• Keep Monklands Hospital where it is
    NHS Lanarkshire wants to move Monklands Hospital to a new site in either Gartcosh, Glenmavis or Easter Moffat - all of which are remote from centres of population and do not have the necessary transport links. The current site is central, has good transport links and most importantly will be redeveloped as a hospital (poorly disguised as a community health village). Why therefore move it to another site, ignoring recent important developments such as the Maggies and Lanarkshire Beatson and then build two hospitals? This is foolish and provides no value for money.
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  • Declare a Public Health Emergency on Mental Health and Suicide
    In September 2019 the Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride stated that there is no greater public health challenge than suicide. Sadly, in these first weeks of 2020, his statement has proven all too accurate, with the tragic loss of yet more precious lives by suicide. More families have been plunged into unbearable grief and pain and communities have been left reeling, struggling to make sense of it all. Suicide is something everybody hopes never comes to their door, but the reality as we’ve seen is that it can affect any family. Yet we know that suicide is preventable, is not inevitable and can never be the answer. Mental illness is a risk factor in relation to suicide but mental illness does not necessarily lead to suicidal behaviour. Access to the right support at the right time can prevent suicide and right across our communities there are numerous excellent suicide prevention and crisis intervention services working tirelessly to help keep people safe and to reduce the risk of suicide. More people have died by suicide since the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement than died as a direct result of the conflict. Our rates of suicide are the highest across these islands, something that is receiving international attention for all the wrong reasons. Behind the statistic of 307 deaths by suicide in 2018 are individuals who were much loved and continue to be mourned by their loved ones. While the suicide prevention strategy Protect Life 2 contains many good initiatives that must be fully resourced and implemented, it is clear that something more, and of a different measure, is now needed to tackle this crisis. It is regrettable that the New Decade New Approach document does not specifically address the issue of suicide. Alarm bells are ringing in all communities. The current suicide reduction target of 10% over 5 years, equating to roughly 6 deaths a year being prevented, is wholly inadequate. Similarly, the funding allocation of £10.35 million - a miniscule 0.2% of the overall health budget - is a fraction of what’s required. Access to services is piece-meal and waiting times for counselling vary greatly across Trusts, with people being forced to wait several months for an initial appointment. Going forward, it is vital for you to ensure that suicide prevention is prioritised within the upcoming Programme for Government, not only by your own department, but around the Executive table. Given the concentration of deaths by suicide in deprived communities, commitments in New Decade, New Approach, designed to address poverty and inequality, must also be recognised as suicide prevention measures and resourced accordingly.
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  • Ban Dangerous Pesticides in Haslemere
    The use of glyphosates has already been banned or restricted in 8 countries. It is not acceptable that ourselves, our children and the animals we share our community with are being routinely exposed to these chemicals whether we like it or not. This is a matter of great importance for those of us who care about each other's health and the health of our children, our cats, our dogs and all the flora and fauna of this city, of course including our beloved bees. Frensham Parish Council has successfully banned glyphosate and there have been no issues with excessive weeds! Let’s also help to bring our biodiversity back! Surrey County council (Highways) contracts Waverley Borough Council to spray glyphosate on our street verges, round houses, schools, playing fields and churches. Therefore we are concerned about children exposed to this proven carcinogenic herbicide. We at the Haslemere Transition group would welcome unsprayed wildflower verges as an alternative; safe havens for pollinators and insects as well as bee friendly planting in public spaces. If you don't live in this area, click here to sign or start the campaign for your city: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/start-a-pesticide-campaign
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  • Free medication for asthmatics
    Asthmatics currently pay for their inhalers. People who are also unfortunate to have diabetes do not pay for their medication these people are born with the condition or develop type II later in life in which lifestyle can play a major role in this development. Although this is great, asthmatics however develop this chronic illness and. although it may not really be known how this develops it would seem this is through no fault of the person. 5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving asthma treatment and on average 3 people die from an asthma attack every day. The NHS spends an average £1 billion a year on treating and caring for people with asthma in contrast they spend £14 billion a year on treating and caring for people with diabetes who obtain their prescriptions for free. There are a lot of articles on the internet regarding people unable to afford their medication and people who have skipped taking it because of the cost. One article I read last year particularly sticks with me about a 19 year old girl dying from an asthma attack all because she could not afford her medication. This was heart breaking. This was someones daughter, someones sister, aunt, cousin, or niece. Now imagine this was your child.
