• Body dysmorphia - A widely growing issue in our society
    The reason why you should not only sign this petition but join the fight against BDD is because this is a mental disorder that effects so many across all identity's, backgrounds, ages, genders and lifestyles. When you sign this petition you will bring so much benefit of all people in society and not just the people that suffer this everlasting mental disorder. By the day this disorder worsens, and people cannot take it anymore to the point of suicide. Do you want this in YOUR world for your kids, to grow up with. So again I plead you can you simply sign this petition and bring a better well being for the change in society.  Thankyou. 
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    Created by Jack Mayot
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup - WE WANT OUR A & E BACK!!!
    Since the 1980s, over 100 NHS Hospitals have been closed, and half of NHS hospital beds have been CUT while the UK population has grown by about 10 million. Our NHS is short of properly qualified Staff, NHS beds and NHS equipment due to deliberate underfunding. And the UK is the 6th richest country in the world with no shortage of billionaires.
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    Created by Stephanie David
    This General Election is our chance to make sure that action is finally taken on period poverty. Across the UK, women, girls, and people who have periods are struggling to access basic essentials and the cost of living crisis has driven levels of need to unprecedented levels.  One third of girls already miss school because they can’t access essentials like pads, but the Government has not yet confirmed if they will continue this much needed scheme beyond July 2024. For many other groups of women and people who menstruate who struggle to afford period products, there’s no support in place.  This has a devastating impact on those affected by the cost of living crisis, and reliant on food banks and other community support mechanisms.    This leaves charities, like us here at Bloody Good Period and many of partners, filling the gap  and providing a rising number of essential period products to those who need them.   Scotland has made history by becoming the first country in the world to protect the right to access free period products in law. A law for period products to be available in schools, colleges and public buildings in Northern Ireland is also now in force. It’s long overdue that we get the same legislation and access in England and Wales. We need party leaders who care about ending period poverty. We need the next UK government to listen to those who menstruate, the charities who are fighting for better access to period products and people like you and me who need a solution NOW.  But to get commitments to make period products freely available in public spaces in their manifestos we need public pressure. So, please join me and sign the petition.
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  • Review the use of Physician Associates in the NHS
    Two years of training is insufficient for Physician Associates (PAs) to diagnose or treat patients effectively. The promotion of PAs in medical settings has several drawbacks, both for the PAs who are being parachuted into jobs they aren't prepared for and set up to fail, and for doctors who must supervise them and are held accountable for their mistakes. PAs lack the medical expertise that comes with specialised training, unlike nurses or paramedics, and their role does not complement but, rather, attempts to mimic that of doctors. Their courses are unaccredited, and they miss crucial training in ethics, communication, and basic medical knowledge. Consequently, PAs often fail to diagnose or treat conditions correctly, burdening already overstretched doctors with the responsibility for these errors. PAs also dilute the educational opportunities available to student doctors and, unlike other health professionals, PAs lack a regulatory body to ensure safety and accountability. Employing PAs over doctors in GP practices, where they often work unsupervised, is financially incentivised. However, it can lead to increased net costs due to the need for supervision. In GP practices and across NHS Trusts, patients are frequently seen by PAs without realising they are not doctors, undermining the extensive training that doctors undergo. This practice devalues doctors, creates friction within the NHS, and contributes to the unemployment of qualified GPs. The introduction of underqualified PAs, who often receive better pay and conditions than more medically competent doctors or nurses, is seen by many as a move to undermine the NHS and erode public trust and the morale of healthcare professionals.
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    Created by Susan Sollazzi
  • Russ Cook (Hardest Geezer) for BBC Sports Personality 2024
    Russ Cook run the entire length of Africa. That’s 9,940 miles. Russ ran the equivalent 385 marathons in 352 days across 16 countries. His efforts have raised over £900,000 for charity so far! Along the way he was kidnapped, held at knife point and had numerous issues with his body that stopped him from running. Russ Cook deserves to be recognised for his efforts and I think he should be included in the nominations for Sports Personality of the year. Let's make this happen and give the man the kudos he deserves! Russ encouraged health and fitness and showed what the human body is capable of, if you commit your mind to something. He is nothing short of an incredible inspiration to a lot of people and more people need to hear his story!
