all areas of Scotland and has clean air, unlike some of the traffic heavy cities which other events are held in. Young people from locally and beyond are proud of the runners they know who participated and were hoping to achieve this event in the future themselves. Please support this campaign to get Great Run Company to rethink their action. Dates which do not clash with VLM and the Kiltwalk would enable the GSR to flourish in the future. Don’t let bad organisation get in the way of a fantastic and inspiring event!
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  • relapse medulloblastoma
    we had to go to turkey for treatment to save my sons life
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  • Reduction of unnecessary waste and single use items in dentistry.
    The profession is currently playing a damaging and uncontrolled role in the contribution to climate change and its effect on the pollution of our land and seas of the people which it serves.
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