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  • Stop closure of St Damiens surgery in Melksham
    It isn’t safe. It is putting stress on patients worrying about how they will get to the next town to see a doctor. Melkshams infrastructure won’t cope as they are building more houses but closing a GP surgery.
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  • Stop preventable sight loss for NHS patients because of delays to treatment
    A mother of three has lost her sight because of delays to appointments and a lack of staff which failed to treat her glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye condition caused by the optic nerve being damaged. An investigation into the problem has predicted that up to 22 people go blind each month because of glaucoma not being treated early enough. We can't stand by whilst people are treated this way. Our NHS should be there for us when we need it most, not pushed to the brink because of staff shortages and more. During the election the Conservative party made big promises for our NHS about specialist staff and reducing NHS waiting times. Now it’s time for the government to move fast to act on these commitments - and stop preventable sight loss as a matter of urgency. Will you sign the petition to the Health Secretary now to up the pressure? Thousands of us speaking out today could force him to act.
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  • Give current 3rd year students the NHS nursing grant
    This is the only student nursing cohort not to receive any form of a bursary in England The cohort before them were the last to receive a bursary. Some of these students deferred starting their training for many reasons before the end of the bursary was announced. The cohort immediately after them will benefit from the new grant. This is very unfair for this cohort and many have suffered huge financial hardship for the career they love, a career that will protect us all in our hour of need. Let's help them in theirs.
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  • Justice for All Cancer Sufferers-JACS
    Because we have been working on this mission for 70 years plus now and basically only scratched the surface and have achieved very little. Cancer is the second largest cause of deaths, 164,000 last year with 50% being diagnosed with this disease over their life time. Government contributes very little, around £200bn/yr whilst we spend £5.2bn/yr on maintaining our nuclear weapons. This campaign is in memory of my wife Jacqueline McLoughlin & all other sufferers. She under went the orthodox treatment of surgery and chemotherapy that was crude, mechanistic & brutal, which resulted in hastening her passing from complications. We have got to find a better way of treating this terrible disease.
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  • Lower Dietary Requirement Food Prices
    People with special dietary requirements currently have to pay double the price for the food and drink products that they must consume for medical reasons, which is no fault of their own making. This therefore causes their food shopping bills to be significantly higher compared to people who can eat normal foods etc. These are often people with a series of complex medical needs and are in a position of financial disadvantage compared to people who are fully healthy and financially more comfortably off.
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  • Justice for kidney patients
    Having had this illness for over 20 years,I feel medications should be free, we never asked to be ill with this dreadful illness, and it's not right we have to pay for them where other illnesses like ms, epilepsy, diabetics etc have free drugs, kidney disease is a terminal illness eith no cure only treatment options in the form of medications, diaylis or possible transplant, we deal enough with the stress of the unknown let alone fight for something that should be free, also I'd like chronic kidney disease to be more known and have a benefit in place for the patients with this illness, and not one that's based on pip where we have to fit into a category of needed help, most patients like me dnt need help but due to diaylis and being tired and can't work but can't get help I want this changing to be fair for all, why should some get help and not others we are all suffering in are own way.
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  • Opt out, not in, of termly wellbeing check-ups!
    In the last five years, the number of students seeking help has risen 106% at Bristol University. This is double the average across the UK! Although steps have been made, this is not enough!!! Since 2016, 11 student have taken their own lives and yet Bristol students still have the longest wait time for mental health services across the nation. Surely we deserve better. After all, we are all paying for this, one way or another...
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  • Eye care for the homeless
    Research shows that homeless people have more eye problems than the general population. Problems include high prevalence of uncorrected refractive error, cataract and binocular vision problems. This is why we would like to benefit homeless people by providing them with the access to vision care.
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    Created by Izzy Aldred