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To: UK Prime Minister

A fair deal for key-workers

A fair deal for key-workers

Dear Prime Minister,

Your life was saved by some of the many key-workers who are supporting us through the pandemic.

But your government is failing many of our key-workers. You have the power to end that now.

I'm therefore asking for an Essential Workers Bill of Rights that would provide extra pay for working in dangerous conditions, ensure health and safety protection is provided, provide paid leave and more.

Why is this important?

Over 7 million British people still work in critical and dangerous areas such as health and social care, the emergency services, food supply, local and national government, transport, police, army and education.

Without these people, Britain could not function. Yet, millions are being paid very low wages and aren’t being provided the protective equipment they need to keep their families safe.



2020-05-20 19:17:49 +0100

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