To: Harrow Council

A call for more time and more choices before deciding the future of Pinner Park Farm

A call for more time and more choices before deciding the future of Pinner Park Farm

We ask that Harrow Council extend the informal consultation period past 22 July 2014 and publish transparent criteria for assessment of options for the farm. This would allow time for alternative proposals to be developed and these proposals to be openly and constructively discussed and considered by residents and the council.

Why is this important?

Harrow Council has proposed two very similar choices for changes to the use of Pinner Park Farm in a recent informal public consultation; luxury housing with a country park that includes a large 'events field'. Whilst the link below offers a chance to share ideas, the two proposals were championed as the only options.

Converting the farmhouse and building new properties would change the character of the site forever. It is therefore important to consider a wide range of options before a final decision is taken regarding this historically important green belt land with listed buildings, that is also the last working farm in the borough.

In summary, Pinner Park Farm is a much loved, important local space. We ask the council to extend the consultation period and publish criteria for alternative proposals so that the best option can be developed and supported. If we collect 2000 signatures by 22 July, the matter has to be considerd by full council.

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Reasons for signing

  • I wish Pinner Park Farm to stay as it is. It needs to be a going concern with livestock and crops. More access would bean advantage so long as dogs and people did not affect the animals and crops. It should not be the local dog toilet as it is at the moment. It is a historical site of special interest that should be held in posterity for the nation and future generations.
  • It's essential that this area should bepreserved and or developed as a resource for all - any private housing - or even worse, eventual commerial development may well turn out to be the thin end of the wedge
  • This is green-belt area, designated " Archaeological Priority Area"by English Heritage.


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