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    Created by Michael Kitchener
  • Stop GP practices shutting their doors
    My name is Dr Adam Janjua, and I’m an NHS GP in Lancashire. In my job, there’s nothing more important to me than making sure that everyone is able to access good care in their community. But I’m very worried because due to funding cuts, there are hundreds of practices across the country that risk closure. In 2023 alone, nearly 60 GP practices closed their doors. In my own area, over a hundred practices have seen reduced income and rising costs, while 10 are at risk of closure.  I'm working with 38 Degrees to demand our political leaders come up with a serious plan to fix the impending crisis of GP practices closing. The benefits are obvious. Investing in local doctors creates a ripple effect throughout the healthcare system. If we strengthen our GPs it helps make us healthier, reduces the burden on hospitals, and creates a healthier society. We need to change how GP surgeries are funded so they can afford to stay open without charging patients. In the past few years, money meant for individual surgeries has been split between hundreds of practices. This has made it harder for GPs like myself to keep up with costs. We need leaders who care about the health system to step up and make sure the NHS doesn't fall apart. Our politicians should listen to doctors and patients, and stop trying to divide us by trying to shift the blame for the problems in the NHS on to staff like me who care. This is a serious problem, and we need a solution NOW!
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    Created by Adam Janjua
  • Keep the Day Centre Open
    it is important we keep the day centre open to meet the needs of the individuals and families who use this service currently, and for those to come. it allows families to have peace of mind to go to work or recharge their batteries, in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and receiving person-centred care
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    Created by Leigha McMillan
  • Stop promotion of Vapes in Barnes Post Office
    The Barnes community was really happy when our local post office reopened along with a Morrisons shop. It was a welcome addition to our town. However, we are all shocked at the blatant marketing of vapes to young people. The colourful stand of vapes is directly facing the glass door of the shop (seen from the street) offering an array of sweet flavoured Vapes such as strawberry and mint. These colourful, flavoured vapes are attractive and enticing to children. Children's doctors say vaping may cause long-term damage to young people's lungs, hearts and brains. The vapour inhaled contains a small amount of chemicals, including the addictive substance nicotine. It is well know and well researched that nicotine: - is highly addictive - can cause anxiety and depression - can cause bronchitis - leads to lung damage (which can be life threatening) Vaping also exposes the user to cancer-causing chemicals.
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    Created by Natasha Mold
    NHS dentistry is broken and we need a plan to fix it. 12 million people are unable to get NHS dental treatment, nearly half our kids are no longer getting checkups, and DIY dentistry is becoming commonplace. We're struggling to get these services, but incredibly the Government have announced a hike in NHS dental charges from 1 April 2024. This hike is a slap in the face for hard-pressed families. It won’t put a penny in to bring NHS dentistry back from the brink - and the Government is asking the public to pay more for less of a service. Instead of hiking NHS fees, it’s time the government to come up with a proper plan to fund NHS dentistry for all.
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    Created by The British Dental Association and The Mirror
  • We demand the government have a public enquiry into WMAS in the Staffordshire Moorlands
    It is important that people sign this petition, as people have already lost their lives, paramedics are put under severe pressure, you might need an ambulance at anytime and if you have to wait hours for one you could die, if you cannot access a defibrillator because they cannot find the number you could die, it’s happened, if you think there is a rapid response vehicle they have been disbanded, Staffordshire had the most volunteers for RRVS until they were wiped out. It’s your life, yours family and friends lives this is really important we deserve better, Mr Marsh CEO is responsible for 5.6 million people 5000 sq miles, if lots of people died in Staffordshire Moorlands it would not affect his targets, he has admitted they will never meet the rural needs, they should they did until he changed the system, it was the best not anymore it’s broken
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    Created by Linda Malyon
  • Add Aplastic Anaemia to the NHS website
    This is a particular problem because aplastic anaemia is frequently confused with "being anaemic" (having an iron deficiency.) Not only is aplastic anaemia absent as a condition on the NHS website, but when you search for it you are presented with pages about iron deficiency and other, less serious, conditions making this confusion worse.  This makes it difficult for people with aplastic anaemia to ask for the support they need from family and friends and leads to difficulty with taking extended time off work for life altering treatment, including bone marrow transplants. It also results in people who are seriously ill struggling to access the UK benefits system.  Many patients go to clinicians for letters that explain the impact of the condition, to take to employers. Having aplastic anaemia on the NHS conditions website would save NHS staff time and improve the mental health of aplastic anaemia patients. The Aplastic Anaemia Trust have leading NHS haematologists on their Research and Clinical Advisory Panel and have offered to draft text for a web page.
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  • Properly fund the NI Children's Hospice
    The NI Children's Hospice provides support and care to hundreds of children with life threatening and life limiting conditions on an annual basis. Rising costs have forced the charity to reduce bed capacity for respite stays for families from across Northern Ireland. The Department of Health have it within their power to ensure the relatively small funding shortfall is met.
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